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Recent ZNet

Ben Dangl: NAFTA 2.0 Is a Win for Big Oil

But a Huge Loss for Workers and the Environment

Hilary Wainwright: Participatory socialist economics

The vision of British Labour’s shadow chancellor John McDonnell

Noam Chomsky: I Just Visited Lula, the World’s Most Prominent Political Prisoner

One of the most significant political prisoners of the current period is kept in isolation so that the “soft coup” in Brazil can proceed on course, with likely consequences that will be severe for Brazilian society

Vijay Prashad: U.S. meddling in Venezuela

Reports that U.S. officials and Venezuelan commanders had conversations about regime change in Venezuela point to the latest instance in a series of covert attempts at destabilising that country

Jonathan Cook: Gaza’s economy goes into freefall

Unemployment now stands at close to 70 per cent and the economy is contracting at an ever faster rate

John Feffer: Nukes vs. War

Instead of seeing the inter-Korean talks as a prelude to the “more important” discussions on nuclear weapons, the United States should see the denuclearization negotiations as supporting Korean efforts to end war on the peninsula

Jack Rasmus: Mexico-US-Canada NAFTA Trade Agreement Reached

Trump’s Phony Trade War Confirmed

Danny Sjursen: Insider Attacks

Blowback From U.S. Policy in the Greater Middle East

Louis Proyect: Between Socialism and Barbarism

While it is true that we need political democracy, it is just as true that we need economic democracy

Amanda Marcotte: Why Republican Women Will Stick with Kavanaugh

Gender equality is a partisan issue: Most Republican women are just as sexist as Republican men

George Monbiot: Deathly Silence

We need to get embarrassing about climate breakdown

Marjorie Cohn: Aggressive Kavanaugh Portrays Himself as Victim

Judge Brett Kavanaugh learned a lesson from his weak appearance on Fox News last week. Testifying at the September 27 Senate Judiciary Committee hearing on sexual assault allegations leveled against him by Dr. Christine Blasey Ford, Kavanaugh became belligerent and aggressive. Displaying outrage at the process, he portrayed himself as the victim and painted a Read more…

Laura Flanders: It’s Time to Call #TimesUp on Standing Alone

It’s time to call #TimesUp on anyone standing solo against power

John Feffer: #MeToo Goes Global

The U.S. isn’t the only country where women are lining up to burn down the (frat) house

Leo Panitch: In and against the state

Labour needs to develop a socialist strategy that goes beyond a single election manifesto. A look at the challenge of state transformation

Justin Flores: Building power among farmworkers

In many ways, we’re still stuck in a labor relations situation that hasn’t changed much over the last 100 years.

Dean Baker: Getting Serious About Debt and Deficits

The Deficit Hawks Did Enormous Harm to Our Kids

P. Sainath: Kerala’s women farmers rise above the flood

Their determination outstrips the devastation. Savaged by the August floods, facing a looming drought, the women of Kudumbashree’s pathbreaking group farms are rebuilding, using solidarity as a strategy

Vijay Prashad: The world laughed at Donald Trump

But the rest of his speech is a serious threat to world order and peace

David Rosen: Is the U.S. in a Pre-Fascist Period?

These challenges to traditional economic order are fermenting social instability and one reaction to it has been a rise in violent political confrontations

Jim Sleeper: Kavanaugh’s Youth Was Bad Enough. His Career Was Even Worse

Trump’s Supreme Court pick follows a familiar pattern of bad boys who grow up to do bad things

Robert Fantina: The Hypocrisy of Trump on Iran

As United States President Donald Trump slowly descends into madness in front of the entire world, he seems determined to destroy Iran in the process

Patrick Cockburn: Trump is now targeting Iran

The exaggeration of ‘the Iranian threat’ by the Trump administration this week at the UN General Assembly in New York was very like what was being said by Bush and Blair about Iraq fifteen years ago

Vijay Prashad: Trump Threatens Venezuela

When it comes to places like Iran or Venezuela, the principle of state sovereignty is not respected at all

Linda Greene: A Tiny Town Fights a Massive Coal-to-Diesel Refinery

What the resistance to the refinery has is collective people power

Natasha King: Beyond the Border Kaleidoscope

As borders change, they pose new challenges for migrant movements — yet those same movements also continue to radically transform the borders they oppose

David Swanson: 17 Years of Getting Afghanistan Completely Wrong

Despite war famously being the means of Americans learning geography, few can even identify Afghanistan on a map. What else have we failed to learn?

Nora Barrows-friedman: Michigan professor stands firm despite Israel lobby attacks

“I wouldn’t cross a union picket line and I can’t cross this one”

Jack Rasmus: Trump At the UN: Lies, Damn Lies, & Statistics

The debunking of Trump claims before the UN about US GDP, US unemployment, and US wages in what follows shows how the crude and the clever often coincide

Ramzy Baroud: The Real Reasons behind Washington’s War on UNRWA

The US government’s decision to slash funds provided to the United Nations agency that cares for Palestinian refugees, UNRWA, is part of a new American-Israeli strategy aimed at redefining the rules of the game altogether

Dean Baker: The Most Dramatic Financial Reform You’d Ever Seen

The story was a very big bubble that people like Bernanke, Paulson and Geithner completely missed. It burst, and we paid an enormous price for it

Tom Engelhardt: In the Heart of a Dying Empire

The Adolts in the Room (and No, That Is Not a Typo!)

Ardeshir Mehrdad: Squeezing Iran: Part two

The Iranian perspective

Erik Forman: How Unions Can Solve the Housing Crisis

The labor movement once built thousands of low-cost co-op apartments for working class New Yorkers. It could do so again

Noam Chomsky: The State of the Empire

Interview on the Trump presidency; the defeat of the U.S. in Afghanistan; what he believes is a just position on Syria’s civil war; and the agenda of Vladimir Putin and Russia and why a life of resisting and fighting is worth it

Medea Benjamin: U.S. Arms Manufacturers Are Abetting Crimes against Humanity

Our leading weapons dealers have developed a business model that feeds on war, terrorism, chaos, political instability, and human rights violations

Joann Wypijewski: What Brett Kavanaugh Really Learned in High School

Make the Rules, Break the Rules and Prosper

Richard Falk: Bolton’s Red Sky Worldview

ICC, International Law, and Iran

Michael Welton: A Wake-Up Call to the Canadian Left

A look at Yves Engler’s new book, Left, Right: Marching to the Beat of Imperial Canada’s Foreign Policy

Billy Corriher: Honoring Reconstruction’s legacy

Empowering local communities

Nick Buxton: The Rise of Border Imperialism

Over a century after the original Scramble for Africa, European leaders are today imposing new forms of colonialism on the continent in the shape of militarized border controls

Priscilla Murolo: Working People Will Make a Better World

Every day for more than 400 years, working people have been devising new ways to defend themselves against indignity, deprivation and injustice

Naomi Klein: A Year After Hurricane Maria

There Is Nothing Natural About Puerto Rico’s Disaster

Jonathan Cook: The Neoliberal Order is Dying

Neoliberal power is distinctive because it seeks absolute power, and can achieve that end only through global domination

David Bacon: An Immigrant Woman Takes Charge Of The United Farm Workers

Photos by David Bacon. Women make up almost one-third of all agricultural laborers, but the presidents and most top leaders of the United Farm Workers have invariably been men. Dolores Huerta, the union’s fiery co-founder, faced down growers and negotiated many of the union’s contracts. She became secretary-treasurer, but not president. Does it make a Read more…

Samantha Winslow: Are Los Angeles Teachers Next?

Parent and community engagement has been a priority since Union Power took office. Community groups helped develop the union’s contract demands and have even presented during bargaining sessions.

Alan MacLeod: Facebook’s New Propaganda Partners

The increasing meshing of corporate and US government control over the means of communication is particularly worrying

Jack Rasmus: The Next Crisis

The financial kindling is there. All it now takes is a spark to set it off. The next financial crisis is coming. The last decade, 2008-18, is eerily similar to the periods 1921-1929 and 1996-2007

Laura Carlsen: Central American Women Beating Extractive Industries

The battle to stop the spread of extractive industries pits indigenous and peasant communities against powerful business interests, backed up by politicians who encourage the foreign investments that convert millennial ways of life into cash—for them

Margaret Flowers: All Wars Are Illegal

So What Do We Do About It?

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