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Recent ZNet

Juan Cole: COP26: Biden first President to Back Sweeping Measures on Climate

For-profit Press lets Denialist Republicans off the Hook

Peter Bohmer: Socialisms, An Intro

A look at alternatives to capitalism

Amira Hass: I Fund Terror Groups

If by “terrorism” one means imposing terror and fear – then what are the commanders in the army and Shin Bet security service doing when they send masked soldiers to raid the homes of Palestinians night after night?

Tom Engelhardt: Welcome to the American Century

Even If It Is a Hell on Earth

Sharon Lerner: EPA Withheld Reports of Substantial Risk Posed by 1,240 Chemicals

Beginning in 2019, the EPA stopped releasing crucial toxics reports. Even agency staffers have a hard time accessing them

Joe Maniscalco: Schumer, Jeffries Urged to ‘Hold the Line’ for the Working Class

Housing rights advocates and climate emergency activists across the nation are in crisis mode, desperately urging lawmakers to “hold the line”

Morganne Blais-McPherson: Immigrant Textile Workers Win Strike Against 84-Hour Work Week in Italy

If you’re afraid, you can’t do anything, workers often explained to me. But with courage, others too will join the fight

Arnie Alpert: Doing ‘what must be done’ for the planet

New Hampshire’s No Coal No Gas campaign deployed kayaktivists and a garden blockade as part of its latest day of mass action aimed at closing Merrimack Station

Marjorie Cohn: Biden’s DOJ Downplayed Suicide Risk for Assange in Appeal of Extradition Denial

More than two dozen press freedom, civil liberties and international human rights groups, and people around the world, are protesting the persecution of Assange

Jon Queally: Keep Fighting Like Hell

“If Manchin and Sinema can push their will on the entire U.S. Senate and president, then the progressives—almost 100-strong—should damn sure be able to push their will too. They should not move. They got to hold. There’s too much at stake.”

Thom Hartmann: The Insidious Cancer at the Core of Democracy that Could Take Down Biden

Billionaires & their companies now own politicians — and the Supreme Court set it all up with their poisonous Citizens United decision

Badri Raina: Hate May Win Some Elections but It Does Not Stand the Constitutional Test or Solve Problems

The Supreme Court recently held that even ‘mere support given to a terrorist organisation’ will not attract sections of UAPA. How may it then be construed that some have been charged under the draconian law for ‘supporting’ the Pakistan cricket team?

Luis Feliz León: Beneath Striketober Fanfare, The Lower Frequencies of Class Struggle

As the rich and comfortable stayed indoors and rode out the worst months of the pandemic on their Peloton bikes, workers around the country shifted into a different gear

In These Times Editors: How to Protect Time Off in a Remote Work World

Legislating the “right to disconnect” could help prevent wage theft in a virtual environment that has blurred the line between work and home

Rachel M. Cohen: How to Cancel $3.2 Million of Debt

The Debt Collective, which has focused on other forms of debt, is turning its attention to the crushing financial burden on formerly incarcerated people

Jason Koslowski: After Four Years without a Contract, Teachers Prepare to Strike in Scranton, PA

Union teachers in Scranton, Pennsylvania, are readying for a strike — threatening to help push Striketober into Strikevember

Jack Rasmus: Biden’s Global Tax & the 40-Year US Corporate Tax ‘Shell Game’

What’s needed instead is a total radical overhaul of the US tax system

Thomas Klikauer: Who are Germany’s Anti-Vaxxers?

Unexpectedly, democracy is declared to be under threat by those people who resent a democratic government

Julian Brave NoiseCat: Joe Manchin May Not Have Destroyed the World Yet After All

But now a lot will need to go exactly according to plan, an influential climate model suggests

Keeanga-Yamahtta Taylor: Another Buffalo Is Possible

This summer, India Walton looked likely to become the first Black woman to lead Buffalo, and the first socialist mayor of any major American city in decades. Then the sitting Democratic mayor launched a campaign to defeat her

Juan Cole: Top 3 Ways Biden can restore Iran Nuclear Deal if he Really Wants To

Biden is risking conflagration in the Middle East that could spiral out of control at the drop of a hat

Chuck Collins: Democrats’ Budget Deal Will Collect Billions from the Wealthy to Invest in Human Needs

The compromise is an important first step towards a fair tax system and a more equitable economy

Jeff Schuhrke: No, Striketober Is Not About Vaccine Mandates

The recent wave of militant labor action has been over workers demanding better pay and working conditions—not opposing Covid vaccine requirements

Barbara Madeloni: Whose Safety? Our Safety

The safety of the community as a whole requires vaccines and vaccine mandates. But conversations about mandates have stumbled over questions about the power of employers and the rights of workers

Julia Conley: AOC Urges New Student Debt Relief From Biden

Student advocates should “organize and prepare actions now,” months before student loan payments are set to begin again

Jon Queally: Key Global Systems Need ‘Complete U-Turns’ to Avoid ‘Disastrous Tipping Points’ for Planet

Which system changes are “on track,” meaning transformation is “occurring at or above the pace required to achieve” global climate goals? According to a new report: None

Chris Hedges: The Most Important Battle for Press Freedom in Our Time

If Assange is extradited and found guilty of publishing classified material it will set a legal precedent that will effectively end national security reporting

Steve Ellner: U.S. Policy Toward Venezuela Was Never About Promoting Democracy

As Venezuelans head to the polls this November, it’s clear that the United States’ strategy of supporting the unpopular, far-right leader Juan Guaidó has backfired tremendously

Tariq Ali: Assange Must Not Be Extradited for Exposing War Crimes in Afghanistan

Ali calls the case “a political trial” and a “punitive attempt by the British government … to try and punish Julian on behalf of the United States.”

Ramzy Baroud: Political Islam and Democracy Crisis in North Africa  

The ultimate objective here is to cement the status quo where the fate of Arab nations remains in the grip of brutal, corrupt and self-aggrandizing rulers, with no tolerance for genuine political plurality and democracy

Diane Ravitch: Scranton Teachers Will Go on Strike

The Scranton Federation of Teachers, representing more than 800 teachers and paraprofessionals, announced today that it will set up picket lines and go on strike at 12:01 a.m., Nov. 3

Kelly Hayes: Health Care Workers Sound Off About Solidarity and Why They’re Ready to Strike

“We can’t survive doing the work that we’re asked to do, the way that we’re being asked to do it with the lack of support we’re being asked to do it with”

Eve Ottenberg: Class War Heats Up

There’s only one answer to labor scarcity: pay higher wages. Or don’t – and watch neoliberal capitalism crumble

Noam Chomsky: COP26 Pledges Will Fail Unless Pushed by Mass Organizing

Turning to the U.S., a mere 60 percent of voters regard global warming as an urgent problem for government. It is only the most urgent problem that humans have ever faced

Shaira Begum: It’s time to issue climate reparations to working-class people around the world

Shared struggles, shared solutions: connecting communities from east London to Ogoniland in search of justice

Sof Petros: Young Climate Organizers Are Calling Out Wall Street

Why are young people going after financial institutions? Because we know that if we can stop the flow of money, we can stop the flow of oil

Henry A. Giroux: Jim Crow Politics Have Descended on Education

We must refuse to turn education into work stations of right-wing ideology and white supremacy

Thomas Klikauer: Democratic Eco-Socialism in Australia

Today, we again face a stark choice between global ecocide – today’s barbarity and democratic eco-socialism as outlined by Hans A. Baer. The choice is ours to make

Badri Raina: Two Cheers for Satya Pal Malik. He Says It Like It Is, Even If It Shows Up Modi

He has alleged corruption in high places but the prime minister seems least concerned

Mattea Kramer: Anti-Imperialism You Can Try at Home

Reparations May Be One Cure for What Ails Us

Landis Spencer: Meet the Detroit Socialist Running to Rein in the Police

Landis Spencer is a socialist running for the civilian board that oversees the Detroit Police Department. His goal: to curb police power and shift public money to poor and working-class residents

Manolo De Los Santos: How U.S. Interference in Cuba Creates a False Picture of Its Society

The attempt on Raúl Castro’s life is one of many projects by the U.S. government to overthrow the Cuban Revolution, including 638 attempts to assassinate Fidel Castro and the invasion at the Bay of Pigs in 1961

Jack Rasmus: The ‘Smoke & Mirrors’ Billionaires Tax & 15% Minimum Corporate Tax Proposals

Both tax measures are just smoke and mirrors, intended for public consumption in order to make it appear the Biden administration is going after the super-rich to fund its Build Back Better bill

CJ Polychroniou: Revolutionary Activism May Be Our Last Best Hope to Avert a Climate Catastrophe

The challenge ahead is to turn every city and every town in virtually every major country in the world into a stronghold of the global climate movement

Andrea Germanos: Europe’s Largest Pension Fund Announces Fossil Fuel Divestment

It’s “a huge victory for the climate, human rights, and all life on Earth,” said one activist.

Basav Sen: We’re About to Pass Up a Generational Opportunity to Stem the Climate Crisis

The Build Back Better program isn’t just inadequate on climate—it may be a disaster. Here’s what movements are demanding next

Thom Hartmann: Take This Job and Shove It

Working people in poorly-run, wildly-infected Red states are singing along with Johnny Paycheck

Ramzy Baroud: Has Biden Proved Different from Trump on Palestine?

The Biden Administration is proving to be but a soft facade to the same policies enacted by the Trump Administration

Yanis Varoufakis: Free Julian Assange

Snowden, Varoufakis, Corbyn & Tariq Ali Speak Out Ahead of Extradition Hearing

Candice Bernd: Teamsters’ Election Will Determine Strike Power of North America’s Largest Union

“I want Amazon to know that the Teamsters are coming for them. We’re coming for them hard.”

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