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Recent ZNet

Hannah Finnie: Why Young People Are Joining Unions Again

Young people have redirected their activism toward different kinds of outlets, where their efforts may actually bring about tangible results. Outlets like unions

David Dayen: Trump Moves to Gut the Post Office

His war on Amazon expands to include the right-wing’s campaign to abolish America’s oldest—and still successful—public service

Jerry White: Arizona teachers vote to strike

Arizona teachers must learn the lessons of the Oklahoma and West Virginia strikes—which were betrayed by the unions—and elect rank-and-file committees to take the conduct of the struggle out of the hands of the AEA

Marjorie Cohn: Will Congress Write the President a Blank Check for War?

This coming Monday, April 23, the Senate Foreign Relations Committee is set to review a bill that would virtually give President Donald J. Trump a blank check to wage war anywhere in the world any time he pleases. The Constitution places the power to declare war exclusively in the hands of the Congress. However, for Read more…

Jenny Gellatly: Fearless Cities

Municipalism is concerned as much with how outcomes are achieved as with the outcomes themselves

Laia G. Facet: A feminist outpouring shakes the Spanish state

Interview on the background to the uprising and what it means for future organizing

Jeff Bryant: Why Teacher Uprisings May Hit Blue States Too

The Colorado teachers’ plans to walk out of school is a strong sign they’ve had it with state government inaction on funding. There’s also a sign many Colorado Democrats feel that way too

Jessica Dos Santos: The ‘Brain Drain’ and Beyond

A look at increasing youth emigration in Venezuela

Nicholas Cunningham: Fueling Elections in Mexico and Brazil

What could the results of Mexico and Brazil’s upcoming elections have in store for energy policies and the oil industry?

Badri Raina: Imperially Supreme

Of all the dreams I never thought I would dream this dream– Men in shining coats I saw, Imperially supreme.   Graying temples, fraying tempers, One read from a parchment: “Thou shalt not any questions ask, However merited thine intent.   Know that the times have undergone A Titanic make-over; Hellenic habits must now submit Read more…

Dean Baker: The Cost of Patent and Copyright Monopolies

If the Debt Mongers Were Serious

Kevin Zeese: Protest & Political Activity Increases

The long term impact of this new activism is hard to predict

Richard Falk: Attacking Syria

[Prefatory Note: This post is an assessment of the recent Syrian missile attack by the armed forces of the U.S., UK, and France from a variety of perspectives. It is a modified and expanded version of a text earlier published in The Wire  (Delhi) and Il Manifesto(Rome). I intend to write two further posts suggested Read more…

Vijay Prashad: A crisis that’s been long in the making

The curious saga of Lula da Silva that has undermined democracy in Brazil

Conn Hallinan: New Alliance Could Re-shape Middle East

The “troika alliance”—Turkey, Russia and Iran—consists of three countries that don’t much like one another, have different goals, and whose policies are driven by a combination of geo-global goals and internal politics

Luke Cooper: Why Europe needs Corbyn

Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour Party can lead the way for a new left politics in Europe

Peter Bibring: Excessive Force Law

‘We Need to Change the Rules for When Police Can Shoot’

Sarah St. Vincent: Data Privacy Is a Human Right

Europe Is Moving Toward Recognizing That

Various Contributors: Transportation strikes, university protests continue to shake France

To Macron’s dismay, the popular movements show no signs of slowing down. The Air France tussle over salaries is separate from the larger and politically more significant stand-off between Macron’s centrist, business-friendly government and the public sector trade unions fighting its reform plans. Rail unions are particularly up in arms over proposed reforms that they Read more…

Pete Dolack: Fooled again?

Trump trade policy elevates corporate power

Belle Chesler: Students as Teachers

Facing the World Adults Are Wrecking

David Bacon: Salinas farm workers march to oppose immigration raids

Protesting immigration enforcement is part of defending farm laborers generally, both union and non-union

Adam Johnson: 26 to 0

Out of 26 Major Editorials on Trump’s Syria Strikes, Zero Opposed

Elliott Negin: ExxonMobil Is Being Sued for Climate Damages

Communities in Colorado—one of the fastest-warming states—have joined coastal cities in trying to make Big Oil pay

Steven Parfitt: Wave of Militant Teacher Strikes Has Gone Global

The battle to protect public education is heating up across the globe, and struggles in one place are feeding into struggles in another

Christine Baniewicz: Peaceful Protesters Could Face 20 Years in Prison

Louisiana joined the growing number of states across the nation with similar “critical infrastructure” bills moving swiftly through the courts and onto governors’ desks

Robby Sherwin: Facebook: This Is Where I Leave You

The challenge for us all is to go out and actually re-become the humans we once were and stop waiting for others to tell us who they think we should be

Alvaro Huerta: I Am Not Your “Wetback”

It’s long overdue for Chicanas/os and Mexicans to unite and reject all racist rhetoric, actions and policies by American leaders and millions of its citizens against our people

Comando Nacional Unitario de Lucha: Final Declaration of the 2018 Peoples’ Summit

Hundreds of popular organisations and social movements from across Latin America and the Caribbean met this past weekend in the Summit of the Peoples in Lima, Peru

Steve Fraser: Class Dismissed

Class Conflict in Red State America

Susan Roberts: Uses for the Poor

What is most notable about this new ‘warehousing’ of the poor is just how reminiscent of early capitalism it is

Taru Taylor: The Subversion of the Fourth Amendment

From “Probable Cause” to “Reasonable Suspicion”

Lynn Stuart Parramore: Grooming U.S. Kids for Servitude

The corporate plan to wipe out public schools

Ramzy Baroud: Media Cover-up: Shielding Israel is a Matter of Policy

It is a calculated and long-term campaign, aimed at guarding Israel and demonizing Palestinians

Morgan Humphrey: Gun Violence, Police Militarization and Drug Prohibition Violence

Thanks to centuries of racism and slavery, in conjunction with decades of racist drug war rhetoric, people of color are deemed criminals first, people second

Kate Aronoff: Denial By A Different Name

Any climate politics so closely identified with the global elite in 2018 is dead on arrival

Heather Ann Thompson: Shining Light on Inhumane Conditions in Prisons

The number killed across the state’s prisons has quadrupled from 2015 to 2017

Porter McConnell: Tax Day is a Real Holiday for Wall Street

The Trump Tax is a call to arms to fight for a financial system that works for all of us

Laurel Albina: Contracted Hospital Workers Win Job Security

For the first time in 15 years, 4,000 subcontracted hospital housekeepers and dietary workers in British Columbia have job security

Noam Chomsky: Social Media, India’s Aadhaar System, #MeToo and The Left Today

Interview on the intellectual, social media with respect to his propaganda model, the #MeToo movement, India’s Aadhaar system, freedom of speech, China’s constitutional amendment, and anarchism and the Left today

Arundhati Roy: “I Need to Know the Place Where I Stand and Why I Stand There”

Twenty years ago, Indian writer Arundhati Roy published her debut novel, “The God of Small Things.” It won the ultra-prestigious Man Booker prize and propelled her to international fame. But it was not until last year that her second novel, “The Ministry of Utmost Happiness,” was published. Both her novels are beautiful, powerful epic stories. Read more…

Danica Jorden: Mexico in the Time of the Caravan

In the case of the Via Crucis caravan, these people are claiming their right to move, to cross borders they did not make, to avoid violence, to seek a better life

Eric Mann: The 1968 Struggle Against Columbia University

How a Black United Front in Harlem, the Students’ Afro American Society, and Students for a Democratic Society took on the Columbia University Ruling Class, Mayor John Lindsay, the New York Times, the NYPD—and won

Jonathan Cook: Robert Fisk’s Douma report rips away excuses for air strike on Syria

All of us have a moral responsibility to stop simply believing what our governments and their propagandists in the corporate media tell us

Scott Lucas: UK Journalist Given Access to Douma to Deny Chemical Attacks

A British journalist has been escorted to the town to give a pro-regime account denying that the attacks ever occurred

Robert Fisk: The search for truth in the rubble of Douma

One doctor’s doubts over the chemical attack

Hakim Young: Where on Earth is the Just Economy?

Afghan children who help carry the brunt of this poverty understand the complicity of all in this GDP charade, not through numbers, but through daily labour and universal conscience

Stephen Smith: We are proud to be ‘rednecks’

While the term divides us now, its history dates back to a time when mineworkers battled big coal – similar to teachers standing up for funding

Robert Mackey: Hungarians Take to the Streets to Protest Election

A Hammer Blow to Democracy

John Morrissey: No Endgame

Towards a Critical Recent History of the US in the Middle East

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