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Recent Blogs

Ben Norton: 1945 New York Times Lies: “No Radioactivity in Hiroshima Ruin”

The New York Times, by far the most trusted and esteemed US newspaper, has always buckled under the pressure of powerful interests. Throughout the several decades of his long and productive career—although perhaps mostly prominently in Manufacturing Consent—Noam Chomsky has in particular heaped much criticism on the publication for its lies of exclusion, selective reporting Read more…

Joe Emersberger: Timidity, Double Standards from Reuters: Extraordinary but not Unusual

Andrew Cawthorne at least reported that Cuba, not just Venezuela, is mocking Obama’s announcement that there is Venezuelan threat to the “national security” of the USA that is “unusual and extraordinary”. Ecuador’s president, Rafael Correa, called it a “bad joke” which at least approximates an appropriate description of Obama’s assertion. The mind boggles attempting to Read more…

Kevin Young: Hillary Clinton and the Crisis of Liberal Feminism

The exclusionary version of feminism reflected in Clinton’s politics contrasts with more holistic and robust feminisms practiced around the world   by Kevin Young and Diana C. Sierra Becerra   Source: Against the Current   Assuming Hillary Clinton runs for President in 2016, much of her popular support will be based on her image as Read more…

Nasir Khan: Iran, Israel and the Question of Nuclear Threat

Nasir Khan, March 9, 2015 – On March 3, 2015, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel delivered his speech before a joint session of the US Congress. His reception was of a kind, which has amused very many of us around the world. Still, we may ask: For what was Netanyahu accorded such a heroic Read more…

Lawrence Wittner: “New York’s 200-Year Conspiracy for Peace”

As a scholarly specialist on the American peace movement, I am sometimes telephoned for background information by journalists writing articles about current demonstrations against war or against nuclear weapons.  Almost invariably, they have no idea that the American peace movement has a rich history.  Or, if they realize that it does have such a history, Read more…

Joe Emersberger: NPR’s John Otis Lies about Venezuela

John Otis tells NPR’s audience “In 2002, Chavez was briefly ousted in a military-backed uprising that he claimed — without proof — was supported by the United States.” That is quite a whopper even by the abysmal standards of the US media. The US government publicly supported the 2002 coup in Venezuela. Bush Administration spokesmen Read more…

Joe Emersberger: More Sloppiness from Reuters’ Caracas Folks

Reuters tells us that “The decline in oil prices has slammed his [Nicolas Maduro’s] increasingly cash-strapped and unpopular government in the midst of a deep recession and ahead of important parliamentary elections.” Oil prices have recovered somewhat since January, so saying “increasingly cash-strapped” – if it refers to government export revenues – is wrong. The claim Read more…

Joe Emersberger: Note to Time Mag (Girish Gupta) About Venezuela

Hi Girish: You (or perhaps your editors) wrote “Hyperinflation and shortages of basic goods have Venezuelans angry—and looking for new leadership” Venezuela doesn’t have anything close to hyperinflation – a rate of at least 30% per MONTH. Last year the Guardian conceded this point and corrected an article, so should TIME. You said NOTHING about Read more…

Lawrence Wittner: Review of Lauren Coodley’s Upton Sinclair: California Socialist, Celebrity Intellectual (University of Nebraska Press, 2013)

Can a dedicated socialist have a significant impact upon American life?  Lauren Coodley’s biography of prominent socialist novelist and agitator Upton Sinclair shows that, with a lot of talent and fortitude, that kind of influence is possible. Upton Sinclair was born in Baltimore in 1878―the son of a railroad baron’s daughter and a whiskey wholesaler.  Read more…

Joe Emersberger: The Unbridled Bigotry of British TV Journalists

1) A former CIA official advocates Muslim on Muslim genocide. 2) A Muslim condemns beheadings perpetrated by a UK citizen who joined ISIS, but says practices of British security services contributed to his radicalization. Who was treated with deference by a TV journalist and who was aggressively attacked? Unsurprisingly, number 1 was treated with deference. Number Read more…

Joe Emersberger: Was it fair to say a Reuters article encouraged coup in Venezuela?

Some feedback I had to this post was odd. It was conceded that this article was appalling piece of pro-coup garbage, but it was also argued that it was unfair to call it a “Reuters article”. I’ll happy clarify – again – that this rubbish was not written by Reuters’ Caracas-based reporters. If was written Read more…

Joe Emersberger: Bloomberg gets Desperate with the Venezuela Default Hype

An honest headline to this recent Bloomberg article would have been “Traders and Analysts Back Away from Venezuela Default Claims”. Regardless, the global downturn of 2008 / 2009 should have taught everyone not to give a damn what “traders and analysts” say, or even what most professional economists say.  The nonsense about Venezuela being on the brink of Read more…

Sriram Ananth: Bubbles, the awesome tabby who ushered in the sweet demise of my anthropocentrism.

In the late fall of 2011, on a weekday evening in central Toronto, as the crisp cold was settling in to lay the foundation for the dreary winter to follow, I trudged back home from my then day job as a case manager and counsellor with a non-profit organization that supported marginalized folk with health Read more…

Aaron Leonard: The Missing Chapter in the History of America’s Sixties Radicals

The RCP, RSB, and its front groups, identified as the VVAW, UWOC, and USCPFA, represent a threat to the internal security of the United States of the first magnitude. —FBI report on the Revolutionary Communist Party, September 6, 1976 The story of sixties radicalism in the US is one largely revolving around a discrete set Read more…

Fred Bourgault-Christie: “Redpills” and Freedom In Relationships: A Project for Feminism

The “redpill” movement’s philosophy is presumptuous and sexist slop that dresses up a very old (and discredited) idea as if it were new and liberating wisdom, and it pisses me off. And it’s just one indication of how we need to craft narratives for people that both empower them to embrace their inner humanity and Read more…

Joe Emersberger: Reuters Plays Dumb about Coup Attempt in Venezuela – UPDATED II

UPDATE II: The fact that US endorsed the 2002 coup was put back into the article. UPDATE: Today’s Reuter’s article (by Andrew Cawthorne) on Ledezma’s arrest was far more reasonable as I’ll explain in a bit, but, as Joel Gillin pointed out, the article edited out the US government’s endorsement of the 2002 coup that Read more…

Gerry Mohan: Who’s Afraid in the Surveillance State?

According to the US Justice Department passing information to an alien power, the public, is worse than espionage…       Those learning to love the surveillance state can often be heard to ask: “If you’ve nothing to hide what are you worried about?” If we just turn that around we get a much more Read more…

The Polemicist: The SYRIZA Moment: A Skeptical Argument

Go to source   Mehran Khalili/http://www.redpepper.org.uk The victory of Syriza in Greece is an important moment.1 Indeed, I think it is going to be a historic turning point for Europe and the world, for better or for worse. Syriza defines itself explicitly as “as a party of the democratic and radical Left,” and radical it Read more…

Eddie Girdner: The Vietnam War at Fifty

  The Vietnam War at Fifty Eddie J. Girdner “The earth devours the people and the government washes its hands.” Eduardo Galeano Douglas Valentine. The Phoenix Program. iUniverse.com, Inc. (First published by William Morrow, l990) 479 pages. There was a flurry of press reports about how the American Central Intelligence Agency tortured people after 9-11 Read more…

Eddie Girdner: Thorstein Veblen and the Theory of Business Enterprise

    The Sabotage of Society by the Business Class: Thorstein Veblen and the Theory of Business Enterprise Eddie J. Girdner Thorstein Veblen (1857-1929) sought to burst the big pretentious bubble built up over the nineteenth century by professional economists. Veblen was an influential American economist and sociologist. He is best known for his book Read more…

Don Fitz: Green Time TV: Environmental Disputes

Green Time TV Environmental Disputes   by Don Fitz   Environmental activists often find themselves on the opposite side of the fence from powerful economic interests. March 2015 episodes of Green Time TV explore how this can happen as a result of chemical contamination in the karst topography of Missouri’s Ozarks, changing to sustainable energy, Read more…

Joe Emersberger: Reuters says Disgraced S&P Downgraded Venezuela yet Again

Actually Reuters’ headline, and the entire article, left out the “disgraced” part. Thanks to the corporate media, S&P and Moody’s are not seen as disgraced though they should be for many reasons. S&P has just been suspended from the largest part of the commercial bond market. It is also still under investigation by the US Read more…

Nasir Khan: Ethnic cleansing of Palestine

Nasir Khan, February 10, 2015 What do we mean by the ethnic cleansing of Palestine? In my understanding the notion ethnic cleansing of Palestine covers all those major historic events and the policies that were used to take possession of the land of another people. What happened and how it happened at the hands of Read more…

Lawrence Wittner: Will the U.S. Government Stand Alone in Rejecting Children’s Rights?

Within a matter of months, the U.S. government seems likely to become the only nation in the world still rejecting the 1989 UN Convention on the Rights of the Child.  Sometimes called “the most ratified human rights treaty in history,” the Convention has been ratified by 195 nations, leaving the United States and South Sudan Read more…

Joe Emersberger: Reuters says that Venezuelan opposition is sane but government is nuts

Diego Ore reports that “Maduro’s critics say Venezuela’s economic troubles are man-made,” So the Maduro government is claiming they are caused by extraterrestrials? I thought the dispute was over which people have caused the problems (government or private businesses and opposition). Further down Ore clarifies that “The government, though, blames opposition leaders and unscrupulous businessmen Read more…

Joe Emersberger: Peter Foster’s Journalistic Drive-by on Venezuela

This article by Peter Foster in the UK Telegraph prominently features a picture of a grieving man in Caracas who just lost his wife. He is sitting next to his family holding up a picture of her. He is quoted as follows by Foster:  “It’s the government who is responsible for my wife’s death, not Read more…

Joe Emersberger: An Article I Sent to Some Venezuela-Based Corporate Journalists

The international corporate press goes out of its way to ignore victims of political violence by the Venezuelan opposition. An article is doing very well, by the dismal standards that have been established, if it simply acknowledges – however briefly – that the pro-government people and security forces were among those killed during last years’ Read more…

David Peterson: Alex Obote-Odora’s dishonest response to us on the ICTR and BBC

Alex Obote-Odora’s dishonest response to us on the ICTR and BBC Edward S. Herman and David Peterson   It is widely recognized by independent analysts and observers of the International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda (ICTR) that it is a creature largely of the United States and Britain, established in late 1994 to support the Rwandan Read more…

Nasir Khan: Washington’s love for the Saudi kings

Nasir Khan, January 27, 2015  – It is the overall US patronage of the House of Saud that keeps the medieval despots in Riyadh in their palaces and enables thousands of Saudi princes to control every aspect of the desert kingdom. Human rights, rule of law and gender equality, etc, are unknown notions for the Read more…

Nasir Khan: Latest killing of Shia Muslim worshippers in Pakistan

Nasir Khan, January 31, 2015 Many people are well aware that Pakistan was turned into a communal infero by the brainless morons who occupy the pulpit throughout the length and breadth of Pakistan. They have spouted so much venom for decades against other human beings in the name of their sectarian faith, which they call Read more…

Nasir Khan: President Obama in India

Nasir Khan, January 31, 2015 Badri Raina is a canny writer whose obervations go deeper than merely embellishing some news for entertaining the Indian crowds. This is evident in his present article. Obama represents the power of US imperialism and he is the president of US. But people like Modi may have miscalculated that the Read more…

Joe Emersberger: A Tale of Two Reuters Headlines on Venezuela

The content of this Reuters article by Andrew Cawthorne and Diego Ore was about an NGO’s claim that one police officer a day is being killed in Venezuela. On Reuters main page (see image below) the headline accurately reflected its content. However, directly linking to the article leads to a needlessly confusing headline that reads Read more…

Rolf Auer: Proof I am *NOT* neo-Chomskian! :)

Crucifying Satan by Rolf Auer, 26 January 2015 c.e. I handed another nine-inch nail to Jesus. He took it and finished pounding it into Satan’s right hand on the cross. At the bottom of the cross, The Lord God Jehovah looked on approvingly. “I can’t tell you how long I’ve waited for this moment,” He Read more…

Nasir Khan: Pakistan from 1947 to 1971 and now

Nasir Khan, January 28, 2015 The majority of Pakistanis lived in East Pakistan. In 1971 they liberated their part of the country from the economic and political domination and exploitation of West Pakistani ruling elite, capitalists and established their independent country, Bangladesh. So half of Pakistan had ceased to exist in 1971. Thus West Pakistan Read more…

Joe Emersberger: I’m Glad Michael Moore is trashing American Sniper but…..

Another year, another piece of war porn wins accolades in Hollywood. Thanks to Rania Khalek, without even watching “American Sniper” you can very quickly learn what its real life “hero”, Chris Kyle, was all about. The guy was a deranged bigot and also a liar as Jesse Ventura proved in a US court where libel Read more…

Rolf Auer: A song and a limerick

Song is: Panama Red — New Riders of the Purple Sage (pls listen. ty.) => https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eKgB-3aANe0 Limerick is: Crypto-classist was Harper, the blob and so dense he was writ off a snob He did suck corporate cock for to top up his stock and sneered, “Create work? It’s not my job.” –Rolf Auer, 27 January 2015 Read more…

Joe Emersberger: Dear Reuters: S&P has a horrible track record and you are allowed to report it – aren’t you?

A few days ago I wondered how long it would take for a corporate news outlet to uncritically report a pronouncement by Standard & Poor after it was announced they  were suspended from the biggest part of the commercial bond market. This Reuters article by Marc Jones must be one of the first.  Jones writes Read more…

Joe Emersberger: AP says that Leopoldo Lopez +is+ the Venezuelan Opposition

The title of  this blog post is accurate unlike the AP’s headline to an article today by Ernesto Towar. A group of ex Latin American presidents and other opposition folks demanded to meet with Leopoldo Lopez in prison and were refused. An AP headline concluded “Crisis-hit Venezuela bars ex-presidents from talks with opposition” The actual Read more…

Lawrence Wittner: Are the U.S. and Russian Governments Once Again on the Nuclear Warpath?

A quarter century after the end of the Cold War and decades after the signing of landmark nuclear arms control and disarmament agreements, are the U.S. and Russian governments once more engaged in a potentially disastrous nuclear arms race with one another?  It certainly looks like it. With approximately 15,000 nuclear weapons between them, the Read more…

Joe Emersberger: What does “referred to” mean in Reuters-Speak?

Andrew Cawthorne of Reuters reported that Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro “referred several times” to Luis Vicente Leon of Datanalisis, an opposition-aligned polling firm, as “an important opinion-former in Venezuela.” Maduro actually referred to Luis Vicente Leon as an opposition leader – as a person who “defends capitalism” – but who is mature and reasonable enough Read more…

Nasir Khan: On the death of King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia

Nasir Khan, January 23, 2015 All the devils in Hell were much excited today to welcome a newcomer. Guess who was coming? A great king was coming to join them. When the short worldly sojourn ends here a long and upward journey to a new life starts, I was told as a child. Today was Read more…

Nasir Khan: War criminals exploit the name of God

Nasir Khan, January 23, 2015 Some people like George W Bush, for instance, also believe in a Loving God. But he invaded Iraq and killed hundreds of thousands of Iraqis and destroyed a great country. Now he continues to assert not only what did was right but also that God had asked him to invade Read more…

Joe Emersberger: Ex-CIA officer advocates Muslim-on-Muslim genocide. Gets a Free Ride from Corporate journalist.

The exchange below took place on the UK’s channel 4 News. Why didn’t Cathy Newman even attempt to respond the way a decent person should to this guy’s savagery? Perhaps she shares so much of his extreme contempt for the lives of “others” that she felt no outrage. Perhaps she was internally outraged but too Read more…

Ed Lytwak: The banality of state terrorism

In a recent column, Ramzy Baroud wrote about the failure of French President Hollande to “learn from W. Bush’s plunders.” One can hardly fault “Le Guimauve Socialiste” for failing to learn anything from the village idiot and war criminal W. Bush.   The lesson Hollande – like all the other leaders of the Western terrorist states Read more…

Joe Emersberger: Will Credit Agency Suspension Impact How Industry’s Pronouncements are Uncritically Reported?

Bloomberg – one of many outfits that uncritically report what big credit ratings agencies say  – especially regarding Venezuela and Argentina lately – reports this news: Credit Rater S&P to Be Banned for a Year From Biggest Part of Commercial-Bond Market The article notes “The CMBS probe is separate from a lawsuit by the Justice Read more…

Joe Emersberger: Reuters Headline: “Standing in Line a New Profession in Venezuela”

This article by Andrew Cawthorne is more balanced and thoughtful than the headline and opening few paragraphs would lead one to believe. The headline could just as easily have been “Government supporters and opponents trade allegations regarding shortages”. The arguments and counter-arguments regarding the oppositions’ role in the shortages and long line-ups are explored. Evidence is Read more…

Nasir Khan: Maulana Azad stood for a united, secular State of India

Nasir Khan, January 21, 2015 Maulana Azad, the Imam-al-Hind, was an outstanding Islamic scholar, a great orator and a prominent political leader of India during the British rule. He opposed the idea of the partition of India on the basis of religion and warned Muslim leaders of the dangers of a separate homeland for Muslims. Read more…

Mina Khanlarzadeh: The Paris murders and the demand to understand

In the Paris tragedy, the murderers offer nothing for us to comprehend; it is an opaque act.It does not matter how hard we try to move beyond the categories of classical logic and take into account the incommensurability of different life-worlds, an imaginary identification with the murderers is not possible.   Today, a considerable part Read more…

Nasir Khan: A Study of the Perceptions and Misperceptions of Islam and the Prophet

  Nasir Khan, January 18, 2015  – In the wake of French satirical weekly Charlie Hebdo’s publishing of the cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad that many Muslims world-wide regard derogatory and provocative, and the killings of the staff of the weekly and international reactions to these events, I am posting the ‘preface’ to my book Read more…

Don Fitz: Green Time TV: Police Violence and Social Challenges

  Green Time TV Police Violence and Social Challenges   by Don Fitz   Social justice requires attention to environmental racism and environmental protection must incorporate social justice. Though it may not be intuitively obvious, abolishing racist violence means using the world’s resources in a rational way. Conversely, efficient use of energy can only occur Read more…

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