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Recent ZNet

Michael Hudson: Is This the End of the Unreformable Democratic Party?

Real political and economic democracy is blocked by the existing Constitution and the Senate filibuster

Ken Bank: Seminole Tribe Named As Top Employer And Best Place To Work In New

It is probably not coincidence that New Jersey’s number 1 employer based on employee satisfaction is owned by a collective, community group of Seminole Tribe members

Sonali Kolhatkar: How the Wealthiest Countries Schemed to Avoid Economic Commitments at COP26

The G20, an exclusive club of mostly wealthy nations, met just before the COP26 in Glasgow and paid little more than lip service to the world’s leading problems, while preserving their own financial dominance

Julia Conley: Decrying ‘Greenwashing’ at COP26, Youth Climate Leaders Join Tens of Thousands at Glasgow March

“Our voices are not being heard, our voices are being left behind”

Brett Wilkins: Bolivian President Warns ‘Carbon Colonialism’ Won’t Solve Climate Crisis

“The solution,” said Luis Arce at COP26, “is to change the model of civilization and move towards an alternative model to capitalism, the concept of living well together in harmony with Mother Earth.

Sam Pizzigati: Why We Need to Keep Our Super Rich ‘Occupied’

Grand fortunes won’t start fading, new research suggests, so long as millions of us buy into billionaires as individuals of rare talent and genius

Kim Petersen: Should one stand up for western values?

Which countries’ values best represent those embraced by people of conscience?

Sharon Zhang: Sanders Slams Democrats’ Tax Break for the Wealthy as “Beyond Unacceptable”

Because the proposal almost exclusively favors the wealthy and the 1 percent, progressives are vehemently opposed to the idea

Bharat Dogra: 11 Months Later, Indian Farmers Still Resist Laws That Help Big Business

Approximately 115 million farmer households can be counted in India, most of them small family farms

Ramzy Baroud: The West’s Role in Israel’s Illegal Settlement Expansion

The truth is that a thousand or a million more statements by western governments will not end the Israeli occupation

Jack Peat: The death of left-wing media?

As the old adage goes, only when the working class stop reading right-wing news will we see progressive change

Laban ng Masa: Philippines: Activist academic Walden Bello to runs as Laban ng Masa VP

We are fighting for a fundamental transformation of our society, to finally end the chains of bondage, oppression, and shame that the rich and the powerful have placed on 90 percent of our people

Angela Lang: Democrats are courting disaster (again) by betraying their base

Democrats risk turning off voters and losing their 2020 electoral gains if they don’t deliver meaningful change for working people

Sara Sirota: House Democrats Back Off Targeting Billionaire Tax Schemes and Swap in New Nicotine Levy

The new legislation sacrifices billions of potential estate tax revenue — and makes it up with vapes and e-cigarettes

Juan Cole: Why isn’t Coal — the New Blood Diamonds– Illegal, Now?

Sen. Joe Manchin of West Virginia is a coal baron and has gone to bat against green energy proposals in Joe Biden’s Build Back Better bill in Congress on behalf of coal and other dangerous fossil fuels.

Harjeet Singh: How a Fossil Fuel Non-Proliferation Treaty Can Guide a Global Just Transition

The reality is that people who are getting displaced because of climate change, that number is increasing

Robert Jensen: Pornography: Doing the Worst to Women, Bringing out the Worst in Men

Based on more than three decades of research and activism, I can state without hesitation or reservation that pornography and the other sexual-exploitation industries are an impediment to stable, decent human communities

William rivers Pitt: Virginia Gubernatorial Winner Encapsulates the Worst Elements of the Modern GOP

Another long Tuesday night in November, another eye-grit, over-caffeinated Wednesday to ponder What It All Means

Dean Baker: Combatting Global Warming: The Solution to China’s Demographic “Crisis”

If China wants a path through its “demographic crisis,” or, in other words, coping with secular stagnation, devoting substantial resources towards greening its economy would be a great path forward

Vijay Prashad: Ecuador’s Neoliberal Government Announces State Emergency to Impose Austerity

On October 18, 2021, Ecuador’s President Guillermo Lasso declared a state of emergency for 60 days

Liz David-Barrett: Peas in a state-captured pod

State capture happens when narrow interest groups take control of public policy, buying influence to rewrite the rules. There are signs it’s happening in Britain

Rebekah Entralgo: Rediscovering the Power of Unions

Better wages, health care, paid leave, and real curbs on inequality may always face headwinds in Washington. But as workers across the country are rediscovering, a strong union can win those things directly

George Justice: University of Florida bans professors from giving expert testimony against state

The University of Florida barred three of its professors from serving as paid experts in a Florida voting rights case – sparking outrage within academia and in the news media

Medea Benjamin: COP26: Can a Singing, Dancing Rebellion Save the World?

The appropriate public response to governments that are ready to squander the lives of millions of people, whether by war or by ecological mass suicide, is rebellion and revolution

Don Fitz: Path to Extinction or Path to a Livable Future?

A look at The Path to a Livable Future: A New Politics to Fight Climate Change, Racism and the Next Pandemic, by Stan Cox

Marjorie Cohn: SCOTUS Likely to Allow Challenge to Texas Law, But May Still Overturn “Roe”

Texas’s draconian anti-abortion law remained in effect as the Supreme Court heard oral arguments on November 1 about whether it could be challenged in court

Juanita Rico: Costa Rica: Latin America’s climate champion

Costa Rica is a rare country whose efforts have been consistent with the Paris Agreement

C.M. Lewis: India Walton’s Mayoral Defeat in Buffalo Sets Dangerous Precedents for the Left

Brown has now proven that, for candidates defeated in a primary, an ascent to power can be continued unbroken — if they’re willing to run against their own party line

Bill McKibben: “Manchin’s Latest Hissy Fit” Threatens to Curb Biden Agenda at U.N. Climate Summit

“It makes it extremely difficult to proceed when the world’s carbon champion — the country that’s poured more carbon into the atmosphere by far than any other — won’t provide leadership.”

Fred Weir: Communists face rare crackdown in Russia, upending old balance

Boris Kagarlitsky, a veteran left-wing dissident, holds the distinction of having been a political prisoner under the regimes of Leonid Brezhnev and Boris Yeltsin. Now he can add President Vladimir Putin to that list

Steve Ellner: Venezuela’s November Elections

Washington’s New Strategy but Same Old Assumptions

Kris Hamel: Michigan rally supports striking Kellogg’s workers

Hundreds of unionists and community supporters from around Michigan gathered in Battle Creek, Mich., on Oct. 27 for a rally in support of striking workers at Kellogg’s

Jordan Smith: Texas Admits Its Abortion Law Scheme Puts All Rights Up for Grabs

Several justices wanted to know: If Texas could craft a law to insulate its attack on abortion, what would stop other states from using the same method to target rights they disfavor?

Branko Marcetic: Buffalo’s Establishment Pulled Out All the Stops to Defeat India Walton

To beat India Walton, the establishment smeared her, changed the rules, and threw piles of cash. In the end, she flipped Byron Brown’s base while he drove up turnout in the city’s wealthiest areas

Patrick Bond: COP 26: End the Cynicism and Denial – Pt1

Governments and corporations around the world are fully aware of the danger of the climate crisis. They are not lacking information or education; it’s all out there

George Monbiot: Capitalism is killing the planet – it’s time to stop buying into our own destruction

Our survival depends on piercing the glassy surface of distraction, and ceasing to obey

Greta Thunberg: An Open Letter to the Global Media

We can still avoid the worst consequences, we can still turn this around. But not if we continue like today. You have the resources and possibilities to change the story overnight

Thomas Klikauer: Climate Justice in America

In the end, the concept of climate justice offer a theoretical or even philosophical discussion on how to understand global warming. Climate justice remains indispensable to the debate on global warming

Various Contributors: U.S. Grassroots Leaders Greet Biden at COP26 With Push to End Fossil Fuel Era

Biden Must Stop Fossil Fuel Project Approvals, Declare Climate Emergency

Julia Conley: With Roe in Danger, Coalition Demands Supreme Court Expansion

“We need both legislation to protect our rights and legislation to expand the Court so six hyper-partisan conservative justices can’t undo that progress,” said one advocate. “This is the urgent response the Court’s onslaught on our rights demands.”

Brett Wilkins: Letter Accusing World Leaders of Climate ‘Betrayal’ Signed by 1 Million People—And Growing

“There is still time to avoid the worst consequences if we are prepared to change. It will take determined, visionary leadership. And it will take immense courage—but know that when you rise, billions will be right behind you.”

Suzy Wurtz: Not in Our Town: Ephrata, PA Says No to Extremists

How did we win? By organizing everyday people, especially parents, using a populist narrative to build a coalition of working-class people who agreed on one thing: right-wing extremism goes too far, even for Ephrata

Ann Jones: “Now Is the Time to Be Angry”

Remembering Forgotten Afghanistan

George Chidi: Atlanta’s Mental Health Problem — and Ours

Roughly 18 percent of all arrests made in the city of Atlanta are divertible. Almost all still end in an arrest

Noam Chomsky: Build Back Better Fiasco Exposes How Both Parties Serve Corporate Power

The signs of collapse of the social order are too numerous and familiar to review once again. To a large extent, it can be attributed to the impact of the one-sided and vicious class war of the past 40-plus years

John Pilger: Justice for Assange is Justice for All

Julian Assange is a truth-teller who has committed no crime but revealed government crimes and lies on a vast scale and so performed one of the great public services of my lifetime

Jack Rasmus: President Joe (Manchin) Moves the Goalposts Again

What we have here now is a triple-teaming of Democrat progressives: Manchin takes the lead, gives the appearance he’ll maybe accept a lower total spending. Sinema then jumps in and adds more demands

Mary Church: Protests at COP26 Climate Summit Call on U.K. to Block Massive Cambo Oil Field

“We know that fossil fuels need to be phased out long, long before 2050, but this proposal is to keep on drilling oil until 2050”

John Feffer: Climate Change and the Limits of Economic Growth

If economic growth ushered in this era of climate change, how can economic growth also be part of the solution?

Jessica Corbett: Over 700 Groups Demand ‘Real Climate Solutions, Not Net-Zero Promises’

“The only way to avoid climate catastrophe is to undertake… deep, systemic, and just transformations of our energy, food, transport, and industrial systems.”

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