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Recent Video

Edward Snowden: ‘When you collect everything, you understand nothing’

National Security Agency whistleblower Edward Snowden answered questions from Canadian students

Russell Brand: Greek Revolution Against Corruption – Will We Follow?

Reaction to Syriza’s victory in the Greek election and a look at what their anti-austerity measures might mean for Europe

George Monbiot: How To Buy a Politician

Discussing the corruption of politics

Tariq Ali: World Wars & Historic Memory, Part 1 & 2

A lecture about the truth of World War One, the “bad war” the “wrong war”. He discusses the rise of the working class and Socialism, and the militarisation of Germany in an attempt to compete with the colonial empires

Russell Brand: How To Buy a Politician

Discussing the corruption of politics with Russell Brand

George Monbiot: How Whales Change Climate

The astonishing story of how whales keep the oceans alive – and alter the composition of the atmosphere

Norman Finkelstein: The Making of Norman Finkelstein

Writing the “Holocaust Industry” changed his life, isolating him academically and making him a target – but he felt he had to take on the subject to defend the legacy of his holocaust survivor parents

Jade Lindgaard: Charlie Hebdo and France’s Response

Interview about Charlie Hebdo since 1968, Islamophobia and the French response

Gilbert Achcar: On the Clash of Barbarisms

From the Massacre in Paris to the U.S. Occupation of Iraq

Michael Albert: Russell Brands’ Revolution

Host Chris Spannos interviews radical leftist Michael Albert about comedian and actor Russell Brand’s controversial new book, “Revolution”

Ioannis Bournous: Weak Spots of Neoliberalism, Part 3: The Rise of the Radical Left in Greece

A discussion on the organizing work of the coalition of the Greek Left

Kathy Kelly: Peace Activist Kathy Kelly Heads to Prison for Protesting U.S. Drone War

Kelly and another activist were arrested after offering bread and an indictment against drone warfare

Chris Hedges: Answering Questions from Viewers

Answering questions like: “Do you believe the US or Israel will attack Iran?” and “Is there any hope for Bradley Manning?”

Chris Hedges: Journalism Should Be About Truth, Not Career

Chris Hedges tells Paul Jay about his criticism of the Iraq War and the events that led to him leaving the New York Times

Norman Finkelstein: Is Israel Unfairly Held to a Higher Standard?

Norman Finkelstein and Paul Jay discuss a full page ad in the NYT that says Israel is condemned by liberals for human rights violations while it defends gay rights, and less is said about the persecution of gays by Iran, Hamas and ISIS

Tim Shorrock: “The Interview” Belittles North Korea, But is Film’s Backstory and U.S. Policy the Real Farce?

President Barack Obama has said the United States is considering putting North Korea back on its list of terrorism sponsors

Costas Isychos: Will Syriza Take Power in Greece?

Interview on where Syriza came from, the significance of the current Greek elections, the effort to frame Syriza as extremists, and the party’s relations with Latin America and Greek social movements

Tariq Ali: The Destabilization of Pakistan

Interview on the attack in Peshawar

Ben Swann: The Root of Police Militarization

A look at the root of police militarization and why even if military equipment is removed from police departments across the nation, militarization will not come to an end

Cynthia Peters: NYT Messes With Parent’s Heads

An interview about the New York Times on Parenting and raising “moral children

Noam Chomsky: On Syria, China, Capitalism, and Ferguson

Interview on the recent climate agreement between the US and China, the rise of ISIL, and the the movement in Ferguson against racism and police violence

Noam Chomsky: “Can We Save Our Democracy and History?”

On the occasion of Brooklyn for Peace’s 30th Anniversary Gala honoring Noam Chomsky, recipient of the Pathmakers to Peace Award. Interview by Dr. Partha Banerjee, labor educator and human rights activist

Bernie Sanders: An Economic Agenda for America: 12 Steps Forward

Speech on the Senate floor about a 12-step plan to combat the 40-year decline of the middle class and rampant inequality

Vernellia Randall: Grand Jury Could Indict Ham Sandwich, Wilson Walks

An interview with author and professor Vernellia Randall about the Ferguson Grand Jury verdict, justice for Black America, and a look at the victims of Colombia’s civil war

Michael Eric Dyson: Dehumanizing the Black Lives of America

On Ferguson, Police Brutality and Race

Lawrence O'Donnell: Shocking mistake in Darren Wilson grand jury

A look at a major correction the assistant prosecutors had to make to the grand jury in the Michael Brown case.

Tory Russell: “This Country Values Property Over People”

Ferguson Activist Speaks Out

Gilbert Achcar: On revolution reaction and barbarism

Speaking at the Public meeting “Iraq, Syria & Kurdistan between reaction and revolution.”

Red Pepper: The Radical Independence Conference in Glasgow

Over 3,000 people gathered to discuss what next for the campaign that makes the socialist case for Scottish independence

Paul Street: American Oligarchy and Class Rule, 2014

They Rule: The 1% v. Democracy

Laura Carlsen: Are Mexico’s Missing Students the Victims of U.S.-Backed Drug War?

The United States has spent approximately $3 billion to fund the so-called war on drugs in Mexico

Russell Brand: On Revolution, Fighting Inequality, Addiction, Militarized Policing & Noam Chomsky

For years Russell Brand has been one of Britain’s most popular comedians, but over the past 12 months he has also emerged as a leading voice of Britain’s political left

John Gibler: Mexico Burns

Outrage over Student Disappearances Sparks Protests Against State-Backed Violence

Glenn Greenwald: On Palestine, Spying and Diversity

Glenn Greenwald addresses diversity concerns about his new media venture TheIntercept.com, tackles Palestinian politics, and the economics of spying

Noam Chomsky: NATO became US-run intervention force

How did Russia and the West slip back into what seems like the Cold War all over again?

Arundhati Roy: Debunking the Gandhi Myth

On the Annihilation of Caste, B.R. Ambedkar and the Western myth of Mahatma Gandhi

Matthew Hoh: A Former Soldier Speaks Out on Hidden Costs of War

Twenty-two U.S. veterans commit suicide every day, a toll that has surpassed the number of soldiers killed in combat

Russell Brand: 90-year-old Arrested For Feeding Homeless

Reaction to news that 90-year-old Arnold Abbott was arrested by police in Florida for handing out meals to homeless people in a park

Noam Chomsky: World ominously close to nuclear war

The world has never been closer to a nuclear war that could wipe out all of its initiators

Bernie Sanders: The United States is on the Verge of Becoming an Oligarchy

Reaction to the Republicans’ big midterm victory

Bernie Sanders: Breaking Big Money’s Grip on Elections

Vermont’s independent senator is angry about what he sees as big money’s wholesale purchase of political power

Howie Hawkins: A “Green New Deal for New York”

A call for a “Green New Deal” that includes public jobs for the unemployed, single-payer healthcare, a ban on fracking and a 100 percent clean-energy future

Michael D'Antuono: Dear Mr. 1%

Shining a light on corporate greed

Allan Nairn: As Indonesia’s New President Takes Office, Cabinet Includes Officials Tied to Atrocities of Old

Interview on human rights abuses committed by Prabowo

Glenn Greenwald: Privacy, State Surveillance, and its Impact in Canada

Speech and interview about privacy, state surveillance, and its impact on Canadians, followed by a moderated Q&A

Mumia Abu Jamal: Speaking Out on Pennsylvania’s New Law Censoring Convicts’ Speech

Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Corbett has signed into law a bill that critics say tramples the free speech rights of prisoners

Tariq Ali: EU: Decay and Despair

Discussion on the nature of the crisis affecting the EU, one of the largest economic blocs in the world today, and the causes behind it, and the situation in the different European countries

Elena Sokova: Obama Promised a “World Without Nuclear Weapons,” But May Now Spend $1 Trillion on Upgrades

More than 150 countries at the United Nations signed a joint statement calling on nuclear powers to attend the third major conference on the humanitarian impact of nuclear weapons scheduled this December in Vienna

Jeremy Scahill: Blackwater Execs Remain Free as Guards Convicted for Killing 14 Iraqis in Massacre

This is an extremely important verdict, because we’re talking about a mercenary industry, a war industry, that has largely operated in a Wild West atmosphere

Richard Falk: On the Legitimacy of Hope in the Palestinian Struggle

We speak to a legal expert who has just spent six years trying to hold Israel to account for its actions in the Occupied Territories

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