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Recent ZNet

David Swanson: 100 Years of Using War to Try to End All War

The massive peace movement that outlawed war in 1928, had been widespread, mainstream, and aggressive before 1917

Dan DiMaggio: Tens of Thousands Strike on Day without Immigrants

Arkansas poultry workers, Brooklyn warehouse workers and house cleaners, Twin Cities roofers, and thousands of students in places like Grand Rapids, Michigan, and Charlotte, North Carolina. They were all among the tens of thousands who stayed home from work or school across the country during Thursday, February 16’s “Day without Immigrants.” The action, largely spread Read more…

Jonathan Cook: Palestinians face intense online hate from Israelis, say campaigners

Palestinian lawyers call for investigation of police minister as survey shows soaring levels of anti-Arab speech on Hebrew social media

Sarah Lazare: Here Comes the Police State: New Laws Aim for Brutal Crackdown on Protest

Many bills advancing at state level along with executive orders are part of Trump “law and order”

Mike Miller: What Kind of Movement Moment Are We In?

In the context of a government that has been elected, protestors must not only bring the machinery to a halt but convince those who operate it that ignoring or repressing them will lead to subsequent political defeat

Rebekah Barber: Study documents how strict voter ID laws suppress voting by people of color

The courts have found that voter ID laws intentionally discriminate against voters of color. Now newly published research offers details about the laws’ politically suppressive effects.

Juan Cole: Top 5 Hypocrisies of Trump Friday

A few of the more striking contradictions

Robert Fisk: Le Pen has found out that Lebanese Christians aren’t that fond of her

The National Front leader thought that Lebanon, burdened with a million Syrian refugees, should send them home as soon as the war is over. She clearly did not know that tens of thousands of Lebanese are actually related to Syrians

Barbara Ehrenreich: Divisions of Labor

New kinds of work require new ideas — and new ways of organizing

Ramzy Baroud: The Trump-Netanyahu Circus: Now, No One Can Save Israel from Itself

Israel has laid out its dark vision. Palestinians must present the antithesis to that destructive vision: a road map towards justice, equality and peace for all

Carlos Delclos: We want to welcome! Barcelona demands open borders for refugees

Barcelona wants to welcome refugees. Only a radical movement can substantiate the city’s demands.

Richard Falk: Should the Palestinians Seek Justice NOW at the International Criminal Court?Palestinians Seek Justice NOW at the International Criminal Court?

[Prefatory Note: This post is a modified version of an opinion piece published by Middle East Eye on February 20, 2017. It calls particular attention to the punitive treatment of recourse to international law tribunals to address perceived grievances that is meant to discourage Palestinians from seeking relief at the International Criminal Court. On one Read more…

Danuta Kean: US Libraries Join Struggle to Resist the Trump Administration

Along with efforts to guide readers to trustworthy information sources, many branches are working to make themselves ‘sanctuary spaces’ for immigrants

Andrew J. Bacevich: Angst in the Church of America the Redeemer

David Brooks on Making America Great Again

Jim Hightower: Big-Money Speculators Are Buying Up and Renting Out Farms, and Pricing Real Farmers out of the Market

The fat cats will never get their hands dirty, but they will underpay tenant farmers to do the arduous work of actual farming

Kathy Kelly: Friendship in Defiance of War

When walls arise that would seem to seal the tragedy of war in concrete boundaries, Gabe and Therese find ways to cross the borders

John Feffer: A Global Counter-Trump Movement Is Taking Shape

While the far right is on the march globally, there are signs progressives are stirring from their slumber

Stan Cox: Can the climate survive electoral democracy? Maybe. Can it survive capitalism? No.

We have to use what’s left of our democracy (inside and especially outside of electoral politics) to simultaneously fight the fascism that threatens humanity and the capitalism that threatens the Earth as a whole

Bill Quigley: Ten Examples of Direct Resistance to Stop Government Raids

Resistance to unjust government action is the duty of all people who care about human rights. As Dr. King reminded us in his letter from a Birmingham jail, “Never forget that everything Hitler did in Germany was legal.” It is now clear that Latinos and Muslims are Trump’s first target for government actions.  The orders Read more…

Tim Dickinson: How Trump’s Agenda Clashes With What Americans Want

From fighting climate change to funding Planned Parenthood, the public has never been so out of step with a president

Margo Schlanger: Millions of Immigrants Could Face Removal Under New Trump Rules

Any immigrant who cannot prove they have been in the United States for over two years could be deported without a hearing

Conn Hallinan: Of Trump, Vipers & Foreign Policy

This is an administration that thrives on turmoil, always an easier place to rule from than order

Scott Remer: Fighting for Utopia in Tough Times

Miracles in history might give us hope

Chris Williams: Will science go rogue against Donald Trump?

Scientists must grapple with politics and resist political reaction in order to be more effective

Rebecca Roberts: Reclaiming Holloway Homes

This initiative offers an opportunity to think through how best to tackle a range of social problems in a local context

Les Leopold: Why We Could Be on the Verge of a Constitutional Apocalypse

If Republicans get full control of a few more State Houses, they will have the frightening power to amend the Constitution into their own authoritarian image

Dean Baker: More Republican Handouts to the Rich

The Republicans are rigging the system to transfer tens of billions of dollars a year from ordinary workers to their rich friends. The only principle here is giving more money to the rich

Juan Cole: Trump endangering rest of Us to hunt down the Law-Abiding Undocumented

Gen. John Kelly’s ramping up of deportation measures against undocumented residents of the US, in accordance with Donald Trump’s campaign promises, contains many hidden dangers.

Patrick Cockburn: Iraqi forces begin bitter battle for Mosul in effort to destroy Isis

There are an estimated 4,000 jihadi fighters defending the close-packed houses and narrow alleyways in the half of the city west of the Tigris River, which is inhabited by some 650,000 civilians

Jonathan Cook: Trump’s clarifying moment for Israel and Palestinians

Palestinians, particularly the youth, will understand that their struggle is not for illusory borders but for liberation from the Jewish supremacism inherent in mainstream Zionism

Sue Sturgis: Lawsuit ends Georgia’s onerous voter registration rules as other states consider them

Number of other states that are currently considering similar exact match voter registration systems: 5

Emma Snaith: Pass the domestic violence bill

The significance of the new anti-domestic violence bill

Alleen Brown: As Construction Near Standing Rock Restarts, Pipeline Fights Flare Across the U.S.

While the Standing Rock Sioux and neighboring tribes attempt to halt the project in court, other opponents of the pipeline have launched what they’re calling a “last stand,” holding protests and disruptive actions across the U.S.

Danny Sjursen: How We Got Here

The Misuse of American Military Power and The Middle East in Chaos

Pat Elder: The US Military, Like Ancient Rome’s, Is Trying to Secure a Dying Empire

Recruiters are exceptionally charming while failing to honor clear boundaries. It is despicable public policy, and it’s time to end it

Joe Emersberger: Trump, Like Obama and Bush, Pursues ‘Regime Change’ in Venezuela

The U.S. government’s targeting of Venezuela’s vice president is just the latest episode in ongoing attempts to subvert Venezuelan democracy

Max Friedman: Trump’s Refugee Ban Is Even Crueler Than You Think

The so-called “Muslim ban” has been compared to U.S. treatment of Jewish refugees during the Holocaust. It’s actually even more draconian

Chris Brooks: The Boeing Vote Was Not a Referendum on Organizing the South

The union defeat at a South Carolina Boeing plant was devastating, but it wasn’t inevitable. Labor can still organize the South

Richard Greeman: Behind the “Deep State Coup”

It is not our job to defend one right-wing dictator against another but to unite with the global 99% against them all

Various Contributors: International Women’s Strike US Platform

The International Women’s Strike on March 8th, 2017 is an international day of action, planned and organized by women in over 30 different countries

Shepherd Bliss: Japanese American Internment Remembered, As Trump Rounds Up Immigrants

The internment was based on racist fears and lies, which the new president continues to propagate

David Swanson: Understanding Robert E. Lee Supporters

A statue that symbolizes racism and war to a great many of us has an enormously negative value

Lindzi Wessel: Hundreds Rally for Science at Demonstration Near AAAS Meeting

The last few weeks of activism have been a sign that “scientists have woken up and are ready to fight back”

Mark Brown: Neighbors Joining Together to Block Trump Deportations

I was among more than 400 people who attended a Protect RP organizational meeting, an extraordinary display of how hungry people are to do Something.

Jack Smith IV: Bank workers will protest to form their first US union — and the whole world is watching

Behind the pristine business attire and impeccable offices, banks in the United States have a secret: Their public faces — tellers and salespeople — are harried working-class people

Patrick Cockburn: Donald Trump and the US media are in a fight to the finish

Richard Nixon may have felt persecuted by press and television, but he never counter-attacked with the same vigour and venom as Trump

Juan Cole: Netanyahu rejected offer by Kerry & Arab Leaders of Comprehensive Peace Talks

Last year this time, Secretary of State John Kerry was trying to put together a huge peace deal between Israel and the Arab world, according to Aron Heller and Matthew Lee of the Associated Press. The proposal built on the 2002 Arab peace plan, which offered Israel full recognition by its Arab neighbors, with trade Read more…

Kim Scipes: Strategic Thinking and Organizing Resistance

Rushing into the streets, as exhilarating as it can be, is not enough for the long haul. And if we want to win, we have to be prepared for the long haul

Juan Cole: Trump invents Sweden Terror Attack, Lies about Immigrant Crime

Trump made up another alleged terrorist attack at his rally on Saturday, this one about a figment of his imagination that did not actually take place in Sweden on Friday night. It is clear that Trump and his white supremacist mafia (Steve Bannon et al.) despise Sweden and Germany for having taken in more than Read more…

Adam Elliot-Cooper: The Dog-Whistle Racism of the Neoliberal State

As a political moment defined by Brexit and Trump compounds the neoliberal racial violence already underpinning these two nations, coordinated resistance has never been more urgent

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