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Recent ZNet

Rajan Menon: Yemen’s Descent into Hell

A Saudi-American War of Terror

Howie Hawkins: Why we “Demand More!”

Green Party candidates for governor and lieutenant governor in New York, explain how their campaign is aiming to raise expectations that have been systematically lowered by the state’s Democratic Party leaders

Conn Hallinan: Parsing the UK’s Anti-Semitism Debate

Does the British Labour Party and its leader, Jeremy Corbyn, have an “anti-Semitism problem,” or has the Party’s left wing been targeted by the Israeli government?

Richard Kim: Secrecy and Non-Transparency

Media get things wrong all the time, but among the deepest damage they do is invisibilizing possibilities, making it seem that things they don’t consider can’t happen

Jessica Corbett: “Terrifying” Secret Rules for Spying on Journalists

“It makes me wonder, what other rules are out there, and how have these rules been applied?”

Jack Rasmus: Can ‘IT’ Happen Again?

The 10th Anniversary of Lehman Brothers 2008

Walden Bello: Why financial sector reform is not enough

The real battle is now between two post-globalization camps: social democrats… and fascists

Kevin Zeese: Solidarity With Resistance To Destruction Of Hambacher Forest

The resistance is not only squatters but a huge network of supporters. It would have never been possible to keep the occupation alive for so long without the solidarity of supporters

Rocío Ros Rebollo: Spain’s ‘Las Kellys’ hotel cleaners

From gruelling working conditions to more limited access to healthcare, austerity policies have hit women hardest. But they are fighting back

David Swanson: Health Professionals Tackle War

Preventing War and Promoting Peace: A Guide for Health Professionals is a valuable new book edited by William Wiist and Shelley White

Junior Walters: North Carolina co-ops building a more democratic economy

Every employee at Opportunity Threads is hired with the expectation of becoming a worker-owner who gets to vote to determine how profits are divided, how new members are recruited, and how the cooperative invests in the local community

George Monbiot: Honorable Theft

How one young woman broke down the gates of knowledge

Cora Currier: Government Spying on Journalists

The U.S. government can monitor journalists under a foreign intelligence law that allows invasive spying and operates outside the traditional court system, according to newly released documents

Mariame Kaba: Transforming Chicago

Emanuel’s resignation was won, in part, by social movements—and now it is up to these movements to seize on the opening

Laura Flanders: History Markers

I couldn’t help wondering about those history-makers and artists we might be missing because of too few curb cuts or too many closed doors or stairs from the street

Matt Taibbi: Ten Years After the Crash, We’ve Learned Nothing

The great financial catastrophe of our times is still badly misunderstood, and led to grotesque consequences, including the election of Donald Trump

Nomi Prins: The Donald in Wonderland

Down the Financial Rabbit Hole With President Trump

Jonathan Kissam: Why Are There No Gen-X Socialists in the United States?

We grew up in an era when liberals were winning the culture wars, but conservatives were winning the economic wars

Badri Raina: The Plight of Mohan Bhagwat’s Lonesome Lion

Might one conclude that the lonely Hindu lion is, after all, the Brahmin, and may be a smattering of some adjacent high castes? Importantly, who is to be held responsible for the loneliness of this lion?

Yanis Varoufakis: New International Movement Will Fight Rising Fascism and Globalists

We need to demonstrate that the only way the many can regain control of our lives, our communities, our cities and our countries is by coordinating our struggles along the axis of an Internationalist New Deal

Anan AbuShanab: Demolition of Palestinian Community Imminent

Israeli High Court Green Lights Razing of Khan al-Ahmar

Jérôme Roos: Crisis of global capitalism never really ended

With inequality on the rise, global debt higher than ever and international tensions intensifying, the political backlash to the crash of 2008 has only just begun

Bertie Russell: Jackson Rising

When a young black attorney was elected mayor of Jackson, Mississipi, rather than ask what the local state could do, he asked, what can we do to the local state?

Lynn Stuart Parramore: The Next Financial Catastrophe is Cooking

Ten years after Lehman Brothers’ collapse, the Wall Street casino is running amok

Ian Millhiser: Facebook Suppressed Kavanaugh Story on Opposition to Roe v. Wade

Even before Kavanaugh became a Supreme Court nominee, his record indicated fairly clearly that he opposes Roe

Gopal Dayaneni: A Debate on Geoengineering

Should We Deliberately “Hack” Planet Earth to Combat Climate Change?

Juan Cole: Manafort’s Plea Deal is a Constitutional Crisis

We Just don’t Know it Yet

Salvador Allende: Allende’s Last Speech

Salvador Allende died 45 years ago in a US-backed coup. Here’s his final address, broadcast over the radio while he was barricaded in the presidential palace

David Bacon: Ending County Jails As Detention Centers

Family members of detainees, including Maria Lopez, Adrianna, and Hulissa Aguilar, called on ICE to release their loved ones after it was announced the center would close. Bay Area immigrant communities and immigrant rights activists felt they’d won an important victory July 10. At a news conference, Sheriff David Livingston, flanked by the Contra Costa Read more…

Pilar Villanueva: Kurdish Revolutionary Seed Spreads in Latin America

From Rojava to the Mapuche Struggle

John Feffer: GOP Wants Trumpism, Just Without Trump

Critics like that anonymous op-ed writer have no problem with how Trump’s actually hurting people. They just want the leader doing it to look more presidential

Richard Falk: In Praise of Serena Williams

Serena’s fierce fighting spirit while on the court is complemented by her generosity to her opponent after the match ended, whether she wins or loses

Bill McKibben: Limiting Emissions Is Not Enough

We Must Keep the Oil in the Soil

Meagan Day: A Blueprint for Calling the Question

Politicians are paying attention to socialists these days. We should compel candidates to adopt pro-worker laws, pick fights with business, and talk openly about class conflict

Bernie Sanders: An international progressive front

There is a global struggle taking place of enormous consequence. Nothing less than the future of the planet – economically, socially and environmentally – is at stake

Jack Rasmus: The Tech-Driven New ‘Business Model’ for the US Education System

Higher college education as we know it will largely disappear with the coming diffusion of AI tech throughout the US system

Mairead Maguire: Demonization of Russia in a New Cold War Era

Inventing a foe to sell military ambitions is still the most dangerous of games

Steve Ellner: NY Times Doing More Harm Than Good in Venezuela

If the central argument of the New York Times and other members of the “liberal” establishment is that Trump should focus on economic sanctions rather than a military solution, then they are undoubtedly doing more harm than good

Ramzy Baroud: The Veiled Danger of the ‘Dead’ Oslo Accords

Oslo will not go away. It remains a problem because the intellectual foundation that led to its conception is still firmly in place – where only Israel matters and the aspirations of the Palestinian people are still inconsequential

Sandy Tolan: From Peace to Armageddon

The Israel-Palestine Nightmare

George Monbiot: Plastic Soup

The problem is not plastic. It is consumerism.

Elliot Sperber: Interview With a Republican

Speaking with John McCain’s spirit

Dimitri Lascaris: I Will Not Be Deterred From Defending Human Rights

I Will Not Be Deterred From Defending Human Rights

Paolo Borioni: Sweden risks reversing its history

With the nationalist-populist right suging in Swedish polls and rising inequality, the Social Democrats stand a real chance of losing their unrivaled power

Ben Dangl: The Staggering Cost of the War on Terror

Nearly two decades have passed since 9/11, and the War on Terror appears more like an Endless War

Andrew J. Bacevich: After Trump

The Donald in the Rearview Mirror

Murtaza Hussain: U.S. Goes to War Against the ICC

Cover Up Alleged War Crimes in Afghanistan

Chuck Collins: The Downside of Boston’s Luxury Building Boom

A new report shows the boom is not doing enough to address Boston’s acute affordable housing crisis and will accelerate economic inequality in the city

Joe Emersberger: Venezuela Poses No ‘Threat to the World’

But the Washington Post’s Claim That It Does Is Dangerous

Juan Cole: Top 3 Charges for John Bolton

National Security Adviser John Bolton appears to be spiraling down into the same miasma of madness that possesses other members of the Trump administration

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