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Recent ZNet

George Monbiot: The Earth is in a death spiral

It will take radical action to save us

Robert Jensen: Thanksgiving? No, thanks

Instead, we should atone for the genocide that was incited — and condoned — by the very men we idolize as our ‘heroic’ founding fathers

Reed Richardson: Who, Us?

Corporate Media Ignore Their Role in Trump’s Refugee ‘Invasion’ Panic

Victor Grossman: A Political Seesaw in Germany

While Americans teetered, arguing as to which side gained more in the elections, Germans have been balancing on a seesaw of their own – which can also have decisive consequences

John Feffer: Is Korea’s Cold War About to End?

The media is missing the real story on the peninsula. If that gives Koreans space to lead, maybe that’s not such a bad thing.

Jeff Stein: Sanders wants to penalize Walmart’s owners

Sen. Bernie Sanders unveiled legislation to force Walmart to raise its workers’ wages to at least $15 an hour, the latest move in the senator’s campaign to target large U.S. corporations over low pay

Jonah Raskin: A California Jew in a Time of Anti-Semitism

Under Trump, and in the wake of the recent killing of Jews in Pittsburgh, I feel more Jewish than ever before, and more American, too

David Dayen: Republicans Are Losing Ground in Rural Areas

The biggest losses of the night for Republicans, in terms of raw vote share, actually happened in rural districts, long presumed to be GOP territory

Sheera Frenkel, Nicholas Confessore, Cecilia Kang, Matthew Rosenberg and Jack Nicas: Delay, Deny and Deflect

How Facebook’s Leaders Fought Through Crisis

Norman Solomon: The ‘Pelosi Problem’ Runs Deep

This year, many progressive individuals and organizations have moved beyond the false choice of either building movements or seriously trying to win elections. We can and must do both—simultaneously, not sequentially—to the benefit of both parallel tasks

Ramzy Baroud: In Breach of Human Rights

Netanyahu Supports the Death Penalty against Palestinians

Peter Dreier: Nine New Democratic Black Congress Members

What’s unusual about the nine new members is that all of them prevailed in predominantly white and mostly suburban districts. Five of the nine are women

Tom Engelhardt: The Donald and the Fake News Media

An Affair to Remember

Gershon Baskin: Encountering Peace: Another round in Gaza

If Israel truly wants a strategic solution for Gaza, it means negotiating the end of the occupation in the West Bank also, allowing Palestine to be a state with two branches and a connection between them

Badri Raina: As the Righteous Rage

As the newly-minted righteous rage, Stamping the recalcitrant infidel Under the weight of sentiment, Nothing seems to give. The  ground under the feet  burns Like a fireball; street and alley Menace with sword-arms of faith And instant correction. Suddenly, Those that reflect the least have All the answers, while the brooding Enquirers sink in their Read more…

Robert Fisk: Izzeldin Abuelaish’s three daughters were killed in Gaza

But he still clings to hope for the Middle East

Gerry Wright: The free market’s failures are fueling a growing health crisis

And the consequences could send us back to the medical dark age

Robert Hunziker: Tropical Trump Declares War on Amazonia

Ever since 2016, the outlook for the health of the planet grows worse with every far right election victory

Michael Albert: Hollywood On My Mind

With Hollywood on my mind, I continue to seek a good outcome. I figure it won’t be Marvel, but maybe a new franchise can emerge focused on films seeking fundamental societal change

Isadore and Isaac Claudia: A Necessary Step for Reducing Fires in California

“The Governor of California is protecting PG&E’s bottom line”

Patrick Cockburn: The midterm results are challenging racism

Many of the decisions made during the midterms were more vital in their effect on people’s lives than the choice of elected representative in Congress

Max Elbaum: Assessing the 2018 Mid-Terms

One of positive things this moment is that the question of power has moved central to discussion on the left. …, we need to build our own organizations and strengthen alignment and cooperation between them

Dana E. Abizaid: The Government is Our Teacher

An uncomfortable reality is that perpetual war and military training are at least partly responsible for some of the highest profile shootings and terrorist acts in US history

Ava Kofman: Google’s “Smart City” Faces Resistance in Toronto

The world’s most ambitious “smart city,” known as Quayside, in Toronto, has faced fierce public criticism since last fall, when the plans to build a neighborhood “from the internet up” were first revealed

Amanda Marcotte: Conservatives have gone fully fact-free

So how the heck do we even talk to them?

John Feffer: Welcome to the Ultimate Escape Room

Will This Climate-Change Dystopia Have a Sequel?

Sam Pizzigati: The House Has Gone Democratic. Can the House Now Go Bold?

Vague rhetoric about ‘access to health care’ and ‘good jobs’ won’t challenge the plutocracy that keeps our lives brutal. These proposals could

Kristin Sheets: Inside the #MeToo revolt at Google

Report on the walkout at Google — why it happened, how it was organized, what it achieved and what it tells us about organizing the tech sector

European Alternatives: Building walls

Fear and securitization in the European Union

Zenobia Jeffries Warfield: Why Co-ops and Community Farms Can’t Close the Racial Wealth Gap

Circulating local dollars can’t create wealth when there’s not enough to begin with

Ryan Grim: Ocasio-Cortez Joins Environmental Activists in Protest at Pelosi’s Office

Protesters with the environmental group Sunrise marched on Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi’s office on Tuesday. The group, made up of young people pushing for urgent action on climate change, planned to send a clear message to party leadership just one week after Democrats regained control of the House

May Boeve: Calls for Transition to 100% Renewable Energy Economy

“We are really daunted by the reality of the climate impacts that are facing us.”

Jake Johnson: ‘Corporate bribery’ lands Amazon HQ2 in Queens

The idea that Amazon “will receive hundreds of millions of dollars in tax breaks at a time when our subway is crumbling and our communities need more investment, not less, is extremely concerning to residents here.”

Michael Albert: Michael Albert on his Screenplay for Next American Revolution

Michael Albert talking about The Next American Revolution from Stuart Platt on Vimeo. On a speaking engagement in Scotland, just before the audience arrived, a Scottish Filmmaker, Stuart Platt, asked Michael Albert a few questions about the screenplay he has recently completed and been sending to Hollywood Progressives, or, actually, to their agents and publicists. Read more…


Screenplay for Next American Revolution

Eliza Shapiro: Homelessness in New York Public Schools

One out of every 10 students lived in temporary housing during the last school year

Faisal Khan: The Weaponization of Social Media

The technologies and social media platforms (such as Twitter and Facebook) that once promised to enhance democracy are now increasingly being used to undermine it

Rory Fanning: The Stories War Tells Me

A Veteran and Parent Can’t Stop Thinking About the War He Fought

Rossana Rossanda: ‘The left has lost its electorate’

On Friday, Oct. 26, 2018, on Propaganda Live, a program on the Italian network La7, Diego Bianchi broadcast his interview with Rossana Rossanda, a co-founder of il manifesto

Branko Marcetic: The Contradictions of the #Resistance

Jeff Sessions’ tenure as attorney general was vastly more detrimental to democracy and the rule of law than shuttering Mueller’s investigation could ever be. No one should be nostalgic for his tenure

George Monbiot: In a World of Their Own

By downplaying and misrepresenting our environmental crisis, David Attenborough and the BBC have generated complacency, confusion and ignorance

Keith A. Spencer: Surveillance capitalism the pre-eminent business model of Silicon Valley

Beyond hawking hardware and software, the monetization of identity defines the ultimate tech business model

David Archuleta Jr.: Facebook Allows Governments to Decide What to Censor

Facebook and other social media companies give governments free reign to censor political dissent on their websites

Dana G. Smith: Neuroscientists Make a Case Against Solitary Confinement

Prolonged social isolation can do severe, long-lasting damage to the brain

Adam Levy: Maine to Test the ‘Ranked-Choice’ Voting System

Ranked choice voting gives you the power to rank candidates from your favorite to your least favorite

Michael Albert: A Different Take?

There has been a massive flood of election assessments. What was gained? What worked? What didn’t? What are people proposing in response? Writers and activists are wisely touting various lessons. But so far, at least judging from materials I have seen, one direction of thought seems conspicuously absent. Progressive post election commentary nearly universally discerns Read more…

Kathy Kelly: Condemning Saudi Cruelty in Yemen

Interview on a campaign to end U.S. military and economic warfare

Various Contributors: What the Midterm Results Mean for Progressives

Nina Turner, Maria Svart, Rick Perlstein, Barbara Ransby, Bill Fletcher Jr., Ai-jen Poo, Larry Cohen and Keeanga-Yahmatta Taylor give their takeaways from Tuesday night

Conn Hallinan: Unwrapping Armageddon

The Erosion of Nuclear Arms Control

Juan Cole: 15,549 Gun Homicides in US in 2017; 32 (160) in UK

The US policy of constantly endangering our children is enacted by a bought-and-paid-for Congress on behalf of 10 major gun manufacturers with an $8 billion industry

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