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Recent ZNet

Norman Solomon: DNC Chair Tom Perez, the Democratic Party’s Grim Metaphor

The corporate power structure of the Democratic Party, institutionalized in the DNC, has not given up on blocking efforts to reform the party and how it chooses a presidential nominee

John Feffer: Incompetent, Bad or Evil?

After a year that’s brought us closer to nuclear war, ethnic cleansing, and climate catastrophe, it’s time to consider that the Trump-GOP agenda may be genuinely evil

Jordan Sarti: The Next Steps for the Women’s March?

Moving a Progressive Agenda

Sabrina Fernandes: Lula, Brazil Elections and the Left

Interview on former President Luiz Inacio “Lula” da Silva’s Jan. 24 corruption trial and forthcoming elections in the South American country

Rebecca Vallas: We Must Stop Framing Programs Like Medicaid in Republican Terms

Today we bring you a conversation with Rebecca Vallas, the managing director of the Poverty to Prosperity program at the Center for American Progress. Vallas discusses how the Republicans’ efforts to smear and dismantle popular programs like Medicaid as “welfare reform” are attempts to distract Americans from GOP attacks on the working and middle classes. Sarah Jaffe: Read more…

Victoria Law: Ozrganizers raised over $233,000 to bail out hundreds

Taking up the call to #FreethePeople

Sandra Cuffe: “There Are No Human Rights Here”

Honduran Anti-Fraud Protesters Clamor for Justice as State Killings Continue

Vijay Prashad: Towards an endgame?

Turkey makes a decisive move against Kurdish fighters on the border with Syria

ROAR Collective: Turkey begins offensive against Kurds

The military invasion of Afrin is based on false premises and serves as a stark reminder of the Turkish state’s strong aversion to the liberated Kurds

Carl Boggs: Doomsday Panic in Hawaii

More than 70 years after Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Pentagon elites still theorize and fantasize about the unthinkable, their demented plans far removed from the realm of political debate or even public awareness

TeleSUR English: World’s Richest 1% Acquired 82% of Wealth

“Almost 43 percent of the global youth labour force is still either unemployed, or working but living in poverty.”

John Savage: Livin’ the Screen Life: #productsmakemehappy

Important official legal disclaimer: This is a short work of fiction. Any resemblances to real people, people you may know, people you think you may know, etc., is entirely deliberate. When I’m at work I’m staring at a screen. When I’m not at work I’m staring at screens. Checking social media. Scrolling through updates. Scrolling Read more…

Patrick Cockburn: Kurdish forces in Syria launch powerful counterattack

Extended battle against Turkey seems likely

Mary Annette Pember: Native Women Reclaiming Birth on Their Terms

The Midwives’ Resistance

Nour Samaha: Israel’s “Safe Zone” Is Creeping Farther Into Syria

After failed attempts to ensure its interests were safeguarded by the major players in the war next door, Israel is pushing to implement the second phase of its “safe-zone” project

Adam Johnson: WaPo Editor Blames US Leadership

The most serious Bad Thing he cites as a result of a lack of American leadership, the famine in Yemen, is a direct result of “American leadership.”

Vincent Emanuele: The Limitations of Electoral Activism – 2018 Edition

The overwhelming majority of Democratic candidates at both the local and state level represent a step backward, which is a real shame. This is largely due to the lack of social movements and progressive political infrastructure in our region and state

Jack Rasmus: US Government Shutdown: Democrats Blink…Again

Democrat party leaders are proving themselves not only strategically myopic since the 2016 election, but tactically inept as well

Ann Jones: The Norwegian Menace

Should We Build a Wall to Keep Them Out?

Marjorie Cohn: Congress’s Ratification of Trump’s Spying Power

A direct threat to our privacy

Ben Dangl: The Billionaire Boom

82% of Wealth Produced Last Year Went to Richest 1%

Kali Holloway: Expect Another Racist Trump/GOP Shutdown

This whole DACA fight has always been about race

Juan Cole: Jordan’s King Abdullah warns Pence-Trump

What Abdullah II is afraid of is that his American alliance, always unpopular among much of the population, and the peace treaty with Israel concluded by his predecessor in the 1990s, will tag him, finally, as a traitor to Islam and to the Arab nation

Dean Baker: Corporate Tax Cut Bonanza

Corporate America is clearly putting on a public relations show to thank the Republicans who pushed through the tax cut

Lara Bazelon: A Very Different Way to Approach Justice

A new variation on an age-old tradition helps criminal defendants redeem their lives

Jérôme Roos: The dangers of focusing all our attention on Trump

Trump’s erratic presidency is a manifestation, not the cause, of democratic decay. The unfolding political crisis will outlast him. So must the resistance

Patrick Cockburn: Syria crisis

Turkish assault on Kurdish enclave threatens to open deadly new phase in bloody seven-year civil war

LeeAnn Hall: Trump’s Gift for the Unemployed

Kicking Them Off Health Care

Badri Raina: Reflections 2018

These days there is no dearth of talk, Only a famine of conversation; More imbecile the argument, Louder the assertion.   Nubile anchors propagate With passionate personal force What their paymasters designate The day’s political course.   God’s lieutenants are hand in glove With monarchs of the till; Truth resides in the latest App, The Read more…

Michael Albert: Reviewing Myself? 

…what about the psychological pitfalls of doing a selfie-review? What about being accused of overly serving your own interests? Risk that?

Rebecca Gordon: Becoming Stable Geniuses

Seeking New (and Very Old) Habits for a New Year

Nicholas Powers: Fear of a Black Planet

Under the Republican Push for Welfare Cuts, Racism Boils

Laura Finley: After #MeToo and #TimesUp

What if in addition to being committed to speak up as persons who have been victimized, we also committed to speak up when we see or hear troublesome comments or behavior?

Jonathan Cook: Why is the Israeli army finally worried about Gaza?

Last week Israeli military officials for the first time echoed what human rights groups and the United Nations have been saying for some time: that Gaza’s economy and infrastructure stand on the brink of collapse

Rachel M. Cohen: Labor Movement Thinking Ahead to Post-Trump World

“The lesson is get to work, regardless of the political environment you’re in, build support, awareness, and be ready.”

Paul Alexander: How a Public Bank Could Relieve Seattle’s Housing Crisis

Any permanent solution to Seattle’s housing must involve ending our reliance on market-based controls such as inclusionary zoning

Thomas S. Harrington: The Nerve of Catalonia

They are Once Again Trying to Swear in the Coalition that Won the Most Votes

Kali Holloway: Trump Isn’t Crazy, He’s Just a Terrible Person

The president is more “bad than mad,” according to the man who wrote the book on personality disorders

Robert Fisk: The Next Kurdish war is on the horizon

Turkey and Syria will never allow it to create a mini-state

Black Lives Matter: Statement on Government Shutdown

As Black people in the United States of America, we demand our leaders pass a clean DACA, cease any racist fueled movements toward building the wall, and reach a compromise to end the destructive #TrumpShutDown

Zeynep Tufekci: It’s the (Democracy-Poisoning) Golden Age of Free Speech

The flow of the world’s attention is structured, to a vast and overwhelming degree, by just a few digital platforms: Facebook, Google (which owns YouTube), and, to a lesser extent, Twitter

Erica Chenoweth: Still Protesting

One year after the Women’s March on Washington, people are still protesting en masse. A lot. We’ve counted

George Lakey: Why the Resistance can’t win without vision

A well-crafted vision offers a connection point for unity, an attractive means of outreach, and a source of positive energy in a degraded political environment

Julia Stein: The Myths of Housing Policy

Half of the nation’s renters—in cities and also in rural areas—spend an unsustainable amount of their income on housing

Steven Rosenfeld: Reeling In Facebook and Google Before It’s Too Late

Big Tech’s algorithms have turned billions of device users into addicts whose every whim is tracked and baited

Juan Cole: Fascistization of Cable News

Despite the impression that Trump hates the press and forms a danger to it, the mass media actually has fallen for him, hard

Manuel Larrabure: The Rise of a New Left in Chile?

Building on the student-led mass protests of 2006 and 2011, a newly forming leftist coalition in Chile is well-positioned to challenge Sebastián Piñera’s incoming right-wing administration

Juan Escalante: Dreamers Living A Nightmare

The real stress for many DACA recipients comes from the constant seesawing that Congress and the White House put on in full display across news outlets

Sam Biddle: Untrustworthy Users Rank the Trustworthiness of News

Facebook is still reluctant to do anything that will cause it institutional discomfort or provoke backlash from its right-and-left-aligned users

Umair Haque: Facebook’s greatest weapon

Facebook makes us miserable by inducing us to constantly engage in me-versus-you interactions

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