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Recent ZNet

Robert Koehler: Border Security: Wall Vs. Principles

Something far larger is at work here – a sense not merely of responsibility but of connectedness that transcends the concept of national borders. Because of it, an inhumane policy has been interrupted

Critical Resistance: Celebrate Black August: The Power of Prisoner-Led Organizing

The month of August bursts at the seams with histories of Black resistance–from the Haitian Revolution to the Nat Turner Rebellion, the Fugitive Slave Law Convention and the founding of the Underground Railroad…

Rachel Swan: Ron Dellums dies at age 82

“Ron Dellums governed from a place of morality and compassion, and his political activism shed light on injustices within our country and all over the world”

Jack Rasmus: Will Trump’s Trade War Precipitate a Currency War?

Trump is betting his intimidation approach can produce quick results before his tariff war precipitates a currency war and a severe global economic contraction

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar: An open letter to the NFL’s owners

To deny professional athletes the right to express dissent in a peaceful manner is a disgrace to the Constitution, the opposite of patriotism and shameful moral weakness

David Bacon: Iraq’s Oil Union Defends Protesters

Iraq’s trade unions, especially the oil workers, have played a central role in organizing the demonstrations

Richard Falk: The Arab International Forum for Justice for Palestine

The time is ripe for civil society to represent the Palestinian people in their struggle against the Israeli apartheid regime

Jane LaTour: Lillian Hellman’s Days to Come

Hellman understood that social institutions like churches and schools were all part of a mosaic that, together, could create prosperity

Joao Pedro Stedile: ‘We Defend the Constituent Assembly’

iI Lula’s candidacy is prevented, a political crisis will become even more acute

Alexandra Bradbury: UPS Teamsters Take On Two-Tier

The members calling for a no vote say that it falls short in just about every area it covers (or fails to cover)

Noam Chomsky: Survival of Organized Human Life at Risk

Humans beings, right now, this generation, for the first time in history, have to ask, “Will human life survive?”

Sarah Jaffe: Graduate Student Workers Organize Against Sexual Harassment

The struggle against sexual harassment belongs in the union because it is part of the broader fight against the increased neoliberalization of academia

Arnold R. Isaacs: American Islamophobia’s Fake Facts

Their “Proof” Is Not What They Say

Juan Cole: Top 5 Things Ahed Tamimi Learned in Colonial Israeli Prison

Amazingly, Tamimi used the experience of being jailed, as many colonial subjects in imperial detention cells have–including Nelson Mandela and Mahatma Gandhi–to her advantage

Lawrence Wittner: Let’s Tax the Rich

Whatever happened to the notion that rich people should pay their fair share of the cost for their country’s public programs?

Badri Raina: Lynchings are the Front Line of the Battle for 2019

The cow is not a subject wholly of faith, but a political campaign by those seeking to hold on to state power at any cost

Lester Kurtz: How repression can fuel a movement

The use of coercive force against dissidents often backfires, becoming a transformative event that can change the course of a conflict

Billy Corriher: N.C. legislature’s series of power grabs

The Republican-controlled North Carolina legislature assembled for a hasty special session last week to alter the ballots voters will see in November

Michael Albert: Burke Doesn’t Support Parecon, but why not?

Responding to R. Burke on parecon

R. Burke: Why We Don’t Support Parecon

The basic problem we have with parecon as advocated by Michael Albert is that we think he proposes blueprints for society without attempting to provide anything empirical to back up his claims

Reese Erlich: Trump has Launched a Trade War with China

Why he will Lose

Kevin Gosztola: Clinton Democrats vs Sanders Socialism

Clinton Democrats or followers of the Third Way still have the power, and that is part of what is holding back an agenda for working people

Robert Fisk: Are we about to see the final battle of Syria?

Thanks to Donald Trump, it’s all over for the ‘rebels’ of Syria because they have been betrayed by the Americans – surely and finally by Trump himself in those secret discussions with Vladimir Putin

Jonathan Nack: Another Outright Lie About Venezuela

The story that the last anti-Maduro newspaper may be on the verge of closing is a complete fabrication

Congressional Progressive Caucus: The People’s Budget

A Roadmap for the Resistance FY 2018

Laura Notess: For Indigenous Peoples, Losing Land Can Mean Losing Lives

Villagers are trying to recover some of their losses through a class action lawsuit. But even if they are successful, it will provide little remedy for the felled forests, destroyed homes and disruption of community life

Charles Glass: Oil, Spies and Audiotape in East Timor

If the trial proceeds in camera and the court finds Collaery and Witness K guilty, they will join the legion of civil servants whose commitment to better government got them imprisoned

Jake Johnson: “You Can’t Eat GDP”

Reminder That Most Workers Are Struggling as Trump and Corporate Media Tout Economic Growth

Alan MacLeod: The Utility of the RussiaGate Conspiracy

New McCarthyism allows corporate media to tighten grip, Democrats to ignore their own failings

Aída Chávez: A Progressive Democrat Promises to Revolutionize Education

Though education is at the heart of Garcia’s campaign, he hasn’t shied away from his identity and speaking out about the racial dynamics in the state

Sheila Bapat: Domestic Workers in Seattle Win Bill of Rights

Depending on how the November elections go, a federal domestic workers’ bill of rights may be something the domestic workers’ movement fights for as well

Gunar Olsen: Shock and Awe Celebrates Reporters Who Got It Right

Reiner’s film reminds us why it’s so important to remember that there were traditional journalists, relying on low-level government sources, who got the story right

Brett J. Kyle: Militarization Redux

Across the region, Latin America’s militaries are regaining power through the court system

Noam Chomsky: Brutal and Sadistic

Interview on Family Separation & the U.S. Roots of Today’s Refugee Crisis

Vijay Prashad: Weapons Made in America

A child dies every ten minutes in Yemen. Lockheed Martin, as much as the Saudi and Emirati governments, should be in the dock for those deaths

Conn Hallinan: NATO: Time to Re-Examine an Alliance

It is time NATO went the way of the Warsaw Pact and recognize that the old ways of thinking are not only outdated but also dangerous

Juan Cole: Global Heat Wave

This future can be stopped. It is in our hands. If we swing into action, we can keep global heating to half that amount and avoid the full calamity

Frauke Decoodt: Surviving violence and Ortega in Nicaragua

With no soon end of the conflict in sight, the stalemate between Ortega and a people behind barricades threatens to bring back the ghosts of the past

Dean Baker: Trump’s tariffs unpopular with his voters

The U.S. doesn’t seem likely to win Trump’s trade war, and consumers are quite likely to lose

Jim Campana: Trump Launches War on Federal Unions

Like President Reagan’s mass firing of thousands of air traffic controllers (PATCO), these actions by the federal government could embolden other employers and state governments to go on the attack

Vernon Haltom: Witnessing coal’s death march

There is no “life cycle” of coal, just a death march with misery every step of the way from extraction to disposal

Medea Benjamin: Who Will Stop Trump from Tweeting Us into War with Iran?

Trump’s crippling sanctions will go into effect on November 4th

Sarah Smarsh: They thought this was Trump country. Hell no

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Bernie Sanders visited Wichita, Kansas, to woo progressives in support of congressional candidate James Thompson. Is the red state ready to turn blue?

Martha Lía Grajales Pineda: Popular Power: If Not Now, When?

Only an emphasis on popular power, communal production and social property will allow the Bolivarian Process to maintain its strategic course toward socialism

Robert Mackey: Swedish Woman Shows Quiet Power of Civil Disobedience

Elin Ersson, a Swedish college student, demonstrated this week how powerful a simple act of civil disobedience can be, when she refused to take her seat on a commercial flight unless a man being deported to Afghanistan via Turkey was removed from the plane first. As documented in the remarkable video she streamed live to Read more…

Sajjad Hussain: Pashtun Lives Matter

In Pakistan, the police killing of a Pashtun social media star stirred a popular uprising for democracy and demilitarization

Tom Engelhardt: Three Failing Experiments?

Mine, America’s, and Humanity’s

Dan Cantor: Working Families Party chair regrets not endorsing Ocasio-Cortez

Given our long history of battling the center-right of the Democratic Party, it’s fair to wonder why we weren’t in Ocasio-Cortez’s corner from the start

Various Contributors: Denuclearizing the Middle East

We call on others to endorse policies that favor denuclearization of the Middle East and a just and fair resolution of the Arab-Israeli dispute

Noam Chomsky: The Resurgence of Political Authoritarianism

Honest, dedicated, courageous and persistent engagement, ranging from education and organization to direct activism, carefully honed for effectiveness under prevailing circumstances

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