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Site Administrator: As war cries ring out, U.S. silence may signal rare free hand for Israeli military moves

With talk of all-out war resounding in the Holy Land, the Bush administration has granted Israel its widest military freedom of action since – in an ominous precedent – a Republican administration turned a blind eye to Ariel Sharon’s 1982 invasion of Lebanon.

Robert Fisk: Turkey Targets Chomsky

Noam Chomsky, one of America’s greatest philosophers and linguists, has become the target of Turkey’s chief of “terrorism prosecution”. Scarcely two months after the European Union praised Turkey for passing new laws protecting freedom of expression, the authorities in Ankara are using anti -terrorism legislation to prosecute Mr Chomsky’s Turkish publisher. Fatih Tas of the Read more…

Norman Solomon: Ashcroft’s Media Scam

Even by Washington’s standards, the ability of John Ashcroft to reinvent himself has been a wonder to behold. Just a year ago, squeaking through Senate confirmation as attorney general, Ashcroft found himself shadowed by his own praise for leaders of the Confederacy. Now he’s able to tout himself as a disciple of Martin Luther King Read more…

John Balzar: Enron: A Scandal So Good That It Hurts

“This just keeps getting better and better,” Liisa sputters. By that, my wife means worse and worse. Which is what we’re all thinking, isn’t it?


“Ha ha ha to the pacifists”, wrote Christopher Hitchens in November, as Kabul fell to the combined might of U.S. bombers, the Northern Alliance, and the BBC’s ‘Simpson of Kabul’. A month later, the victory celebrations continue tirelessly (almost manically), as the “first virtual war” draws to a close. It was “an instant, foolproof, bloodless Read more…

Raffaele M: Trade Unions, Berlusconi and the Italian press

In a lucid article appeared on January 15th’s edition of la Repubblica, the second largest Italian newspaper, sociologist Luciano Gallino analyzed the strategies employed by Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi to limit trade unions’ power. As Gallino points out, Berlusconi “and the classes supporting him” represents Unions as “a pre-modern residual”, a “demodé institution”, an Read more…

Paul Krugman: A Fiscal Fantasy

I want to share a fantasy with you. Trust me: it will explain everything you need to know about the budget debate.

Mark Mackinnon: Warlords imperil Afghan peace

Kandahar, Afghanistan — The fragile peace in Afghanistan was in jeopardy last night, as warlords in the south and west of the country massed troops for battle and the threat of inter-ethnic violence loomed large.


At the dawn of the year 2002, there are many indications to the effect that the Kurdish question is once again about to become a prominent issue in international mediatic discourse. Talk of an imminent US attack on Iraq has now made the Kurdish factions of Northern Iraq a favourite theme of what the New Read more…

Robert Fisk: Congratulations, America.

Taken to a remote corner of the world where they may be executed, where the laws of human rights are suspended. Sounds to me like the Middle East. Shackled, hooded, threatened with death by “courts” that would give no leeway to defence or innocence. In fact, it sounds like Beirut in the 1980s. I’ve written Read more…

David Bacon: The Coca-Cola Killings:

After the leader of their union was shot down at their plant gate in late 1996, Edgar Paéz and his co-workers at the Coca-Cola bottling factory in Carepa, Colombia, tried for more than four years to get their government to take action against the responsible parties. Instead, some of the workers themselves wound up behind Read more…

Khaled Amayreh: They Came In The Night

It is 1.30am on 10 January and the streets are quiet and cold at Rafah refugee camp, at the southernmost edge of the Gaza Strip. The roar of tanks is growing louder as they approach and residents are rising in their beds, sensing that something terrible is coming. But they do not know what.

Stephen Zunes: The Long and Hidden History of the U.S in Somalia

The East African nation of Somalia is being mentioned with increasing frequency as the next possible target in the U.S.-led war against international terrorism. With what passes for the central government controlling little more than a section of the national capital of Mogadishu, a separatist government in the north, and rival warlords and clan leaders Read more…


The art of the deal is a media dream: Savvy achievers get to the top. Guile and artifice — even outright deception — may well be part of the game, but there’s nothing like success. One way or another, money and centralized power end up calling the tunes. Or so the media script often goes.

Alan Cibils: Argentina: The demise of neoliberal economics?

The explosive events of mid December 2001 that toppled two presidents and left 30 dead in Argentina represent the culmination and logical outcome of almost 26 years of neoliberal economic policies. The common demand among the looters, the looted, and most of the middle classes was that the economic regime had to change.

Juan Soul_sacrifice69: To: Pacifica Campaign supporters

Dear Friends:

Carlos Gabetta: Economic crisis ends an era

Argentina finally exploded, a classic collapse. Observers had been surprised at the national inertia, since this is a highly politicised and unionised country with a long tradition of struggle. In the past, its people had been willing to turn it upside down with far less excuse than in the present intolerable situation: 20% unemployment, 14m Read more…

Azmi Bishara: On Terrorism

In 1976, Jorge Videla assumed power in Argentina after overthrowing Isabel Perón, ushering in one of the bloodiest dictatorships that country had ever experienced. More than 15,000 leftists, human rights activists and other innocent civilians were killed or disappeared. Not a single European democracy was without its share of Argentinean refugees, as well as refugees Read more…

Alejandro lelo de Larrea: Congress to resubmit original Cocopa Proposal

Mexico City 17:59 A group of 160 deputies from the Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI), the Democratic Revolutionary Party (PRD), the Labor Party (PT) the Mexican Greens (PVEM) and the Convergence Party have once again signed the statement of purpose and proposal for the Cocopa Law on indigenous rights and culture. Their goal is to present Read more…

Michael Albert: ParEcon

1. Is there life after capitalism?   Yes, I think there is not only life after capitalism…but a menagerie of sorts – so the question becomes, which post-capitalist life do we want.   For example, there was the life after capitalism endured in the Soviet Union, and, somewhat differently, in Yugoslavia, Poland, and so on. Read more…

Molly Ivins: In Total Disregard Toward The Poor

AUSTIN, Texas — There’s something happening here What it is ain’t exactly clear…

Jim Lobe: Human Rights Watch Scores U.S. ‘Hypocrisy’ on ‘War on Terrorism’

The United States-led anti-terrorist campaign, which followed the devastating attacks on New York and Washington September 11, is threatening human rights in many countries, including the United States itself, according to a review of 2001 released Wednesday by Human Rights Watch (HRW). Many repressive governments around the world have used the campaign as a way Read more…

Ted Glick: Labor And Human Progress

The AFL-CIO’s uncritical support of the government’s war in Afghanistan and sham “war on terrorism” has disappointed, if not disillusioned, many activists, including progressive labor activists. For some radicals and progressives, the organized labor movement is seen as the most important social grouping in the country. As the late Saul Alinsky put it in Reveille Read more…

George Lakey: Let the Debates Begin!

Two days after September 11 my grandaughter Crystal, a college student, found her teacher’s jingoism too much to swallow. “These attacks are the chickens come home to roost!” she said to the class. “Now we get the chance to know what it’s like for those people in the world who get bombed by our country!” Read more…

Edward Said: Emerging Alternatives in Palestine

Since it began 15 months ago the Palestinian Intifada has had little to show for itself politically, despite the remarkable fortitude of a militarily occupied, unarmed, poorly led, and still dispossessed people that has defied the pitiless ravages of Israel’s war machine. In the United States, the government and, with a handful of exceptions, the Read more…

Paul Krugman: Crony Capitalism, U.S.A.

Four years ago, as Asia struggled with an economic crisis, many observers blamed “crony capitalism.” Wealthy businessmen in Asia didn’t bother to tell investors the truth about their assets, their liabilities or their profits; the aura of invincibility that came from their political connections was enough. Only when a financial crisis came along did people Read more…

Michael Bronski: Gays of Our Lives

There are so many things wrong with this story. On October 11th a photograph was transmitted by the Associated Press that featured a bomb on he deck on the USS Enterprise flight deck stationed in the Arabian Sea. An unidentified sailor had scribbled graffito on the bomb that read: “HIGH JACK THIS FAGS.” Within hours Read more…

Amnesty International: Criticism of POW Treatment

News Release Issued by the International Secretariat of Amnesty International Amnesty International urged the United States to ensure respect for the human rights of all people who have been or may be transferred from Afghanistan to a US military base in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. “The US is placing these people in a legal limbo. They Read more…

George Monbiot: Greens Get Eaten

Environmentalism as an argument has been comprehensively won. As a practice it is all but extinct. Just as people in Britain have united around the demand for effective public transport, car sales have broken all records. Yesterday the superstore chain Sainsbury’s announced a six per cent increase in sales: the number of its customers is Read more…

Geov Parrish: White America Misuses MLK Day

On Jan. 15, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. would be 72. If he had survived. And in every conceivable sense of the word, he has not. At least, not in White America.

Tim Wise: Rationalizing Racism

Random security checks. That’s what they’re called anyway: those extra bag searches and body scans being done at airports across the U.S., presumably to deter a new round of terrorist attacks. On each flight, a handful of passengers are pulled aside and given additional scrutiny, despite having gone through souped-up metal detectors and having their Read more…

Gideon Levy: A crime against the innocent

The punitive action executed by Israel at the weekend in the Gaza Strip, and in particular the mass demolition of homes in Rafah on Thursday morning, constitute a war crime. There is no other way to describe and define the collective punishment of hundreds of innocent civilians who have been left utterly destitute.

Gideon Levy: Crime Against the Innocent

 Monday, January 14, 2002   The punitive action executed by Israel at the weekend in the Gaza Strip, and in particular the mass demolition of homes in Rafah on Thursday morning, constitute a war crime. There is no other way to describe and define the collective punishment of hundreds of innocent civilians who have been Read more…

John Pilger: Blair’s meeting with Arafat

Tony Blair’s heroic peacemaking is not as it seems. Take the Middle East. When Blair welcomed Yasser Arafat to Downing Street following 11 September, it was widely reported that Britain was backing justice for the Palestinians. Editorialists drew a favourable comparison with the bellicose Bush administration. Indeed, the promotion of Blair as the steadying influence Read more…

John Pilger: Blair’s Disguised Support for Sharon and the Zionist Project

Tony Blair’s heroic peacemaking is not as it seems. Take the Middle East. When Blair welcomed Yasser Arafat to Downing Street following 11 September, it was widely reported that Britain was backing justice for the Palestinians. Editorialists drew a favourable comparison with the bellicose Bush administration. Indeed, the promotion of Blair as the steadying influence Read more…

Dr. hanan Ashrawi: A Question of Conscience

Jerusalem – Although the oft lamented, near demise of the peace camp in Israel has become the subject of current debate-whether in disappointment, anger or in horror, some heroic stories still persist in defying the prevailing “wisdom.” The ilks of Peres and Ben Eliezer are no longer the objects of amazement and condemnation, since they Read more…

Justin Podur: Differing Agendas in South Asia

A Difficulty Criticizing Third World States For a leftist from the third world, living in the first world, there is a certain difficulty in criticizing the administration of a third world country, like India or Pakistan.  First, such criticism abounds in the mainstream, and there isn’t really a need to present scathing criticisms of corruption Read more…

Brian Dominick: Towards An Anti-Capitlaist Globe

“EVERYTHING HAS CHANGED. NOTHING HAS CHANGED.” I cannot say how many times I’ve heard that sentiment expressed by leftists since September 11. We all know it. The elites’ aspirations are exactly the same as before. They have found a way to use September 11 to their advantage, to accelerate already-held plans for increased global hegemony Read more…

Greg Guma: Enron, We Hardly Knew Ye

Until it imploded last October, Enron — long known as End-Run by its critics — was often described as just another aggressive corporation eager to expand its portfolio and open routes into new markets, albeit sometimes with “strong arm” tactics. The implication in most press reports was that, so long as consumers and shareholders came Read more…

Will Hutton: Greed is the creed

American democracy is increasingly a fraud. Money buys votes, influence and office. Contemporary Washington makes Caligula’s Rome look like a vicar’s tea party. American politicians’ need for business donations on a gigantic scale to win their election campaigns now pollutes the discourse of the country’s public life, with business writing public policy and corrupting everything Read more…

Peter Beaumont: American Cant

Imagine the scene. A group of alleged Irish terrorists is seized and handed over to the British Government by a third country. They are held without access to any lawyers. Some are threatened by interrogating intelligence officers. They are told that if they don’t tell them what they want to know then they might simply Read more…

Uri Avnery: The Ships on the Way

The chiefs of the three big parties in Israel – the Likud, the Labor Party and the army – were sitting on the stage. They were frustrated. They knew already that they had not succeeded in selling the great show that they had prepared with so much effort: the capture of a ship loaded with Read more…

Kera Bolonik: Marian And Me

Jan. 7, 2002 | It was the kind of battle that provocateur journalistMichael Moore would ordinarily consider red meat: a major media corporationthreatening a writer’s freedom of speech. Moore’s new book, “Stupid WhiteMen and Other Excuses for the State of the Nation,” which pointedlycriticizes President George W. Bush and his administration, was due instores on Read more…

Michael Albert: Democracy Is Coming To Pacifica

Pacifica’s struggle is in a new phase, about to take a big leap forward. Countless activists have pursued diverse strategies and have resisted recriminations and have now finally overcome reactionary obstacles. A majority progressive interim board is in place. What can one say – hooray! The interim board chair, holding office for fifteen months until Read more…

Conn Hallinan: The Global Goodfellas at the IMF

Here’s a riddle: What is the difference between Tony Soprano and the International Monetary Fund? Answer: Nothing, except that Tony and his Mafia pals, who extort and impoverish a handful of people in New Jersey, are a television creation. The IMF, on the other hand, does this to hundreds of millions in the real world. Read more…

Colombia support Network: CSN Statement on the Current Crisis

[Note: This went out on the CSN’s mailing list on January 11.  The negotiations between the Colombian government and the FARC have been suspended, and the Colombian government has given the FARC 48 hours to leave the demilitarized zone, a large portion of territory under FARC’s control.  The government is building up troops around the Read more…

Hans von Sponeck: There Are Alternatives to a Military Option

In October 1998, the US Congress defined US policy on Iraq and passed the ‘Iraq Liberation Act’. It contains a passage which confirms that the ultimate objective of the United States authorities is the removal of Saddam Hussain and his government. This puts the tug of war between the US Departments of State and Defence Read more…

Danny Schechter: Black Hawk — and Truth — Down

  I went to a war last night, and for two and half hour had my adrenaline pumped and my patriotic heart strings tugged by U.S. soldiers in battle, bravely tracking down and trying to capture the enemy. No it wasn’t Osama, because the movie which felt like it might have taken place in the Read more…

Noam Chomsky: Making People Think

The response to Professor Noam Chomsky’s visit to Pakistan in November 2001 was too overwhelming for words. Chomsky is known to be a crowd-puller in the United States and elsewhere — his talks being heard typically by standing-room-only audiences. Hence it was not strange that his planned visit should send a wave of excitement among Read more…

Roger Bybee: REVIEW: Chomsky’s 9-11

Chomsky’s ‘9-11’ Powerful Antidote to Conventional Wisdom, Cowardice How about a quick quiz on "terrorism"? What is the only nation ever found guilty of this crime by the World Court? If you answered the United States, you’re right. The US earned this dubious distinction in the World Court for its relentless activities against the revolutionary Read more…

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