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Recent ZNet

Badri Raina: A Way of Being

Elders long since dead and gone Beckon from a glen in the heart; I think they will be there in love As my hour comes to depart

Jeremy Brecher: The Future of People Power in the Coronavirus Depression

Direct action can play a significant role in shaping the Biden era

Achal Prabhala: Denialism at an Industrial Scale

Interview on Intellectual Property Laws around Drugs and Vaccines

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez: Talking Socialism

You know, there’s a lot of people who talk about class issues, there’s a lot of people who are deep in the discourse of struggle. But to me, as someone who grew up in these environments, it was the translation to action that was distinctive to me

Maya Evans: Will Drones Really Protect Us?

Drugs, Surveillance & The War on Terror

Henry A. Giroux: Threat of Authoritarianism Is No Longer on the Horizon: It’s Arrived in the GOP

A crucial challenge for progressives is to counter the underlying conditions that cause the collective consciousness to incorporate elements of fascist politics

Umme Hoque: If You Want Student Loan Debt Cancellation, the Time to Act Is Here

Starting next week, the Debt Collective will embark on a week of action to tell the Biden administration that it’s time to cancel every cent of student debt. Join us

Joe DeManuelle-Hall: Virginia Public Sector Workers Organize to Make New Bargaining Rights a Reality

Please Help ZNet         Source: Labor Notes When Virginia changed its law last year to allow local government workers to bargain collectively, it was a leap forward in a time when the trend is generally in the opposite direction. As always, the devil is in the details—and there’s a lot of devilry Read more…

Liberation Staff: Protest in Atlanta stands up to anti-Asian terror attacks

The Atlanta massacre has sparked a new nation-wide movement—demanding an end to anti-Asian racism, violence against women, and white supremacy

Rev. Dr. William J. Barber II: The Third Reconstruction

Interview on building power for poor and low-income people

Ken Klippenstein: Amazon and Bathroom Breaks

If employees actually had to pee in bottles, Amazon said, “nobody would work for us.” That’s a lie

Chuck Collins: Sanders Estate Tax Bill Shuts Down Wealth Hiding Loopholes

The Vermont senator and former presidential candidate takes shot across the bow of the wealth defense industry

Siân Berry: As mayor, I’ll fight to fix London’s broken housing system

Londoners need a mayor who will fight for housing reform and rent controls, argues Green Party candidate Sian Berry

Danny Glover: Amazon Union Drive & the Power of Organized Labor

“Once unions are there, once workers have representation on all levels, once they have a seat at the bargaining table, it’s another kind of expression and a new relationship”

Karen J. Greenberg: Moving on from the War on Terror?

Checking in After Six Months

Greg Palast: Voting Gangnam Style: The Rise of Kim Crow

When a government acts to prevent voters from registering, that’s a federal crime. A go-to-jail crime. But in Georgia, and too many other states, it’s the victims who face arrest and prison

Greg Kaufmann: Stacy Abrams Aims to Vaccinate Rural Georgia

“We saw a huge difference when we engaged and organized communities in terms of the [election] turnout in Southwest Georgia. The same can be done with accessing the vaccine.”

Mark Sumner: The Cost of Covid Long-Haulers

For some patients, serious and long-term problems are occurring even though the disease itself was apparently mild or asymptomatic

Jake Johnson: Tlaib Unveils Bill to Provide Monthly Payments to Everyone in US

“A one-time survival check isn’t enough to get people through this crisis.”

Owen Hatherley: Workers Deserve Beautiful, Renovated, Even Luxurious Public Housing

This year’s Pritzker Prize went to French architects who rejected the demolition of public housing. Instead, the architects insisted on renovating and expanding public units to make working-class residents’ homes more modern, humane, and attractive

Ellie Baron: War in Yemen

Grassroots Mobilization Pressured Biden Administration to Pledge End of U.S. Involvement

Anand Giridharadas: The War FOR Government

It’s time to make a militant case for government that is every bit as emotive and powerful as the forty-year case against, which was so compelling that it persuaded millions of people to vote for their own subjugation

Bernie Sanders: An Unusually Optimistic Conversation with Bernie Sanders

Interview on the Rescue Act, cancel culture, the filibuster and more

Andrea Germanos: WHO Chief Blasts ‘Grotesque’ Vaccine Inequality

Rich Nations Block Speedy End of Global Pandemic

Judith Deutsch: Decolonizing Israel

Israelis are faced with the problem of taking responsibility for the racism and claims of entitlement by which they rationalize the contravention of norms of lawfulness and morality

Palestinian BDS National Committee: A Palestinian civil society critique of the Jerusalem Declaration on Antisemitism

Palestinians, the Palestine solidarity movement, and all progressives are urged to approach the JDA with a critical mind and caution due to its flaws

Jerusalem Declaration On Antisemitism: The Jerusalem Declaration On Antisemitism

Please Help ZNet         Source: Jerusalemdeclaration.org The Jerusalem Declaration on Antisemitism is a tool to identify, confront and raise awareness about antisemitism as it manifests in countries around the world today. It includes a preamble, definition, and a set of 15 guidelines that provide detailed guidance for those seeking to recognize antisemitism in order to Read more…

Mark Engler: Can social movements realign America’s political parties to win big change?

In claiming the goal of “realignment,” groups such as Sunrise and Justice Democrats are reviving an old idea, with hopes of provoking new political transformations

Medea Benjamin: U.S. Joins “Rules-Based World” on Afghanistan

Maybe cooperation over Afghanistan can even be a first step toward broader U.S. cooperation with China, Russia and Iran that will be essential if we are to solve the serious common challenges confronting us all

Tom Wetzel: Political and Economic Power in a Period of Social Transformation

How does the working class liberate itself from being a subordinate and exploited class?

Vijay Prashad: What You Call Love Is Unpaid Work

Women around the world spend an average of four hours and twenty-five minutes per day on unpaid care work, while men spend an average of one hour and twenty-three minutes per day on the same kind of work

Parth M.N.: ‘We will protest for as long as possible’

“We are getting by because people around us have been our strength. If only this government had half the empathy shown by the farming community, it would have repealed the three farm laws.”

Robin Savannah Carver: I Want Civil Rights. They Want to Talk About Sports

Republicans are leveraging public ignorance about trans people to deny Queer Americans basic civil rights

Kim Moody: Workers of the World: Growth, Change, and Rebellion

The working class of the twenty-first century is a class in formation, as one would expect in a world where capitalism has only recently become universal

Giulio D’Errico: Resisting Greece’s rapid descent into authoritarianism

The heavily militarized response to the pandemic and endemic police violence has exacerbated old conflicts within Greek society — and many have had enough

Nandini Archer: UK women are being ‘used as guinea pigs’ by ‘abortion reversal’ doctors

openDemocracy investigation reveals spread of controversial treatment that claims to ‘reverse’ abortions, supported by US Christian right

Juan Cole: Why the Suez Cana is so Important to the Global Economy

The canal is a major money earner for Egypt and it has become a major artery of world trade

Marc Norton: New California Data Shows COVID Spreading in the Workplace

The virus appears to have been infecting people at their jobs, not just at family parties and social events

Eve Ottenberg: Desperate at the Border

Please Help ZNet         Source: Counterpunch Hundreds of thousands of Central Americans wouldn’t flood the U.S. border if things weren’t pretty bad back home. Destitution, gangs, rampant murder, death squads – that’s what people leave behind in Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador, countries that have all been laboratories for U.S. anti-communist counterinsurgency Read more…

Stuart Appelbaum: Amazon Intimidates Workers Amid Historic Union Vote

Amazon workers in Bessemer, Alabama, are in the final days of voting on whether to join the Retail, Wholesale and Department Store Union and become the first unionized Amazon warehouse in the United States

Ted Rall: I Am a Victim of Republican Cancel Culture

Censorship is toxic whether it comes from the left or the right

Branko Marcetic: How Kyrsten Sinema Went from Lefty Activist to Proud Neoliberal Democrat

The story of Senator Kyrsten Sinema is about how a desperate thirst for power can debase even the most idealistic progressive

Kenny Stancil: Amazon to Delivery Drivers: Agree to Be Spied On Biometrically or You’re Fired

“Rank authoritarianism disguised as corporate efficiency for consumer satisfaction.”

Paul Buchheit: The Boundless Advantages of the Welfare State—for the Rich

Robbing the rest of us blind, wealthy Americans benefit from a wide array of tax breaks and government subsidies that are hidden behind the constant Republican blather about entitlements for the poor

Andrea Guzman: Activists Decry a Different Border Surge in Texas: Cops and Troops

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott’s Operation Lonestar is the latest move in a long tradition of border militarization

Stacey Abrams: ‘They Are Doing What the Insurrectionists Sought’

The ‘coordinated onslaught’ of bills touts the big lie of voter fraud that fueled the January 6 insurrection, says the former Georgia candidate for governor

Gayle Greene: The Country Moves Forward, Education Falls Back

What test scores measure is family income;  they correlate so closely that there’s a term for it—the zip code effect

H. Patricia Hynes: On Tax Day, the Billionaires must Start Paying their Fair Share

On Tax Day, there’s more than one elephant in the room, and they’re all in mansions.

Daniel A. Medina: Some Younger Amazon Workers in Bessemer, New to Unions, Are Still Undecided

Older workers, who had experience with labor organizing at now-closed plants in the area, are leading the Amazon union push

Tatiana Cozzarelli: Bessemer Opens the Floodgates

Amazon Workers All Over the Country Are Trying to Unionize

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