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Recent ZNet

Hamilton Nolan: Get the Federal Government to Fund Union Organizing. Now.

A billion dollars is nothing to the government. But America would be staggered to see what 10,000 new union organizers could do with it. Please: get this money, before it’s too late.

Liberation Staff: After a year of struggle, Boston teachers prepare for return to school

“They care more about stock market figures than working class lives”

Selina Singh: Indian Farmers Rise Up Against Corporatization

Please Help ZNet         Source: South Asia Labor Watch Photo by Photographielove/Shutterstock   Thousands of Indian farmers have parked outside the capital Delhi for more than 100 days. They have pitched tents on five highways that lead to the city and say they will leave only when the federal government withdraws three Read more…

Celso Amorim: On Bolsonaro, Lula & Why Biden’s Foreign Policy Is So “Disappointing”

“As he becomes smaller in terms of support … he becomes more dangerous.”

Jeffrey St. Clair: Drawing a Line in a Time of Moral Decay: the Mission of William Alberts

Alberts argues that weakness is not the enemy. Indifference to suffering is the real foe; indifference, lack of empathy, is what saps us of our moral footing

Thomas Klikauer: Snake Oil Salesmen of Management Studies

The prime objective of management studies is to legitimize a single institution: management

D. L. Mayfield: The Good White Christian Women of Nazi Germany

Despite what you’ve read, most of them didn’t resist

Badri Raina: PM Modi, Seven Deadly Sins and a Case of Misapplied Rhetoric

The PM had once said that the constitution is our ‘holy book’. Here’s a look at sins he should be worried about, much more than those in the Old Testament

Lee Fang: Last-Minute Trump Rule Would Let Vaccine Makers Hike Prices Unchecked

The Biden administration could halt an attack on one of the government’s few options to rein in drug prices

Chris Walker: EU, WHO and Dozens of World Leaders Endorse Plan for Future Pandemic Treaty

Leaders from dozens of countries around the world have signed onto a joint statement calling for the creation of an international treaty that would address pandemics that will come about in the future

Jill Richardson: State Lawmakers are Cracking Down on Speech

It’s ironic that the loudest complaints about “cancel culture” are coming from people who are so afraid of students engaging critically with challenging ideas that they want to shut it down entirely.

Jen Deerinwater: “Build Back Fossil Free!”

Indigenous Youth Rally to Demand Biden Stop Pipelines

Massimo Franchi: Nearly every Amazon supply chain worker in Italy went on strike

The world’s first Amazon supply chain strike was a success, with an average adhesion of 70-75%, with peaks of 90%.

Selam Gebrekidan: Rich Countries Signed Away a Chance to Vaccinate the World

Despite warnings, American and European officials gave up leverage that could have guaranteed access for billions of people. That risks prolonging the pandemic

Omnia Amin: An Egyptian woman who dared: the Nawal El Saadawi I knew

Nawal was someone who unabashedly crossed all boundaries set by religious, political and societal authorities

C.M. Lewis: Citing Unfair Labor Practices, 1,300 Steelworkers Strike in Five States

United Steelworkers members claim Allegheny Technologies Incorporated is refusing to provide essential bargaining information

Promise Li: Global Cleaning Workers Share Their Struggles

Frontline cleaning workers have faced rampant negligence from governments and corporations worldwide during the pandemic, despite being the first line of defense against the virus

Robert Reich: What if We Actually Taxed the Rich?

It’s not radical to rein in this irresponsibility. It’s radical to let it continue.

Natalia Renta: The Self-Determination Act Could Finally End US Colonization of Puerto Rico

A new bill cosponsored by Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez would finally give Puerto Ricans the chance to decide their political relationship with the United States

Vijay Prashad: The Vaccine Must Be a Common Good for Humanity

Nearly three million people have reportedly been killed by the novel coronavirus (SAR-CoV-2) and upwards of 128 million people have been infected by the virus

Rohan Rice: ‘Global Britain’, aggressive imperialism and draconian policing

Belligerent abroad and oppressive at home, the government’s rhetoric is being gradually cemented into law – to which protest is the only answer

Michael K. Smith: Just Say No To Another “Roaring Twenties”

The lure of a perpetually rising standard of living administered by corporate America can be seen for what it always was: a capitalist mirage

Greg Palast: Georgia’s New Voting Law Is Rife With Hidden Horrors

The GOP believes Georgia’s voters can’t be trusted to choose their senators and governor. Rather, Republicans are counting on Jim Crow to “true the vote.”

Bill Quigley: Peoples Coalition Helps Elect New Orleans Progressive Prosecutor

“Our mission is to create a District Attorney’s office that is ethical, equitable, compassionate, and accountable to all of its constituents so that we may end the era of mass incarceration in New Orleans.”

Jessica Corbett: ‘It’s Not a Border Crisis. It’s an Imperialism Crisis… a Climate Crisis… a Trade Crisis.’

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez took to social media Tuesday night with a detailed reminder of the root causes of Central Americans and other migrants seeking asylum at the United States’ southern border

Boston DSA: New priorities, same struggle

Organizing in the Boston Area

Juan Cole: US Church Membership Falls Under 50 Percent

Many Millennials who become unchurched cite discomfort with the prejudice and discrimination against LGBTQ persons in churches

Jonathan Kim: Hundreds of houseless people evicted from Echo Park

The use of massive police force to evict the most vulnerable comes as special cruelty in the midst of the nation’s worst pandemic

Heather Bradley, Brooke Holmes, Logan Davis, and Meredith Phillips: We’re Colorado legislative aides and political workers. Here’s why we formed a union

To those concerned that having organized labor so close to seats of power might lead to more pro-worker policies, we say: Good

Miguel Nicolelis: Brazil in Crisis

COVID Deaths Soar & Hospitals Overflow Amid Unprecedented Political Upheaval

Yves Engler: Antisemitism definition to take center stage at NDP convention

Canada’s pro-Israel lobby is pressuring New Democratic Party leadership to suppress debate around a pro-Palestinian resolution

Brandon Magner: If the PRO Act Were Law, The Amazon Union Election Would Have Looked Very Different

The PRO Act is vital to restoring the NLRA’s promise of bringing industrial democracy to American workplaces

John Feffer: Is the Long War Finally Ending?

Withdrawing several thousand U.S. troops from Afghanistan is just the tip of the iceberg

Regis Debray: Macron’s Wars

It’s a longstanding paradox: civilians with no experience of battle tend to be more zealous warmongers than the military themselves

Eve Ottenberg: A Feminist Revolt

Crossroads, I Live Where I Like portrays a unique feminist effort, whose leaders struggled for the basics of survival for their families and friends, for which some of them paid with their lives

Sasha Abramsky: Rich Countries Are Using Vaccines as a Power Play — and Everyone Could Suffer

In the long run, vaccine nationalism, and the protectionism of rich countries against poor countries, helps no one

Brandon Stout: Michigan company uses eviction scare tactics on tenants

In Michigan, community organizations have long been pushing for systemic change and seem to have increased momentum due to the crisis

Michael T. Klare: Stumbling into War?

Could the U.S. and China Face an Unintended Blowup in the Western Pacific in the Biden Years?

Richard Falk: Do We Really Want a Second Cold War?

The protection of human rights is being geopolitically manipulated to mobilize public support for an anti-Chinese foreign policy in the West that risks generating a dangerous geopolitical confrontation

Joseph M. Schwartz: The Dangers of Factionalism in DSA

If the Left is to succeed where past generations have failed, it can’t allow sectarian organizations to operate as “parties within a party”

Nora Barrows-friedman: Butler University blocks Angela Davis event

“Time and again Palestine activists have faced false claims that they broke the rules followed by attempts to either blame them for their own censorship or drown their victories in red tape”

Tony Roberts: Repressive governments play whack-a-mole with Africans’ digital rights

A new report on digital rights in ten African countries reveals how states are waging a brutal online war against their own citizens

Jim Hightower: Are You a “Low-Quality” Voter?

Admitting that they can’t get majorities to vote for their collection of corporate lackeys, conspiracy theorists, and bigoted old white guys, the GOP hierarchy’s Great Hope is to shove as many Democratic voters as possible out of our elections

Dean Baker: Quick, How Much Is $2 Trillion?

Instead of reporting $2 trillion as some big scary number, often not even telling people the time period involved, it would be helpful if news outlets tried to put the number in contexts that would make it meaningful to their readers

Brett Wilkins: ‘Major Political Crisis’ in Brazil

‘Military Chiefs Quit Amid Bolsonaro Purge of Top Ministers

David Rovics: Fixing the Stream, Shaking Up Spotify

The music industry today is largely about music streaming platforms, and Spotify is the dominant music streaming platform globally

Barry Trachtenberg: Why I Signed the Jerusalem Declaration on Antisemitism

Whatever its shortcomings, the JDA is the product of a long, thoughtful process of ethical dialogue between an international body of scholars and a broad range of interest groups, all of whom are deeply invested in combating antisemitism

Nick Pemberton: What’s Behind Vaccine Shaming?

Rather than shame people for not having access to the vaccine, we should be shaming capitalism for failing to provide vaccines for the poor people of the world

Henda Chennaoui: Queer and feminist militants are shaping Tunisia’s protests

A decade after the 2011 Revolution, a new generation of Tunisians is back on the streets as a broad, intersectional movement united through grassroots militancy

Vijay Prashad: Despite US dirty tricks, Bolivia is finding a way to stay independent

The arrest of Jeanine Áñez, head of Bolivia’s erstwhile coup regime, is a vindication of the struggles of the Bolivian people

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