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Recent ZNet

Barbara Madeloni: West Virginia Strikes Again

Defeats Privatization Bill in a Single Day

Amihai Glazer: Why cities should stop playing Amazon’s game

Incentives don’t work

Ricardo Vaz: Venezuela: Trade Unions Ratify Anti-Imperialist Stance

Trade unions and political organizations also voiced criticisms and demands for improved salaries and working conditions

Samantha Winslow: ‘People Are Starting to See That Winning Is Possible’

Denver Teachers Win, Oakland Next

Sindi-Leigh McBride: Climate Change in Africa: Is My House on Fire?

Understanding how social identities like race, class, and gender shape climate change communication is increasingly important; and similarly, the different strategies used in climate change action

Juan Cole: Giving Saudis the Atom Bomb in Return for Billions

That people would try to destroy that deal on the one hand and slip Riyadh world-destroying secrets for personal enrichment boggles the mind

David Wallace-Wells: Climate Denier to Head New Trump Panel

Once Compared Climate Scientists to Nazis

Jonathan Cook: Anti-semitism is cover for a much deeper divide in Britain’s Labour party

Breakaway MPs hope that smearing Corbyn will obscure the fact that they are remnants of an old political order bankrupt of ideas

Sam Pizzigati: ‘Helicopter Parents’ and Economic Inequality

Levels of helicopter parenting, they note, turn out to track with levels of economic inequality. The wider a society’s income gaps, their data indicate, the more intense parents become, the more they hover

Timothy M. Gill: Why is the Venezuelan Government Rejecting U.S. Food Supplies?

If sanctions haven’t felled governments in Iran or Syria, to name just two examples, it doesn’t seem likely that they will fall the Maduro government any time soon. They’ll only perpetuate suffering and ultimately generate acrimony towards the country

Mark Cook: Golden Age of Lying About Latin America

The US administration and corporate media simply resort to the most extreme lying about Latin America that has been seen since the Reagan administration wars of the 1980s

Amy Linn: Till the cows come home

Groundwater contamination devastates a New Mexico dairy – and threatens public health

Edgardo Lander: This Is Not Humanitarian Aid

“This certainly is not humanitarian aid, and it’s not oriented with any humanitarian aims. This is clearly a coup carried out by the United States government with its allies, with the Lima Group and the extreme right wing in Venezuela.”

John Pilger: The war on Venezuela is built on lies

Should the CIA stooge Guaido and his white supremacists grab power, it will be the 68th overthrow of a sovereign government by the United States, most of them democracies

Ben Freeman: Following the Foreign-Policy Money Trail in Washington

How Middle Eastern Powers Fund Think Tanks

John Feffer: Answering the Attacks on the Green New Deal

Critics dismiss it as a dream. But that’s precisely what it is. It’s visionary

Joe Brusky: Arts Organizing Lifts Oakland Teachers Strike

Interview on arts organizing in the teachers union movement

Ma'an News Agency: ‘Jerusalem’s legacy and status are under Israeli assault’

We must work together to defend Jerusalem from the violent zeal of Israeli actions

David Frayne: Work less, play more

A new report calls for a national move to a shorter working week, enabled by investment in automated technologies, to be implemented without a loss of income

Khury Petersen-Smith: Progressives Should Support Open Borders — With No Apology

Supporting freedom of movement isn’t just the right thing to do. It’s a political winner for the left

Ricardo Vaz: Popular Power Striking Back Against the Coup and the Crisis

A report on the efforts to organize to fight back against the economic crisis

Paul Street: Buried Alive

The Story of Chicago Police State Racism

Robert Koehler: Are You Black, White Or Human?

Some of my best friends are colored. All of them are, actually. And so I introduce you to Lowell Thompson, artist — indeed, psycho-realist, as he calls himself — recovering ad man and “colored person.” He’s also, you might say, the king of irreverence and political incorrectness, but this is only because he’s also a dragon Read more…

Justin Podur: Inside the neoliberal laboratory preparing for the theft of Venezuela’s economy

When it comes to suppressing the people of Latin America in their hopes to control their own fortunes and their own resources, the scribblers have a key role to play, as much as their diplomatic and military counterparts

Jack Rasmus: Some Big Economic Questions of the Day

Replying to questions on Trump tax cuts and US growth, current immigration debates, wages, expanding income inequality in the US, on what is the real rate of inflation today, and whether proposals for universal guaranteed income and more

Tamar Singer: ‘Save the world by changing the rules’

Two students explain why they walked out of school to demand action on climate change

Gregory Shupak: US Media Erase Years of Chavismo’s Gains

Venezuela’s Bolivarian Revolution frequently and even quite recently received praise for its social gains from the United Nations, international humanitarian organizations and economists

Lisi Krall: Transformative GND

This Historical Moment Demands Transformation of Our Institutions. The Green New Deal Won’t Do That

Lawrence Wittner: U.S. & International Law

The Trump administration’s campaign to topple the government of Venezuela raises the issue of whether the U.S. government is willing to adhere to the same rules of behavior it expects other nations to follow

Richard Falk: Worrying About Huawei: Is China Winning the G5 Race?

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo warned European countries on Monday that using technology from Huawei could hurt their relationship with the United States

Michael Fox: The Terrifying Reason Trump is Pushing for a Coup in Venezuela

Florida will be a key swing state in next year’s elections. Trump’s overtures to both the Venezuelan and Cuban-American communities were clear

Paul Dobson: Venezuelan Military Reject Trump’s Incitement to Rebe

Defence Minister Vladimir Padrino Lopez told press that Washington “Will not be able to install a “puppet” and anti-patriotic government, they will have to step over our dead bodies first.”

Paul Cienfuegos: Reining in large corporations like Amazon

Imagine for a moment if Amazon MegaCorp had to play by the rules that were established for business corporations after the American Revolution, and which lasted for almost a century

Jon Schwarz: Anti-Press Rhetoric

CNN Hires Trump Official Who Used Same Anti-Press Rhetoric as Man Who Sent Bombs to CNN

Vijay Prashad: U.S. Is Strangling Haiti and Attempting Regime Change in Venezuela

It is this humiliation that motivates the people of Haiti to take to the streets. Their message is simple: if you won’t let us breathe, we won’t let you breathe, and if you suffocate Venezuela, you suffocate us

Norman Solomon: What the Bernie Sanders 2020 Campaign Means for Progressives

The only real hope for the 2020 Bernie Sanders campaign is that a grassroots uprising will become powerful enough to overcome the massive obstacles

George Lakey: How to fight fascism from a position of strength

We don’t need to build our political identities around what we’re against. It’s time we align our tactics, strategies, and organizing approaches with a positive, common sense vision that inspires us

Stephanie Savell: Mapping the American War on Terror

Now in 80 Countries, It Couldn’t Be More Global

Ramzy Baroud: Russian Mediation

The Critical Messages of the Hamas-Fatah Talks in Moscow

Francisco Rodríguez: Venezuela in Crisis

As U.S. Pushes Regime Change, Fear Grows of Civil War & Famine

Sarah Jones: West Virginia Teachers Strike Again

Appear to Score Another Victory

Stephen Lerner: Why Unions Must Bargain for Affordable Housing—and How

With housing costs gobbling up wage increases for union members and almost everyone else, labor must prioritize housing affordability

Michael Lesher: What the mugging of Ilhan Omar teaches us

If we allow the apologists to obscure Israel’s crimes with a sideshow of phony outrage and hypocritical posturing, we’ll only encourage the mugging of the next person who dares to tell the truth about the real State of Israel

Badri Raina: Seminar on Madness

Madness is a topic much discussed From ancient times to ours; Now a crime, now disease, Now an affliction of lovers.   Sane men keep safe distance From unaccounted laughter, Wishing to know what it is That the laughter may be after.   Madness mocks the day’s routine, Upsetting useful work; Often just under a Read more…

Stefan Kipfer: What Color is Your Vest?

The Gilets Jaunes Revolt Shaking France

Paul Dobson: Trump Hits Venezuela with More Sanctions

US Military Planes Bring ‘Aid’

Juan Cole: Sleepwalking into our Constitutional Crisis

Trump’s ‘Declaration of Emergency’ over his trumped up border wall crisis is an attempt to sidestep constitutional principle and to have the president instead of Congress decide how appropriated monies will be used

Patrick Cockburn: A tidal wave of hypocrisy

Shamima Begum may not have known what she got herself into with Isis, but then neither did western governments

Christopher Fons: The Crimes of Elliot Abrams

Elliot Abrams is a cipher for US imperialism in Latin America and the world

Raymond Bonner: What Did Elliott Abrams Have to Do With the El Mozote Massacre?

In a testy exchange with Elliott Abrams, Representative Ilhan Omar resurrected the memory of El Salvador’s El Mozote massacre, one of the worst mass killings in modern Latin American history

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