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Recent ZNet

Peter Gowan: The Police Enabled the Far-Right Mob That Violently Stormed the Capitol Building

The far-right mob that took over the Capitol never would have gotten past the front door if the federal police hadn’t allowed them to storm in. The simple fact is that left-wing protesters get treated with brutality, while right-wing protesters get coddled

Ellen David Friedman: How to Keep On Keeping On

Whatever form your purposeful action eventually takes, if it is grounded in relationships that sustain you, it will keep you on your feet for the many struggles still ahead

Saskia Hostetler Lippy: How we can be better than this

I think that people can be better than that, and I know that people can be better than they are.  We are capable of bearing a great burden, once we discover that the burden is a reality and arrive where reality is

Emma Coleman: Riotous Republican Lawmakers

Republican state lawmakers from across the country traveled to D.C. on Wednesday. At least one joined the siege of the U.S. Capitol Building

Badri Raina: Hope is an Uphill Task

What struggle is harder than The keeping up of hope

Michael Albert: A Brief Query

So we can reasonably ask, who thought, however wrongly, that there was benefit to be had by permitting Trumpian thugs access up the steps and into the Capital?

William rivers Pitt: A Snap Impeachment Should Be Done Within 24 Hours

Today, I add January 6, 2021, to the long hall of bleak murals that have decorated my passage through this lethally erratic thing called the future. We were supposed to have flying cars by now. Instead, we have this

Juan Cole: Dear Rats deserting Trump’s Sinking Ship

All those Times you didn’t Resign or Even criticize his Monstrous Deeds

Walden Bello: America Has Entered the Weimar Era

The violent storming of the Capitol by pro-Trump extremists underlines the face of crises to come

Nick Turse: Will They Ever Be Over?

The 20th Anniversary of the War on Terror Arrives

Jonathan Cook: The US and UK may not will Assange’s death, but everything they are doing makes it more likely

Washington has wanted Assange permanently silenced and made an example of – by demonstrating to other journalists its terrifying reach and powers of retaliation

David Sirota: The Insurrection Was Predictable

Wednesday’s events were the expression of a dangerous authoritarian movement that has been long in the making

Fabiola Cineas: The Insurrection is Happening at State Capitols

Across the country, protesters have rallied outside, as well as inside, state capitol buildings over Trump’s false claims of voter fraud

Gershon Baskin: What’s the difference between modern Zionism and white supremacy?

I no longer call myself a Zionist. I don’t know what it means to be a Zionist anymore. Is building settlements in the West Bank Zionism? Is building more homes in settlements a Zionist response to Palestinian violence?

Richard Seymour: No future: the English Left in retrospect

What is next for the English Left after Corbyn-led Labour’s crushing electoral defeat in last year’s election?

Paul Wilcox: NYC politician’s ‘Working Group’ backs privatizing Fulton Houses over tenant objections

Tenant activists, have not been conned, but have entered a new stage of the struggle

Peter Mertens: This Pandemic Shows How Elites Have Forgotten Us

Belgium has suffered the world’s worst rate of coronavirus deaths

Nikos Raptis: Nazis, ‘Commies’, etc (Part 1)

So, on the basis of my experience on Nazis and on assorted dictators, my guesstimate as to the number of Nazis and crypto-Nazis in any given population is: around 30 %

Thom Hartmann: Trump’s Racism Kills 1 in 1,000 Americans

More than 12,000 Americans had died from coronavirus by April 7, but once we knew that most of the non-elderly victims were Black, things were suddenly very, very different. Now it was time to quit talking about people dying and start talking about getting people back to work

Kara Voght: Trump Incited Violence. Democrats Want Him Out Of Office. Now.

Members of Congress are calling for the 25th Amendment to be invoked, or for Trump to be impeached again

Mark Weisbrot: Why Partisanship Will Increase in the Post-Trump Era

Structural reforms will be needed just to make the country into enough of a democracy so that we can actually vote for governments that might treat some of the pathologies that have been cultivated over the past few decades

Jake Johnson: ‘Era of Small Ideas Is Over’

With Democrats Poised to Seize Senate, Progressives Say Party Has Mandate to Go Big

Hamilton Nolan: Google Workers Say the Endless Wait to Unionize Big Tech Is Over

“You have a union when you say you have a union.”

Rod Driver: Brutal Human Rights Abuses – Torture, Sanctions and Our Failure to Discuss Economic Rights

People in advanced nations assume that their governments do not torture prisoners, but it is practized by the US, and was used by Britain in its colonies and in Northern Ireland

Patrick Cockburn: The UK is Out of the EU

But the Balance of Power in Europe has Tipped Permanently Against It

Nicholas Stender: Chicago mayor orders teachers back to schools under threat of termination

The situation in Chicago continues to develop. CTU has notified members about the potential for a protest action on Jan. 8

Latosha Brown: “This Is Voter Suppression”

198,000 Georgia Residents Were Illegally Purged from Voter Rolls

Jeremy Scahill: Trump May Face Prosecution — but Not for His War Crimes

For U.S. presidents, the torture and killing of civilians is forgivable but mafia-style accounting and hush money payments are not

Marjorie Cohn: Assange Extradition Denial Indicts US Prison System But Imperils Journalism

In a stunning decision, British judge Vanessa Baraitser denied Donald Trump’s request for extradition of Assange to the United States, ruling that he was at high risk of suicide if he were extradited because the U.S. prison system could not protect him

Juan Cole: Raphael Warnock ran for the Senate from Ebenezer Baptist Church

What that means to American History

Noam Chomsky: Three Major Threats to Life on Earth That We Must Address in 2021

Global problems of this scale require global cooperation

Hector Rios-Jara: Lessons from a decade of student activism in the UK

The pandemic has exposed the disgraceful failures of market reforms in the British higher education sector. But the resistance of students continues

Badri Raina: The Onus Is Now on the SC to Protect Constitutional Rights to Privacy and Free Choice

While the apex court on January 6 will take up pleas for anti-conversion laws, two views of citizen’s rights will be in direct contention – one propagated by the right-wing and the other enshrined in the constitution

Sam Pizzigati: In 2021, Let’s Ring a Global Alarm — on Inequality — that Everyone Can Hear

Our task ahead: preventing a deeply unequal world from recreating pre-pandemic business as usual

Chris Hedges: The Empire is Not Done with Julian Assange

As is clear from the memoir of one of his attorneys, Michael Ratner, the ends have always justified the means for those demanding his global persecution

Saskia Hostetler Lippy: Security Culture and a New Day in Portland

For there to be true peace we need an end to secrecy, to toxic security culture, to violence.  Come out of the shadows and let’s speak face to face, as humans do

Ariel Dorfman: What Trump has made blindingly clear to America

Let us hope it does not take 30 years, and immense additional suffering, for the sovereign American people to recognize that it is time to achieve a higher form of democracy that will finally fulfill the promise of a more perfect union

Nick Corbishley: Wall Street Mega-Landlord Blackstone Prepares to Reap the Spoils of Another Crisis

Blackstone was a big winner of the last crisis. Now, it hopes to repeat the feat, albeit using a somewhat different playbook

Anjuman Rahman: ‘I Refused to Join the Israeli Army, It Justifies Violence and Inequality’

Hallel Rabin, who was jailed for a total of 56 days for refusing to serve in the Israeli military service, faced severe backlash, including accusations of “treason” and death threats on social media

Jonathan Cook: Assange wins

The cost: The crushing of press freedom, and the labelling of dissent as mental illness

Gabriel Schivone: Rebel Cops

A look at the conscientious objectors of law enforcement

Eve Ottenberg: People in Debt Have Formed a Union to Fight Back

The Debt Collective operates as a debtors’ union that provides useful tools for debtors to dispute any debt in collections, errors in a credit report, wages or a tax return being taken, and tools to defend against repayment for federal student loans

Rod Driver: The Irrelevance of Human Rights in US and British Foreign Policy

Historical human rights abuses are not explained well in most school textbooks or by the mainstream media

Jennifer Robinson: “Victory for Julian”

U.K. Blocks WikiLeaks Founder Assange Extradition to U.S. on Espionage Charges

Ben Burgis: Abolish Inherited Wealth

Allowing wealth to accumulate from one generation to another is a recipe for unacceptable inequalities. We should abolish inherited wealth

Tom Engelhardt: Saying Goodbye to the Con-Man-in-Chief

Demining America After The Donald

Nicolas Maduro: “I intend to reconcile the Venezuelans”

Interview on domestic policy, economics, and international policy

Michael J. Moore: What an Ex-Cop Learned in Prison About Police Culture

“If your anger is getting out of control, your work life is perfect, but marriage is a mess, or you think of harming yourself, deal with it now, so you don’t end up as the next cop making headlines.”

Kenny Stancil: Experts Warn a Desperate Trump May Attack Iran

“It may be the case that his most erratic, most reckless lashing out is yet to come.”

Jake Johnson: Members of Congress Demand Prosecution of Trump for Election Tampering

“We must hold him fully accountable, even after he leaves office. There must be justice.”

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