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Recent ZNet

Carole Concha Bell: Apathy or strategy in Chile’s decisive election

The frontrunners in Chile’s upcoming election pit the far-right against the nominally left

Anna Coote: The Time For a Four-Day Work Week Has Arrived

To expand personal freedom, recover from the Covid pandemic and curb the climate crisis—let’s embrace a shorter working week

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez: “What is so hard about saying that this is wrong?”

Complete remarks by Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez during U.S. House Debate on Resolution to Censure Rep. Paul Gosar

Stan Cox: To Keep Fossil Carbon Out of the Air, Just Stop Pulling It Out of the Earth

Ending the extraction of fossil fuels from the Earth while achieving material sufficiency, equity, and justice would move us a long way toward the more livable future

Paul Rogers: COP26 focused on long-term climate goals. But what does this decade hold?

Change must happen before 2030 to avoid disaster. Despite the disappointment around Glasgow, climate science and activism offer hope of progress

John Feffer: Far Right Institutional Power Isn’t Inevitable. Here’s How Leftists Can Win

There is this great opportunity for the left to assert a bold and visionary policy about not just mitigating the effects of climate change but effectively using climate change as a lever for economic transformation

George Monbiot: Domino Theory

Our last, best hope of averting systemic environmental collapse is to use the peculiarities of complex systems to trigger cascading political regime shifts

Andrea Mazzarino: The Costs of War (to You)

Where So Much of Our Money Really Went

George Chidi: Kyle Rittenhouse’s Acquittal Sets a Dangerous Precedent

Jurors are asked to uphold the law as it stands. We don’t ask jurors to make the law. That’s on us

Maureen O'Donnell: Jesus ‘Chuy’ Negrete, Chicago folklorist, writer, singer of Chicano movement, dead at 72

‘He told our stories,’ actor Edward James Olmos says of the Chicago writer of corridos some called the ‘Chicano Woody Guthrie.’

Jake Johnson: Wisconsin GOP Attempts to Seize Control of State’s Elections

“Give Republicans this: they’re not dismantling democracy in secret. They’re doing it right out in the open.”

Abigail Yartey: Remembering Greenham Common

Review of Mothers of the Revolution, a new documentary that tells the story of the women who helped to end the Cold War

Ben Slowey: Milwaukee movement provides clean water for expecting mothers

Milwaukee’s Get the Lead Out Coalition has launched its Clean Water for Pregnant People program. For 12 months they will deliver eight cases of water per month free of charge to pregnant women

CJ Polychroniou: Activism, Not Global Climate Summits, Is the Answer to the Climate Crisis

In response to COP26, C. J. Polychroniou argues that we cannot rely on summits to solve climate change. Instead, radical and legal activism are the best hopes for our future

William rivers Pitt: From Glasgow to Gulf of Mexico, Fossil Fuel Industry Shows Us Who’s in Charge

The infrastructure bill contains billions in fossil fuel subsidies, even as it was stripped of all meaningful climate policy

Brian Terrell: Digging for Peace – Resisting Nuclear Weapons

We greeted old and new friends, sang, prayed, shared food and distributed pink shovels and conspired to dig our way into the base, onto the runway and disrupt the practice

Lonnie Ray Atkinson: Don’t Think Of A Republican: A Proposal for Progressives (particularly those in the DSA)

Throughout the 2022 primary season, I want you to explore with me the absolutely bonkers idea of running a progressive, dare I say radical, Lefty McLefterson candidate in a Republican primary in a GOP stronghold district

Badri Raina: The Judiciary Remains the Last Resort in a Stifled Democracy

‘Where does one go in a situation in which the Executive continues to be opaque and obdurate but to the Judiciary?

Jessica Corbett: Historic Floods in BC, Washington Follow Scientists’ Warnings

“It definitely matches what the climate models show for the future around here—hotter, dryer summers and wetter winters… Our infrastructure isn’t designed for that.”

Robert Koehler: National defense and dead children

War dehumanizes everyone it touches

Andrea Germanos: Redistricting Apocalypse

“Ohio leaders have disrespected voters, trampled the Ohio Constitution, and rigged the Congressional map to serve partisan, political operatives rather than fairly represent Ohioans.”

James K. Galbraith: The Choking of the Global Minotaur

The supply disruptions plaguing the US economy are the result of a logistics ecosystem that was developed to feed the beast of American consumption was not designed for a pandemic

Brett Wilkins: ‘Saddening, Infuriating, and Utterly Unsurprising’: Rittenhouse Acquitted

The verdict, said the Huber family, sends the “unacceptable message” that armed vigilantes can “use the danger they have created to justify shooting people in the street.”

Cas Mudde: Kyle Rittenhouse has walked free. Now it’s open season on protesters

Demonstrators in the US must fear not only police brutality but also rightwing vigilantes

Marjorie Cohn: Arbery’s Killers Are Using the Logic of Slave Patrols to Defend Themselves

Beginning in 1704, slave patrols empowered every white person to control the movements and activities of every Black person

Ariel Dorfman: Will Voters Choose to Make Chile Terrible Again?

Confronted by a stark choice between the dreadful past and a still-to-be-charted future — and grappling with the discontents and challenges facing so many countries, including the United States — what will Chile decide?

Jean Wyllys: Brazil, Amazon, World: West Papua’s Green State Vision, an Appeal to Lula

This is a big, very bold question because it would, in fact, challenge the Eurocentric, imperially-based Westphalian system and embrace the broader idea of Indigenous systems that recognise “interdependencies between political actors and relations to the land”

Kenn Orphan: Critical Race Theory Playing Out in Real Time

Only the ignorant or deliberately obtuse would not see how the system is set up to discriminate along racial boundaries, as well as class

Richard Seymour: Should the left abandon the Green New Deal?

There are serious questions to ask, but Aditya Chakrabortty’s critique fails to convince

Jake Johnson: ‘Sacrifice and Solidarity’ Pay Off

Striking John Deere Workers Win Bigger Wage Hike

Vijay Prashad: Why Our Climate Isn’t Jumping for Joy After COP26

“It is immoral for the rich to talk about the future of their children and grandchildren when the children of the Global South are dying now.”

Thomas Klikauer: Who Resists Corona Vaccination in Germany?

There are two views of the world opposing one another, and the anti-vaxxers belong to a shrinking minority

Brett Wilkins: 200 Activists Arrested While Demanding Biden, Congress Defend Voting Rights

“We are here today to send a message that President Biden must take action now to ensure the promise of our democracy and protect our freedom to vote.”

Michael Sainato: U.S. School Bus Drivers in Nationwide Strikes over Poor Pay and Covid Risk

U.S. school bus drivers in nationwide strikes over poor pay and Covid risk Drivers are left ‘begging for better pay’ even as the school bus driver shortage is worsening in the new school year

Jessica Corbett: Dem Lawmakers, Climate Groups Urge Biden Administration to Support Kids Climate Case

“It’s time our federal government finally aligns its actions on climate change with its rhetoric, and takes the bold action necessary to avert climate catastrophe.”

Jan Egeland: “Hell on Earth”: Millions of Afghans Face Starvation

The country has fallen into an economic crisis after the U.S. and other Western countries cut off direct financial assistance to the government following the Taliban takeover in August

Ryan Devereaux: U.S. Military Training in Mexico Increased as Human Rights Waned

In the years after the U.S. pledged to invest in human rights and rule of law, the Pentagon spent millions training elite Mexican units how to fight

John Feffer: If You Think Vaccine Mandate Pushback Is Bad…

At some point, governments will start using more sticks than carrots to break our deadly dependence on fossil fuels. How will humanity respond?

Mike Hembury: Good COP bad COP

COP26 and the lessons for the left

Adam Ramsay: World leaders failed us at COP26

But change doesn’t come from glitzy conferences

Richard Falk: Climate Challenge Cannot be Overcome in an Unjust World

Can the world’s awakening youth, exert enough pressure to make the political class in the Global North to cut themselves off from the militarized belief systems of political realism and capitalism

Economic Policy Institute: Moral policy = Good economics

Lifting up poor and working-class people—and our whole economy

Andrea Germanos: ‘We Need a Global Solution’

Critics Say Biden Plan to Boost Vaccine Supply Not Nearly Enough

Thom Hartmann: Will You Storm the Capitol if the 2024 Election is Stolen?

We may well be facing that terrible question that Trump true believers faced last year: what do we do? Winter is coming…

Zeyu Wang: F&M Students Express Support for Intellectual Freedom

We unconditionally uphold the value of freedom of speech and condemn foreign intervention with an explicit agenda from Israel

Joshua Cho: US and UK Press Mock New Zealand’s Incredibly Successful Covid Response

One gets the sense that corporate media outlets in countries like the US and Britain mocking or criticizing New Zealand’s pandemic response are following a “misery loves company” ethos

Meaghan Ellis: Network of GOP-focused fake news sites push fear-mongering claims about critical race theory

“I think that they could have a meaningful impact. Not because necessarily they’re going to influence that many voters, but because elections are decided at the margins”

Norman Solomon: Our nuclear arsenal doesn’t need to be ‘modernized’—it needs to be eliminated

The vast network of ready-to-launch intercontinental ballistic missiles that make up the United States’s nuclear triad remains a constant source of apocalyptic risk that few in politics or the media will openly acknowledge

Jake Johnson: GOP, Big Pharma Plotting to Kill Drug Price Reforms

“It is not some radical idea to suggest that Americans should not have to die because we are the only major country that allows drug companies to raise prices to whatever they want, whenever they want”

Lee Camp: What Are the Prospects For Peace?

Interview on the role of the U.S. in the escalating tensions and its capacity to reduce them

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