The Chomsky Sessions Set

$50.00 (USD)

–  Five DVD Set 
In February 2010, Noam Chomsky visited the Z offices in Woods Hole, Massachusetts for a five-hour interview with Z staff member Michael Albert on various topics, including: the responsibility of intellectuals, science, religion, education, ecology, human nature, politics, international relations, economics, race, and kinship relations.

The entire interview is available here on five DVDs, the complete Chomsky Sessions $50

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Session 1: The Responsibility of Intellectuals – This DVD covers the responsibility of intellectuals, scholars, and journalists. Runtime 55 minutes.
Session 2: Science, Religion, & Human Nature – This DVD covers science, rationalism, religion, sectarianism, conspiracy theories, and human nature. Runtime 77 minutes.
Session 3: Education & Economics – This DVD covers the state of the educational and economic systems in the U.S.. Runtime 54 minutes.
Session 4: The Political System – This DVD covers the political system, ecology, racism/sexism, and fighting City Hall. Runtime 47 minutes.
Session 5: International Relations – This DVD covers s international relations, colonialism, self-determination, the anti-war movement, and answering the critics. Runtime 54 minutes.