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Recent ZNet

Aída Chávez: Powered by the People

A Genuine Populist is Running for West Virginia Governor. His Donor Rolls Broke the State’s Campaign Finance Software

J.P. Linstroth: End of an era for ETA?

May Basque peace continue

Nick Licata: Trump Likes Authoritarians – They Get Things Done

Donald Trump’s admiration for authoritarian government leaders, who obstruct or dismantle democratic institutions in their state, has been consistent since taking office

Robert Fisk: Western states avoid culpability for war crimes

When is a war crime not a war crime? When it’s committed by us, of course

Tom H. Hastings: Iran wags impeachment dog

Why is Trump doing this now?

Swiss Propaganda Research: The Propaganda Multiplier

How Global News Agencies and Western Media Report on Geopolitics

Donald Shaw: Hedge Fund Billionaires Were Democrats’ Main Bankrollers in 2018

A new report shows that three-quarters of the money that individuals donated to pro-Democrat outside spending groups in 2018 came from finance founders and executives.

Elias Jaua: Defending Chavez’s Project Today

Can anybody in their right mind think that the private sector can save us right now, the very sector that failed to develop our economy for decades and decades?

Sarah Boseley: Trump takes war on abortion worldwide as policy cuts off funds

While US statehouses pass extremist anti-abortion legislation, the Trump Administration has taken its war on abortion worldwide, cutting off funding to any overseas organization or clinic that will not agree to a complete ban on even discussing it

Julia Conley: Warren Introduces Plan to Protect Abortion Rights

“We must build a future that protects the right of all women to have children, the right of all women to not have children, and the right to bring children up in a safe and healthy environment.”

Howie Hawkins: Does the Climate Movement Really Mean What It Says?

Ecosocialist system change is what the climate movement should now be fighting for to avert a climate holocaust

Chris Saltmarsh: Corbynism 2.0 has arrived

And a radical Green New Deal is at its heart

Nick Licata: The Green New Deal Died in Congress

Because the Dems did not have 2 Key Allies

Eleanor Goldfield: It’s never really about the bread

Corporate media often depicts major social upheavals as single-issue affairs — to see how movements and struggles connect we need to look beyond the headlines

Lee Fang: Funding Climate Change Denialism

The bankruptcy of one of the largest domestic coal producers in the country has revealed that the company maintains financial ties to many of the leading groups that have sowed doubt over the human causes of global warming

Robin Marty: What Does a Post-Roe America Look Like?

As Anti-Choice Laws Multiply, Many Already Are Living In It

Jane Shallice: Scientists against the machine

Examining the history of radical research at the British Society for Social Responsibility in Science

Zoltan Grossman: Populist alliances of ‘cowboys and Indians’ are protecting rural lands

The success of these unlikely alliances challenges political stereotypes. Some progressives tend to dismiss rural whites as recalcitrant and unwilling to treat people who are different as equals

Jacob Swenson-Lengyel; Will Tanzman and Marta Popadiak: Organizing for governing power in Chicago

Interview on this election cycle and how it relates to the long-term project of building progressive infrastructure in the city

Juan Cole: ExxonMobil wrecked a planet to make a few bucks

Are ExxonMobil Executives the most evil people in the 200K-yr-long History of Humanity?

Pat Fry: Venezuela Up Close

It was 7 AM April 30th in Caracas when I awoke to hear gun shots outside my hotel. Our group, seven US citizens and one Canadian, had been in here since April 27 attending a housing conference and looked forward to the next day’s May Day celebration

Badri Raina: Gargoyles

Gargoyles loom from the firmament, Monstrous mouths at the ready— Will the flood they will spew Be of blood, or rain that is heady?   A billion eyes look askance At a circumstance That may see reptiles retake the earth, Or peacocks in nuptial dance.         A draught of dread souls sears Into a primal-parched Read more…

Robert Koehler: War’s unanswered questions

Donald Trump and his team, led by National Insecurity Advisor John Bolton, are playing rogue right now with two countries not currently under U.S. control, Iran and Venezuela

Extinction Rebellion: Eco-action sweeps the globe

The environmental narrative has been irrevocably changed: public concern is at an all-time high, with a clear majority of UK voters now backing (comparatively) radical action

Richard Greeman: Yellow Vests Six Months Later

The Yellow Vests represent a spontaneous, self-organized social movement has ever held out for half a year in spite of repression while retaining its autonomy, resisting cooptation, bureaucratization and sectarian splits

Marjorie Cohn: US Illegally Evicts Protectors From Venezuelan Embassy

On May 16, law enforcement agents broke into the Venezuelan Embassy in Washington, D.C., and arrested the four remaining members of the Embassy Protection Collective. “We denounce these arrests, as the people inside were there with our permission, and we consider it a violation of the Vienna Conventions,” Venezuelan Deputy Foreign Minister Carlos Ron said. For 36 days, Read more…

Badri Raina: VVPAT Verification: The Supreme Court Must Defend Democracy

Judges of the highest court were anguished that democracy was in “peril”, but seem to be reluctant to take the necessary steps to ensure elections are “free and fair”

Mashal Hashem: How to Lobby Washington to Death

A Business Model From Hell and the War in Yemen

Sarah Kliff: Medical Madness

A Mother’s Choice Between a Child’s Care and Bankruptcy

Stephen Zunes: The Threat of War with Iran

Is the U.S. lurching towards another illegal war in the Middle East?

Umar Farooq: The Second Drone Age

How Turkey Defied the U.S. and Became a Killer Drone Power

Adrienne Pine: Academic Arrested for Protecting the Venezuela Embassy

As a scholar and educator, there are times when standard tools of teaching, publishing, and public speaking aren’t enough. There are times when we need to put our bodies on the line

Mike Shanahan: Human wellbeing threatened by ‘unprecedented’ rate of biodiversity loss

Major UN report warns 1 million species are at risk of extinction

George Monbiot: Saving the life in our seas

Industrial fishing is the biggest threat to our blue planet. So why don’t we act on it?

Medea Benjamin: We Need to Build Up the Antiwar Movement

Interview on the growing threat of war with Iran and the role of National Security Advisor John Bolton, who Benjamin says has been pushing for war with Iran for years

Juan Cole: 9 Easy Propaganda steps to War with Iran

The Trump administration is now in full disinformation mode, using all the classical techniques of propaganda to put the gullible US public on a war footing with Iran. Here is how it is done

Lydia Hughes: Organising the ‘unorganisable’

In this new union movement a new attitude to workplace organising can be found, one based on action, militancy and unconditional support

Jake Johnson: Undermining Trump-Bolton War Narrative

British General Says No Evidence of ‘Increased Threat’ From Iran

Ann Russo: Locking people up won’t help combat sexual violence

We need look beyond individual punishment to tackle a crisis which pervades the fabric of our society

Kevin Zeese: Showdown at the Venezuelan Embassy

Federal Authorities Back Down After Threatening to Evict Peace Activists Inside

John Feffer: Bolton in Wonderland

The only upside to Bolton’s dangerous aggression toward Iran is that it may put him too far out in front of Trump

Michael Albert: Socialism: Ecology or Nothing

This is the twentieth and last essay in a multipart series addressing the surge in interest in and support for socialism, what the surge means, what it seeks or will seek, where it might extend, and how it might unfold

Erin Durkin: ‘It Goes after Roe Directly’

Alabama’s Abortion Bill Heads to State Senate

Vijay Prashad: The Plot to Kill Venezuela

And who is caught between an economy reliant on oil revenues and a sanctions regime designed to create suffering? The people caught in the squeeze of factors beyond their control

Phyllis Bennis: The Alarming Rise of Civilian Deaths in the War On Terror

New reports show an escalation in civilian casualties from U.S. operations in Syria, Afghanistan and Somalia — and a pattern of U.S. denial about the scale of the problem

George Lakey: Why now is the time to connect the pipeline fights

By moving to a network of local campaigns, it’s possible to support both the Green New Deal and keep carbon in the ground

Karen J. Greenberg: Redacting Democracy

What You Can’t See Can Hurt You

Dean Baker: The US Labor Market Is Deteriorating for Black Men

A two-to-one ratio of Black unemployment to white unemployment is a national outrage

John M. Laforge: Is emergency evacuation from Seabrook reactor even possible?

Ever wonder if the nuclear reactor near you has an evacuation plan that would work in an emergency?

Elham Pourtaher: For Iranians, the War Has Already Begun

Iran is only marginally reflected in the U.S. news, which means the American public does not hear voices that express the human suffering caused by the U.S. government far beyond its borders

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