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Recent ZNet

Jeff Cohen: The Liberal Contempt for Martin Luther King’s Final Year

Tributes — including from countless organizations calling themselves progressive — are routinely evasive about the anti-militarist ideals that King passionately expressed during the final year of his life

Helen Yaffe: Cuba Libre to be COVID-Libre: Five Vaccines and Counting…

In 2020 Cuba confirmed a total of 12,225 coronavirus cases and 146 deaths in a population of 11.2 million, among the lowest rates in the Western Hemisphere

Badri Raina: The Modi Cult

India’s organized political formations must choose between meeting the ruling onslaught on its own anti-intellectual turf or striving to forge a politics that appeals to a dormant awareness enslaved by the fake charm of the cult

Ramzy Baroud: Kafkaesque Politics: The Missing Lessons from Israel’s Latest Elections

A ‘major setback’ was the recurring term in many news headlines reporting on the outcome of Israel’s general elections of March 23

Jake Johnson: Failure to ‘Vaccinate the World’ Creates Dangerous Opening for Covid-19 Mutations

“We need a people’s vaccine, not only to protect people in the world’s poorest countries, but to ensure that people all over the world who’ve already been vaccinated aren’t put at risk again.”

Andrew Cohen: The Police Reform Movement Transcends Derek Chauvin’s Trial

The debate over policing in the wake of Floyd’s death will last beyond Chauvin’s trial and has already been shaped by what happened last May in Minneapolis

Eleanor Bader: Colleges Are Using COVID as a Pretext to Make Draconian Cuts to the Humanities

It seems like the height of capitalist exploitation to make precarious workers more precarious and assuming they’ll be willing to do just about anything to keep their jobs

Chase Strangio: Activists Demand Action on Anti-Trans Laws

On Trans Day of Visibility, we look at the wave of anti-trans laws being enacted across the U.S., with dozens more anti-trans bills making their way through state legislatures

CJ Polychroniou: Is Neoliberalism Dying?

A Structuralist Approach To Predatory Global Capitalism And The Challenge of Reform

Ken Klippenstein: Amazon’s Twitter Army Was Handpicked for “Great Sense of Humor”

Amazon ambassadors were trained to defend Jeff Bezos and clap back at Bernie Sanders under a program codenamed “Veritas”

Steven Greenhouse: Union Fight Enters Final Stretch for Alabama Amazon Workers

Mail-in ballots for the hotly contested battle to unionize 5,800 workers are due on Monday. Some experts are predicting a victory while others are unsure

William rivers Pitt: Biden Needs to Treat the Climate as an Emergency — Starting Now

We have proven to ourselves once again that solutions are there to be seized

Liza Featherstone: To Save America, Help West Virginia

Wielding a pivotal Senate seat at a moment when the Biden administration is prepared to spend trillions on fixing the climate, West Virginia is now in a position to make huge demands of the Democratic Party

Jessica Corbett: Benefits of ‘Drastic’ Climate Action Outweigh Costs of Status Quo

“People who spend their careers studying our economy are in widespread agreement that climate change will be expensive, potentially devastatingly so.”

Tatiana Cozzarelli: Dispatches from the Amazon Warehouse in Bessemer

The unionization efforts at Bessemer are bigger than just Amazon. In this dispatch from the ground, Uber drivers, healthcare workers, and young Birmingham residents stand in solidarity

Aviva Chomsky: Will Biden’s Central American Plan Slow Migration (or Speed It Up)?

The New Border Politics of the Biden Era Are Actually Ancient History

Henry A. Giroux: America Radiates Violence

Challenging the Politics of Isolated Incidents

F. Douglas Stephenson: Biden’s Bandaid, or Top 8 Reasons why we need Medicare for All

The USA is a country where health insurance for medical and mental health care is a function of socio-economic status

Marybeth Seitz-Brown: The Left Needs to Engage Members if We Want to Win Big

If we want to win big, we will need to take collective risks. To do that, we need to build structures that strengthen our relationships with one another, educate each other on what is possible when we organize, and develop the leadership of many more people through escalating campaigns

William Lee: Residents of Chicago’s Southeast Side Are Rising up Against Polluters

Residents are tired of being the city’s dumping ground, so they are fighting back

Lorena Barberia: Lula Returns as Covid Runs Wild in Brazil

Brazil’s president Bolsonaro continues to deny the Covid crisis, as Lula’s return to politics creates shockwaves from the favelas to Wall St.

Johanna Fernandez: The Only Treatment is Freedom: Mumia Abu-Jamal and COVID

Three weeks ago, on Friday, February 26, 2021 Mumia Abu-Jamal called Pam Africa. Mumia told her that he was certain he had COVID-19; that he was having difficulty breathing as well as chest pressure and pain

Jerry Goldberg: Centers for Disease Control extends foreclosure moratorium

On March 29, Centers for Disease Control finally extended its moratorium on evictions for non-payment of rent from March 31 to June 30, 2021

Nora Barrows-friedman: Approach new definition of anti-Semitism with caution, Palestinians say

The exclusion of Palestinian perspectives points to “an omission that is quite telling about asymmetric relations of power and domination and how some liberals still try to make decisions that deeply affect us, without us.”

Noam Chomsky: Biden’s Foreign Policy Is Largely Indistinguishable From Trump’s

U.S. policy might help create a more serious challenge by confrontational and hostile acts that drive Russia and China closer together in reaction

Laura Flanders: A Culture of Violence? The US Can Switch

The white, male, militarist culture of violence isn’t inevitable. It’s a societal choice. Let’s switch

Thomas Klikauer: The Madness and Malady of Management Studies

Management Studies conjured up the hallucination of being similar to real academic subjects like geology, mathematics, philosophy and sociology

Prabir Purkayastha: Why the U.S. and Its Allies Are Stupid to Turn COVID-19 Vaccination Into a Geopolitical Power Play

The COVID-19 pandemic demands that all nations cooperate to vaccinate the entire global population—a goal that can’t be achieved using the usual rules of which countries win and which ones lose

Robin D.G. Kelley: Amazon Union Drive Builds on Decades of Black Radical Labor Activism in Alabama

“This is definitely the most significant labor struggle of the 21st century”

Tatiana Cozzarelli: Birmingham Goes All Out for Amazon Union

On Sunday afternoon in Birmingham, Alabama I went canvassing for the Amazon union. The support for the union was overwhelming. The whole community is backing these workers

Medea Benjamin: Are Progressives Ignoring Foreign Policy?

Many progressives are ignoring U.S. aggression around the world despite its involvement in many wars and expanding arsenal of nuclear weapons

David Swanson: The President Has Not Ended the War on Yemen; Congress Must Do So

Here’s all I ask regarding the project of keeping the promise to end the endless wars: End a fucking war. That’s it. Pick one and end it. Now

Jonathan Cook: Five Lessons From Israel’s Election

With the triumph of the far-right in Israel, the backing of “peace partners” in the Gulf, and no likely obstruction from the White House whoever its occupant, the Palestinians have become a non-issue

Lawrence Wittner: Opposition to Abolishing Nuclear Weapons—and What Could Help to Overcome It

People who want to end the nightmare of nuclear destruction that has haunted the world since 1945 should consider widening the popular appeal of nuclear weapons abolition by strengthening the UN’s ability to provide international security

Gareth Porter: How US military subverted Afghan peace agreement to prolong unpopular war

Appointed in the final days of Trump’s presidency to remove all US troops from Afghanistan, Douglas Macgregor tells The Grayzone how military leadership undermined the withdrawal and pressured Trump to capitulate

Kenny Stancil: House Dems Unveil Bill to Stop Assault on USPS

“We will not allow Trump’s handpicked Postmaster General Louis DeJoy to slow down mail delivery, cut hours at post offices, and sabotage the Postal Service”

Jackie Brown: The Bryn Mawr Summer School Prepared Workers for the Class Struggle

In the 1920s and ’30s, a summer schooloffered a visionary example of worker ed that emphasizes class struggle and worker empowerment.

IJV Canada: IJV Welcomes New Antisemitism Definition Signed by 200 Global Experts

“It takes much more than definitions to effectively dismantle antisemitism. But if governments and institutions feel the need to endorse a definition, the JDA is undoubtedly a far better option.”

Dawn Paley: Rising up against the global police state

A global police state is emerging in response to poor and working class uprisings around the world; William I. Robinson’s new book reveals its architecture

George Chidi: Jim Crow Tactics on Full Display in Georgia

“This is clear voter suppression, clear racism, a clear manifestation of white supremacy. Georgia is going backwards instead of forwards.”

Sonali Kolhatkar: Universal Health Care is a Popular Idea in America

So Why Does Biden Seem Intent on Enriching Private Insurance Companies?

Rod Driver: Excessive Wealth Disorder is Destroying Our Societies

The buying power of rich people can drive prices upwards so that poor people cannot afford things. This is most noticeable with property

Abahlali baseMjondolo: Corrections to Minister Lindiwe Sisulu’s Statement Congratulating S’bu Zikode on the Announcement of the Per Anger Prize

We hope that the Minister can commit to a genuine and democratic working relationship with Abahlali, other democratic formations and the poor people of South Africa and the working class in general

Marzena Zukowska: Review – Work Won’t Love You Back

Subtitled ‘how devotion to our jobs keeps us exploited, exhausted and alone’, Sarah Jaffe’s book explores one of neoliberalism’s most insidious slights of hand

John M. Laforge: Accidental Apocalypse and Nuclear War on Drugs

How can the weapons industry seem to smash or buy off everything standing in its way, whether it’s reason, precaution, or spending limits?

Andrew J. Bacevich: America’s Longest War Winds Down

No Bang, No Whimper, No Victory

Mike Ludwig: Activists May Be Winning Battle Against Environmental Racism

Residents near the proposed site already live with more toxic air pollution than 99 percent of the United States

Luis Feliz León: The Amazon Union Vote Is Ending in Bessemer

Workers Are Already Preparing for the Next Fight

Jake Johnson: Sanders Pushing to Expand Medicare by Lowering Eligibility Age

“It’s the right thing to do. It’s massively impactful. It’s popular.”

Madeleine Freeman: Amazon Hired Off-Duty Cops to Harass Workers, the Press, and Supporters

Bessemer, Alabama’s police chief has confirmed that off-duty officers have been hired by Amazon to act as “security” for the BHM1 facility in the middle of a historic and intense union drive

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