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Recent ZNet

Dean Baker: Trump’s Tariffs a Tax on the US Middle Class

Donald Trump’s trade war with China will mean more money for shareholders and fewer US jobs in manufacturing. This is not a good story for the country’s workers

Sue Sturgis: Racial discrimination in FEMA aid process

The inequality in who the disaster affected was then amplified in the recovery process, with black and Hispanic respondents more likely than their white counterparts to report being unable to access needed aid of any kind

Patrick Cockburn: Haider al-Abadi is losing his grip on power

Prime Minister Abadi has been left with little choice but to leave his post, but it is likely to mean little in a system that favors political stalemate

Alexandra Bradbury: Tense Talks at Health Care Giant Kaiser

Bargaining between health care giant Kaiser Permanente and a new union alliance representing 38,000 of its employees has come down to the wire

Mike Pesca: What Do the Democratic Socialists of America Want?

DSA has made headlines in recent years with Bernie Sanders and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. But in that organization, they’re actually moderates

John Feffer: Trump’s New (Non-Democratic) Normal

What Happens When the Adults in the Room Are as Scary as the Crying Baby?

Jonathan Cook: Why We Cannot See the System Destroying Us

The only truth we can know is that the western power-elite is determined to finish the task of making its power fully global, expanding it from near-absolute to absolute

Shane Bauer: U.S. For-Profit Prisons from Slavery to Today

Interview on the profit-earning motives of U.S. prisons, from convict labor in colonial-era settlements all the way to present-day mass incarceration

Vida Samiian: Weaponizing the ‘New Antisemitism’

This kind of attack tricks the mind by extending the discrediting label of antisemitism to any line of thought or action that is seen as critical of Israel

Robert Fisk: I can’t see how a Palestinian state can ever happen

We’ve watched this stage-play so many times that it has, like so much of the West Bank, become normal.

Badri Raina: Rafale Two

Francois  Hollande—he good man, Tells it like it is, Causing among the hypocrites Ripples, pop, and fizz.   The  shard of truth holds its edge Against the battering rams Of power, pelf, and dissembling, And the awesomeness of names.   “Men, little men,” wrote the bard, “Dressed in a little brief authority,”— How they crash Read more…

Annelise Orleck: #MeToo and McDonald’s

It’s been a long time since a strike in the US directly targeted sexual harassment. But on Tuesday, women workers took direct action against their bosses and brought the #MeToo movement to McDonald’s

Jim Naureckas: Climate Change Made Florence a Monster

But Media Failed to Tell That Story

Barbara Madeloni: Washington Walkouts Win Teachers Big Raises

Fifteen districts started the school year on strike in Washington state—the latest to ride the West Virginia wave

Aaron Verbrigghe: No vacancies on the picket line in Chicago

A report from Chicago on the latest in the strike by hotel workers at 26 hotels across the city — with solidarity for the strikers growing every day

Sarah Freeman-Woolpert: How grassroots activists made peace with North Korea possible

This widening of citizen engagement and action can only be a good thing for advocates of the peace process

Sam Pizzigati: The ‘Unintended Consequences’ of Letting the Rich Get Richer

Our politics needs to face up to inequality’s deep-set impact on all of us as individuals

Ron Daniels: The Unfulfilled Power of the Black Vote

Black leaders must devise strategies to educate, motivate, inspire and energize millions of unregistered, improbable Black voters to burst into the arena to become the cornerstone of progressive coalitions

Vijay Prashad: The fight for better university education is global

More needs to be fought for – more colleges, more imagination – the natural disorder of youth, a yearning for a world without want

Kate Aronoff: Adding “Green” to a Policy Idea Now Makes It More Popular

New polling has found that inserting climate change into other popular demands can make them even more popular

Jonathan Cook: The Palestine Test

Trump’s plan to tear up the rules-based international order

Seth Uzman: Is the Lone Star State moving left?

The surprising success of Beto O’Rourke’s Democratic campaign for the Senate is not the cause of Texans moving leftward, but the beneficiary

Ryan Grim: Real Resistance

A Grassroots Uprising in Amish Country Begins to Find Meaning in Politics

Negin Owliaei: Bank Workers Fight to Rein in Global Finance

One often-forgotten group of people have the information — and the motivation — to tame the beasts of finance.

Ralph Nader: Questions, Questions Where are the Answers?

Here are some questions that should be asked, until answered

Will Stronge: Cybersocialism

A report on an early attempt at high-tech economic organisation

Ali Abunimah: Trump official wants students prosecuted for Israel protests

Students across the United States now face the perverse and dangerous situation where the most senior federal official entrusted with protecting their civil rights may use his position to press for their criminal prosecution

Ben Dangl: The Zapatistas’ Dignified Rage

Revolutionary Theories and Anticapitalist Dreams of Subcommandante Marcos

Arnold R. Isaacs: Learning the Power of Lies

Facts vs. Falsehoods in the Age of Trump

Robert Koehler: The Accusation That Wouldn’t Go Away

This is the accusation the Republicans are stuck with, against their right-wing, anti-Roe.-vs.-Wade Supreme Court nominee

Billy Corriher: The disparate devastation of Hurricane Florence

If nothing is done to address the problem, the number of people worldwide that the World Bank estimates will be driven to extreme poverty by climate change and related extreme weather events: 100 million

Lauren Lluveras: Puerto Rico has not recovered from Hurricane Maria

Before Maria, politicians may have found it easy enough to disregard Puerto Ricans. Now, they represent an angry and energized electorate in some of the country’s most important swing states

Luiz ignacio lula Da silva: Letter from Lula

Lula writes to Brazilian people; Workers’ Party announces that Fernando Haddad will replace former president on the ticket

Michael Hudson: Wasting the Lehman Crisis

What Was Not Saved Was the Economy

William Barber: North Carolina’s Two Storms

Florence & the Policies That Keep People in Poverty

Kevin Zeese: Aftershocks Of Economic Collapse Still Being Felt

The Real Confrontation Is Yet To Come There has been a spate of articles recently on the ten year anniversary of the financial collapse. We wrote about this anniversary two weeks ago, describing the cause of the collapse and the reasons why we are still at risk for another one. Now, we look at how Read more…

John Feffer: There’s a New Crash Coming

Skyrocketing debt, Wall Street deregulation, a fraying social safety net, and a diminished dollar could soon leave the United States looking like Greece

Tamara Pearson: Why Mexico’s Next President is No Friend of Migrants

When it comes to immigration and refugees, Mexico’s progressive president elect, Andres Lopez Obrador, has more in common with US president Donald Trump than you’d expect

Ramzy Baroud: Why Israel Demolishes

Khan Al-Ahmar as Representation of Greater Genocide

Steve Baggarly
: Disarm Trident Walk Ends in Georgia

If governments won’t disarm, the people must

Nicholas Levis: Three Lessons of Occupy Wall Street

Seven years ago, on 17 September 2011, I attended the first Occupy Wall Street manifestation in New York City. The event had been announced in clever and enigmatic ways online, in particular evoking the recent and enormous M15, Syntagma, and Tahrir Square uprisings of the Mediterranean. Some of the first publicity for OWS came from Read more…

John Pilger: Hold the front page. The reporters are missing

Complex stories are reported to a cult-like formula of bias, hearsay and omission: Brexit, Venezuela, Russia, Syria

Mathew Ingram: YouTube’s life as an engine for right-wing radicalization

For many casual YouTube users, the Google-owned video service is a harmless way to waste time, listen to music, or maybe even learn how to install a new appliance. But if you dig below the surface, as the non-profit research institute Data & Society does in a new report, you quickly start to see odd Read more…

Robin D.G. Kelley: Sorry, Not Sorry

Raymond “Boots” Riley, director of the new film Sorry to Bother You, sported a big Afro after it went out of style and before it came back. He called himself a revolutionary when it was politically incorrect. For three decades he has read, written, spoken, worked, organized, studied, taught, directed, acted, organized, partied, parented, made Read more…

Rajan Menon: Yemen’s Descent into Hell

A Saudi-American War of Terror

Howie Hawkins: Why we “Demand More!”

Green Party candidates for governor and lieutenant governor in New York, explain how their campaign is aiming to raise expectations that have been systematically lowered by the state’s Democratic Party leaders

Danica Jorden: Red Sky at Morning

No Recourse for Migrant Farmworkers During and After Hurricane Florence

Conn Hallinan: Parsing the UK’s Anti-Semitism Debate

Does the British Labour Party and its leader, Jeremy Corbyn, have an “anti-Semitism problem,” or has the Party’s left wing been targeted by the Israeli government?

Natasha Lennard: McDonald’s Workers Striking Against Sexual Harassment

Tying #MeToo to Their Labor Struggle

Richard Kim: Secrecy and Non-Transparency

Media get things wrong all the time, but among the deepest damage they do is invisibilizing possibilities, making it seem that things they don’t consider can’t happen

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