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Recent ZNet

David Stansfield: Knock Yourself Out

There are two ways to accomplish this: join the army or play American football

Nasim Ahmed: Israel is an apartheid state, says B’Tselem

Time to ditch the IHRA definition of anti-Semitism?

David Badash: Biden’s LGBTQ Executive Order Is Just the Start

Here Are the Other Pro-Equality Actions the Administration Is Taking

Robert Hunziker: Complex Life Threatened

Earth’s ability to support complex life is officially at risk

Leanna First-Arai: The US Is Back in the Paris Agreement, But More Is Needed to Stave Off Disaster

Please Help ZNet           Source: Truthout Shortly after getting settled in the Oval Office on his first day on the job, President Joe Biden delivered on his commitment to re-join the Paris Agreement, the 2015 pact adopted by almost every country in the world to curb climate change in an attempt Read more…

Pete Dolack: Private sector is “efficient” only at extracting money from public

There is nothing that capitalists won’t grab if they see a possibility to score a profit. Not even the most basic needs for human life, such as water, are exempt

Rachel M. Cohen: Climate Groups Begin Vying for Power in the Biden Era as Pressure for Unity Fades

As the BlueGreen Alliance gears up for a big staff expansion, debates around carbon capture, natural gas, and nuclear energy resurface

Kenny Stancil: Tlaib Leads Charge Against New Domestic Terrorism Laws

“While many may find comfort in increased national security powers in the wake of this attack, we must emphasize that we have been here before and we have seen where that road leads.”

John Feffer: The Future of U.S. Democracy Promotion

Because of the events of the last weeks, months and years, should “democracy promotion” be permanently removed from the U.S. foreign policy lexicon?

Sam Pizzigati: Greed in the Suites, from Walgreens to Walmart

Donald Trump may have made his exit, but the CEOs his years smiled upon haven’t gone anywhere

Jon Queally: AstraZeneca Charging South Africa More Than Double What Europeans Pay for Covid-19 Vaccine

“This is the problem when you have essential medicines in the hands of big business, with almost no transparency as to pricing.”

Fawzia Afzal-Khan: Will Kamala Do the Right Thing?

If someone insists on whitewashing injustice abroad (Israel, India)—one must and will, end up whitewashing it at home

Yanis Iqbal: USA’s Game Plan in Venezuela: Strangulation through Sanctions

The method for US-styled liberation is peculiar. A country is in pain; increase the pain

Don Fitz: Do you remember Cuba’s dedication to Angola?

Cuban blood left its stamp on the conscience of the world after the Angolan Wars of 1975-1988. Corporate politicians are united in their desire for us to ignore this reality

David Stern: What Will the Biden Administration Do to Protect the Performing Arts?

Yes, a bailout is in order, but the situation is far more complicated than that

John Whitehead: Big Brother in Disguise: The Rise of a New, Technological World Order

We are living the prequel to The Matrix with each passing day, falling further under the spell of technologically-driven virtual communities, virtual realities and virtual conveniences

Igor Derysh: QAnon believers struggle to cope with Biden inauguration

“It’s over and nothing makes sense”

Ben Burgis: Get Ready to Fight Joe Biden

The departure of Trump from the White House is cause for celebration. Our task now is to build a democratic socialist alternative to Joe Biden — and to oppose the Democratic establishment’s neoliberal agenda

CBS News: Israel bans groups that call it an “apartheid state” from lecturing in schools

Israel adamantly rejects the term apartheid, saying the restrictions it imposes in Gaza and the West Bank are temporary measures needed for security

Juan Cole: The first thing we do, let’s kill all the Coal Plants: How Joe Biden can save the Planet

If we go on putting, globally, 36 billion metric tons of CO2 up there every year for the next two decades, then we’ll exceed the ability of the oceans to take it in

Tess Riley: Just 100 companies responsible for 71% of global emissions, study says

A relatively small number of fossil fuel producers and their investors could hold the key to tackling climate change

Naomi Klein: The Meaning of the Mittens: Five Possibilities

The symbolic power of Bernie’s old pair of mittens was the work of the “us” in “not me, us.”

Noam Chomsky: Why Neoliberal Leaders Who Failed to Protect Their Countries From COVID-19 Must Be Investigated

It is time to impanel a citizens’ tribunal to investigate the utter failure of the governments of Boris Johnson, Donald Trump, Jair Bolsonaro, Narendra Modi, and others

Marjorie Cohn: Eric Garner’s Mother Says We Must Push for Justice That Her Son Didn’t Receive

The mother of Eric Garner, who was brutally murdered by New York City police officers applying a chokehold as he pleaded “I can’t breathe,” testified before the International Commission of Inquiry on Systemic Racist Police Violence Against People of African Descent in the United States

Virginia Tognola: Argentina’s long history of struggle for legal abortion

After many years of campaigning, Argentina’s feminist movements booked a historic victory at the end of 2020 when abortion was finally legalized

Jonah Raskin: Mob v. Crowd: the Mass Psychology of Madness

The fact that the inauguration has had to take place in a city protected by men with guns seems to prove the right wing point that we live in a police state

Bill McKibben: Biden’s Cancellation of Keystone Pipeline is a Landmark in Climate Fight

The story behind that victory illustrates a lot about where we stand in the push for a fair and working planet

Steven Robins: Reclaiming the city and building an urban common in Woodstock

The repurposing of the vacant Woodstock Hospital into Cissie Gool House has been an experiment in creating new relations of social proximity and cooperative interaction

Rod Driver: How to Buy Politicians: Corruption and Lobbying

Politics in the US is expensive. Many US businesses now make large bribes to both of the major US political parties

Danny Sjursen: The Future of War, American-Style

A Bidenesque Tour of America’s Regional and Global Military Adventures

Hannah Levintova: Why “Everybody Should Be Deeply Skeptical” of Corporate America’s Turn Against Trump

Companies now stepping back from his GOP enablers spent years propping them up to boost their bottom line.

Jon Queally: GOP Nightmare of Senate Budget Chair Bernie Sanders About to Come True

“When Republicans controlled the Senate they used the reconciliation process to provide huge tax breaks for the rich and large corporations. We’re going to use reconciliation to protect working families, the sick and the poor.”

Various Contributors: Open Letter to the Biden Administration on the Need for a Pandemic Pivot

It’s urgent not to return to the previous status quo. It’s time for creative thinking and bold action

Rashida Tlaib: Trump Will Lead More Violent Attacks; He Must Be Held to Account

“I hope that there’s an awakening in the Senate, but I’ve been waiting for that awakening to happen for quite a while”

Meaghan Ellis: Capitol riot participant threatened to kill his own children if they turned him in

“I don’t really know him anymore.”

Bernie Sanders: Joe Biden Must Put an End to Business as Usual. Here’s Where to Start

In this time of unprecedented crises, Congress and the Biden administration must respond through unprecedented action

Glenn Greenwald: The New Domestic War on Terror is Coming

No speculation is needed. Those who wield power are demanding it. The only question is how much opposition they will encounter

Kenny Stancil: Janet Yellen Bolsters Demand for Biden to Enact Bold FDR-Style Agenda

‘Smartest Thing We Can Do Is Act Big’

Ramzy Baroud: Fearing the Palestinian Narrative: Why Israel Banned ‘Jenin Jenin’

A Palestinian people with a coherent, collective narrative will always exist no matter the geography, the physical hardship and the political circumstances — what Israel fears most

Rod Driver: War Propaganda 2: The Cult of Militarism

War propaganda permeates our society

Paul Street: On “True Democracy”

The great majority of Americans opposed the Trump tax cut of December 2017. So what? It went through anyway.

Bill Blum: Here’s the key flaw in a First Amendment defense for Trump’s incitement

The First Amendment cannot be invoked to save Trump from an abuse of power so egregious and deadly. To do so would be to turn the amendment on its head.

Party for Socialism and Liberation: Assault on the Capitol

24 Questions and Answers

Jeffrey b. Perry: Hubert Harrison Biography Has Much to Offer Us Today

Harrison played unique roles in the largest class-radical movement (socialism) and the largest race-radical movement (the “New Negro”/Garvey movement) of his era

Robert Koehler: Countering the Fascism to Come

What if it meant something when he said we should “open our souls instead of hardening our hearts”?

Rashida Tlaib: Remove Members of Congress Who Incited Riot and Demand Real Change From Biden

Interview on impeaching Trump and using the 14th amendment against others responsible for attack on the Capitol

Eric Foner: The Capitol Riot Reveals the Dangers From the Enemy Within

But the belief that America previously had a well-functioning democracy is an illusion

Danica Jorden: COVAX Agreement

Venezuela Sends Oxygen and Doctors to Brazilian Amazon, Mexico Cedes Vaccines to Poor Countries, U.S. and Russia Refuse to Join COVAX

David Dayen: Big Tech Critics Alarmed at Direction of Biden Antitrust Personnel

Renata Hesse, who has worked for Google and Amazon, is the leading candidate to run the Justice Department’s antitrust division

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