Race-ing Justice: Black Resistance & the Politics of Mass Incarceration

$12.00 (USD)

Manning Marable, Keesha Middlemass, Laurent Alfred, Adolphus Belk, & Reverend Sekou speak about the “criminal injustice” system.

Participants on this Left Forum panel argue that there is no meaningful public discussion of the way racism is justified by white Americans’ stereotypical perceptions about race and crime. Panelists give statistics that overwhelmingly show a crisis situation, with 6.9 million (mainly African American and young Latino) inmates warehoused in U.S. prisons. Panelists describe some of the efforts being made to ameliorate the situation, but urge that immediate attention be paid to the prison industrial complex and how it supports and justifies racism while making a mockery of our so-called democracy.

Filmed at the Left Forum 2005; 1 hour 25 minutes.