Kicking Away the Ladder: Corporate Economics Vs. Democracy

$12.00 (USD)

In this talk, Noam Chomsky focuses on the problems of democracy development. He discusses the so-called grand economy, as touted by Milton Friedman and others, which Chomsky describes as a great failure for the majority of the population.
Chomsky also details the history of the US trajectory, after WWII, towards becoming the most powerful state in history using military and economic policies that were anything but democratic. He looks in particular at the history of the US domination of Latin America, as well as at recent Latin American challenges to US neoliberal policies. He closes by encouraging solidarity work across the hemispheres to help build a global justice movement.

Talk 60 minutes; Q&A 25 minutes. Filmed December 1, 2006 at English High School in Jamaica Plain, Massachusetts.