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Recent Blogs

Joe Emersberger: A note about Venezuela’s “humanitarian crisis”

A “humanitarian crisis” has no exact definition. Greece remains better off than the vast majority of countries in the world despite going through a Great Depression level of collapse for several years which many enraged Greeks call a humanitarian crisis. I would not tell Greeks that it’s wrong to describe what they’re going through that Read more…

Joe Emersberger: More about Almagro’s imperial crusade against Venezuela: remembering 2004

In August of 2004, a presidential recall referendum was held in Venezuela which former President Hugo Chavez won by almost 20 percentage points. The process to get that referendum approved took over 8 months as Reuters noted in this article in which it discretely refuted a lie told by opposition leader Henrique Capriles: “The government Read more…

Lawrence Wittner: Can Our Social Institutions Catch Up With Advances in Science and Technology?

H.G. Wells, one of the most prolific and prominent novelists of the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, consistently warned his contemporaries that social institutions were not evolving fast enough to cope with rapid changes in science and technology. Since Wells’s death in 1946, the scientific and technological advances have certainly been enormous.  Thanks to Read more…

Nasir Khan: Socialist philosopher and sociologist Dag Østerberg (1938-2017)

 – Nasir Khan, 22 March,  2017  – Dag Østerberg  – Since 1960 Dag Østerberg had the distinction of being a leading social theoretician and a versatile intellectual in Norway, who made lasting contributions especially in sociology and social philosophy. His death on 22 February 2017 removed a uniquely talented scholar from the social and academic Read more…

John Andrews: Book Review – Confessions of a Terrorist

Confessions of a Terrorist Author: Richard Jackson Publisher: Zed Books London Year of publication: 2014 In a claustrophobic concrete cell, two men face each other across a bare table. One is a wanted terrorist, the other a British intelligence officer. But this is no ordinary interrogation, and as they talk deep into the night and Read more…

Don Fitz: Green Time TV Food Sovereignty in Missouri, US and the World

Green Time TV Food Sovereignty in Missouri, US and the World by Don Fitz Who really controls the food that we eat? Who controls the food the world eats? April 2017 Green Time episodes challenge the domination of food. What is the neoliberal economy? What does it have to do with food and freedom? In Read more…

Joe Emersberger: Tom London makes a sensible reply to Owen Jones about Corbyn’s leadership BUT….

This is a very sensible reply Tom London made to Owen Jones about Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership of the U.K. Labour party. Jones has very recently used his platform in the Guardian to call on Corbyn to resign. It may be wise to respond to Jones by politely telling him you don’t question his motives but I think Read more…

Joe Emersberger: Lasso’s version of “lock her up” combined with appeals to Ecuador’s fake Left

El Comercio, a right wing newspaper in Ecuador, published a front page interview with presidential candidate Guillermo Lasso that headlined his bogus anti-extractivist posturing. How I do I know that Lasso – a banker and former “superminister” in the government of Jamil Mahuad that in 1998 signed off on Chevron’s destruction in Ecuador’s Amazon – isn’t credible? Well, besides his past, Read more…

Joe Emersberger: Against the Blacklisting of Rania Khalek: Signed by Chomsky, Pilger, Greenwald and many others

The cancellation of a lecture by journalist Rania Khalek, who was invited to speak on the University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill campus by Students for Justice in Palestine on February 27, 2017, raises important issues of tactics and strategy within movements for social change. The whole statement, posted on facebook the night before, Read more…

Rolf Auer: “Die Humans Die” — poem: worldpeace now!

Die Humans Die Rolf Auer, Tuesday 21 February 2017 Perish Humans, your unrealized dream of eternal worldwide peace only slightly out of your grasp while highly visible on the horizon of your collective imagination, tantalizingly near yet obscured by your petty obsessions with small-minded failings why it isn’t a duty of ordinary citizens to ensure Read more…

Sam Hitt: Blanchot on Literature and the Right of Death

This excerpt from Maurice Blanchot’ essay Literature and the Right to Death is for all of us who struggle with the silence of words. Written in 1946, it marked his turn to Leftist politics in France. For the remainder of his long life Blanchot (1907-2003) interrogated the mystery of writing, the allusive and ambiguous void at the heart of Read more…

Lawrence Wittner: Why Should Trump–or Anyone–Be Able to Launch a Nuclear War?

  The accession of Donald Trump to the U.S. presidency brings us face-to-face with a question that many have tried to avoid since 1945:  Should anyone have the right to plunge the world into a nuclear holocaust? Trump, of course, is an unusually angry, vindictive, and mentally unstable American president.  Therefore, given the fact that, Read more…

Tapani Lausti: Finland and the supposed Russian threat

Recently there has been a lot of speculation in the Finnish media about a possible Russian invasion of Finland and even of Sweden through Finnish territory. Many writers enthusiastically speculate about possible troop movements and counter-movements in a war situation The expression “war situation” is used as something normal, something to be expected at some Read more…

Nasir Khan: One step forward in Pakistan, but more is needed

Nasir Khan, February 18, 2017 The passing of the Hindu marriage bill was an important step in Pakistan, which is a mutti-religious country. If common sense prevails in the ruling strata of Pakistan, they should take the next bold step and make Pakistan a Secular Democratic country, where there is no state religion, but all Read more…

Joe Emersberger: Lies about Venezuela’s media #567,456 – the groveling before Trump edition

As I just wrote in Telesur, for almost two decades, opponents of the Venezuelan government have made the western media their stomping ground. Since Trump’s election, many have also postured as part of the resistance to Trump as in these articles: In Venezuela, we couldn’t stop Chávez. Don’t make the same mistakes we did. Donald Read more…

Joe Emersberger: Reuters Uses Conspiracy Theory to attack Daniel Ortega and Nicaraguan Democracy

This Reuters article by Brian Ellsworth, a Venezuela-based correspondent, says that “Nicaraguan leftist president Daniel Ortega” had “cruised to a third consecutive election victory in November after a top court ruling ousted the leader of the main opposition party. That left Ortega running against a candidate widely seen as a shadow ally.” I haven’t followed Read more…

Don Fitz: Green Time TV: St. Louis Choices for 2017 Continue

Green Time TV: St. Louis Choices for 2017 Continue by Don Fitz When St. Louis voters go to the polls in early 2017 they will be making critical decisions for the future of the City. The corporate media often presents a very narrow range of choices for voters and disregard those that have some of Read more…

Gerry Mohan: Who’s Faking the News and Who Leaked the DNC Emails?

Who’s Faking the News and Who Leaked the DNC Emails?   January 17, 2017 The answer to the second question is: probably not Russia. An answer to the first starts to emerge in the process of answering the second. The US intelligence agencies are claiming it was Russia that hacked and leaked the Democratic National Read more…

Mousab Azzawi: Canadian attack: introductory events and consequences

Global condemnations have been followed in succession from throughout the world in a response to the Canadian attack at a Quebec City mosque, where six people were killed and eight wounded. But the statement of the Canadian prime minister was amazingly clear when he said that it is a ‘terrorist attack on Muslims’; this is Read more…

Bryce Johannes: Time for a Conversation about Change

The recent presidential election in the United States (and Brexit in the UK and similar movements elsewhere) was a clear referendum for change.  Candidate Trump ran on a platform of change and received the vote of nearly 1/3 of the eligible voters.  Senator Sanders also advocated strongly for change and many of his supporters were Read more…

Bryce Johannes: Time for a Conversation about Change – An example

Below is an example of the possible conclusions from asking just what sort of change is needed to bring about true and sincere “government of, for and by the people” as introduced here. I provide a brief summary of the struggle in the United States by the people throughout the country’s history to be heard Read more…

Nasir Khan: Frederick Engels about his role in Marxist theory

Nasir Khan, February 9, 2017 The names of Karl Marx and Frederick Engels are inseparably linked for laying the foundations of Scientific Socialism in contrast to the previous versions known as utopian socialism. As long they lived, their intellectual partnership was in the service of a common cause but deeply rooted in rigorous scientific work Read more…

Karthik Ramanathan: [Petition to US Attorneys against Muslim Ban] Please consider signing

Dear Fellow American People of a good heart, As you are aware, the Donald J Trump via his racist advisors Steve Bannon and Stephen Miller are attempting to turn the clock of history back, by banning people from seven muslim majority countries. This executive order while couched in the rhetoric of national security, is clearly aimed at Read more…

Joe Emersberger: FT article tries to pass off Moises Naim as even handed regarding Hugo Chavez

Unsurprisingly this deceptive article is by Andres Schipani The headline reads: “TV portrayal of Chávez provokes anger in Venezuela”. EXCERPT: Moisés Naím, a former Venezuelan trade minister who created the show for Sony Pictures Television, defends the series, saying “this is not a biopic, this is not a biography, this is fiction”. Chávez was a Read more…

John Andrews: Drone Assassination / Killing Children

On 30th September 2011, Anwar al-Awlaki, a US citizen, was assassinated in Yemen in a US drone strike. Anwar al-Awlaki was considered to be a ‘Hate Preacher’ even though he condemned the 11th September 2001 attacks. On 14th October 2011, Abdulrahman al-Awlaki, the 16-year old son of the late Anwar al-Awlaki, was assassinated in Yemen Read more…

Joe Emersberger: I was wrong, and the Economist was correct about ranking of Venezuela’s economy in 2001

An Economist article recently stated that “In 2001 Venezuela was the richest country in South America; it is now among the poorest.” That didn’t sound right to me at all so I checked the IMF’s website. The Economist didn’t say by what measure it was ranking Venezuela the “richest” in 2001 but the proper way Read more…

Lawrence Wittner: Should We Keep Wasting Money on Missile Defense–or Invest in Something Useful?

When Americans criticize wasteful government spending, they often fail to realize that the biggest sinkhole for public funds is what’s described as “national defense”―a program that, all too often, does little or nothing to defend them. Take national missile defense, a program begun with much fanfare during the mid-1980s, when President Ronald Reagan realized that Read more…

Nasir Khan: Palestinians, Zionists, Jews and Israel

Nasir Khan, January 24, 2017 My new facebook friend Phil Clarke said to me in one of his comments, “You seem to think that all Jews and all Israelis are Zionists – that is not an accurate picture.” I will take only this point and will add the following few lines: I do not think Read more…

Joe Emersberger: Trump Stands atop a “Failing Pile of Garbage”: a Case for Media Reform

For over a century, a key feature of the USA’s propaganda system, more commonly known as its mass media, has been the glorification of businessmen (and sometimes businesswomen). That’s one of the main reasons why the corporate media, when it finally turned against Donald Trump after providing him with free publicity for much of his Read more…

Nasir Khan: Religious fanatics in India and Pakistan

Nasir Khan, January 18, 2017(I wrote the following piece in reply to a comment by a Facebook friend.) Both Hindu and Islamic architecture have influenced each other in many ways. By its appearance, Jejuri Temple seems to be a clear example of this interaction in architecture.  Regarding your views on the division of Hindus and Read more…

Joe Emersberger: A note about migration from Venezuela in the Chavista era CORRECTED Feb 12/2018

How many people have left Venezuela to live abroad since Hugo Chavez, Venezuela’s late former president, first took office in 1999? The New York Times, Reuters and the Financial Times have uncritically cited the work of Tomás Páez, a fiercely anti-Chavista academic who claims that 1.8 million have left in the last 17 years. Páez Read more…

Lawrence Wittner: A Peace Agenda for the New Administration

The looming advent of the Trump administration in Washington threatens to worsen an already deeply troubling international situation.  Bitter wars are raging, tens of millions of refugees have taken flight, relations among the great powers are deteriorating, and a new nuclear arms race is underway.  Resources that could be used to fight unemployment, poverty, and Read more…

Dimitris Fasfalis: Russia: “empire abroad entails tyranny at home” (H. Arendt)

Current debates about Russia need to bear in mind H. Arendt’s appraisal of the politics of imperial projects : “Empire abroad entails tyranny at home”. The Russian intervention in Syria in all its barbarism would just be impossible were Russian “civil society” strong and dynamic. The emerging workers movement in the 1990s has been crushed Read more…

Dimitris Fasfalis: Russian spectres

Amidst the ongoing conflict in Syria, Vladimir Putin’s Russia has become the name of a new dividing line within the Western lefts. On the one hand, we see numerous analysts and intellectuals criticize the mainstream media tendency to portray Russia as an international thug, an authoritarian regime and a threat to the liberal West. On the Read more…

Sam Hitt: When Things Become Undone

In Obama’s wake dreams have become dystopias, liberating initiatives left in disrepair and new forms of subjugation and unfreedom loosened on the world. Like Carter before him, Obama was a reaction to the loathsome excesses of the Right; neither were creations of movements with deep social roots. And once again in defeat and dread we Read more…

Nasir Khan: Ideology behind the extremist violence in Pakistan

The following article I published on 31 March 2016 after an Islamist bomber targeted innocent people in Lahore in March this year. I am posing it again because the mainstay of violence in Pakistan has roots in an ideology which gets all the nourishment and patronage for its abominable crimes. —– Ideology behind the extremist Read more…

Nasir Khan: Happy New Year 2017

Nasir Khan, Dec. 31, 2016 Happy New Year to all our readers and friends! — Come, fill the cup, and in the fire of spring Your winter garment of repentance fling. The bird of time has but a little way To flutter – and the bird is on the wing. — Omar Khayyam

Nasir Khan: On the unity of workers for a socialist world order

 Nasir Khan, December 27, 2016 When the workers of all countries unite for the common cause of a creating a society where the capitalists and owners of the means of production do not control the lives and destinies of the 99% of human beings in the world, any such unity in Marxist thought is known Read more…

Sam Hitt: Restless Despair

The task of the Left now is to stake out opportunities for radical thought and action in the essentially hopeless conditions of the present. And to frame this struggle not as a reaction to the traumatic rise of the populous Right but within the context of present suffering where domination, cruelty and inhumanity repeat and Read more…

Huzaifa Zoomkawala: On forgetting

i. witness the word in extinction as it tries to catch flame     but there is no past as you try to forget    but there is no hint of yearn to climb out of the past as you try to forget   and the word it catches a sorry flame  a flight a plight of memory       the rot will address you with Read more…

Nasir Khan: What is the meaning of sword on the Saudi flag?

Nasir Khan, December 22, 2016 On the Saudi flag is the Islamic confession of faith, which in English reads, “There is no god but Allah and Muhammad is his preophet”. But what is the sword doing here under this text? A sword is not made to cut vegetables or grass but to fight with and Read more…

Lawrence Wittner: The Scandal of Vast Inequality in Retirement Pay

  Cato the Elder, a Roman senator and historian, once remarked:  “Cessation of work is not accompanied by cessation of expenses.”  For centuries, retirees have been aware of this unfortunate fact, which led them to demand and, in many cases, secure old age pensions to help provide financial security during their “golden years.”  But as Read more…

Don Fitz: Green Time TV: Environmental Obstacles, But Forging Ahead

Green Time TV Environmental Obstacles, But Forging Ahead by Don Fitz Lots of things stand in the way of environmental sanity – including international trade deals, attacks on local farmers and “food sovereignty,” racist deterioration of inner cities, and irrational war on a potentially beneficial weed. January 2017 Green Time episodes delve into a variety Read more…

DAVID A: The Syrian War What You’re Not Being Told

The Syrian War What You’re Not Being Told Sep 3, 2013

DAVID A: Facebook Partners With Snopes and Other So-Called ‘Fact Checking’ Sites to Burry ‘Fake News’

Facebook Partners With Snopes & Other So-Called ‘Fact Checking’ Sites to Burry ‘Fake News’ December 15, 2016   Facebook is partnering with Snopes.com and other sites which have apparently been unofficially deemed the new ministries of truth to decide what is and what is not ‘Fake News.’ Do we trust these agencies more than we trust the intelligence Read more…

DAVID A: Hands Off Syria Coalition Fighting for Peace in Syria

Hands Off Syria Coalition Fighting for Peace in Syria Home   https://www.facebook.com/handsoffsyria/   Aleppo eastern neighborhoods’ evacuation suspended after terrorists’ breach Aleppo eastern neighborhoods’ evacuation suspended after terrorists’ breach   Aleppo Update. Noura Erakat Speaking For MECA Today on Flashpoints: Eyewitness testimony from Syria as indie journalist Eva Bartlett reports back on Aleppo. Also an Read more…

DAVID A: ALEPPO: The Liberation of East Aleppo – Vanessa Beeley on UK Column

ALEPPO: The Liberation of East Aleppo – Vanessa Beeley on UK Column December 16, 2016 By Vanessa Beeley Independent journalist and 21st Century Wire special contributor, Vanessa Beeley has just returned from three days spent in Aleppo.  She has visited a number of the districts of East Aleppo recently liberated by the Syrian Arab Army Read more…

Mark Evans: What happens when progressives get their class analysis wrong… An Interview With Michael Albert (ZNet)

Since Occupy it has become fashionable for progressives to talk about the 1% vs the 99%. This two class analysis, however, has a much longer history. For example, Marxists typically highlight two classes – the capitalist class and the working class – and like Occupy focus people’s attention on the problem with an economic system Read more…

Nasir Khan: Inferior status of women – a bird’s eyeview of the old problem

 Nasir Khan, December 12, 2016 The question about the inferior status of women runs through many old civilisations but not all. For instance, in ancient Persian civilisation that flourished under Achaeminid and Sassanid rulers, women were given a much more exalted status than under the Greek and Roman civilisations. However, under the teachings and the Read more…

Lawrence Wittner: Scapegoating on the Political Right: A Mask for Privilege

Recently, many commentators have expressed surprise at the romance between the incoming Trump administration and the hate-filled ranks of racial, religious, and nativist bigots. But, in fact, the phenomenon of scapegoating―blaming a hapless and helpless minority for problems caused by others―has been fundamental to advancing the fortunes of the political Right throughout modern history.  In Read more…

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