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Recent ZNet

Glenn Greenwald: Trump’s War on Terror

Barbaric and savage, as promised

Badri Raina: The Rhetoric and the Reality

What is at stake is the uniquely precious legacy of a nation constituted not on the basis of a single religion, a single ethnicity, a single language, but of an unparalleled diversity and plurality of social and intellectual life

Robert Fisk: As Isis caliphate shrinks, Syrian anger grows

The great geopolitical battles in Iraq seem far away until you notice the contrails sweeping the skies far above Jibl Jarrah

Yana Kunichoff: Chicago Reparations for Police Violence

The ordinance provides a meaningful model for creating reparations at the local level

Jacob Sugarman: Some Trump Voters Realizing That They’ve Been Had

Although the vast majority are still buckled in on the Trump train, some are looking for the emergency brakes

Mark Weisbrot: Financial scandal in Ecuador’s presidential election

Lasso appears to be involved in banking interests that facilitate capital flight from Ecuador

Noam Chomsky: Staging a False Flag Terrorist Attack?

We shouldn’t put aside the possibility that there would be some kind of staged or alleged terrorist act, which can change the country instantly.

Ted Glick: Next Up: The People’s Climate March

There are two major reasons why it is so important that the Peoples Climate March April 29th in DC be a big success. The main one is the desperate need for a massive showing of opposition to the Trumpist Republican attacks, on every front, against virtually all efforts to shift from fossil fuels to renewables Read more…

Richard Falk: Is Israel an Apartheid State?

[Prefatory Note: This post was originally published on March 22, 2017 by The Nation under the title “The Inside Story of Our UN Report Calling Israel an Apartheid State,” the text of which can be found at this link: https://www.thenation.com/article/the-inside-story-on-our-un-report-calling-israel-an-apartheid-state/ What is below is somewhat modified.]   Six months ago, the UN’s Economic and Social Read more…

Sharon Lerner: The Plant Next Door

A Louisiana Town Plagued by Pollution Shows Why Cuts to the EPA Will Be Measured in Illnesses and Deaths

Russell Mokhiber: Single-Payer Bernie Morphs Into Public Option Dean

Right before our eyes, we are seeing the transformation of single payer Bernie Sanders into public option Howard Dean. During the 2016 Presidential campaign, Sanders took off like a rocket, fueled by the promise of a single payer, Medicare for All single payer system. His single payer plan paralleled HR 676, the single payer bill Read more…

Peter Dreier: Taunting Trump

The effort to not normalize Trump is a powerful way to withhold the things he craves most: public approval and esteem

Jean Ross: Health Care For All

“Wealthcare” Defeated

Sarah Lazare: Deaths of Despair

A pair of pioneering Princeton researchers makes sense of a growing epidemic

Alexandre Araujo Costa: Ecosocialism is a project for Civilization

Interview on ecology and ecosocialism

Rebekah Barber: Challenging the death penalty

“I understand this is a controversial issue but what isn’t controversial is the evidence that led to my decision,” Florida state prosecutor Aramis Ayala said last week as she announced she would not seek the death penalty for cases in the Orange-Osceola jurisdiction where she was recently elected to serve as Florida’s first African-American state Read more…

Immanuel Wallerstein: The Falsity of False Consciousness

We should pursue social transformation realistically without blaming others for not supporting us by arguing that they are making errors of judgment

Jordan Smith: Punished for Opposing the Death Penalty

The top prosecutor in Orlando, Florida outlined a new policy: her office would no longer seek the death penalty in any capital case

Evan Sandlin: A Crime Against Humanity?

When U.S. rivals committed atrocities in Aleppo, Western talking heads were appalled. But when the U.S. supports them in Mosul? Silence

Michael E. Mann: Climate Catastrophe Is Here

2016 Hottest Year on Record

Ramzy Baroud: ‘Decolonizing the Mind’

Using Hollywood Celebrities to Validate Islam

Pete Dolack: World Bank declares itself above the law

The World Bank employs a large contingent of scientists and technicians, which give it a veneer of authority as it pursues a policy of relentless corporate plunder

Sue Sturgis: May Day Mass Action

“We need to show this administration, Congress and large corporate interests that our human and economic worth is more powerful than their agenda of hate and greed”

Juan Cole: It’s Class Warfare

The GOP crusade against Health Care

Jane Mayer: The Dark Money Behind Trump and Bannon

Interview on Robert Mercer, the man who is said to have out-Koched the Koch brothers in the 2016 election

Ivan Oransky: Should Scientists Engage in Activism?

Have you heard that scientists are planning a march on Washington? The move is not being billed as a protest, but rather as a “celebration of our passion for science and a call to support and safeguard the scientific community,” although it comes as a direct response to recent policy changes and statements by the Read more…

Adam Johnson: Right-Wing Foundation Drives Narrative on North Korea ‘Threat’

The Heritage Foundation has been incredibly influential in the Trump administration, having written many of its budget-slashing proposals and shaping policy at a high level

Lauren McCauley: Democrats Urged to Go Bold with Medicare-for-All

Americans rallied against the GOP to defend their right to healthcare, Democrats are being urged to seize on the moment

Vijay Prashad: The US-NATO Invasion of Libya Destroyed the Country Beyond All Recognition

Libya is ruled by a patchwork of rival heavily armed gangs that have sown terror in the population

Pepe Escobar: North Korea: The Real Serious Options on the Table

The National People’s Congress in Beijing made it clear that China in the 21st century as led by Xi Jinping now relies, as a state, on the “core” leader’s “four comprehensives” as the letter of the law. The “four comprehensives” are to build a moderately prosperous society; deepen economic reform; advance the law-based governance of Read more…

Mark Weisbrot: Ecuador’s Elections: Why National Sovereignty Matters

The progress that has been made over the last decade would not have been possible if the government of President Rafael Correa had followed the economic prescriptions of Washington

Patrick Dixon: Discovering a Diverse Working Class in Trump Country

We have an opportunity to harness the abilities of rural activists and poultry workers and build connections among immigrant rights, food safety, and environmental organizations

Abolhassan Banisadr: Populism, terrorism, and the crisis in western democracies

Iran’s first post-revolutionary president, discusses neo-liberalism, the crisis in western democracies, and the relationship between Islamic terrorism and the rise of far-right politics

Juan Cole: Daesh/ISIL encouraging Loner attacks to Mask its Death Spiral

The big play for Daesh is a long game in which the organization manages to herd Europe’s tens of millions of Muslims into radicalism

Alan Jenkins: Speaking Truth to Lies in the Trump Era

Political lies are not random. They each have a clear purpose

John Baker: Equality

The idea of equality is at the centre of the issues that have defined ‘progressive’ or ‘left’ politics in the last three centuries, and arguably throughout human history

Vincent Emanuele: Creating Non-Consumerist Political Spaces

We aim to utilize our collective knowledge and experiences and create what we see lacking on the left: alternative spaces where people can create independent organizations and movements

Sarah Lazare: Big Strike Brewing Against Trump

The workers vow to withhold labor on May 1 to protest the Trump administration’s “relentless attacks”

Vijay Prashad: Inventing enemies

The motivation behind the attacks on Indian Americans is a combination of seeing South Asians as terrorists and Indians as usurpers of high-tech jobs

Lauren McCauley: Gorsuch Refuses Chance to Condemn ‘Dark Money’ Lobbying

Judge Neil Gorsuch claims he ‘speaks for’ himself, but secretive sources have spent millions to get him confirmed for a reason

Jesse Jackson: Trump’s ‘March massacre’ budget is ruthless

They won’t get everything they want, but what they get will leave America more unequal, more vulnerable, with greater poverty and despair from Chicago’s inner cities to Appalachia’s rural hollows

Ai-Jen Poo: Neil Gorsuch and Casualties of the Court

When dominant voices in our legislature and the Administration are determined to dehumanize and discriminate, we must protect and enhance the role of the Supreme Court as an arbiter of fairness

Right To The City: Renter Nation

Building off the momentum and power of 2016, we’re excited to announce the 2017 Renter Nation Series: Strategies and Solutions to defend against displacement and build rebel cities for the people and planet

Phil Hearse: Escalating racism & deepening austerity

The real meaning of Brexit

Joe Emersberger: Rafael Correa and the Future of Ecuador

An article by James McEnteer in CounterPunch depicts Ecuadorian president Rafael Correa as a “ranting, bullying, hectoring politician“ who “commandeered radio, television and print media to propagate his unfiltered views. Every Saturday he spoke on current events for hours, in a populist, shoot-from-the-hip style, from different locations around the country, often berating critics by name, Read more…

Juan Cole: Top 4 Worst pieces of Climate News from WMO in Age of Trump

The World Meteorological Organization of the United Nations issued its annual report on the climate on Tuesday, making a full and final assessment of 2016. It was not good news. It was big news, but it wasn’t good news. Also, surprise, it wasn’t reported on most television “news,” otherwise known as babysitting for adults. 1. Read more…

Dean Baker: The Public Clueless About the Federal Budget

Paul Krugman criticized the Trump administration for its budget, which would cut or eliminate many programs that benefit low- and moderate-income people. In his piece, Krugman points out that the public is incredibly ignorant on the budget, with most people having virtually no idea of where most spending goes. In particular, he referenced an analysis Read more…

Glenn Greenwald: Key Claim of Snowden’s Accusers is a Fraud

For three years, we watched as this lie was launched, then took root, then spread until it became unquestionable truth, notwithstanding the fact that it lacked any basis all along

Migrant Justice: Immigrant Leaders Targeted by ICE for Arrest

Agents with Immigrations and Customs Enforcement (ICE) have arrested three immigrant members of the Vermont-based human rights organization Migrant Justice within the past week. Jose Enrique “Kike” Balcazar Sanchez, 24, and Zully Palacios Rodriguez, 23, were surrounded by four undercover ICE vehicles soon after leaving the Migrant Justice office in Burlington on Friday afternoon. Migrant Read more…

Alan A. Aja: How Immigrants Became Criminals

Supporters of immigrant rights must unequivocally reject weakened rights and racially disparate sentencing for non-citizens with criminal records

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