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Recent Video

Noam Chomsky: Neoliberalism & the working class

Interview on the adverse effects of neoliberalism on the working class

Jimmy Carter: Jimmy Carter Explains Trump

How The Establishment Gave Us Trump

Neil Young: Children of Destiny

Official Music Video for Neil Young + Promise of the Real “Children of Destiny”

Seymour Hersh: Syria, Osama bin Laden and more

Interview about his career and recent articles on Syria and Osama bin Laden

Various Contributors: Climate Insurgency Webinar

An introduction to the Climate Insurgency strategy framework, which weaves together many strands of climate organizing

Yanis Varoufakis: Europe’s hidden agenda

What happened in Greece during the crisis? And what happens when you take on the establishment?

Glen Ford: Killing with Impunity

Interview on the recent failed prosecutions of the officers who killed Samuel DuBose, Sylville Smith and Philando Castile

Bill Fletcher: The Future of the Labour Movement

Trump, Right-Wing Populism, and the Future of the Labour Movement

Moby & The Void Pacific Choir: In This Cold Place

Moby & The Void Pacific Choir – In This Cold Place Official video by Steve Cutts

Bernie Sanders: On Republican Health Care

Sen. Bernie Sanders delivers a speech on the Senate floor regarding Republicans’ health care plan.

Z3k3@ndZ@mi: The Fight for Health in California

A look at how the California Senate passed the “Healthy California” plan and the coming battle to make it into law

Claire Sandberg: Learning from Corbyn

Former Sanders Campaign Digital Organizing Director Claire Sandberg speaks to the Real News after spending the past month working in the UK to defeat Theresa May. Correction: Sandberg was the former Digital Organizing Director for the Bernie Sanders campaign.

Abby Martin: Opposition Violence at Venezuela Protests

Violent opposition protesters attempt to intimidate reporters

Charles Lenchner: Is a National Progressive Broad Front Possible?

Discussing the Peoples Summit and what comes next

Danny Glover: A New Radical Politics

A new politics includes a fight in the Democratic Party but does not limit itself to that or have illusions about it

Noam Chomsky: Talks at Google

Discussion on a wide range of topics from the development of his personal political views to the control of information and media

Norman Solomon: Can the Democratic Party Be Reformed?

Interview on chow orporate Democrats should be vigorously fought in primaries, but this is also a moment like 1930’s Germany where a united front is necessary to defeat Trump and Republicans

Kenneth Glasgow: Rattling the Bars

Interview about building a broad coalition to boycott the businesses that are tied to prison slavery

Tom Barlow: UK Election Polls Tighten

Britain’s June 8 general election race is tightening between Labour and Tories and how the mainstream British media is losing credibility in the process

Jeremy Corbyn: This Election Is About You

It’s about what we can achieve together

Nina Turner: Bitter Fight in California Democratic Party

Kimberly Ellis’s loss to a Clinton democrat for chair of the state party by only 62 votes shows strength of the Sanders movement

John Pilger: Cleared But Far From Free

Journalists are increasingly targeted as enemies of the state

Norman Solomon: What’s a Progressive?

The fight for Chair of the California Democratic Party reflects a much larger struggle within the party between progressives and corporate Democrats

Noam Chomsky: I would vote for Jeremy Corbyn

Interview on Donald Trump, populism in Europe and Julian Assange

Thomas Barlow: Corbyn’s New Labour Manifesto

Jeremy Corbyn’s new “For the Many, Not the Few” manifesto puts sweeping progressive change on the table, much to the chagrin of the British political and media establishment

Priya Johnson: Rattling the Bars

MIT Students Demand Divestment From Prison Profiteering Corporations

Ken Loach: In conversation with Jeremy Corbyn

These stories show why Labour must transform and rebuild Britain so that no one and no community is left behind

Steve Ellner: Constitutional Assembly a “Mixed Bag”

The Venezuelan government’s call for a constitutional assembly is a positive step for breaking the political deadlock, but it still won’t solve the country’s most pressing problems

Ali Abunimah: Democrats Out of Step on Israel-Palestine

Democratic politicians, even progressives like Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren, are out of touch with their supporters when it comes to defending Palestinian rights

Noam Chomsky: The future of Palestine in Trump era

Discussion on the future of Palestine

John Cavanagh: Resistance to Trump in first 100 Days

John Cavanagh, Director of the Institute for Policy Studies. The Republican Party has for the second time in a few months failed in its attempt to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act, killing Donald Trump’s last chance to have a legislative victory during his first 100 days as president. Trump had released an ambitious Read more…

Yanis Varoufakis: Why Universal Basic Income is a Necessity

Arguments include a macro socio-economic, psychological, philosophical and moral perspective

Dimitri Lascaris: People’s Climate March

Discussion on the Leap Manifesto’s demand for a just transition to a green economy and the movement in Canada, the US and beyond

Omar Barghouti: Recounting Victories

Describing victories of the boycott, divestment and sanctions movement (BDS) in the effort for Palestinian justice

Noam Chomsky: Requiem for the American Dream

Discussion focusing on Chomsky’s new book, “Requiem for the American Dream: The 10 Principles of Concentration of Wealth & Power”

Lucas Koerner: Massive Protests in Venezuela

While international media focused almost exclusively on the opposition protests and clashes with the police, the pro-government protests were equally as large

Bernie Sanders: Fight Back Rally

The former presidential candidate and the new chair of the Democratic National Committee plan to visit ‘purple’ and ‘red’ states to revitalize the party in hopes of making election gains in 2018 and beyond

Noam Chomsky: The Prospects for Survival

Replay of address at the Mullin Centre, UMASS Amherst

Patrick Bond: Demanding Zuma’s Resignation

ANC’s leadership called into question as Zuma’s corruption ridden Presidency is headed to an end, who will lead the country next?

thirtyrev: Fixed Pepsi Ad

Stand Up – Stand N Rock #NoDAPL (Official Video) – Taboo Mni Wiconi- The Stand at Standing Rock – Divided Films AWAKE, A Dream From Standing Rock The Young Turks Democracy Now! Music: Skip Marley – Lions

Michael E. Mann: Congress’ Assault on Climate Science

Interview on upcoming March on Washington

Rania Khalek: Fueling Trump’s Rush to Bomb

The U.S. strike on the Assad regime continues policy that tacitly helps Al Qaeda and ISIS, all the while raising the threat of conflict with Russia

Lawrence Wilkerson: Attack Driven by Domestic Politics

The Syrian Government may not be responsible for the chemical attack and that Trump’s response was a violation of international law

Phyllis Bennis: US Syria Strike Was Illegal

Trump is receiving praise for his swift decision to bomb the Syrian airbase allegedly responsible for carrying out Tuesday’s gas attack, but the President’s grounds for action are shaky at best

Rania Khalek: Will ISIS and Al Qaeda Benefit?

Interview on the near-uniform media and political support for President Trump’s decision to bomb a Syrian military airfield, the need for an independent investigation into the Idlid chemical attack, and why the U.S. strike may benefit ISIS and Al Qaeda

Gregory Wilpert: Ecuadorian Candidate Refuses to Concede

Guillermo Lasso, the conservative who lost Ecuador’s presidential vote, is aiming to delegitimize the leftist winner, Lenin Moreno, before he takes office

David Sheen: Israel & Palestine in the Gilded Age

In Israel, the eliminationist camp is already in charge

Cornel West: On the Unpopular James Baldwin

Dr. Cornel West joined us at Harvard Divinity School to discuss James Baldwin’s legacy.

Ilan Pappe: The Myth of Israel

Journalist Max Blumenthal sits down with renowned Israeli historian Ilan Pappe to talk about the first of his forthcoming book, Ten Myths About Israel

Rachel Boothroyd: Why has Venezuela’s Supreme Court Assumed Legislative Power?

Discussion on the Venezuelan TSJ’s move to assume the legislative power of the AN

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