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Ramzy Baroud: Moving past apartheid: one-state is not ideal justice, but it is just and possible

Once again, Europe’s top diplomats expressed their ‘deep concern’ regarding Israel’s ongoing illegal settlement expansion, again evoking the maxim that Israeli actions “threaten the viability of the two-state solution”

Juan Cole: In Bid to Kill a Biden return to Iran nuclear Deal, Israel Assassinates Leading Nuclear Scientist

Iran’s chief justice, Ayatollah Sayyed Ibrahim Ra’isi, characterized the attack as by “foreigners and international Zionism,” with, he said, “the sinister objective of forestalling the scientific progress of the country.”

Michael Laslett: How King County Employees Made Childcare a Union Benefit

Ultimately SEIU 925 and our coalition partners dream of forming a multiemployer, multi-union childcare benefits trust in Washington state, covering public and private sector employers

Yves Engler: Canada and Venezuela

Despite claims to objectivity and fairness, when it comes to Canadian interference in other countries’ domestic affairs, there’s long been only one side to the story reported in the dominant media

Dan Collyns: ‘The People Are Not Afraid Any More’: Young Peruvians Rise Up to Demand Change

After a tumultuous week, Peru’s burgeoning grassroots movement says it will not accept a return to business as usual

Collective 20: Transforming the Corporate System, One Step at a Time

If we want a different world, one that respects people and all life on earth, we should not despair.  We have the solutions and a movement-wide boycott could serve as an important vehicle for implementing those solutions

Bruce Hartford: The Big Spin

Blaming “Socialism” and “Defund the Police” for the Democratic party’s election shortcomings is wrong. A better understanding requires looking elsewhere

Greg Palast: GOP Trail of Tears: Giving Thanks to Indigenous Voters

Native People’s vote provided the margin for Biden in Wisconsin, Nevada, and Arizona

Tanya Wadhwa: Colombians embark on a fresh national strike against Ivan Duque

The nationwide protest is being carried out in rejection police brutality, economic crisis, massacres and the indifference of the national government towards them

Patrick Cockburn: Trump’s worst crime must not be forgotten – ensuring the ethnic cleansing of Kurdish allies in Syria

Eyewitness testimony lays bare the atrocities committed in territory occupied by Turkey

Kenny Stancil: Black Friday Protests: ‘Make Amazon Pay’

Amazon is offerring its workers holiday bonuses of $150 to $300. Jeff Bezos could pay a $105,000 bonus to every Amazon worker and still be as rich as he was at the start of the pandemic

Collective 20: What Next?

Is there a way to attain solidarity with a diversity of unity and autonomy without undercutting what exists and without submerging each current facet of the left into a weakened compromised stance?

George Lakey: What Trump’s claim of a ‘stolen election’ means for activists today

The point of claiming a stolen election is not to set the stage for a coup, but to add to the right’s list of grievances for building political power in the future

Medea Benjamin: Feminism Not Militarism

Interview on the Movement to Oppose Michèle Flournoy as Pentagon Chief

Casper Gelderblom: This Black Friday, it is time to #MakeAmazonPay

Starting this Black Friday, the Progressive International is mobilizing with Amazon workers and their allies around the world. Here’s why

Vijay Prashad: Why Imperialism Is Obsolete in Latin America

An interview with Jorge Arreaza, foreign minister of Venezuela

Glenn Greenwald: CIA Document From WikiLeaks Sheds Critical Light on Today’s U.S. Politics and Wars

The Agency knew that their best asset for selling their wars was Barack Obama — the same reason so many in the security state were eager to get rid of Donald Trump

Mike Parker: How the Richmond Progressive Alliance Organized for Victory

In California the Richmond Progressive Alliance won another stunning victory in this month’s local elections

Carlos Barrientos: There is rage on the streets of Guatemala

For the past several days, hundreds of thousands of people have taken to the streets in Guatemala against the corruption of the political elites

Bernie Sanders: How do we Avoid Future Authoritarians? Winning Back the Working Class is Key

The Democrats’ job during the first 100 days of the Biden administration is to make it absolutely clear whose side they are on, and who is on the other side

Badri Raina: How AIMIM Has Emerged As the Principal Challenger of the BJP, Not ‘Secular’ Parties

Although launched from a dominantly Muslim base, the Owaisi-led AIMIM sees itself as a new political force that seeks to speak not just for Muslims but a conglomerate of India’s marginalised sections.

Ramzy Baroud: Israel ‘Takes Advantage’ of Trump’s Remaining Days in Office

Not only was Israel allowed to expand old settlements and build new ones throughout Trump’s term, but was actually encouraged by US officials to do so with a great sense of urgency

Richard Falk: Observing Thanksgiving in Turkey at a Time of COVID

Our simple goal is to ready when the sun shines on Thanksgiving 2021 to greet the day with less ambivalance

Noam Chomsky: Trump Has Revealed the Extreme Fragility of American Democracy

Both Trump and Trumpism will remain with us for a long time, both the individual himself and the poisonous currents he has unleashed

Vincent Emanuele: Yes, the Left Should Talk to Trump Supporters

Here’s what I do know: leftists must organize Trump supporters. If we don’t, someone else will. Remember, organizing people who disagree with us is quite literally the essence of organizing

Jeff Klein: Can We Build a Progressive Future If We Dismiss a Large Part of the Working Class?

It is hard to imagine a stable progressive future for our country with many millions of working-class Americans mobilized in angry opposition

Sonali Kolhatkar: Will Biden Ensure My Family Is Reunited?

Trump’s cruel anti-immigrant agenda separated untold numbers of families, including mine. Will the new administration fix the mess?

Kathy Kelly: Like a Rocket in the Garden: The Unending War in Afghanistan

People in the United States continue to pretend that the despair and futility we’ve caused isn’t our fault

John Pilger: Britain’s Class War on Children

Study after study shows that the people who suffer and die early from the diseases of poverty brought on by a poor diet, sub-standard housing and the priorities of the political elite and its hostile “welfare” officials — are working people

Sam Pizzigati: The Rain on Our Yes-We-Now-Have-a-Vaccine! Parade

What could be better than a drug that can stop Covid? A society that doesn’t let some make billions off a drug millions can’t access

Cecilia Rikap: What would a state-owned Amazon look like? Ask Argentina

Correo Compras promises to benefit workers, consumers and sellers, and could even use big data for the public good

Bruce Lesnick: COVID Economy: A Deliberate Disaster

Five basic measures could have prevented – and still could greatly mitigate – the COVID economic nightmare in the US

Chris Walker: 4 in 10 Americans Plan to Defy CDC Guidelines on Thanksgiving

As of Tuesday, more than 12.4 million Americans have been diagnosed with COVID-19 since the pandemic began, with close to 260,000 having died from the virus so far

Raj Patel: Causing Hunger in U.S. and Across the Globe

Food insecurity in the U.S. has intensified after the expiration of federal assistance programs in the CARES Act, and the United Nations World Food Programme predicts acute hunger could affect 270 million people worldwide by the end of 2020 — an 82% increase since the start of the coronavirus pandemic

Shani Saxon: Florida Sheriff’s Target Schoolchildren as Future Criminals Based on Abuse History

Former deputies told the news outlet that “they were ordered to harass people on the target list by visiting their homes repeatedly and looking for reasons to write tickets and make arrests. One in 10 of the people targeted have been teenagers.” 

Bernie Sanders: Which Side Are You On?

Democrats must show, in word and deed, how fraudulent the Republican Party is when it claims to be the party of working families

Jack Rasmus: US Treasury Shelves $455 Billion in Unspent Stimulus

The economic ‘relapse’ to a slower growth path in the 4th quarter is all but ensured by the current failure to quickly pass a sufficient fiscal stimulus bill at year’s end 2020

Nesrine Malik: Not every Trump voter is racist or misled. There’s a rational Trump voter too

In a political system that makes few other transformative offerings, economic prosperity is the most immediate benefit

Murtaza Hussain: Nonwhite Voters Are Not Immune to the Appeal of Right-Wing Populism

From Toronto’s Rob Ford to Donald Trump, racist candidates attract nonwhite support. What gives?

Chuck Collins: Facing Holiday Rush, Frontlines Retail Workers Urge Billionaire Bosses to Share the Wealth

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This essential workforce is hustling to help holiday shoppers while also organizing for hazard pay and other Covid-19 protections

Andrew J. Bacevich: A Good Deed from the Wicked Witch?

Actually Ending the War in Afghanistan

April M. Short: Breakthrough Agreement in Philadelphia Could Become a Template to Curb Housing Crisis

The new land trust designates 50 “properties for use as low-income housing, defined as $25,000 and below, and they would be controlled [and managed] by local committees”

Nicole Karlis: Trump’s tweets inadvertently mobilized hundreds of thousands suburban women against him

The 230,000-member group “‘Suburban Housewives’ Against Trump” spurred suburban liberal women into action

Scott Ritter: US’ successful ICBM intercept test brings us closer to a nuclear war

And proves Moscow’s concerns were well grounded

Luis Martin: Whistleblower Maria Efimova fears for her safety amid threats and new arrest warrants

DiEM25, the pan-European movement and MeRA25, Yanis Varoufakis’ political party in Greece, are calling on the Greek government to grant Maria Efimova asylum and protection

Collective 20: From 2000 Feet

The Covid-19 global pandemic has illuminated the stark reality of whose labor it is that sustains our families, our communities, our clinics, our schools, our eldercare institutions, farms and food chains

Marjorie Cohn: Biden’s Victory Does Not Guarantee a Progressive Agenda. We Must Fight for It.

Progressives played a pivotal role in delivering the presidency to Biden and several congressional races to Democrats as well as turning Georgia and Arizona blue. Now progressives must hold Biden’s feet to the fire and demand that he govern for the 99 percent and not the 1 percent

Peter Bohmer: The 2020 Election and What We Should Do Now

We shouldn’t give Biden any breathing room and wait to see what he does before acting. We need to build campaigns and social movements and mass action in the streets for progressive policies

Luam Kidane: Provocations to rupture and the power to act

Social movements from South Africa to Brazil have built economic systems rooted in cooperation, creativity and direct action as an antidote to the neoliberal order

Margaret Flowers: The Imperative To Achieve National Improved Medicare For All

The majority of people in the United States support a universal healthcare system. The opportunity to win it is now because the recession means our uninsured numbers will soar and the current healthcare system cannot address the COVID-19 crisis

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