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Recent ZNet

Laura Emiko Soltis: Georgia Denies Migrants Equal Access to Higher Education

Educational policies that violate international human rights laws need to be repealed so that every young person, regardless of where they are born or what papers they have, has equal access to higher education

Mohammad H. Fadel: Why Saudi Arabia is waging a war on Rashida Tlaib and Ilhan Omar

The shocking willingness to attack Muslim-Americans and Arab-Americans and embrace American Islamophobia reveal a deeper and more depressing state of affairs between the Arab world and its expatriates

Ron Jacobs: Trump’s Military Moves

If the conflicts are outsourced to the private sector, one wonders where the Pentagon’s forces will be re-deployed to

Medea Benjamin: On the U.S. Withdrawal from Syria & Afghanistan

“We want to challenge Donald Trump … by pointing out that he continues to support the war in Yemen and the repressive Saudi regime”

Harvey Wasserman: The Green New Deal Promises Peace and Progress

Will Nuclear Advocates Undermine it?

Norah Vawter: The Green New Deal: Let’s Shake Things Up

Is the Green New Deal too ambitious? No. We need ambition. The impending climate crisis is the biggest problem the human race has ever faced, and we can’t think small

Lawrence Wittner: US First in War, Trailing in Modern Civilization

A lavish outlay on the military now constitutes about two-thirds of the U.S. government’s discretionary spending. And these other sectors of American life are in big trouble

Kevin Zeese: Major Court Victory For Mumia

“Justice would best be served by allowing the petitioner (Abu-Jamal) re-argument before the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania,” wrote Tucker, “before a complete and clearly unbiased tribunal” or court.

Howard Lisnoff: The Big-Box Store Confrontation

Issues of War and Peace Among the Jeans

Gershon Baskin: Encountering Peace: No deal of the century

Today, there is no credible peace process and will not be as long as he and the world continue to see the role of US president as the primary arbiter of peace

David Swanson: Isolationism or Imperialism?

You Really Can’t Imagine a Third Possibility

Robert Fisk: Trump vs Mattis

Watch out when men of war come to the rescue

Rosalind P. Petchesky: An Appeal to Jewish Women to Support the 2019 Women’s March

Moving beyond an overwhelmingly white Women’s March seems to me something to celebrate

Dave Lindorff: Keep Walking, Nothing Important to See Here

Probably the best thing that can be said about Acting Secretary Shanahan is that he probably won’t be top dog at the Pentagon for long

Chloe Rockarts: Solidarity Pickets Protest Canada Post Strike Ban

When government legislation ordered Canadian postal workers back to work, other unions and labor groups across the country organized picket lines to support postal workers and the right to strike

Lindsay Koshgarian: Stop Wasting Money on the Pentagon

In this season of (hoped for) peace and goodwill, it’s worth looking for things our divided country can agree on. And since all of us want to be able to trust government to spend wisely, we might find common cause in a surprising place: the Pentagon budget. When you think of politicians railing against the Read more…

Paul Rosenberg: Subverting Public Will

It takes consistent grassroots pressure from below to really achieve the kind of change that’s needed

Willie Baptist: We can’t miss this moment

Interview on the historical importance of this moment in the US and across the world, and the need to take strategic, coordinated action

Ramzy Baroud: Apartheid Israel or US Democracy?

Is protecting Israeli Apartheid more important to Americans than preserving the fundamental nature of their own democracy?

Richard D. Wolff: We Need a More Humane Economic System

Not One That Only Benefits the Rich

Matt Broomfield: Rojava revolution was made by a struggling people, not American bombs

A hand-to-mouth existence is the source of its strength

Wouter Hoenderdaal: Bolsonaro’s Brazil: Chicago Boy-style Neoliberalism

If a new wave of neoliberalism sweeps Brazil, it will almost certainly reduce prospects for meaningful economic development that benefits the majority of people

Michael Whitney: The DNC Is Putting Its Thumb on the Scales Again

This Time in the Right Direction

Badri Raina: Be Rather Ill Than Sick

In olden times illness reigned, Now sickness is the trend; Illnesses have inanimate cures, Sickness needs a friend.   Friends are now in short supply, Godmen take their place; But what is a godman next to a friend Who listens more than says.   So better be ill than be sick Is a friend’s advice Read more…

Noam Chomsky: Manufacturing Consent Revisited

Noam Chomsky’s ideas on the media in Manufacturing Consent: The Political Economy of the Mass Media have provided us with a guide, full of cautionary tales and ideas that are still controversial to this day

Norman Solomon: Corporate Democrats Stifling Criticism

Should the candidates that mass media and party elites put forward as “progressive” be quickly embraced or carefully scrutinized? The question must be asked and answered

Paul Cudenec: Christmas with the gilets jaunes

A report from the protests finds a community spirit that bears little resemblance to the media’s depictions

Dean Baker: Thomas Friedman Shows Us Why Democracy is Facing Huge Problems

When the columnist with the longest tenure at the country’s leading newspaper has no clue on the biggest issues facing the world, then it is a good sign that the elites in general have no idea what they are doing

Angela Davis: The Movements of the Future

Interview on freedom struggles over the past 50 years, and where people’s movements are going next

Miles Rapoport: A New Playing Field for Democracy Reform

To win substantive reforms, our system is overdue for structural reforms. 2018 creates an opening

Henry A. Giroux: The Language of Neoliberal Education

Neoliberalism functions not simply as an economic model for finance capital but as a public pedagogy that operates through a diverse number of sites and platforms

Medea Benjamin: Bring the Troops Home, But Also Stop the Bombing

As our nation debates the merits of President Trump’s call for withdrawing US troops from Syria and Afghanistan, absent from the debate is the more pernicious aspect of US military involvement overseas: its air wars. Trump’s announcement and General Mattis’ resignation should unleash a national discussion about US involvement in overseas conflicts, but no evaluation Read more…

Mark Weisbrot: “Fort Trump”

It’s only reason for being is to reap profits for America’s weapons makers

Matt Taibbi: We Know How Trump’s War Game Ends

Nothing unites our political class like the threat of ending our never-ending war

Edward Wolff: The Decline of African-American and Hispanic Wealth since Great Recession

Unlike income inequality, wealth inequality along racial lines in the US has received relatively little attention. New evidence on the changing landscape of relative wealth among whites, blacks, and Hispanics between 1983 and 2016

Eleanor Bader: Sex Ed Programs Face Anti-LGBTQ Backlash

Progressive parents and educators are fighting to make sex ed inclusive, informative and relevant

Bill McKibben: At last, divestment is hitting the fossil fuel industry where it hurts

Trillions of dollars of investments are being taken out of carbon-intensive companies. Governments must now take notice

Danny Sjursen: A Year of Forever War in Review

The World According to the “Adults in the Room”

Richard Falk: Can Yemen Be Saved?

At this point, according to the most reliable international sources, 17.8 million Yemenis out of a population of 22.2 million are on the brink of starvation

Kevin Zeese: We Can End The US War On Syria

The people of the United States must rise up to finish the job we started in 2013 — stop the war on Syria, a war that never should have occurred

Alexandra Bradbury: Reformers Take Back the Reins in NYC UPS Teamsters Local

The biggest UPS local in the Northeast is back in the hands of reformers. Teamsters in New York City’s Local 804 elected the Experience Matters slate far and away the winner in a four-way race December 20. President-Elect Vincent Perrone, a 25-year UPS worker and former business agent, won with 1,269 votes to incumbent President Read more…

Andrew J. Bacevich: Ending Our Self-Destructive, Mindless Wars in Middle East

Interview on Secretary of Defense James Mattis, who has announced he’s resigning at the end of February, while publicly rebuking President Trump’s foreign policy

Samantha Winslow: Marriott Hotel Strikers Set a New Industry Standard

After two months of strikes, workers at the largest hotel company in the world have won their biggest demands and set a new pattern for the hospitality industry

Marc Daalder: The Left Victories That Defined 2018

And Give Us Hope for the New Year

John McCullough: Social Democracy or Barbarism?

Political commentators see AMLO as a bigger threat than Bolsonaro

Amira Hass: Why Chomsky’s Manufacturing Consent is still relevant

News that is deemed fit to print is not necessarily the news that is beneficial for the people and for the public

Yves Engler: Destroying Civilization

Is it simply business as usual or a corporate conspiracy to destroy the planet? However one characterizes it our planet is being cooked so already wealthy people can make even more profit

Jonah Raskin: MLK Day Today

The Legacy of the Man and the Myth

Derrick Johnson: NAACP Launches Boycott of Facebook

Platform Is Unhealthy for African Americans & U.S. Democracy

Paul Dobson: Revolutionary criticisms

ANC Deputy Julio Escalona: ‘The People are Angry Because They Consider that We Aren’t Doing Our Job’

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