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Recent ZNet

Chris Brooks: Kaiser Clinicians Go on the Offensive for Patient Access

“If we go on strike, it’s because the care we are providing our clients is below substandard.” “It’s barebones.”

Badri Raina: Christmas 2018

Let the star this Christmas Turn a lightning rod For the money-changers who, Bereft of grace, Have made of the world A mere market-place— Men whose corroded hearts Have no room for the sheep Who followed you, leaving Home and hearth, in hope to find A new, everlasting birth. They may celebrate the manger, But Read more…

Naomi Klein: Getting Emotional About Labor

Interview on the fact that being a decent human is increasingly being griped about as “emotional labor” and the tremendous promise of a different kind of work (and leisure) under a Green New Deal

Phyllis Bennis: The Bombings Will Continue

U.S. Military Role in Syria Is Not Actually Ending

Pete Dolack: World’s governments indulge in symbolism, not action, at COP24

As difficult as the cost that must be borne will be, the cost of doing nothing, as the world’s governments, beholden to corporate interests, are currently doing, is much greater

Richard Moser: Is the Green New Deal a “Revolutionary Reform?”

The Green New Deal might just be the “revolutionary reform” we have been looking for. What issue is so universal, so necessary, so morally right, so reasonable, so self-evident that few can deny it?

Conn Hallinan: Spanish Elections a Lesson for the Left

In what seems a replay of recent German and Italian elections, an openly authoritarian and racist party made major electoral gains in Spain’s most populous province, Andalusia

Juan Cole: Mattis was no Shining Knight

From backing Yemen War to Whitewashing Khashoggi Murder

Susan Ram: Macron must go: Yellow Vests Act V

The movement brought anger to the streets again across France in defiance of state efforts to divide and disrupt it

Jeffrey Sommers: Viktor Oban and Scott Walker: “Reconsider It!”

Protesters poured into the streets of Budapest by the thousands the past few nights with calls for Hungary’s Prime Minister, Viktor Orban, to “reconsider it!” The policy to be reconsidered is what Hungary’s workers are calling the government’s new “slave law” requiring labor to work up to 400 mandatory hours of overtime (think: every Saturday Read more…

Badri Raina: Colder Than the Winter

It is an Arctic December, The ice is everywhere; But the heat of hate is colder still, Congealing life into frozen fear.   Trees of old look at their roots And find demonic spades at work; They worry for their next foliage, As hot marauders go berserk   With devouring red in their eyes, And Read more…

Kathy Kelly: A Shift: Repudiating War on Yemen

The horror of the Yemen War is changing minds at last

James Boyce: Oligarchy Is Destroying Our Society and the Planet

Is capitalism on the brink of joining the dustbin of history? And what would a post-capitalist society and a sustainable economy look like? Since the onset of the Industrial Revolution, the world has experienced historically unprecedented levels of growth, with capitalism raising the standard of living of many nations. At the same time, capitalism has Read more…

Greg Grandin: U.S. Policies Punished Central Americans

Interview on U.S. policy in Central America

David Swanson: And So This Is Christmas

If any of these wars can be ended, we need to rapidly build on that success to end more wars, and more wars, and the funding of the preparations for wars

Immanuel Wallerstein: When Trump Visibly Crashes

Trump’s decline is a matter of public debate, between and within all political tendencies. Most people are still seeing what they prefer to see

Mike Garcia Granados: 50,000 teachers take over LA streets as union votes to strike

All workers should stand in solidarity with UTLA members in their fight against the dismantling of public education and the privatization of our school district

Karen J. Greenberg: America’s Mixed Messages

This Time at Sea

Billy Corriher: Rick Scott leaves behind a much whiter Florida judiciary

Years of Scott appointments have resulted in a Florida judiciary that is only 6.4 percent black, though 17 percent of the state’s population is black

Marjorie Cohn: Trump Can and Should Be Indicted

The Constitution does not prohibit indictment of a sitting president. Will Mueller recognize this reality in his actions going forward?

Basav Sen: Trump’s War On Science Worse Than Inquisition

The White House’s crude deflections on science aren’t simply ignorant — they’re calculated to serve the fossil fuel industry at the entire planet’s expense

Glenn Greenwald: A Federal Crime to Participate in Boycott of Israel?

Twenty-six states have laws preventing state agencies from contracting with companies or individuals aligned with the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement

Ramzy Baroud: Is There a Plot to Depopulate Palestinian Refugee Camps in Lebanon?

This is not the happy, triumphant ending that generations of Palestinian refugees in Lebanon have hoped and fought for over the years

Kim Scipes: American Labour’s Cold War Abroad

A review of American Labour’s Cold War Abroad: From Deep Freeze to Détente, 1945-1970, by Anthony Carew

Jon Queally: Union-Backed Strike a Win for Students

“This is a victory for every educator who sees children getting short-changed by privatization and charter operators putting their business models over the needs of our students.”

Manuel Perez-Rocha: AMLO Goes Full Throttle Against Neoliberalism

But What About NAFTA?

Vijay Prashad: Yemen remains on the precipice of a large-scale famine

The UN and U.S. Senate weigh in, but will their actions be enough to bring peace?

Ellen Brown: Radical Plan to Fund the ‘Green New Deal’ Just Might Work

This annual injection of new money not only can be done without creating price inflation; it actually needs to be done to reverse the massive debt bubble now threatening to propel the economy into another Great Recession

Norman Solomon: Beto, We Hardly Knew Ye

Progressives are apt to be enthusiastic about O’Rourke — if they don’t know much about his record

Sam Pizzigati: It’s Time for a Maximum Wage

The idea that our tax dollars should not go to corporations that that pay their CEOs hundreds of times what they pay their workers: that’s a popular idea

Michael T. Klare: “Alexa, Launch Our Nukes!”

Artificial Intelligence and the Future of War

Badri Raina: Why Rahul Gandhi Is Right to Pit Hinduism Against Hindutva

Gandhi underscores that Hindutva is a neo-fascist theory which is far removed from Hinduism

Dean Baker: Sabotaging Progressive Agenda

Pay-as-you-go is really bad politics in a world where the other party has no respect for any rules whatsoever

Julian Vigo: The World Google Controls and Surveillance Capitalism

We need to stay informed about the encroachment of big business and social media corporations in our private lives and the depths to which the private sector can farm information

Mel Gurtov: Weaponizing Humanitarian Aid

The Trump administration is explicitly using humanitarian aid as another weapon to sanction adversaries

Pedro Rios: Standing for border communities and vulnerable migrants

Upholding the dignity of border communities and those seeking sanctuary depends on everyone’s bold and courageous actions

Patrick Bond: South Africa searches for a financial parachute

Now that a $170 billion foreign debt cliff looms

John Feffer: Are You Ready for an Epoch Fail?

Globalists Really Are Ruining Your Life

Kali Akuno: “Green New Deal,” Not Green Capitalism

We need to critically analyze some of the shortfalls of the capitalist logic embedded in this plan. We have to push back and improve upon the Green New Deal

Medea Benjamin: Green New Deal Advocates Must Address Militarism

Where is the call for the New Peace Deal that would free up hundreds of billions from the overblown military budget to invest in green infrastructure?

Sam Gindin: GM Oshawa: Making Hope Possible

Working class life under capitalism has shown that no matter what workers do, how good their work, how restrained their demands, and how much they accept in terms of work pressures, they will always remain vulnerable

Jonathan Cook: Growing US public support for one state

The American public is now evenly split between those who want a two-state solution and those who prefer a single state, shared by Israelis and Palestinians, according to a survey published last week by the University of Maryland.

Susan Abulhawa: Marc Lamont Hill’s Detractors are the True Anti-Semites

It beggars the imagination to consider why Temple’s Board of Trustees would ignore the abhorrent and overtly racists posts in the account of one professor, while exceeding its mandate in order to rebuke an avowedly anti-racist professor

Glenn Greenwald: Refusing to Sign a Pro-Israel Oath

Anyone who stands by silently while Bahia Amawi is forced out of the profession can legitimately and accurately call themselves many things. “Free speech supporter” is most definitely not one of them

Internationalist Commune of Rojava: In solidarity with Gilets Jaunes

The Internationalist Commune of Rojava express their solidarity with the Gilets Jaunes in France

Badri Raina: Old Age

Oscar Wilde said of middle age: It is that time of life When no matter where you tie The belt, the belly escapes Over or under. Let me say of old age that Should you not have your pills Ready to hand, it is a blunder; And should you be well nonetheless, It is a Read more…

Jeremy Brecher: 12 Reasons Labor Should Demand a Green New Deal

This program meets the needs of—and has the potential to unite—the labor movement, environmentalists, and all those who have been the victims of inequality, discrimination, racism and, now, climate change

Édouard Louis: To Exist in the Eyes of Others

At the beginning they were talking only about gas, and now they are talking about social justice, equality

Joe Barson: Housing cooperatives offer a better future.

They give us the opportunity to put power in the people’s hands

Thomas M. Hanna: The Public Ownership Solution

The US has a surprisingly large amount of public ownership. But in order for it to truly serve the social good, it must be expanded — and democratized

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