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Recent ZNet

Robert Fisk: A glitzy distraction

For 24 hours, the world was told about the lifting of the driving ban rather than the chopping-off of heads, the arrest of human rights activists and the horrific war in Yemen

Jordan Smith: Texas Refuses DNA Test

As DNA has played an increasingly pivotal role in exposing wrongful convictions, CCA has taken an equal and opposite approach, interpreting the state’s DNA statute in order to narrow its impact as much as possible

Marjorie Cohn: Muslim Ban 3.0 Still Unconstitutional

After federal courts struck down Donald Trump’s first two Muslim bans, his functionaries crafted a third one. In an attempt to withstand judicial scrutiny by convincing the courts it is not really aimed at Muslims, Trump’s new travel ban (Muslim Ban 3.0) cosmetically adds two countries — Venezuela and North Korea — that do not Read more…

Pete Dolack: An honest conversation about Vietnam

A system in which the mass media is believed to be independent is far more effective at suffusing a society with an ideology

Ben Dangl: “Pruning-Hooks Made Out of Swords”

The Case for a US Department of Peace

Victor Grossman: Merkel Clobbered While Rightists Threaten

One eighth of the voters, almost 13 percent, vented their anger in an extremely dangerous direction – for the young Alternative for Germany party, whose leaders are loosely divided between far right racists and extreme right racists

David Swanson: Take a Knee for Freedom of Religion

Freedom of religion depends on the willingness to stand up for (or take a knee for) the right not to be compelled to worship

Dave Zirin: Fragile, Toxic Masculinity of Trump

These athletes are doing a lot more than sitting or kneeling or raising a fist during the anthem. They are offering up an alternative model for unity, justice, and even manhood

Thomas Klikauer: Nazis March into Germany’s Parliament

It was German conservatism that made Hitler possible. In 2017, one might hope that German conservatism has learned its historic lesson

Michael Arria: Union Buster on the NLRB

The Trump administration has already quietly laid the groundwork for the NLRB to emerge as a much more business-friendly entity

Nelson Denis: Profits vs. Puerto Rican Lives

Trump Admin Blocks Aid from Reaching Devastated Island

Adam Johnson: Selective Media Indifference

The arrest and subsequent threatening of two journalists with 70 years in prison has been met with total silence from most mainstream media

Peter Maass: North Korea Predictable, U.S. Erratic

“The overall consistency of North Korean policy has been pretty remarkable over, I’d say, 50 years or so”

Harriet Lennon: An Organizer’s Take On RPS/2044

The following essay is about the new book RPS/2044 by one of its interviewees. It is offered in hopes of inspiring you to visit the book’s web site at rps2044.org or get a copy at Amazon, if you haven’t already. Here, then, is Lennon’s essay… Before offering my take on RPS/2044, I should acknowledge that I was one Read more…

Boaventura de Sousa Santos: The Left and Catalonia

The day after the referendum, with no juridical effect and whatever the result, the Left would be in a privileged position to play a unique role in the ensuing political discussion

Kevin Zeese: Is Health Care A Commodity Or Right?

When we win the fight for a universal healthcare system, it will represent a political sea change in the US that will bring solidarity and empowerment

Ramzy Baroud: In Their Own Words

When Trump and Obama Sounded the Same

Naomi Klein: A global phenomenon

Guest speech at the Labour Party conference

Dave Lindorff: Freedom of Speech on Gridiron

Why don’t Americans demand that the 1st Amendment apply on the job too?

Juan Cole: Pushing away the Kurds

How Arab Nationalism & Fundamentalism pushed away the Kurds

Yves Engler: Canada tries to oust Maduro

Alongside Washington and Venezuela’s elite, the Trudeau government is seeking to oust President Nicolás Maduro

Glenn Greenwald: The Real Culprit

Brazil’s latest outbreak of drug gang violence is due to the war on drugs

Ali Abunimah: Israel as role model

Israel and its supporters have made alliances with racists, anti-Semites and Islamophobes all over Europe

Vacy Vlazna: How Do They Sleep at Night?

The proof for me that people are not naturally violent is the endemic PTSD in military veterans which seems not to stem from being close to one’s own death, but from one’s immoral participation in the hell of war

Dedrick Asante-Muhammad: Racial Inequality Growing

As our country becomes more diverse, our racial wealth gap means it’s also becoming poorer.

Lewis Norton: Uber taking you for a ride

Uber is no friend of passengers or workers – the firm has put riders at risk and exploited its drivers

Yarimar Bonilla: Puerto Ricans Call for Aid

Why would anyone in Puerto Rico want a hurricane? Because someone will get rich.”

Frank G. Karioris: Armed with Grenade Launchers

Education should never feel like a warzone

Shepherd Bliss: Cannabis Cultivating Re-Visited

I support cannabis growing by locals on appropriate sites that do not damage water use by humans, other animals, and plants or harm nature in other ways

Frank Serpico: Kap, Cops and Confederate Statues

A Better World Without Double Standards

Dick Nichols: A ‘democratic tsunami’

Rising against Spanish state siege

Juan Cole: “Those People”

Trump plays to White nationalism from N. Korea to NFL

Shaun King: Biggest Hypocrites Yet

What Trump said about NFL players who take a knee during the national anthem was hardly different from what NFL owners have not only said, but actually done to Kaepernick

Judy Ancel: How Nurses Went Union

Nurses in rural northern Michigan won labor’s biggest organizing victory since “right to work” took effect in the state in 2013

Ashoka Jegroo: Opposing rezoning plans

A coalition of grassroots groups marched in the Hunts Point neighborhood of the Bronx, alerting their neighbors to the gentrification plans of developers and local politicians

Anis Chowdhury: Understanding African Refugee Migration

With trade liberalization and consequently, greater specialization, many African countries are now even more dependent on fewer export commodities

Patrick Cockburn: Independence from Iraq

If nothing else, KRG President Barzani has demonstrated that the international community is terrified by anything that destabilises Iraq and that the cooperation of the Kurds cannot be taken for granted

Alfred W. McCoy: World War III With China

How It Might Actually Be Fought

Matt Phull: Acid Corbynism’s next steps

Building a socialist dance culture

Michael Albert: Give RPS A Chance

Justin Podur interviews Michael Albert about the new book, RPS/2044

Nomi Prins: Donald Trump’s New Casino

Yes, He Is Running America Like One of His Businesses

CJ Polychroniou: Greece and economic recovery

The Greek ‘economic success’ story advanced by Tsipras et al would have been funny if it wasn’t such a serious matter

Norman Solomon: Taking on Foreign Policy

Bernie Sanders’ foreign policy address is a major step forward in the effort to challenge the corporate, militarist influences behind U.S. foreign policy

Ryan Gallagher: Demanding an Activist’s Passwords

He Refused. Now He Faces Prison in the U.K.

Christy Thornton: Solidarity Versus the State

Many in Mexico think the government and political parties are hampering aid efforts

Marilyn Katz: Low Wages in Illinois

When Corporations Don’t Pay, the Public Does

Michael Corcoran: Media ‘Extremes’ on Healthcare

The typical elite narrative since Sanders’ bill was announced last Wednesday has been to amplify the same kind of scare tactics that have been injected into the national discourse for decades

Hana Creger: Screwing the Environment and the Poor

A 15-minute Uber ride or a 30-minute transit ride? For affluent city dwellers who increasingly prefer comfort and convenience, this choice is a no-brainer

Paul Street: Ken Burns and Lynn Novick’s “Vietnam War”

Some Predictions

Dick Nichols: Mass resistance greets coup

The mood of the protests was one of determination to see the fight against the Spanish state intervention through to the end

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