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Recent ZNet

Eva Hershaw: Black food spaces seed sovereignty

“We cannot depend on food aid, the charity of the philanthropic community, government agencies and non-profit organizations to feed poor people. We need to not only demand but also create the engines and processes of control.”

Bill Fletcher: Minor League Teams Could Be Latest Casualties of COVID’s Disaster Capitalism

Now is the time for action, not pity

Michael Galant: We Need a Global Green New Deal

The rules of the global economy got us into this mess. But rules can change

Andrew Moss: The Language of Vote Suppression

The injustices in our electoral system present an enormous, continuing task:  to challenge the lies, the racism, and the specific practices of vote suppression – while still motivating voters, particularly young voters, to cast their ballots and secure full representation as citizens of their communities and of the nation

Steve Early: Will Real-Life “Fighting Dems” Prove Irresistible?

Jon Stewart’s new Hollywood film, Irresistible, is well worth watching just because of the timeliness and relevance of its other subject matter—the Democratic Party’s frantic recruitment of veterans to run for public office

Lauren Weber and Laura Ungar and Michelle R. Smith, The Associated Press and Hannah Recht and Anna Maria Barry-Jester: Hollowed-Out Public Health System Faces More Cuts Amid Virus

The U.S. public health system has been starved for decades and lacks the resources necessary to confront the worst health crisis in a century

Lawrence Davidson: COVID Madness

It is a fight between a perverse notion of freedom and a collective sense of social responsibility

Steve Ellner: David Harvey’s New Thesis “Capitalism is too Big to Fail”: Is it?

It is surprising that at this moment, when dire circumstances have generated a degree of hope, with the Black Lives Matter protests and such widespread disillusionment with the system, that Harvey comes up with this line of thinking

Don Fitz: A Statue of Hatuey

It is critical to realize that statues which go up are at least as important as the ones that come down. Perhaps the best nominee for a new statue is Hatuey

Marjorie Cohn: Protesters Attacked by Police Are Suing to Vindicate Their Constitutional Rights

Researchers found not one police department in the 20 largest U.S. cities in compliance with minimum human rights standards.

Kate Aronoff: The Democrats’ New Climate Plan: Improved But Weirdly Isolationist

Shaped by mass demand, Congressional Democrats’ June 30th report on the climate crisis is a welcome improvement. But, in addition to its weak response to fossil fuel expansion, the report adopts an America First strategy to solve a global problem.

Gord Doctorow: Next Steps in the Anti-Racist Struggle?

We need to make important and unifying decisions toward a just transition. And then we need to act

Walden Bello: The Racist Underpinnings of the American Way of War

The deadly interplay of racism, genocide, and denial at the heart of American white society has been reproduced in the country’s wars

Ellen Taylor: The US Military Has Its Knee on the Throat of the World

We must vanquish this shape-shifting, Orwellian spectre with which our overlords ensnare us, with their lies of “they hate our freedoms”. Defund the Pentagon

Triestino Mariniello: Will the ICC Investigation Bring Justice for Palestine?

Will the US succeed, once more, in blocking another international investigation?

Glenn Greenwald: House Democrats Restrict Trump’s Planned Withdrawal of Troops

It should come as absolutely no surprise that House Democrats are finding common cause with Liz Cheney and other GOP warmongers to block any efforts to reduce even moderately the footprint of the U.S. military in the world or its decades-long posture of endless war

Various Contributors: In Memoriam: Dr.Howard Croft 1941 – 2020

Members and activists who have long memories of his tireless work for empowerment of all residents of the District of Columbia contribute their recollections

Tina Gerhardt: Will Big Oil Pay a Price for its Lies?

A new D.C. lawsuit targets the world’s four largest oil companies (BP, Chevron, ExxonMobil, and Shell) for misleading consumers about climate change

Jeff Cohen: Politicians of Color Should Not Be Immune From Criticism

As progressives in a country with a long, grim history of racism continuing to the present day, it’s our responsibility to fight racism everywhere we see it

Extinction Rebellion: The Rebellion Returns, September 1

10 years ago, scientists identified 16 potential tipping points in the earth system that could spell disaster. Today, there is evidence that 9 of these are already active

William rivers Pitt: Beware of Anti-Trump Republicans Who Endorse Joe Biden

I am forced to wonder, however, what the real intent is behind this sudden solidarity after three long years of near-silence from the deeply compromised “Never Trump” crew

Tom Juravich: They’re Back: Concessions Are Coming

We must stand up against blaming downwards—the demonization of immigrants, poor folks, and people of color

Jesse Jackson: Mandatory College Football Practices at Time of Pandemic are Nuts

In this time of Black Lives Matter protests, the lives of these young athletes — Black, white, brown and yellow, male and female, must matter

Amy Eva Alberts Warren: Why are Certain Christians Democratic and Others Authoritarian?

When we treat children as we would wish to be treated early in life — at any point in life — i.e. with patience, respect and love — they will grow to be embrace the same democratic attitudes toward others

Greg Palast: Trump’s Vote-Heist Dress Rehearsal

The hidden, ugly story of the new Jim Crow tactics tested in the recent primaries—and coming soon to a state near you

Richard D. Wolff: Could U.S. Capitalism Turn Nationalist?

Will we see a transition to a post-capitalist global system of quite differently organized enterprises, political institutions (including nation-states), and movements of productive resources and products across its geography?

John Feffer: In the U.S., the Second Wave Is Already Here

While Europe and Asia track down three-digit infection spikes at worst, the U.S. is dealing with over 40,000 a day

Arun Gupta: Seattle’s CHOP Went Out With Both a Bang and a Whimper

“Greed drowned out the protests.Everyone is fighting to be a leader because they want to be in the meeting with the mayor and say, ‘Defund the police and fund my organization.’”

Barbara Ransby: The Biden Problem

Social Movements Must Defeat Trump & Also Hold Dems Accountable

George Ochenski: Trump’s Contagion Road Show Heads West

The last thing any thinking person would do when faced with this crisis is take steps to make it worse. Yet, that’s just what’s happening as Trump seeks to halt federal funds for testing when the medical professionals are advising just the opposite

William rivers Pitt: As COVID Burns Through the South and West, Trump Fans the Flames

Donald Trump would step on the dead faces of his own supporters in the street if he believed doing so would carry him closer to victory in November

Meagan Day: The Coming Pandemic-Induced Eviction Crisis

If federal unemployment benefits are not extended when they expire next month, millions of households will be facing both steep rent and unemployment with no assistance. And that means mass evictions

Rod Driver: The Incredible Stitch-up of Julian Assange

What the US and Britain are attempting is not a legal form of extradition, it is extraordinary rendition – the ILLEGAL transfer of a person from one country to another

Ralph Nader: Trump and Pence – Step Aside for Professional Pandemic Scientists and Managers

Major changes in society can be accomplished by a fast-emerging, broad-based civic jolt so obvious and persuasive that it overwhelms the entrenched powers

Chris Wright: Adjudicating the Chomsky-Greenwald Dispute on Lesser-Evil Voting

There are, at long last, so many newly awakened leftists in this country that in the aggregate they can have a tangible effect on the elections

Robert Koehler: Is the nation opening its soul?

The ghosts of the past that are returning to the present moment could be the harbingers of unimaginable change

Richard C. Gross: Obamacare Vulnerable

Trump and his allies have spat in the face of all those who have signed up for Obamacare and those who are considering applying for it merely four months before voters go to the polls

Noam Chomsky: We Must Not Let Masters of Capital Define the Post-COVID World

Those who have primary responsibility for the multiple crises that imperil us today are hard at work, relentlessly, to ensure that the system they created, and from which they have greatly benefited, will endure

Medea Benjamin: Lost Wars, New Conflicts and Broken Promises

Trump’s Record on Foreign Policy

Jamaal Bowman: Mobilizing people who are “disenfranchised and ignored”

Interview with Jamaal Bowman on NY Primary Upset, Rent Strikes, Police Brutality & Opposing West Bank Annexation

Uma Nagarajan-Swenson: Get Cops Out of Schools: A Factsheet

Educators are waking up to the grave emotional and developmental harm school resource officers cause. School districts must reallocate their resources

Khury Petersen-Smith: The United States owes Black America reparations

Following centuries of exploitation, theft and discrimination, here is what a reparative economic agenda should entail

Jake Johnson: 60+ Groups Demand Senate Pass Sanders Amendment to Slash Pentagon Budget

“The current moment should force us to confront the reality that, for too long, we have invested in the wrong priorities, the wrong tools, and the wrong solutions.”

Christina Jewett: Health Workers Filed Over 4,000 Complaints With OSHA, Some Still Died

Federal officials rapidly closed many complaints without issuing citations, raising new questions over government inaction

Thom Hartmann: COVID Masks: The Latest Faux Conservative Outrage

They don’t care about you; they just want the economy opened back up to make money

Gershon Baskin: Oslo is dead

For Israelis, the Palestinian issue of peace has been off the agenda for many years. For Palestinians, the issue of peace has never seemed further away from their daily reality

Ryan Grim: J Street Facing New Pressure to Back Conditioning Aid to Israel

More than 1,000 former and current members of J Street U are calling on the group’s leadership to get behind a legislative effort to condition funding of the state of Israel if it goes forward with illegally annexing Palestinian territory

Kenneth Surin: UK’s Labour Leader Sacks Most Left-Wing Member of His Shadow Cabinet

At these conferences Minnesota police were instructed in the brutal techniques used by Israeli forces as they coerce and terrorize Palestinians living in the occupied territories under the pretense of security operations

Frederico Fuentes: 5G, Bill Gates’ vaccine and a Wuhan lab

Understanding the conspiracy theory pandemic

Kali Akuno: The Floyd rebellion: pathway to a revolution?

The Floyd rebellion, if followed by a general strike and People’s Assemblies, can blossom into an instrument of dual power that could radically transform society

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