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Recent ZNet

William C. Anderson: The Case for Delegitimizing the Police

We can’t say a world without police wouldn’t work when the places that supposedly “need” police have never received adequate resources to thrive

Patrick Huff: War criminal Erdoğan gears up for a power-grab

Europe rolls out the welcome mat for the Turkish leader, while Kurds are ethnically cleansed

Anna Feigenbaum: The rise of resistance to tear gas

There is a growing transnational solidarity of tear gas resilience, aided by social media and mobile technologies that help protesters circulate relief remedies, gas mask designs and grenade throwback techniques

Patrick Bond: Scholars get drunk on their own rhetoric in South Africa

A ‘think tank’ is sometimes a group of people paid to think, by the people who control the tanks (as Naomi Klein once remarked). Here in Johannesburg, one of South Africa’s highest-profile intellectual vehicles appears to be a victim of drunken driving by scholars from whom we otherwise expect much stronger political navigation skills. In the luxurious central business Read more…

David Bacon: Iraq Elections: Rebuilding Popular Power

The combination of street protests, electoral activism and increasing union strength is one of the most important features of Iraq’s political landscape

Mike Ferner: Veterans’ Group Says “No” to Emmy for PBS Vietnam War Series

A national veterans’ organization is weighing in on this year’s Emmy awards with a full-page ad in Variety, saying Ken Burns and Lynne Novick’s “Vietnam War” series does not deserve a “Best Documentary” award

Peter Dreier: For NFL Players, Civil Disobedience Is the Only Option

Taking a knee is in the best American tradition of protest

Ilan Pappe: Finding the truth amid Israel’s lies

A deconstruction of Israel’s approved history is the best way to challenge a word laundrette that turns ethnic cleansing into self-defense, land robbery into redemption and apartheid practices into “security” concerns

Tom Engelhardt: Duck-and-Cover America

Advice to College Graduates in the Age of Trump

Juan Cole: Is Roseanne Barr what America has Become?

Barr’s odyssey (or odd-yssey) from a liberal champion of the underpaid working class to a vitriolic Trump supporter and conspiracy theorist with an attraction to racist language is in many ways symptomatic of the United States itself

Robert Fisk: Putin has a lot to thank Trump for in Middle East

Once it was the State Department which called for ‘restraint on all sides’ – usually when the Israelis were invading or bombing Lebanon or Gaza – but now it’s the Kremlin which calls for ‘restraint’ between Israel and Iran. Putin is fast becoming a friend to all

Glenn Greenwald: Threats to Press Freedom

Interview on Halper’s involvement in the CIA and the 1980 election of Ronald Reagan

Jeremy Kryt: Rumors of War With the U.S. Run Rampant in Venezuela

The U.S. record fomenting coups and directly intervening in Latin America, which goes back to the middle of the 19th century

Marjorie Cohn: How Do You Get Off the US “Kill List”?

After the 9/11 attacks, the Bush administration created a secret “kill list” to step up the targeting of alleged terrorists for assassination. The criteria for inclusion on the list have apparently morphed over three presidential administrations, yet they remain elusive. Last year, two journalists filed a federal lawsuit against Donald Trump and other high government officials, asking to be Read more…

Gabriel Winant: Mind Control

Review of Barbara Ehrenreich’s radical critique of wellness and self-improvement

Jérôme Roos: The Long Shadow of May ’68

In the face of a potentially dystopian future, the left still retains a small window of opportunity to begin to turn the tables—but only if it can learn to move beyond some of the ambivalent legacies it has inherited

Ramzy Baroud: Eight Things I learned About Palestine While Touring Eight Western Nations

Interacting with hundreds of people and being exposed to multiple media environments in both mainstream and alternative media, I also learned much about the changing political mood on Palestine in the western world

Norman Finkelstein: BDS, One State, Two States, Tactics, Goals, and Resistance

Kids are being poisoned before our eyes, and you’re talking about slogans that have nothing whatsoever to do with reality. That’s just flat out wrong

Kinsey Hasstedt: Undermining People’s Access to Birth Control

Interview on reproductive health restrictions

Jane Paul: Financing an Equitable Economy in Los Angeles

As we work to extend the reach of these emerging alternative economic efforts, we are able to create stronger community bonds, build well-being, and activate new participants toward the goals of equity and stability

Michael Albert: Political and Kinship Vision

Chapter 24 of RPS/2044

Robert Pollin: Are Fossil Fuel Divestment Campaigns Working?

Is fossil fuels divestment an effective strategy in tackling climate change? A newly released study by the Political Economy Research Institute (PERI) at the University of Massachusetts at Amherst suggests that this strategy is not sufficient on its own in affecting the global battle against climate change and that new approaches are needed. Robert Pollin, a distinguished Read more…

Nick Turse: Pentagon Documents Detail Dystopian Dangers

Narco-Corruption, ISIS 3.0, and the Terror Drone Attack That Never Happened

David Swanson: Memorial Day THIS

Let’s celebrate holidays that promote things we truly value, including peace

Jonathan Cook: The flames that killed Fathi Harb

Fathi Harb should have had something to live for, not least the imminent arrival of a new baby. But last week the 21-year-old extinguished his life in an inferno of flames in central Gaza

Daniela Pastrana: Recovering Native Languages in Mexico

“Never Again Can There Be a Mexico Without Indigenous Peoples”

George Monbiot: Other People’s Money

Make bosses pay for the disasters they cause

Sandra Hoyos: Will Argentina Legalize Abortion?

As Argentina debates a new law to legalize abortion, activists like Sandra Hoyos are rallying for a pro-choice future for the country

Arvind Dilawar: Labor Struggles Unite Students and Workers

The occupation, strikes, and pickets may be over for now, but perhaps the solidarity formed will endure

Ramzy Baroud: Fathi Harb burnt himself to death in Gaza. Will the world notice?

Fathi Harb should have had something to live for, not least the imminent arrival of a new baby. But last week the 21-year-old extinguished his life in an inferno of flames in central Gaza

Harvey Wasserman: Reckless Energy Policies

The nation’s entrenched fossil-nuclear corporate elites are more focused on propping up the industries of the past than embracing the technologies of the future

Federico Fuentes: Bolivarian Revolution wins the battle, but is it losing the war?

What Maduro’s opponents seek is a scenario where they can eliminate all traces of the Bolivarian Revolution

Phyllis Bennis: The Best Way to Honor Our Vets? End the Wars

We need action, and a new moral compass — one that recognizes that the best way to honor our veterans, keep people safe, end poverty, and fund jobs, education and health care for veterans and everybody else is to end the wars

Winnie Wong: It’s Time to Crack Down on Vulture Capitalists

The Toys “R” Us bankruptcy—along with massive job losses stemming from predatory Wall Street deals at Sears, Kmart, Sports Authority, Radio Shack, and Claire’s—should be a wake-up call

Allan Nairn: How Trump Dragged a Rightist Revolution to Power

It’s the Paul Ryan agenda which could never have gotten elected in its own right, because it’s anathema to most Americans — slashing Medicare, slashing social security, transferring trillions of dollars from the working people, and even the poor and the middle class to the very rich

Lucas Koerner: The Meaning of Maduro’s Mandate

While the Venezuelan opposition’s fraud claims following President Maduro’s reelection triumph hold little water, the Bolivarian Revolution stands at the most critical crossroads of its history

Jessica Corbett: Dems Help GOP Pass Massive Pentagon Budget

“Instead of a blueprint for peace and security, this NDAA continues the practice of endless war with no input or oversight from our congressional leaders,” lamented Rep. Barbara Lee (D-Calif.)

Rebekah Barber: The South’s health care crisis

The region is home to 90 percent of Americans who fall into the health care coverage gap — not wealthy enough to afford private insurance but not qualified for the public health insurance program for the poor and disabled

Simon Lazarus: Did the Supreme Court Just Gut the New Deal?

Monday’s ruling banning employee class-action suits could open the door to destroying non-union workers’ rights

Adam Lynch: After Centuries of Housing Racism, a Southern City Gets Innovative

In Jackson, Mississippi, community land trusts are key to fair and affordable development

Andrew Spannaus: European Earthquake as Populist Government Forms in Italy

The revolt of voters across the Western world has reached a high point in Europe

Alexa Capeloto: What’s wrong with secret donor agreements?

George Mason University President Ángel Cabrera acknowledged this month that his school gave the Charles Koch Foundation “some influence” over hiring and evaluating faculty

Jack Rasmus: Factional Splits Among US Elites

Trump’s pursuit of his ultra right economic nationalist policies, combined with the aggressiveness of US war-defense faction, will have the long run effect of reducing US hegemony in the global economy

Steve Ellner: Intransigence in Venezuela

Maduro’s electoral victory was expected, given the Democratic Unity Roundtable’s boycott and allegations of vote manipulation. But both Chavistas and opposition camps will need to find common ground to solve the pressing challenges Venezuela faces

Robert J. Burrowes: Human Depravity in the Congo

For more than 500 years, the Congo has been brutalized by the extraordinary violence inflicted by those who have treated the country as a resource – for slaves, rubber, timber, wildlife and minerals – to be exploited

Juan Cole: China’s Green Shift

Will Overtake US in Energy Technology, Security

Benjamin Sachs: The NFL’s “take a knee” ban is illegal

An employer that disciplines an employee for engaging in peaceful speech has disciplined an employee in violation of public policy

Saurav Sarkar: Arrested for Racial Justice

Hundreds of Poor People’s Campaign Activists Got Themselves Arrested

Christine Ahn: Women Activists Head to DMZ to Promote Korean Peace Process

Interview on a global movement of women mobilizing to end the Korean War

Matan Helman: “In total, I went to prison six times”

In conversation with an Israeli conscientious objector

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