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Recent ZNet

Ted Glick: The Purpose of Power

A review of Alicia Garza’s 2020 book, The Purpose of Power: How We Come Together When We Fall Apart,

Jonathan Cook: Immunity passports: Does social solidarity only count when it gets us back to the pub?

The ethics of immunity passports, or vaccine apartheid, depends on a wider debate about what our societies mean – and what they obscure – when they discuss issues of trust, the public good and social solidarity

Jon Schwarz: Forget $15 an Hour — the Minimum Wage Should Be $24

The minimum wage once went up hand in hand with the productivity of the U.S. economy. It should again

Madeleine Johnsson: If We Want to Renew Democracy, We Need to Tax the Ultra-Wealthy

After the tech sector, Wall Street is the second-highest source of wealth for American billionaires

Rev. Dr. William J. Barber II: Overrule the Senate Parliamentarian & Pass the $15 Minimum Wage

Democrats need to “stick together” and push through the minimum wage hike

John Feffer: The Talented Mr. Bin Salman

The Saudi prince, like the Patricia Highsmith character, is a confidence man, serial killer, and all-around psychopath. The United States should stop enabling him

Robin D.G. Kelley: Why Cornel West’s Tenure Fight Matters

When Harvard’s administrators tell Professor West that they cannot bring him up for tenure because it’s “too risky” and he’s “too controversial,” they completely undermine the point of tenure: to protect his freedom to speak truth to power

Ralph Nader: Reporters’ Alert: Launching a New Website

From time to time we will use Reporter’s Alert to present suggestions for important reporting on topics that are either not covered or not covered thoroughly

Jessica Corbett: Call for Rapid Phaseout of Fracking in Pennsylvania

“Pennsylvania’s children should not be used as laboratory rats,” said biologist Sandra Steingraber, who called fracking “an uncontrolled human experiment” that involves “toxic exposures.”

Ari Paul: Fear and Celebration of Substack Are Both Misplaced

Corporate media certainly need disruption. But it has to happen at scale, not with a few writers here and there on an open microphone

John Logan: Amazon Is Paying Consultants Nearly $10,000 a Day to Obstruct Union Drive

Expensive and aggressive corporate anti-union campaigns, such as Amazon’s at Bessemer, are, in the words of Marty Levitt, built on deceit and run by bullies

James Kerr: U.K. Educators’ Safety Struggle Rekindles Collective Workplace Action

The assault on workers’ rights and high-quality public education is an international phenomenon

Asa Winstanley: Support for David Miller grows

“A healthy society is one where people can speak the truth, even about uncomfortable subjects. No one should lose their job for telling the truth.”

Jason Pramas: As Labor Secretary, Will Marty Walsh Represent all Workers?

Or just unionized construction workers… and the corporations that fund the Democrats

Paul Street: Killer Kim Reynolds and the Fascist State of Iowa

“Killer Kim” Reynolds sent chills down spines within and beyond her state when she preceded Super Bowl Sunday with a last-minute repeal of Iowa’s last remaining COVID-19 mitigation measures

Badri Raina: Give Me Back that Spring

Give me back, now past eightieth year Of my life, a day of that Spring In the Xanadu of my beginning

Max Elbaum: GOP Embraces Trump and His Steal Elections Strategy

The Trump-provoked, Confederate-flag-waving assault on the Capitol Jan. 6 didn’t split the GOP. Rather, it revealed that from bottom to top the Republican Party has become even more Trumpified than it was while Trump was President

Margaret Flowers: Small Acts Can Become A Power No Government Can Suppress

Examples of the tremendous power people have to force changes and create support networks in their communities when they organize together

Robert Koehler: Taking War Personally

“For Washington, it seems that whatever the problem is, the answer is bombing.”

Lee Fang: Drug Lobby Asks Biden to Punish Foreign Countries Pushing for Low-Cost Vaccines

Big Pharma is fighting for tight control over Covid-19 vaccine production, limiting availability worldwide while reaping billions

Mike Ludwig: House Rejects Cori Bush’s Amendment on Voting Rights for Incarcerated People

“We will not stop fighting until we dismantle white supremacy in all of its forms”

Sam Levin: Rodney King: 30 Years After Brutal Beating, LAPD ‘Still Corrupt and Violent’

Advocates who lived through the riots are now fighting to defund the police and dismantle unions that thwart accountability

Gary Leupp: Biden Acts with Impunity (to Send Iran a Message, by Attacking Iraqis in Syria)

On 2/25 Biden attacked three countries simultaneously to remind them that the U.S. “does not distinguish” between its Muslim foes but conflates Persians with Arabs, Sunnis and Shiites, terrorists and anti-terrorist militia

John P. Geyman: The Private Health Insurance Industry: Should It Be Eliminated?

Over recent decades, its performance has been increasingly profit-driven to the point of now becoming unaffordable for patients, their families, employers and taxpayers

Amelia Pollard: The Rise of the Private Police

In South Africa, private security companies have eclipsed the police force, threatening the state’s democratic authority and replicating apartheid-era racial inequality. Is the U.S. next?

Caleb Granger: Houston demonstration demands, “Fix our broken pipes, no more airstrikes!”

Texans need relief from the pandemic and from the damage caused by Winter Storm Uri now. End U.S. imperial warfare and use the resources to help suffering people

Ali Abunimah: EU backs ICC after Netanyahu’s “anti-Semitism” smear

After years-long delays and decades of waiting for justice, Palestinians are at last seeing their quest to hold Israel accountable and check its crimes bearing fruit

Brian Young: Right to Work Defeated in Montana and Colorado

However, a Right to Work bill continues forward in New Hampshire

Vincent Emanuele: Leftwing Pokémon

We’re in a life or death battle and we need all hands on deck. That means fewer cartographers of the apocalypse and more strategists for the revolution

Kshama Sawant: Why I’m Joining Democratic Socialists of America

The disasters we’ve seen in the past year could become far worse unless socialists and the working class rise to the historic tasks in front of us

Alan MacLeod: Humanitarian Imperialism

How corporate media sell regime change, Intervention and war to progressive audiences

Michael Kwet: Digital colonialism: The evolution of American empire

American “Big Tech” corporations are gaining massive profits through their control over business, labor, social media and entertainment in the Global South

William Astore: Rewarding Failure

Why Pentagon Weapons Programs Rarely Get Canceled Despite Major Problems

Victor Grossman: Surprise on the Left

Unlike the angry quarrels, hostility and near split-ups which troubled some earlier congresses, this time there was an amiable, friendly atmosphere throughout

Jay August: New York politicians push bill to ‘kill’ rent cancellation movement, organizers fight back

On Feb. 28, tenant organizers in New York City demonstrated outside the home of New York State Sen. Brian Kavanaugh in Manhattan to protest his sponsorship of a bill which bails out landlords, not tenants

Maurice Mitchell: Organizing the Multiracial Working Class

If working people fail to see real material distinctions between life under Trump and life under Biden, they’ll look for an alternative to the party in power

Badri Raina: How Secular Is the Secularism of the Secular Parties?

In what way does the alliance with the ISF in West Bengal threaten the secular future of India, so long as that party remains aligned with the Congress and the Left, and so long as its allegiance to the constitution remains its political bedrock?

Russell Mokhiber: Defend the Guard Act Stirs Debate in West Virginia Over Military Industrial Complex

Please Help ZNet         Source: Counterpunch A debate over the military industrial complex is raging in West Virginia. The debate was kicked off in the West Virginia legislature again this year by Patrick McGeehan, a Republican member of the House of Delegates from the northern panhandle. McGeehan has introduced House Bill 2138 Read more…

Thomas Klikauer: The Hidden Secrets of Neoliberalism

The truth will out: deregulation, free market and free trade not only hindered developing economies from developing, they also ended decades of unprecedented progress, a time during which the world was virtually free from financial crisis

Scott Ritter: Continued Israeli airstrikes on Syria are testing Moscow’s patience

Jerusalem would do well not to poke the Russian bear

Jake Johnson: Sanders to Force Vote on $15 Minimum Wage Amendment

“I regard it as absurd that the parliamentarian, a Senate staffer elected by no one, can prevent a wage increase for 32 million workers.”

ProPublica: Sheryl Sandberg and Top Facebook Execs Silenced an Enemy of Turkey to Prevent a Hit to the Company’s Business

As Turkey launched a military offensive against Kurdish minorities in neighboring Syria in early 2018, Facebook’s top executives faced a political dilemma

Liberation Staff: Richland, Washington protesters demand ‘No kids in cages’

On Feb. 27 more than 50 protesters gathered in Richland, Washington to demand that Pres. Joe Biden close the ICE concentration camps, release the detained children and abolish ICE.

Medea Benjamin: Trump & Biden’s Secret Bombing Wars

Biden cannot restore the world’s respect for American leadership, or the American public’s support for our foreign policy, by piling more lies, secrets and atrocities on top of those he has inherited

Don Fitz: From the Murder of Berta Cáceres to Dam Disaster in Uttarakhand

Two stories about the consequences of the insatiable greed of capitalism for more energy

Brett Wilkins: ‘Reprehensible Power Grab’

“Georgia Republicans didn’t like the results of the 2020 election so they decided they would try to dictate who they will let vote and who they won’t let vote.”

William rivers Pitt: Sanders Is Making Excellent Use of His Power as Budget Committee Chair

After decades shouting truth in the wilderness of U.S. politics, Sanders is making the most of his chance

Akela Lacy: Working Families Party Weighs In on Crowded Manhattan DA Race

By endorsing Tahanie Aboushi, WFP sets a precedent for how other local progressive groups may endorse in the race

Romana Rubeo: ‘Engaging the World’

The ‘Fascinating Story’ of Hamas’s Political Evolution

Stephen Zunes: If Biden Wants to Protect Troops, He Should Bring Them Home — Not Bomb Syria

From Lebanon to Somalia, other hostile countries filled with competing armed groups, the major purpose of maintaining a U.S. troop presence appears to have evolved into simply protecting themselves from attack

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