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Recent ZNet

Keeanga-Yamahtta Taylor: Impeachment Is Late Attempt to Curb Violence & Racism at Heart of Trump Era

“The impeachment yesterday is a culmination of sorts of the kind of violence and racism that has been at the heart of the Trump administration that finally boiled over”

Tamara Pearson: Absence of Abortion Rights is Depriving Latin America of Agency and the Right to Thrive

Maybe if we were able to have complete agency and autonomy over our individual and collective lives, our self esteems would be stronger, love would be less broken, and we’d all get better at making good decisions

Alan MacLeod: Tech Giants’ Power Is Scary

Silicon Valley corporations are far from neutral moral arbiters, and have a history of abusing their power

Albena Azmanova: Lessons From the 6 January Insurrection

The forces that led to the evisceration of working-class security is now extending to those ensconced in historically well-paid jobs, from lawyers to IT engineers

Kate Aronoff: How to Fight Climate Change and Fascists at the Same Time

Democracy reform is the first step toward a sustainable future

Don Fitz: Two Principles of Racial Equity that Outrage Liberals

Do we really want to say that cops who are unjustly killed should be commemorated but people of color who are killed by cops do not deserve any recognition?

Lee Camp: America Condemns One Violent Mob While Celebrating Another

Where is the corporate media’s disgust for the courtesans of corporate destruction that wreak violence on Americans daily?

Luke Savage: We Should Be Very Worried About Joe Biden’s “Domestic Terrorism” Bill

The danger is real that the January 6 Capitol attack will be used as an excuse to severely curtail our civil liberties

Alleen Brown: Oil Industry Reconsiders Donations to Election Deniers — but Has Its Own Big Lie

The fossil fuel industry pioneered massive political disinformation with climate denial. It also fed the “Stop the Steal” movement

Mike Ferner: Hold On to That Fear

A letter to Congresspersons and Senators

Sam Mellins: New York Coalition Pushes ‘Tax the Rich’ to Raise State Revenue

The Invest in Our New York Campaign, involving more than 100 groups, is urging legislators to take action amid the COVID-19-induced recession

Devan Hawkins: Capitol Hill Protests and US Foreign Policy

The United States has a long history under Republican and Democratic regimes of thwarting democracy abroad, even as it weaponizes language of support for democracy against official state enemies

William rivers Pitt: Trump Was Impeached Twice Within the Span It Takes a Giraffe to Gestate a Calf

Trump’s announcement that the thousands who literally carried his banner into the Capitol are not really his people anymore amounts to a grim look in the mirror

Nina Lakhani: Vast Coalition Calls on Biden to Impose National Moratorium on Water Shutoffs

More than 600 environmental, rights and religious groups to present draft order amid widespread shutoffs despite pandemic

Belinda Barnet: Google’s ‘experiment’ hiding Australian news just shows its inordinate power

By just tinkering with that power, by conducting little ‘experiments’, it can make or break news businesses

Medea Benjamin: Will the Senate Confirm Coup Plotter Nuland?

Join World Beyond War, CODEPINK and dozens of other organizations opposing neocon Nuland’s confirmation as a threat to peace and diplomacy

Sonali Kolhatkar: Dear Republicans, Was Your Deal With Trump Worth It?

The nation needs a reckoning for the dark deal the GOP has made with President Donald Trump in edging us so dangerously close to fascism

Anoa Changa: Georgia Organizers Won Because They Didn’t Treat Elections as a Be-All, End-All

“We are undoing a history of voter suppression and injustice in Black and Brown communities. The changes we are seeing now didn’t happen overnight, and we are not solving our challenges with just one vote.”

Rod Driver: The Main Form of Media Deception: Censorship-by-Omission

Please Help ZNet         This is the second of two posts about the media. The first part is entitled ‘How the Media Distort Reality – Filtering Out the Important Stuff’   “We don’t understand how your government gets the media to repeat propaganda without question. In our country we have to tear Read more…

Michael T. Klare: President Biden’s China Conundrum

Can He Achieve Progress Where It Matters While Avoiding a New Cold (or Hot) War?

Mathew Ingram: Platform ban of Trump and Parler raises questions about speech and power

As troubling as the president’s de-platforming might be, some of the most dedicated defenders of free speech and individual rights said they agreed with the ban

Chuck Collins: Trump and His Billionaire Enablers

The top ten billionaire donors to the Trump Victory Fund

Dean Baker: Pandemic-Caused Plunge in Restaurant Jobs Leads to First Job Loss Since April

The pain from the recession is heavily concentrated among the long-term unemployed

Chris Myant: Why has Macron rejected the joint enterprise that defeats COVID-19?

In the France of today, it would mean democratizing the response to the virus, not imprisoning it in the closed corridors of power

Angela Caputo: Hazardous Homes

Thousands of U.S. Public Housing Residents Live in the Country’s Most Polluted Places

Jan Urhahn: Bill Gates’s Foundation Is Leading a Green Counterrevolution in Africa

The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation promised Africa a “Green Revolution” to fight hunger and poverty. It hasn’t worked — but it has upped corporate agriculture’s profits. Local farmers are being left empty-handed, and hunger is rising

Jon Queally: Demanding Immediate Action Over ‘Empty Promises,’ Youth Climate Movement Announces Next Global Strikes

“When your house is on fire,” says Greta Thunberg, “you don’t wait for 10, 20 years before you call the fire department; you act as soon and as much as you possibly can.”

Vijay Prashad: The Country Where Liberty Is a Statue

The global reaction to the events of 6 January shows that the authority of the United States is greatly dented

Michael German: “Empowering Law Enforcement Is Not the Solution” Says Former FBI Agent

The failure of law enforcement to be better prepared for this assault on the Capitol is an indictment of the law enforcement intelligence apparatus that we’ve invested in for the past 20 years

Walden Bello: How Neoliberalism Fueled Trump & Violent Right

“This is not something that’s unusual that has happened in the Capitol. Right-wing groups, when they begin to lose electorally, … they resort to the streets and to violence in order to stop that process”

Badri Raina: Trump Is Gone but Trumpism Is Rampant: The Globalisation of Populism

The new contemporary term for what Europe experienced a century ago holds sway over a significant population in the US, but also in many countries around the world

Tom H. Hastings: Emergency response

The 911 system needs to become much better at routing calls to the appropriate services and more appropriate services should be developed

Vijay Prashad: How a Lawbreaking International Coalition Failed to Overthrow Venezuela’s Government

Venezuela, with a new National Assembly, is exercising its political sovereignty against the hybrid war attempt to destabilize the country

Richard Falk: Blocking Twitter & Twitter Blocking Trump: Why We Should Worry

This Trump experience requires more than censorship, whether by the state or private sector. Above all, it calls for renewed attention to the deficiencies of citizen education

Shamus Cooke: DSA’s Moment of Truth

In a pandemic people deserve and are demanding bold action, and DSA must help lead these efforts rather than stymie them

Roger Harris: The US Capitol Building Riot and Its Blowback

The Only Thing Scarier than QAnon Is the Reaction to It

Ramzy Baroud: Covid-19 under Apartheid

How Israel Manipulates Suffering of Palestinians

Gilbert Mercier: When Populism Became Fascism

How can this civil war of the digital age, using disinformation and propaganda as its main weapons, be resolved?

Prabhat Patnaik: Why are people going hungry in India despite a massive grain surplus?

The solution to the stock buildup is to put purchasing power in the hands of the people through transfers and through an enlargement in the scope of the Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme

Ilan Pappe: ‘One State is a Game Changer’

Interview on the One Democratic State Campaign

Hannah Ellis-Petersen: Indian court suspends new agriculture laws after mass protests

Judges order committee to look into grievances, but unions vow further demonstrations until laws repealed

Robert Hunziker: An Exhausted Planet Limps Into 2021

“Scientists now find that catastrophic climate change could render a significant portion of the Earth uninhabitable consequent to continued high emissions, self-reinforcing climate feedback loops and looming tipping points.”

Daniel Ellsberg: Donald Trump’s parting gift to the world? It may be war with Iran

I will always regret that I did not do more to stop war with Vietnam. Now, I am calling on whistleblowers to step up and expose Trump’s plans

Medea Benjamin: The Trump Administration’s Parting Outrage Against Cuba

The real motive behind this move is to offer a parting gift to the Cuban exile community and its allies that have been loyal supporters of the Trump administration

Boaventura de Sousa Santos: Europe in 2021

Portugal assumes the EU presidency at a crucial moment. Amid a fluid scenario and systemic risks, the way Europe emerges from the pandemic may be relevant in terms of rebalancing a disparate global agenda

Norman Solomon: The Progressive Movement and Rising Fascism

Trump, the riot, and the storming of the Capitol building on January 6th, and the response of the Democratic Party

Juan Cole: McConnell Cynically used the Trump-Monster to get Tax Cuts and SCOTUS, Now Dropping him like a Squeezed Orange

Trump was extremely useful to McConnell for four years, and McConnell swallowed the extreme right white supremacy promotion for all that time, because thereby he could serve the billionaire class

David Swanson: Restoring the Threat of Impeachment for Future Office Holders

It matters because a precedent has to be set for presidents who try to overturn elections through fraudulent actions, dishonest demagoguery, and the instigation of violence

William rivers Pitt: GOP Is in Turmoil But We Shouldn’t Underestimate Ongoing Threat of the Right

In the aftermath of the riot he incited, Donald Trump’s world is falling apart around his ears

Chris Hedges: Is Big Tech Too Powerful?

Debate on Twitter & Facebook Banning Trump

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