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Recent Audio

Matt Grind: Parecon, Star Trek, and Feminism

An interview by Robin Puga of Vancouver Parecon members Marla Renn and Matt Grinder.  Discussed is Parecon, parpolity and how parsoc relates to Star trek feminism and activism.

Glen Ford: For Blacks, Economic ‘Reversal’ Began in 2000

Just as the edifices of finance capital began to slip into the abyss, a report shows that the Black American economy went into reverse eight years ago.  The study by the Economic Policy Institute is titled "Reversal of Fortune," and tracks the roller coaster ride from the late Nineties, when Blacks registered real progress in Read more…

P. Sainath: “Inequality: The Global Economy and Local Realities”

P. Sainath is an Indian journalist and an expert on global development issues. He is also the author of Everybody Loves a Good Drought, which won him the 2007 Ramon Magsaysay Award for journalism, literature, and creative communications arts, widely considered to be the Asian equivalent of the Nobel Prize. On Sept. 18, he gave Read more…

Arundhati Roy: Kashmir Interview

Author and activist Arundhati Roy has visited Kashmir several times in the past two months. She says she has never seen anything like the non-violent mass movement that is filling the streets of Srinagar.   In this interview, she talks about the recent history of Kashmir and why Kashmiris have poured onto the streets in Read more…

Robert Meek: Live at CG Sept 15, 2008

Live at CG Sept 15, 2008

Boris Kagarlitsky: Georgia & Russia

The Russian parliament is set to gather on Monday to decide whether to officially recognise the breakaway Georgian states, which risks deepening an already serious diplomatic crisis between Russia and the west – perhaps the worst since the fall of the Soviet Union.   On Tuesday, Nato suspended formal contacts with Russia, pending the withdrawal Read more…

Robert Jensen: The old future’s gone: Progressive strategy amid cascading crises

[A version of this essay was delivered to the Interfaith Summer Institute for Justice, Peace, and Social Movements at Simon Fraser University in Vancouver, August 11, 2008. Audio files of the talk and discussion are available online from the Radio Ecoshock Show here and here. "The old future’s gone," John Gorka sings. "We can’t get to there Read more…

Marie Trigona: Argentina: Workers Rally to Keep Occupied Factory

Argentina: Workers Rally to Keep Occupied Factory (2:32) During Argentina’s financial meltdown, many unemployed workers occupied their closed factories and forcibly reopened them–under employee control. Four years later, Argentina’s economy is well on the road to recovery, and many worker-run factories are seeking permanent legal status. Yesterday, workers from the Zanon ceramics factory in the Read more…

Elise Hugus: Czechs press for referendum on “the son of star wars”: 67% of Czechs are against hosting US base

U.S. plans to build a radar base in the Czech Republic are meeting resistance from Czechs who do not want their country to be part of the missile defense program. They’re not alone. Demonstrations took place around the world yesterday as concerns rise about the militarization of space. Elise Hugus has more from Prague. REPORTER: Read more…

Gilbert Achcar: American, Israeli and Iranian Strategies in the Middle East Conflict

On 29 May, 2008, Michael Warschawski, co-founder of the Alternative Information Center, spoke with Gilbert Achcar at his office in London, England. Gilbert lived in Lebanon for many years before moving to France, where he taught politics and international relations at the University of Paris. Since 2007, he has been a professor of Development Studies Read more…

Brian Kelly: Towards Economic and Environmental Justice

Chris interviews Liam on global warming, the war in Iraq, capitalist economics, and clean, green, and just alternatives. Also talked about is environmental activism and the Energy Action Coalition's exciting 2008 campaign: PowerVote.org   Interview Transcript:   Chris: What are you trying to do?  Liam: I want an end to poverty. I want an end Read more…

Amy Goodman: The “Golden Voice of the Great Southwest”: Legendary Folk Musician, Activist Utah Phillips, 1935-2008

Note: Interview Starts 9min. 47 sec into show. AMY GOODMAN: Utah Phillips, the legendary folk musician, peace and labor activist, has died. He passed away in his sleep in Nevada City Friday night. He died of congestive heart failure. He was seventy-three years old. A memorial service is being planned for Sunday. Over the span Read more…

Alexis Alexism: Le temps des cerises

Interprétée par Edith Piaf. (wikipédia) Cette chanson est si fortement associée à la Commune de Paris que, dans les esprits, elle fut écrite pour elle. Pourtant elle fut écrite sous Napoléon III avant même la guerre de 1870 (dont l’humiliation de la défaite française devait produire, en 1871, le terreau favorable à la Commune). Un Read more…

Adam Hochschild: Cracks in the Edifice

Every spring in New York City, the Left Forum conference brings together intellectuals and activists to address urgent issues and build a stronger political Left movement in the United States.   This year, organizers and thinkers looked at the ongoing war in Iraq… the impending economic recession… and the devastating results of free trade policies Read more…

Pratap Chatterjee: South Asian Private Contractors

Pratap Chatterjee talks to Gina Hotta of Apex Express about the low-wage private contractors from South Asia who are servicing the Iraq occupation.   Pratap Chatterjee is the executive director of Corpwatch, as well as an investigative journalist and producer. He has won five Project Censored awards as well as a Silver Reel from the Read more…

Marie Trigona: From Sweat shop to Co-op

For some, it may come as a surprise that Buenos Aires’s fashion industry relies on slave labor. Even with Argentina’s miraculous economic revival, the practice of using undocumented immigrants as slave laborers in sweat shops continues. An estimated 400 clandestine shops operate in Buenos Aires. And tens of thousands of undocumented Bolivians work in these Read more…

Tim Robbins: Address to National Association of Broadcasters

A renowned actor, director and writer, Robbins used his keynote address at the National Association of Broadcasters conference on April 14 to speak out about the "dangerous lack of diversity of opinion" that characterizes the state of broadcasting today.  Robbins opened his speech "apologizing" to Rush Limbaugh, Bill O’Reilly and other right-wing broadcast pundits:   Read more…

Lonnie Atk: Generic Drugs

Melody and Lyrics: Lonnie Ray Atkinson Lead Vocals: Lonnie Ray Atkinson All Instruments and Production: Loney John Hutchins Background Vocals: Loney John Hutchins For information about the song, please visit: http://projectquestion.org/?p=20

Robin Hahnel: TINA Be Damned: Alternatives to Corporate Capitalism

Robin Hahnel spoke at UT-Austin to scholars, students, and activists. He discusses alternatives to corporate capitalism, different economic visions, and Venezuela’s social economy, which he describes as “the first great social experiment of the 21st. Century.” Hahnel is a professor of economics at American University. With Z Magazine founder Michael Albert, he co-authored a compelling, Read more…

Justin Podur: Ecology & Climate Change

On March 27, Justin Podur spoke to a crowd at the University of Texas at Austin on the politics of climate change. In this talk, he brings together his knowledge and experience as a scientist and a radical political activist to discuss the science of climate change as well as its political implications. Justin Podur is a Read more…

Bruce Dixon: The Beginning of Apartheid’s End – the 20th Anniversary of the Battle of Cuito Cuanavale

Ceremonies in several African countries and the Caribbean this week marked the twentieth anniversary of the 1988 battle of Cuito Cuanavale in Angola. In this military engagement, which Nelson Mandela called “a decisive turning point in the struggle against apartheid”, the Angolan army and Namibian liberation movement, along with tens of thousands Cuban troops and Read more…

: Worlds Apart: The Role of Politics, Class, and Culture in Shaping Opportunity in Poor Rural Communities

Cynthia "Mil" Duncan returned to the University of New Hampshire in the spring of 2004 as founding director of the Carsey Institute. Widely recognized for her research on rural poverty and changing rural communities, Duncan was a sociologist at UNH for 11 years before leaving to become director of the Ford Foundation’s Community and Resource Read more…

Glen Ford: Obamarama: Is it a Movement? Or is it Marketing? And What Should We Be Doing?

When you visit barackobama.com on the web, the button in the lower left corner says “join the movement”. The Obama campaign frankly claims to be the direct successor to and the current incarnation of the movement for justice and human rights which won Black voting rights and an end to Jim Crow. Unprecedented numbers of Read more…

Robert Jensen: Writing Dissent

Robert Jensen is an associate professor of journalism at the University of Texas at Austin, where he has taught since 1992. He is the author of Writing Dissent, The Heart of Whiteness, and Citizens of the Empire. His most recent book is Getting Off: Pornography and the End of Masculinity, published by South End Press. Read more…

Alexis Alexism: L’affiche rouge

(Wikipedia) L’Affiche rouge est une affiche de propagande allemande placardée à Paris au printemps 1944, pendant l’occupation nazie. Elle fut tirée à 15 000 exemplaires.   La campagne de l’affiche fait suite à l’arrestation des 23 membres du groupe Manouchian, affilié aux FTP – MOI (Francs-tireurs et partisans – Main d’œuvre immigrée). Les 22 hommes Read more…

Alexis Alexism: le mouton noir

En souvenir de la victoire populaire du 29 mai 2005, on ne perd pas tout le temps.   Compagnie Jolie Môme http://www.cie-joliemome.org/   C’était une fois dans le pays Parmi les champs et les prairies Un beau troupeau de moutons blancs Dans les prés paissait insouciant Au milieu du troupeau qui bêle Un mouton noir Read more…

Alexis Alexism: La chanson de Craonne

Interprétée par Mouloudji       Chanson de la première guerre mondiale, avec en arrière fond les mutineries de 1917. “Ceux qu’on l’pognon, ceux là reviendront, car c’est pour eux qu’on crève / Mais c’est fini car les troufions font tous se mettre en grève” Spéciale dédicace à Bernard Kouchner.

Alexis Alexism: The international in Arab

Très belle version en arabe. From: http://communisme.wordpress.com/chanson-du-proletariat-mondial/chants-en-arabe/ (wikipedia) À l’origine, il s’agit d’un poème écrit par Eugène Pottier, en juin 1871, en pleine répression de la Commune de Paris. Il était destiné à être chanté sur l’air de la Marseillaise. La musique de L’Internationale a été composée ultérieurement par Pierre Degeyter, en 1888. À partir Read more…

Noam Chomsky: Noam Chomsky: Why is Iraq Missing from 2008 Presidential Race?

[Note: Talk starts 20 min. 15 sec. into program] In a major address, Noam Chomsky says there has been little change in the conventional debate over a US invasion abroad: from Vietnam to Iraq, the two main political parties and political pundits differ only on the tactics of US goals, which are assumed to be Read more…

Greg Palast: Oily Lies in Alaska

Interview about Exxon Valdez Oil Spill, and it’s corporate causes. Podcast Feb 11th, 2008.

Peter Kornbluh: Fidel Castro Resigns as Cuban President

AMY GOODMAN: We go to our top story today: Fidel Castro has announced he is resigning as Cuban president, ending forty-nine years in power. In defiance of the United States, Castro has led the island since the Cuban Revolution succeeded in 1959. In a letter published in the Cuban newspaper Granma online, the eighty-one-year-old Castro Read more…

Constancio Pinto: East Timor Braces for Potential Crisis Following Assassination Attempt on President Jose Ramos-Horta

Timorese U.S. envoy Constancio Pinto and veteran journalist Allan Nairn join us to talk about the latest crisis in East Timor. President Jose Ramos-Horta is recovering from gunshot wounds following an attempt on his life. The situation on the ground has remained calm, but East Timor’s complex internal conflicts remain unresolved, opening the door to Read more…

Greg Palast: Fear Of Chavez Is Fear Of Democracy

  Bush: If it’s our oil, why do Venezuelans get to vote on it? GOP panicked that counting votes in Venezuela will spread to Florida The Family Bush can fix Florida. They can fix Ohio. But it’s just driving them crazy that they can’t fix the vote in Venezuela.   The Bush Administration and its Read more…

Nathan: A Fragment of Time #2 by Andy Nemmity

A random hour of music.

Sut Jhally: Media Matters Interview

Jhally is Professor of Communication at the University of Massachusetts and founder and Executive Director of the Media Education Foundation. He is one of the world’s leading scholars looking at the role played by advertising and popular culture in the processes of social control and identity construction. The author of numerous books and articles on Read more…

Dahr Jamail: The Iraq Surge

CounterSpin (2/1/08-2/7/08): Reports that the surge in Iraq "is working" are commonplace, but they rarely confront the question, "Working for whom?" In his latest piece, "Reality Is Totally Different: Iraqis on ‘Success’ and ‘Progress’ in Their Country," available at TomDispatch.com, independent journalist Dahr Jamail goes beyond the official Washington view and asks Iraqis how the surge Read more…

Norman Finkelstein: Academic Freedom 9/9

  In Defense of Academic Freedom, Rockefeller Chapel, University of Chicago 12 October 2007 Dr. Norman Finkelstein, author of Image and Reality of the Israel Palestine Conflict, The Holocaust Industry and Beyond Chutzpah Go to pt.1 Go to pt.2 Go to pt.3 Go to pt.4 Go to pt.5 Go to pt.6 Go to pt.7 Go Read more…

Neve Gordon: Academic Freedom 8/9

In Defense of Academic Freedom, Rockefeller Chapel, University of Chicago 12 October 2007 Dr. Neve Gordon, Professor, Department of Politics and Government, Ben-Gurion University Go to pt.1 Go to pt.2 Go to pt.3 Go to pt.4 Go to pt.5 Go to pt.6 Go to pt.7

Mehrene Larudee: Academic Freedom 7/9

In Defense of Academic Freedom, Rockefeller Chapel, University of Chicago 12 October 2007 Dr. Mehrene Larudee, International Studies Program, DePaul University Go to pt.1 Go to pt.2 Go to pt.3 Go to pt.4 Go to pt.5 Go to pt.6

Evan Lorendo: Academic Freedom 6/9

In Defense of Academic Freedom, Rockefeller Chapel, University of Chicago 12 October 2007 Mr. Evan Lorendo, Academic Freedom Committee, DePaul University Go to pt.1 Go to pt.2 Go to pt.3 Go to Pt.4 Go to Pt.5

John Mearsheimer: Academic Freedom 5/9

In Defense of Academic Freedom, Rockefeller Chapel, University of Chicago 12 October 2007  Dr. John Mearsheimer, R. Wendell Harrison Distinguished Service Professor of Political Science, University of Chicago Go to pt.1 Go to pt.2 Go to pt.3 Go to Pt.4  

Tony Judt: Academic Freedom 4/9

Dr. Tony Judt, University Professor and Director of the Remarque Institute, New York University Go to pt.1 Go to pt.2 Go to pt.3  

Akeel Bilgrami: Academic Freedom 3/9

Dr. Akeel Bilgrami, Johnsonian Professor of Philosophy and Director of The Heyman Center, Columbia In Defense of Academic Freedom, Rockefeller Chapel, University of Chicago 12 October 2007  Go to pt.1 Go to pt.2

Noam Chomsky: Academic Freedom 2/9

12 October 2007 – In Defense of Academic Freedom Rockefeller Chapel, University of Chicago

Tariq Ali: Academic Freedom 1/9

Introduction to conference In Defense of Academic Freedom, Rockefeller Chapel, University of Chicago 12 October 2007  Go to pt.2

Norman Solomon: Media & War Interview

Norman Solomon interviewed by Jonathan Lawson. KBCS-FM, 11 Jan 2008

Ilan Pappe: The Ethnic Cleansing of Palestine

Dr. Ilan Pappe, Israeli historian and author of The Ethnic Cleansing of Palestine, in a speech on the history and ongoing reality of Israel’s colonization program. Broadcast Tuesday, December 25, 2007 on Flashpoints.

Tamara V: Genealogy of anarchism in the Balkans

Featured Speakers/Commentators:  Ziga Vodovnik, Andrej Grubacic, and Tamara Vukov Producer:  Aaron     Summary: A presentation given at the 2007 Renewing the Anarchist Tradition Conference in Montpelier, Vermont. Credits: www.anarchist-studies.org Notes: This panel will offer a historical overview of anarchism in the Balkan region, wherein special attention will be on the past and current anarchist movements in the Read more…

Norman Finkelstein: Solidarity with the Palestinian: The Coming Break Up American Zionism Pt.3

Mostly Q&A… On November 29, the Canadian-Palestinian Educational Exchange (CEPAL) in commemoration of the eleventh annual United Nations International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People Ms. Olfat Mahmoud, and  featured keynote speaker, Dr. Norman Finkelstein discuss the roots of conflict and prospects for peace in Israel and Palestine. Pt.2 of 3. Keynote speaker, Dr. Norman Finkelstein Read more…

A. Burnett: Don’t Wake Me

Here is a song I wrote.  Some of it I even sing in key. Lyrics: Oh don’t wake me I’m so damned tired I’m so sleepy, won’t you let me lie? Don’t wake me Don’t wake me I’m so weary I want to cry but nothing comes out of these baggy eyes Don’t wake me Read more…

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