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Recent ZNet

Lawrence Wittner: Most Americans Reject Trump’s “America First” Policy

The reaction of the American public to Trump’s withdrawal of the United States from key international agreements has been hostile

Leana Wen: Trump’s “Pro-Life” Agenda Is Killing Thousands

State Laws Threaten to Ban Abortion

Vincent Navarro: Why Left Wing Populism Is Not Enough

It is enormously important that the different anti-establishment forces and movements, while retaining their autonomy, unite in a coalition that shares a common desire

Badri Raina: Ominous Times

Great gales of corrosive vengeance Buffet city and town, street And public square, dressed and amplified By the canny technologies and the wicked Wealth that drives them. Creatures crawl from under gutter stones And tiled obscenities to yell a field Day of  sub-terranean stings, leaving Breathless those that yet walk upright On honest legs. Caring Read more…

Michael Albert: Socialism: Participatory Planning

This is the twelfth essay in a multipart series addressing the surge in interest in and support for Socialism

Tom Engelhardt: Suicide Watch on Planet Earth

As the Flames Began to Rise, the Arsonists Appeared

Sam Levin: Grief Behind Bars

Prisoners on Nipsey Hussle and the Cycles of Violence

Anacaona Marin: The Commune is the Supreme Expression of Participatory Democracy

The commune is the historical subject, the commune and its people, the comuneros, that is where the revolution really begins. So we made this proposal ours, we committed to it

Michael Yates: The Road Beckons

Growing inequality, trivial and alienating labor, and environmental despoliation—these are the things we have witnessed

Phil Weiss: Shut It All Down

Israel supporters try to shut down UMass forum about efforts by Israel supporters to shut down debate

Various Contributors: Morocco: Thousands call for release of jailed activists

Huge crowds have rallied in the Moroccan capital to demand the release of activists who staged mass anti-poverty demonstrations in 2016. One campaigner’s father said he feared his son would die in prison

Nafis Alam: Trump’s crackdown on Iran’s oil exports could backfire badly

With serious risks to global economy

Susan Sheinfeld: Why the focus on Russia and treason?

Trump should be charged with Abuse of Power, Violating the Emoluments Clause, and Obstruction of Justice

Les Leopold: America’s Biggest Lie: We Can’t Afford Medicare for All

Think about how much your income would go up if you didn’t have to pay for healthcare at all. That would begin to close the gap between productivity and wages for the first time in a generation

John Feffer: What’s Behind Bolton’s Attacks on the ‘Troika of Tyranny’?

Bolton’s broadsides against Cuba, Nicaragua, and Venezuela hint at ambitions for much more dangerous geopolitical conflict — and nothing short of a new Cold War

Alice Speri: The Largest Gang Raid in NYC History

More than half of the 120 indicted in the “largest gang takedown” in New York City history were never actually alleged by prosecutors to be gang members at all

Frances Perraudin: Extinction Rebellion arrests pass 1,000 on eighth day of protests

The group is planning to stage a demonstration this week in Parliament Square as MPs return to Westminster following recess and attend prime minister’s questions

Ari Berman: Prisoner Voting Rights

Prisoners are currently counted in the U.S. census in the counties where they are imprisoned, despite not being allowed to vote in most states

Madeline Will: Teachers Are Paid Less Than Similar Professionals

Overall, adjusted for inflation, the average weekly wage of public school teachers has decreased $21 from 1996 to 2018, while the weekly wages of other college graduates rose by $323

Gershon Baskin: Young Palestinians

In this age, the young generation are focusing on themselves. It is not that they have forgotten Palestine or that they are less nationalistic, they just don’t see the value in fighting for something which seems so remote at this time

Jim Kavanagh: Avoiding Assange

It’s important to understand that the US government in this case is asserting its prosecutorial authority over someone who is not an American and whose journalistic activity took place outside the United States

Ivan Ovsyannikov: Russia: The Protest Movement is Younger, Poorer, and More Left Wing

The populist leadership of the modern Russian opposition movement strikingly distinguishes it from protests at the beginning of the decade

Meaghan Beatley: Betting on Anti-feminism as a Winning Political Strategy

Unlike other European far-right parties, Spain’s Vox thinks fighting women’s rights is the key to success

Michael Albert: Socialism: Markets, Central Plans, or what?

This is the eleventh essay in a multipart series addressing the surge in interest in and support for Socialism

Ramzy Baroud: Notre Dame of Gaza

Our Mosques and Churches are Also Burning

Carl Davidson: A Left Strategy for the 2020 Elections and Beyond

As the 2020 presidential campaigns begin in 2019, nearly everyone on the left knows the stakes are high

Greg Asner: Can the Sixth Extinction be Slowed?

We chart a course for immediately protecting at least 30% of Earth’s surface to put the brakes on rapid biodiversity loss, and then add another 20% comprising ecosystems that can suck disproportionately large amounts of carbon out of the atmosphere

Negin Owliaei: Stop & Shop Workers End 11-Day Strike With a Tentative Agreement

Striking workers won backing from every corner of their community, from local rabbis preparing for Passover to placard-carrying toddlers

Robert J. Burrowes: Tackling the ‘Impossible’: Ending Violence

It may be that ending human violence is impossible, as many believe. But there are a great number of people around the world who do not accept this and who are struggling, relentlessly, to end violence before it ends us

Matthew Taylor: Support for Extinction Rebellion soars after Easter protests

Support for Extinction Rebellion in the UK has quadrupled in the past nine days as public concern about the scale of the ecological crisis grows

Victor Grossman: Many Feet

People’s feet have been pretty important around here lately. They’ve been used for walking, next to other people’s feet

Norman Solomon: Joe Biden: Puffery vs. Reality

Let’s be blunt: As a supposed friend of American workers, Joe Biden is a phony. And now that he’s running for president, Biden’s huge task is to hide his phoniness

Mariam Banahi: Johns Hopkins Students Enter Week 4 of Sit-In

Students have entered their 21st day of a sit-in occupation of their campus administration building to protest the university’s plans for an armed police force on campus, as well as contracts with Immigrations and Customs Enforcement

Marjorie Cohn: Mueller Documented Probable Cause That Trump Obstructed Justice

After a nearly two-year investigation, culminating in a 448-page report, Special Counsel Robert Mueller concluded that Russia attempted to influence the 2016 election but found insufficient evidence to prove the Trump campaign conspired with Russia. Mueller did not decide, however, if Trump obstructed justice. The special counsel detailed 10 acts that could constitute obstruction of Read more…

Medea Benjamin: Activists Protect DC Venezuelan Embassy from US-supported Coup

Calling ourselves the Embassy Protection Collective, we have been working in the embassy during the day, holding educational events every evening, making banners and signs, and sleeping on couches at night

Jen Marlowe: The Palestine Marathon

A Window Into Occupation and Survival in a Less Than Holy Land

Patrick Cockburn: What Revolutionaries Have Learned Since the Arab Spring

Two very different political waves are sweeping through the Middle East and north Africa

Alexander Hensby: Our Climate Emergency and ‘Extinction Rebellion’

Disruption and arrests can bring social change

Hamza Hamouchene: Welcome to the new Algerian revolution

While the first wave of the revolutions ended in defeat, it was sure to be back in Sudan and now Algeria with enormous and persistent protest movements

Julia Symborski: New York City nurses threatened to strike—and won

What the Alliance had once sternly denied the nurses had been won

Roy Eidelson: Is the American Psychological Association Addicted to Militarism and War?

When hijacked planes hit their targets on the morning of September 11, 2001, the American Psychological Association (APA) sprang into action. Within hours, through its disaster response network the APA mobilized expert practitioners and worked with the American Red Cross to provide psychological support to families of the victims and to rescue workers. The APA’s Read more…

Sarah Aziza: Trump’s Veto on Yemen War

For his ongoing support, which includes billions in arms sales, Trump has expected cooperation from the Saudis on his own regional agenda, including in his efforts to resolve the Israel-Palestine conflict

Michael Albert: Socialism: Class Rule or Classlessness?

This is the tenth essay in a multipart series addressing the surge in interest in and support for Socialism

Andy Piascik: Grocery Store Workers Take on Billion Dollar Multinational

Perhaps one big lesson that can reverberate far and wide beyond Stop and Shop is the power of the strike

Tamara Pearson: AMLO vs Zapata

Mexico’s new left-leaning President sees an opportunity in championing the legacy of the Mexican revolutionary Emiliano Zapata. But does his record so far live up to Zapata’s ideals?

Nick Turse: AFRICOM Calls for My “Elimination”

(From Their Daily Media Reports)

Various Contributors: International Rebellion Update #6

A New Phase Begins

Alexander C. Kaufman: New York City Passes Historic Climate Legislation

The Climate Mobilization Act lays the groundwork for New York City’s own Green New Deal

Daniel Ellsberg: From the Pentagon Papers to the Doomsday Machine

Interview on the continuing existential threat posed by the military-industrial complex

Mohamed Nabil Bennaidja: Algerians Adopt Civil Resistance to Push for Political Change

Since late February, Algerians have been protesting every Friday on the streets of the capital Algiers and other major cities to demand the departure of the regime that has ruled the country since independence in 1962

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