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Recent Audio

Jordan Reilly Stock: Back To Conscienceness
Marie Trigona: Plan Condor on Trial

A human rights trial in Argentina is looking into a US-backed program that engaged in torture, assassination and disappearance. The program, called Plan Condor, was a shared strategy in Latin America’s Southern Region during the 1970s and 80s and had Washington involvement. The current trial focuses on one Buenos Aires location that served as a Read more…

Y. Brody: Noam Chomsky talks with French unions

Noam Chomsky discusses labor history, union organizing, and anarchosyndicalism with French union members, 30 May 2010, Paris   Un enregistrement en public d’une émission radiophonique spéciale de Là bas si j’y suis, de Daniel Mermet, réunira Noam Chomsky à des syndicalistes invités pour le questionner sur son œuvre. (La Maison des Metallos)

Noam Chomsky: Théatre de la Mutualité

Talk at Théatre de la Mutualité hosted by Le Monde Diplomatique.

Y. Brody: Noam Chomsky talk at Mutualite with Q&A

Chomsky talk entitled "Contours of the World Order: Continuities, Changes, and Challenges" with Q&A at the Théatre de la Mutualité sponsored by Le Monde Diplomatique, Paris, 29 May 2010 (2:22:30)   From Le Monde Diplomatique: La venue de Noam Chomsky à Paris permettra aux Français de rencontrer et d’entendre l’homme dont le New York Times, Read more…

Y. Brody: Noam Chomsky talk: “Power-hunger tempered by self-deception”

Chomsky talk with Q&A at Collège de France, Paris, 28 May 2010 (01:44:30)   Collège de France Colloque organisé par la chaire de philosophie du langage et de la connaissance (professeur Jacques Bouveresse) Rationalité, vérité et démocratie : Bertrand Russell, George Orwell, Noam Chomsky Vendredi 28 mai 2010, de 9 H à 18 H. Amphithéâtre Read more…

Marie Trigona: Argentina’s indigenous continue to struggle as country marks bi-centennial

Argentina celebrates the bicentennial of a revolution that paved the road to independence from Spain with the nation’s capital transformed into a gala event.  But not everyone is celebrating. The nation’s indigenous people are calling attention to a legacy of invasion and displacement that continues to this day. FSRN’s Marie Trigona reports from Buenos Aires.

Kari Lydersen: Chicago Factory Occupation, Greek Ferment

(5 / 4 / 2010) — As the economic crisis grinds on for working people around the world, two impressive examples of militancy stand out. Kari Lydersen reported on the 2008 occupation of Chicago’s Republic Windows and Doors factory as it was unfolding and talks about the history on the shop floor which provided fertile Read more…

Russell Forden: The Freedom To Say No

I don’t mind if the sun doesn’t shine. – I’ll dance in the rain. I don’t care if the stocks they rise or if they fall. – Let ‘em fall. I ain’t scared of misfortune and Murphy’s law. – Murphy was an insurance salesman! It doesn’t bother me that I’ve got no insurance at all. Read more…

Russell Forden: Martians On Mandies

Martians On Mandies They’re pissed, real pissed, Coz the Martians got there before they did. But just like the Martians they’re taking over. But you wouldn’t know it from reading the paper. They’re Martians on mandies, Not talkin’ about marshmallow candies. I’m talkin’ about Martians on mandies. They’re disrespecting sovereignty, They seem to lack humanity, Read more…

Hillary Wainright: Is it possible to democratise the capitalist state?

Interview with Hilary Wainwright at the 2010 Left Forum in New York.   Hilary Wainwright is a leading researcher and writer on the emergence of new forms of democratic accountability within parties, movements and the state. She is the driving force and editor behind Red Pepper, a popular British new left magazine, and has documented Read more…

Lonnie Atk: Track 11 w/ intro
Lonnie Atk: Track 11: Efficiency
Manuel Rozental: Cracks in the System

In an interview on a busy Toronto street, the Vancouver Media Co-op caught up with activist and physician Manuel Rozental to ask about the outcome and importance of the March 14 legislative elections in Colombia. He explains that while party representation has changed, Alvaro Uribe’s ideas have remained in power. Paramilitary-death squad connected parties retained Read more…

Lonnie Atk: Track 01 w/ intro

http://projectquestion.org/?page_id=61 http://projectquestion.org/?page_id=67 http://projectquestion.org/?page_id=81 Intro Narration: Within a generation, hip hop has attracted the masses and given birth to a new worldwide culture.  Having become a voice for the people, hip hop has the potential to be a voice for revolution. Ladies and gentleman, what you are about to hear is truly revolutionary.  The first hip Read more…

Lonnie Atk: Track 02 w/ intro

http://projectquestion.org/?page_id=61 http://projectquestion.org/?page_id=68 http://projectquestion.org/?page_id=82 Intro Narration: Now a common problem we encounter when we start talking about Participatory Economics is that too often people are followers of TINA.  In other words, they have been taught that when it comes to capitalism, there is no alternative: T-I-N-A. But we’re here to let y’all know that there is Read more…

Lonnie Atk: Track 03 w/ intro

http://projectquestion.org/?page_id=61 http://projectquestion.org/?page_id=69 http://projectquestion.org/?page_id=83 Intro Narration: When economics is too difficult for the average person to understand, it’s to keep decision-making power out of his or her hands. Of course, that ain’t my idea of a good economy. I believe that because economics affects everyone, it should be understood by everyone.  That’s why when we talk Read more…

Lonnie Atk: Track 04 w/ intro

http://projectquestion.org/?page_id=61 http://projectquestion.org/?page_id=70 http://projectquestion.org/?page_id=84 Intro Narration: Well, now, any good cook knows that if you’re creating a recipe from scratch, you don’t start at the beginning. You start at the end. You ask yourself, “What do I want out of this dish? What is it that I want to be experienced when I’m done cooking?” Well, Read more…

Lonnie Atk: Track 05 w/ intro

http://projectquestion.org/?page_id=61 http://projectquestion.org/?page_id=71 http://projectquestion.org/?page_id=85 Intro Narration: When someone asks you what kind of meal you’re in the mood for, you don’t say “one that’s fried and heavy” or “one that’s light and healthy.” You say I’m in the mood for Mexican or Italian or Indian or whatever. These one-word descriptions sum up the basic experiences you’ll Read more…

Lonnie Atk: Track 06 w/ intro

http://projectquestion.org/?page_id=61 http://projectquestion.org/?page_id=72 http://projectquestion.org/?page_id=86 Intro Narration: Ok, so we’ve talked about the values we want out of PARECON. We’ve talked about the goal being a classless economy.  So how do we get there?   Well, remember, in track three we laid out how an economy really just boils down to how you answer a few basic Read more…

Lonnie Atk: Track 07 w/ intro

http://projectquestion.org/?page_id=61 http://projectquestion.org/?page_id=73 http://projectquestion.org/?page_id=87 Intro Narration: And voila, we just got rid of capitalism. Capitalists, by definition, are the owners of capital, the owners of productive property. If you eliminate the ownership of productive property, you eliminate capitalists. No more capitalists, no more capitalism. This of course doesn’t mean that productive property goes to waste. Just Read more…

Lonnie Atk: Track 08 w/ intro

http://projectquestion.org/?page_id=61 http://projectquestion.org/?page_id=74 http://projectquestion.org/?page_id=88 Intro Narration: Now, anyone familiar with failed attempts at socialism knows that classism does not go away just because you eliminate private ownership of productive property. Sure, it may no longer be a Capitalist apple pie. But what about the crust and the filling? What about the 20 percent of workers who Read more…

Lonnie Atk: Track 09 w/ intro

http://projectquestion.org/?page_id=61 http://projectquestion.org/?page_id=75 http://projectquestion.org/?page_id=89 Intro Narration: Equity is not just about everyone doing their fair share. It’s also about everyone getting their fair share. So if the Balanced Job Complex is our institution to deal with “who does what,” we next have to answer the basic food group question “how are wages set.” In other words, Read more…

Lonnie Atk: Track 10 w/ intro

http://projectquestion.org/?page_id=61 http://projectquestion.org/?page_id=76 http://projectquestion.org/?page_id=90 Intro Narration: Having already asked who owns what, who calls the shots, who does what, and how wages are set, there’s only two basic food group questions left. There’s “who gets what,” and there’s “how prices are set.” Now, in economic terms these two questions address what we call allocation. And in Read more…

Lonnie Atk: Track 12 w/ intro

http://projectquestion.org/?page_id=61 http://projectquestion.org/?page_id=78 http://projectquestion.org/?page_id=92 Intro Narration: So this is the last track. You got the first two factors of the recipe, now it’s up to you to get out there and start cooking.  Try out your own dishes and support others in the kitchen. This is where we get to be creative and learn from our Read more…

Lonnie Atk: Track 01: Here’s Your Chance: PARECON Intro

http://projectquestion.org/?page_id=61 http://projectquestion.org/?page_id=67 http://projectquestion.org/?page_id=81 Chorus: For anyone who’s ever rocked Chuck D and PE / anyone who’s ever rocked Dead Prez Let’s Get Free / anyone who’s ever bucked up and said – Damn the man / well here’s your, well here’s your chance / For anyone who’s ever thrown a fist up in the air Read more…

Lonnie Atk: Track 02: A Funeral for T-I-N-A: PARECON is the Alternative

http://projectquestion.org/?page_id=61 http://projectquestion.org/?page_id=68 http://projectquestion.org/?page_id=82 Verse One: Margaret Thatcher made TINA a star hollering that: / (narrated on vinyl record sound effect) There is no alternative, there is no alternative / TINA was like a God at the end of the Cold War screaming: / (narrated on vinyl record sound effect) There is no alternative, there is Read more…

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