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Recent ZNet

K. Sabeel Rahman: Monopoly Men

After an eventful summer in Silicon Valley, there is blood in the water. At stake is democracy itself.

Juan Cole: Like the Run-up to Iraq War

The list of grievances Trump/Haley present against Iran have nothing to do with the nuclear deal

Mark Bergfeld: Victory in Stagnation?

Die Linke’s electoral result shows what the party must do to really contend for power

Carl Zimmer: Genes for Skin Color

The widespread distribution of these genes and their persistence over millenniums show that the old color lines are essentially meaningless

Zaid Jilani: Palestinian Activist Finds Support

A small but important set of members of Congress recently met with and advocated for a Palestinian activist who the Israelis have accused of inciting violence

Brian DeLay: US Gov Created, Coddled Gun Industry

The American public has more power over the gun business than most people realize.

Charles P. Pierce: Democrats Deserve to Lose

Progressive candidates can win anywhere. Contest every race.

Kathy Kelly: Wrongful Rhetoric

In a time when 20 million people face starvation, it’s particularly obscene for any country to pour resources into nuclear weaponry

Vijay Prashad: A tale of two islands

One island, a poor socialist state with infrastructure in grave need of modernisation, has slowly emerged out of the chaos caused by a hurricane’s wrath, while the other, a territory of the richest country in the world, cannot see the light at the end of the tunnel

Randall Woodfin: Political Revolution Down South

Interview on his victory, how he plans to redefine progress in Alabama’s biggest city, and how other progressive challengers can win

Margot Pepper: For George Pepper, the Blacklist Isn’t Over

October 27, 2017 will mark the 70th anniversary of the first day that ten courageous screenwriters and directors, known as the Hollywood Ten, refused to answer illegal questions

George Monbiot: Leading the global economy

We should use the political space being opened by the Labour resurgence to develop a new, participatory economy

Marcus Stanley: Government Sachs

A new report documents all the ways former Goldman Sachs employees are using their high-level government jobs to push an agenda that would boost the bank’s profits — at the expense of the rest of us

Chauncey DeVega: Can We Call Trump a Fascist Now?

The president may have unmasked himself in his newest attack on the press

Sasha Polakow-Suransky: White Nationalism Destroying West

If the influence of white nationalists continues to grow, they will eventually seek to trample the rights of immigrants and minorities and dismiss courts and constitutions

Badri Raina: Only sound and fury

Those who object to court ban on bursting crackers make a poor case

Yashar Ali: NBC Execs Quashed Weinstein Story

Reporter Ronan Farrow ultimately took the piece to The New Yorker after facing months of opposition at his home network

Various Contributors: NAACP Responds to Dismantling ACA

As President of the United States, Donald Trump has a duty to uphold the rule of law – but in this case, it is disturbingly apparent that he is actually determined to sabotage it

Laura Flanders: Next System Media: An Urgent Necessity

Public interest journalism needs a new system, a new life

Conn Hallinan: Leprechauns, Nazis, and Truncheons

Ballingarry, Republic of Ireland. This tiny village in the heart of County Limerick, with its narrow streets and multiple churches, seems untouched by time and untroubled by the economic and political cross currents tearing away at the European Union (EU). But Ireland can be a deceptive place, and these days nowhere is immune from what Read more…

Ben Dangl: Profiting from America’s Longest War

Trump Seeks to Exploit Mineral Wealth of Afghanistan

Juan Cole: Nuclear Hypocrite

Trump appears to have been disturbed that the US stockpile had dropped from over 30,000 in the early 1960s

Zaid Jilani: Platform for Reform

For Minnesota state Rep. Raymond Dehn, the frontrunner in the Minneapolis mayor’s race, criminal justice reform is a personal issue

Patrick Cockburn: Underground in Raqqa

The KRG may survive its present isolation but the risk is growing that the Kurdish quasi-states will go the same way as the caliphate

Grace Livingstone: I went to school with the Vegas shooter

Land of Opportunity? Well, tell me: who gets those opportunities?

Kali Holloway: Harvesting free labor

Steve Prator, a Louisiana sheriff, unintentionally admitted that prison is the new slavery

Connor Sheets: Too Poor to Vote

How Alabama’s ‘New Poll Tax’ Bars Thousands of People from Voting

Matt Gertz: Trump Channeling Dangerous Autocrat

Turkey offers a reminder that things can still get so much worse

Maureen Clare Murphy: Israelis rampage through Jerusalem

The riot came on the eve of a Jewish festival marking the Sukkot holiday, and amid Israeli police giving a longer leash to right-wing extremists who seek Jewish control over the al-Aqsa mosque

Rob Seimetz: The Other NFL Rubicon

In 2011, a study by researchers at the Washington University in St. Louis found former NFL players were four times more likely to abuse prescription painkillers than the general population

Michael Albert: RPS Backdrop

What I find myself troubled by – indeed, even more than troubled by – is that we who went through the last fifty years have been so bad at communicating useful lessons to today’s young folks

Danny Sjursen: The Empire Comes Home

Counterinsurgency, Policing, and the Militarization of America’s Cities

Jim Hightower: “Thinking” robots

The coming conflict around robotization opens a way for progressives to put the much bigger concept of “fair profit” back on the front burner of public debate–and then turn up the grassroots heat

Boris Kagarlitsky: Catalonia: The Revolt of the Rich?

If we want any progressive changes in Catalonia, we must not rally for its separation from Spain. We should fight for progressive changes throughout the country, instead

Tom H. Hastings: This land is your land

The trial in tiny Cavalier, North Dakota, in remote Pembina County, was heartbreaking

Amy Graff: New Way of Teaching Columbus

A longtime educator has created an increasingly popular lesson that turns the classroom into a courtroom and asks students to put Columbus, his crew, the King and Queen of Spain and the indigenous people on trial for murder.

Kali Holloway: Puerto Ricans Are Desperate

While Trump threatens to pull his Puerto Rico aid, citizens on the island are dying of thirst and disease

Mikhail Gorbachev: My plea to the presidents of Russia and U.S.

Relations between the two nations are in a severe crisis. A way out must be sought, and there is one well-tested means available for accomplishing this: a dialogue based on mutual respect

Jamiles Lartey: US Police Killings Undercounted by Half

Over half of all police killings in 2015 were wrongly classified as not having been the result of interactions with officers, a new Harvard study based on Guardian data has found

Antonio Carty: The Mother of Spain

The harmful and dangerous rise in polarization of Spain’s people against the region of Catalan is being deliberately provoked

Marjorie Cohn: Trump Is Playing With Nuclear Fire

Donald Trump’s bombastic and frightening threats against North Korea and Iran may portend a catastrophic attack that could impact the entire world

Pete Dolack: Pharmaceuticals a license to print money

One of the primary ongoing goals of the U.S. government for so-called “free trade” agreements, such as the Trans-Pacific Partnership, is to impose rules that would weaken the national health care systems of other countries

John Feffer: Right Turn on Foreign Policy

From his feud with Bob Corker to his plans to renege on the Iran deal, Trump’s mood swings mean a dangerous new era of foreign policy

Kevin Zeese: Dismantling White Supremacy

White supremacy is the state of Mississippi taking control of Jackson’s schools away from the people of Jackson

Richard Falk: The One Path to Palestine/Israel Peace

We should all reflect on the excruciating reality that this is the 50th anniversary of the Occupation and the 70th year in which Palestinians and their descendants have lived as refugees

Txema Guijarro: Podemos’ Alternative for Catalonia

The crisis in Catalonia is an opportunity to build a new, democratic and plurinational Spain

Ramzy Baroud: The Hamas-Fatah Reconciliation

It should be made clear that any unity agreement that pays heed to the interest of factions at the expense of the collective good of the Palestinian people is a sham

Steven Rosenfeld: Biggest Fake News Providers?

Study Says: Limbaugh, Breitbart and Fox News

Juan Cole: Atlantic Wind Farm

Why would someone deliberately sabotage our air, water and climate?

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