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Recent ZNet

Paul Mason: Trump’s advisers want a new civil war – we must not let them have it

Both Steve Bannon and Newt Gingrich engage in dangerous fantasies about US history – and come to chilling conclusions about the future

Amber Jamieson: After the Women’s March: six mass US demonstrations to join this spring

Organizers across the US are riding the momentum of the post-inauguration march to mobilize in solidarity with scientists, immigrants, LGBT people and more

Marsha Coleman-Adebayo: Imagine a Women’s March against Black genocide and the struggle of Tennie White

For a government that operates on lies and deceptions, the persecution of this activist must be seen as a part of a pattern and practice of criminalizing people who challenge corporate power

Stan Cox: Facebook Server Farm Powered by “Clean Energy” Will Increase Denmark’s Greenhouse Emissions

Last month, the social-media giant Facebook announced plans to build a new data center near Odense, Denmark. The expansion of server capacity was needed, the company said, to support “richer content” such as live-streaming and virtual reality. The Facebook executive who made the public announcement (live-streamed, of course), noted that the new facility would have Read more…

Richard Falk: Ways of Living With ‘Alternative Facts’: An Anecdote

The interpretation of facts is what creates the social and political fabric of life

Phyllis Bennis: The Trump Administration Is Recklessly Escalating Tensions With Iran

There could be dire consequences

Norman Solomon: Let the Impeachment of Trump Commence

A crucial test for democracy is whether people in high places can violate the law with impunity

Jalal Baig: Steve Bannon’s War with Islam: Trump May Not Even Understand His Adviser’s Apocalyptic Vision

Bannon has long yearned for a civilizational conflict between the West and the Muslim world. Now he may get it

Barbara Elias: Why Trump’s Immigration Order is a Tragedy for Everyone, Except Trump

For the moment, federal courts have interrupted the president’s immigration order. Judge Robart remarked in his Temporary Restraining Order that there is “no support” for the assertion that banning Syrian refugees and individuals from Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria and Yemen is likely to protect U.S. national security. On Sunday the Ninth District Court Read more…

Laurie Penny: Now everyone has seen Donald Trump’s true face – and the fightback can start

Trump is a unifying president: for his opponents

Juan Cole: “This Land:” The pro-Immigrant Radicalism of Lady Gaga and Guthrie at Half-Time

By beginning with Irving Berlin’s “God Bless America” and then switching to Woody Guthrie’s “This Land is your Land,” Lady Gaga (Stefani Germanotta, 30) engaged in a subtle but very radical critique of the immigration and other policies of Donald J. Trump. Her switch at the end to quoting the pledge of allegiance with the Read more…

Jenny Nelson: How can we make the left sexy?

A report on a session at The World Transformed

Ira Chernus: Field of Fright

The Terror Inside Trump’s White House

Patrick Cockburn: Donald Trump’s Twitter aggression towards Iran will deepen sectarian conflict in the Middle East

In pursuit of an anti-Iranian line, the Trump administration is making the same mistake as that made by Western governments after the 2011 uprisings in the Arab world

David Swanson: The United States Is Innocent and Has Never Killed Anyone

During this last presidency, the United States developed a new policy of murdering people with missiles from drones. Other nations do not yet have anything to match it

Jim Sleeper: What’s Driving Donald’s Derangement of Democratic Discourse?

Trump is at once the embodiment and a parody of a society that’s lost that balance

Ted Glick: Debating Black Bloc Tactics

A healthy movement is one that allows for constructive debate over differences

Hannes Grassegger: The Data That Turned the World Upside Down

Psychologist Michal Kosinski developed a method to analyze people in minute detail based on their Facebook activity. Did a similar tool help propel Donald Trump to victory?

George Monbiot: How corporate dark money is taking power on both sides of the Atlantic

A secretive network of business lobbyists has long held sway in US politics. Now their allies in the UK government are planning a Brexit that plays into their hands

Moshe Marvit: Where’s the Best Place to Resist Trump? At Work.

From solidarity strikes to slowdowns and sit-ins, workplace revolt is a key strategy in opposing the new administration

Ma'an News Agency: Thousands rally in Tel Aviv against ‘racist’ Israeli state and home demolitions

Thousands rallied in the Israeli city of Tel Aviv on Saturday evening in protest of home demolitions targeting Palestinian citizens of Israel, with demonstrators calling the Israeli state’s demolition campaign “racist” and an act of “incitement” against Palestinian citizens. Protesters reportedly called on Israeli Minister of Public Security Gilad Erdan to resign for “lying” to Read more…

Alastair Smith: “All political leaders would rather be dictators”

Trump can’t destroy democracy — at least not right away

Marjorie Cohn: Gorsuch Endangers Civil, Human and Environmental Rights

As promised, President Trump has nominated to the Supreme Court a judge in the mold of the late Justice Antonin Scalia. Neil Gorsuch, like Scalia, is an “originalist,” who interprets the Constitution the way he thinks the founders intended and a “textualist,” who favors the plain meaning of statutes and the Constitution. Gorsuch is a Read more…

John Bellamy Foster: Trump and Climate Catastrophe

This very expensive GLOBAL WARMING bullshit has got to stop. Our planet is freezing, record low temps, and our GW scientists are stuck in ice. —Donald Trump, January 2, 20141 The alarm bells are ringing. The climate-change denialism of the Trump administration, coupled with its goal of maximizing fossil-fuel extraction and consumption at all costs, Read more…

Sue Sturgis: The Big Money crisis facing state supreme courts

As attention turns to President Trump’s Supreme Court nominee, state courts that handle a million times more cases face an unprecedented threat to their integrity from secretive special-interest spending

Immanuel Wallerstein: Trump’s World Policy: The Two Hotspots

Mexico was arguably the principal subject of his entire campaign, first for the Republican nomination and then for the presidential election

Leah Fried: Five Steps to Maintain Unity and Membership under Right to Work

Unions have common cause with many other organized groups out there—and we will need each other in the years to come

Juan Cole: In Shocker, Federal Judge in Seattle Halts Trump Muslim Ban

When Trump issued his executive order halting immigration from seven countries, suspending the refugee program, and banning Syrian refugees indefinitely, I wrote that he might well get away with it, since the judiciary tends to defer to the executive on issues of national security and on foreign affairs. This one is both. But I was Read more…

Michael Lesher: Why do they hate us? An apology for my enemies

If these people wanted the facts they would have absorbed them long ago: today, the real difficulty is keeping one’s head deep enough in the sand to avoid knowing the facts

Paul Street: Unspeakable: the Black Book of Imperial Terrorism

American “mainstream” journalists who want to keep their paychecks flowing and their status afloat know they must report current events in a way that respects the taboo status of the nation’s underlying inequality and oppression structures and its savage and relentless imperial criminality. Those topics are understood as off limits, as beyond the narrow parameters Read more…

William D. Hartung: What Happens When All We Have Left Is The Pentagon?

Trump’s Vision of a Militarized America

Vijay Prashad: What, Exactly, Is Going on in Syria?

The world’s media is lost in the twists and turns of factions and evolving geopolitics

Cora Currier: Based on a Vague Tip, the FBI Can Surveil Anyone

Previously unreleased information shows just how powerful an intelligence apparatus the FBI draws on even for low-level checks, known as “assessments”

Jim Hightower: The 2017 State of the Plate: Sustaining the Push to a healthy, humane, and human-scale food system

The farm crisis has not gone away, though hundreds of thousands of farm families have

Erica Chenoweth: How Civil Resistance Can Topple a Dictator

Historical studies suggest that it takes 3.5% of a population engaged in sustained nonviolent resistance to topple brutal dictatorships

Sarah Posner:  Leaked Draft of Trump’s Religious Freedom Order Reveals Sweeping Plans to Legalize Discrimination

If signed, the order would create wholesale exemptions for people and organizations who claim religious objections to same-sex marriage, premarital sex, abortion, and trans identity

Sam Pizzigati: America’s Construction Carnage

As unions decline, construction workers are dying at alarming rates

Richard Greeman: Popular Resistance versus the Trump Regime

As we saw in “Not Our President: Part I,” the massive, spontaneous, popular resistance to Trump that poured into the streets in the giant post-Inauguration Women’s March had been welling up since election night. Trump and his ruthless, racist, reactionary White House gang now in power, our diverse, multiform, self-organized  resistance will have its work Read more…

Hawzhin Azeez: Women’s cooperatives: A glimpse into Rojava’s economic model

Zahra Shexo bends over her sewing machine and meticulously, but expertly allows the course material to run through her fingers and under the pointed needle of the machine. The sound of over a dozen women’s laughter and conversation intermixes with the repetitive mechanical sounds of the sewing machines in the large room. The sewing room Read more…

Ramzy Baroud: Clamoring for Israeli Approval: Trump’s Election Promises Will Haunt Him

The Trump administration’s gamble in moving the US embassy is likely to ignite a political fire throughout Palestine and the Middle East with horrific and irreversible outcomes

Marianne Schnall: Why We March: 15 Women Leaders Offer Strategies to Advance the Movement

“If ever there was a time when we needed all hands on deck, it’s now.”

John Feffer: Dividing the Right and Conquering Trump

Trump’s extremely effective at dividing and conquering his opponents. What would it take for progressives to divide his supporters?

Sarah Jaffe: After the Apocalypse: Trying to Describe Reality in Unreal Times

Since the election of Donald Trump to the presidency, I’ve seen several photos of chalkboards in front of bookstores, reading something along the lines of, “Dystopian Fiction Has Now Been Moved to Current Events.” It’s a good joke, and one that gets a lot of clicks and reposts on Facebook and Twitter. For a journalist, Read more…

Len Shindel: Building Trades Leadership Undercuts Activists

Why the hell would union leaders praise Trump without simultaneously crediting the years of struggle by the nation’s best trade union activists, lawyers and economists to turn around trade policy?

Bill Moyers: Donald Trump’s Mission Creep Just Took a Giant Leap Forward

In just a few days the new president has upended the rules of democracy with a clumsy heavy-handedness worse than we imagined

Fran Shor: Whither the Resistance?

Resistance movements will obviously require certain levels of sacrifice, but ones that, at the same time, should prefigure the kind of society where common goods and services are readily available to all

William Greider:  Trump’s Harvest of Shame

The goal of his Muslim ban is to stampede the public into accepting even more extreme measures in the name of self-defense

Melvin A. Goodman: “Mad Dog” Mattis Just Another Pussycat

Donald Trump pointedly drove to the Pentagon on Friday to close U.S. borders to refugees from around the world; to block families indefinitely fleeing the slaughter in Syria; and to suspend immigration from seven Muslim countries.  With Secretary of Defense James Mattis smiling over his shoulder, Trump established a religious test for refugees from Muslim Read more…

David Harvey: Rebel Cities, Urban Resistance and Capitalism

Massive wealth and capital haven’t budged one bit, so far. We have to give it a huge push if we want to see something different in our society

Jeremy Kuzmarov: The New Merchants of Death

Social movements ought to place private military contractors at the center of a broader critique of authoritarian neoliberalism and America’s permanent war economy

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