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David Swanson: Every Peace Group and Activist Should Join Strike DC for the Earth’s Climate

Peace activists and organizations have worked for years to bring environmental and peace activism together. When an environmental campaign includes the peace movement, it’s time to join in and show up and take part. Listen to how Russell Gray of Extinction Rebellion talks about peace and the climate. If we want to build the coalition of peace and environmental movements that Read more…

Brian Tokar: The liberatory potential of local action

Local action is often the best remedy for the failings of the current system — a worldwide confederation of democratic communities can have the same impact at a global scale

Rob Urie: Strike for the Environment, Strike for Social Justice, Strike!

A very large chasm exists between those in power, including most of the 2020 presidential candidates, and environmentalists and scientists intent on acting now to resolve growing environmental crises

Jonathan Cook: Israelis have shown Netanyahu the door

Can he inflict more damage before he exits?

Asad Rehman: Climate strikes are about more than green colonialism

Solutions to the environmental crisis won’t come in the shape of a battery – they come in the shape of justice, reparations and equity

Kumi Naidoo: Climate Crisis Is a “Death Penalty” for Humanity

Leaders Need Political Will to Act

Richard Falk: Amazonia, Climate Change, Syria, Yemen, Kashmir

What these issues have in common is the inability of the global system of authority to save these national populations from experiencing prolonged tragedy as a result of the criminal behavior of the territorial government and, in some instances, its insurgent adversaries

Atika Rehman: Pakistanis are marching to combat climate change

As students and climate activists get ready to march for the climate in Pakistan, Atika Rehman finds out why Pakistanis find it impossible to ignore climate change impacts any longer

Leila Ettachfini: Isra Hirsi Is 16, Unbothered, and Saving the Planet

As the co-founder of the U.S. Youth Climate Strike and the daughter of Congresswoman Ilhan Omar, Isra Hirsi is grappling with harassment, safety threats, tokenization, and privilege on a national scale years before she’s even allowed to vote

Josue De Luna Navarro: Scientists Shouldn’t Listen to the Fossil Fuel Industry

Geoengineering is a Scam

George Dvorsky: Defender of Brazil’s Indigenous Tribes Murdered ‘Execution-Style’

“His death highlights how standing up for environmental and indigenous rights protection can cost people their lives.”

Meagan Day: Bernie Sanders Wants to Alleviate Senior Loneliness

Here’s another crazy socialist idea: seniors deserve to feel cared for and socially connected. Bernie Sanders has a plan for that

Connor Kilpatrick: Elizabeth Warren Is Thirty Years Too Late

Both Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren are political throwbacks. But whereas Warren wants to fix the policies that went astray in the Clinton era, Sanders wants to change the economic foundations of American life

Kenneth Surin: An Excellent Study Of The Manufactured Labour “Antisemitism Crisis”

I’ve just finished reading the uncorrected proof copy an excellent study of the manufactured Labour “antisemitism crisis”. [Greg Philo, Mike Berry, Antony Lerman, Justin Schlossberg and David Miller, Bad News for Labour: Antisemitism, the Party & Public Belief (London: Pluto Press, 2019)] The launching point for the book’s analysis is a national poll, accompanied by Read more…

Noam Chomsky: If We Want a Future, Green New Deal Is Key

Discussing the challenges ahead and what needs to be done

Kathi Weeks: Feminist politics and a case for basic income

Wages do not compensate workers, and especially women, for most of the work they do. A basic income could change that

Bill McKibben: Money Is the Oxygen on Which the Fire of Global Warming Burns

What if the banking, asset-management, and insurance industries moved away from fossil fuels?

Jake Johnson: ‘We Must Be Bolder Than Ever’

Labor Federation Representing 30 Million Workers Calls on All Unions to Join Global Climate Strike

Zhivko Illeieff: Why You Should Care About #ShutDownDC and the Global Climate Strike

We’re shutting down traffic because it’s time for “business-as-usual” as we know it to end. Business-as-usual has led to the devastation of the Bahamas. Business-as-usual has led to the greatest mass extinction event in human history. Business-as-usual will destroy the future of our children

Steven Greenhouse: 50,000 Workers Demand GM to Share Its Billions in Profits

The workers say GM continues to deny employees’ demands for better conditions and compensation despite leading the company to record profits following bankruptcy and a federal bailout

Naomi Klein: “The moral crisis is inextricable from the ecological crisis”

Interview on the challenges of building a sustainable future in a climate of rising authoritarianism

George Monbiot: Our Brezhnev Moment

Neoliberalism has stalled, so the fanatics in government are using Brexit to revive it

Juan Cole: Netanyahu’s Demonization Backfires

Binyamin Netanyahu appears to have fallen short in his quest for a majority of 61 in the 120-seat Israeli parliament

Oliver Milman: ‘Listen to the scientists’: Greta Thunberg urges Congress to take action

Teen climate activists attend a hearing to address the climate crisis and its traumatic effect on the younger generation

Brett Story: A Green New Deal for Decarceration

To save the planet, a Green New Deal has to transform our entire society. Part of that transformation must include the deconstruction of our system of mass incarceration.

Wojciech Kębłowski: Public Transport Can Be Free

Free public transport is not a pipe dream. It exists in over 100 cities across the world – and has transformative impacts

Joseph Gerson: Pessimism of the Intellect, Optimism of the Will

Building on the Nuclear Weapon Ban Treaty

Leon Fink: Model Citizen José Samuel Solis Lopez Is Now a ICE Prisoner

He neither expected nor asked much of his adopted country—basically just the chance to earn a paycheck and be free from government and employer intimidation

Naomi Klein: Climate Crisis Demands Radical Change

Responses to the climate crisis have for too long focused on individual consumer choices rather than the collective action needed to save the planet

Tom Engelhardt: On the Precipice

The Collective Asteroid of Human History

Chris Saltmarsh: Make public transport free

It’s time for radical proposals to rebuild Britain’s social fabric and combat the climate crisis. Here’s one: make public transport free

Juan Cole: Trump Has been Waging a Brutal War on Iran for over a Year

The economic war Trump launched on Iran acts as a blockade

Kerem Dikerdem: Take part in building a people’s manifesto for the movement

Winning elections is not enough. To transform society we need to involve the people in policy making

Alison Rose Levy: The Incredible Belief That Corporate Ownership Does Not Influence Media Content

Corporate ownership of media interferes with the core societal function of the press: reporting and investigating key issues at the intersection of public need and governance

Ron Jacobs: Support the Climate Strike, Not a Military Strike

The US government is owned by the energy industry and until that yoke is broken, our future will be one of environmental destruction, war and threats of war. That yoke will not be tossed off by those who wear it willingly. That task is left to the rest of us

Catherine Tumber: Land Without Bread

A Green New Deal frames guidance on state and local policy, farmland protection must be central—foundational—to its goals and funding priorities

Dave Jamieson: The Real Reason General Motors Workers Are On Strike Nationwide

It’s not that complicated. GM has been highly profitable, and workers haven’t forgotten the sacrifices they made to prop up the company

Democratic Socialists of America: DSA stands with UAW strikers

We hope that this strike will help workers build a vibrant reform movement in the UAW and rebuild a union that is able to fight against the corporations

Badri Raina: Too Damn Too Many

Thank heavens we now know what is wrong With this nation of nations— Too damn much of everything— Parties, languages, religions.   After seventy years of dispersal, Our unities have gone bust; Caught between militants and democrats, We have lost our destined thrust.   The good doctor having diagnosed The what, how, and why; A Read more…

Norman Solomon: The ‘Official Secrets’ Movie vs. Joe Biden’s Lies About the Iraq War

Joe Biden’s recent efforts to deny his record of support for invading Iraq are marvels of evasion, with falsehoods that have been refuted by one well-documented appraisal after another after another

Ramzy Baroud: Apartheid Made Official

Deal of the Century is a Ploy and Annexation is the New Reality

Jeff Cohen: What George Carlin Taught Us about Media Propaganda by Omission

As with Medicare for All, moneyed elites want to omit the other score – the price tag of sticking with the status quo

Juan Cole: Trump asked of Egypt’s al-Sisi, ‘Where’s my Favorite Dictator?’

Trump has long been accused of having a soft spot for dictators, but now he has admitted it, even if only in the form of a jest

Dean Baker: Health Care: Premiums and Taxes

The key issue here is that workers with employer-provided health care insurance are effectively already being taxed for their health care insurance

Sue Sturgis: How current climate policy deepens Southern inequality

  Of the 10 U.S. states at greatest risk from hurricanes and other tropical storms, which are becoming more extreme due to human-caused climate disruption, number that are in the South: 10 Rank of the South among U.S. regions where power plants, many of them operated by state-regulated monopolies, emit the most climate-disrupting carbon as Read more…

Robert Mackey: Trump Calls His Own Offer of Iran Talks “Fake News”

Trump’s rage at the news media for accurately reporting his prior comments came just minutes after he informed Americans that he had put the United States military at the disposal of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Various Contributors: Climate Groups to Shut Down Washington D.C.

Youth leaders around the world have called for a Global Climate Strike and week of action, September 20-27

Paul Street: Joe Biden’s Answer to Slavery’s Legacy: Phonographs for the Poor

Biden’s jumbled, incoherent, and halting prose probably left most viewers too confused or bored to register his noxious neoliberal-racist parent-blaming paternalism

Michael Albert: To Participate or Not To Participate

Because Trump winning would literally threaten civilization, and because Sanders winning would not only stop Trump but take us a good distance in good directions, this election is the most important in my lifetime and perhaps ever – and thus worth serious participation

Naomi Klein: Only a Green New Deal Can Douse the Fires of Eco-Fascism

Organizers are expecting huge numbers to turn out for the Global Climate Strike, beginning on September 20 and continuing through September 27

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