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Z Commentaries are sent every night to all Z Sustainers, and have been for many years. They are a kind of thank you mailing, you might say, for those who are supporting our overall operations. 

Commentators are diverse and many. A few of the more prominent ones are listed in the top menu, to show just their work. In time we will add a left menu, up above this text area, and below the generic menu that now appears, with the same purpose, but for more people. 

Recent Z Commentaries

Marjorie Cohn: Gorsuch Would Use “Originalism” to Affirm Right-Wing Agenda

Originalism is ultimately a way to reach a right-wing result under the guise of following the original intent of the authors of the Constitution

Miguel Guevara: Interviewing Cynthia Parks, Part Two

In the year 2042, an oral history of the then 25 year-old ongoing Revolutionary Participatory Society organization/project in the U.S. will be published. The book’s fifteen chapters will excerpt and arrange insights culled from eighteen interviews to present events and ideas in a sequential, encompassing way. By unknown dynamics, the book’s introduction, its 18 source Read more…

Kathy Kelly: Reality and the U.S.-Made Famine in Yemen

We must ground ourselves in reality and in solidarity with the greater part of the world’s people

Miguel Guevara: Interviewing Anton Rocker

In the year 2042, an oral history of the then 25 year-old ongoing Revolutionary Participatory Society organization/project in the U.S. will be published. The book’s fifteen chapters will excerpt and arrange insights culled from eighteen interviews to present events and ideas in a sequential, encompassing way.  By unknown dynamics, the book’s introduction, its 18 source Read more…

Miguel Guevara: Interviewing Cynthia Parks, Part One

Different strokes for different folks, I guess. But over time, one thing is certain. If the trajectory hadn’t been toward the more participatory perspective, there would be no RPS,

Miguel Guevara: Interviewing Mark Feynman

I went to the founding convention as a working class nurse already hostile to profit seeking and corporate hierarchy.

Miguel Guevara: Interviewing Barbara Bethune

My medical school training pretty much ignored context, social causes, and prevention. Experiencing the anti social and anti health aspects of an internship at a major Chicago hospital sealed the deal. I was radicalized.

Miguel Guevara: Interviewing Andrej Goldman, 2

Lots of people wondered why is Trump President? How did it happen? My first reaction was to wonder, why ask why?

Marjorie Cohn: Evaluate New Travel Ban in Light of International Law

After a federal district court judge and a unanimous three-judge panel of the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that Donald Trump’s Executive Order (EO) instituting a travel ban was likely illegal, the president suspended it and issued a new EO on March 6, 2017. On March 15, a federal judge granted a temporary restraining order in Hawaii v. Read more…

Jack Rasmus: The Trump-Ryan Healthcare Act: Some Economic Consequences

The repeal is every dollar and cent that the Obamacare Act taxed the rich and their corporations

Miguel Guevara: Interviewing Harriet Lennon

I wondered if some broad national policy could increase affordable housing in ways equitable for families and exemplary regarding housing production.

Miguel Guevara: Interviewing Andrej Goldman Part One

When I was in college I got into economics as a major. My classmates eagerly did equations and recited pat answers about supply and demand. They argued about government spending and private investment, and I just got bored.

Miguel Guevara: Interviewing Mayor Bill Hampton

In the year 2042, an oral history of the then 25 year-old ongoing Revolutionary Participatory Society organization/project in the U.S. will be published. The book’s fifteen chapters will excerpt and arrange insights culled from eighteen interviews to present events and ideas in a sequential, encompassing way.  By unknown dynamics, the book’s introduction, its 18 source Read more…

Miguel Guevara: Interviewing Celia Curie

In the year 2041, Oscar winner, California Governor, Celia Curie discusses her revolutionary experiences…

Jeremy Brecher: As Their Trials Begins, Climate Protecting “Valve Turners” Say “Shut It Down” Is “Necessity”

Is there anything people can do about climate change in the Trump era?

Sonia Singh: Breaking the Silence on Sexual Harassment

When we think of the biggest issues at work, wages and benefits usually top the list. But in many industries, sexual harassment and assault are huge concerns—even if nobody’s talking about it. Workers who experience harassment on the job can file charges with the federal Equal Employment Opportunities Commission, but they face many hurdles to Read more…

Norman Solomon: Let’s Give the CIA the Credit It Deserves

It’s about time that we give adequate credit to the forces perpetuating this country’s self-inflicted wounds to American democracy

Zillah Eisenstein: The Many Ways to STRIKE on March 8: Rise, Resist, Organize, Dance, Dialogue, Refuse

The International Women’s Strike/US on March 8, 2017 hopes to be a catalyst for the liberation of all women, cis and trans—of every color, sex, gender, class, nation, and identity—from every kind of exploitation. “We” have an opportunity in this moment that we should not ignore. There is a long labor history to the celebration Read more…

Rebekah Barber: As politicians target sanctuary cities, faith communities and campuses seek to become refuges

“To me you’re not a church if you say no. I mean, what does it mean to say that I’m Christian only up to my nation’s boundary?”

Michael Phoenix: One year after Berta Cáceres’ murder, environmental activists in Honduras refuse to submit

In Honduras, indigenous peoples are in revolt. They are fighting for their rights to exist in a system that has no part for them to play beyond subservience

Sarah Lazare: Why Popular Assemblies Sweeping the Country Are Building Blocks of the Resistance

From Raleigh to Los Angeles, communities on the frontlines are building the movement infrastructure for a coordinated fightback

Cal Winslow: Healthcare Workers Proclaim ‘Sanctuary Union’, push for Medicare for All in California

We believe we have a fundamental responsibility to empower workers

Sian Norris: Should domestic abuse have its own law?

In the UK, there is no specific offence for ‘domestic violence’. Is the law failing women seeking justice?

Ted Glick: No New Permits for Fossil Fuel Infrastructure

How much is FERC a rubber stamp agency? In 30 years, it has turned down only one gas industry permit application, in 2016

George Lakey: Inequality is the real backstory to Sweden’s riots

What’s changed is that Sweden has been retreating in recent decades from its earlier commitment to economic equality

Pete Dolack: The bait and switch of public-private partnerships

The ruthless logic of capitalism is that a commodity goes to those who can pay the most, regardless of whether it is something essential to human life

Jeremy Brecher: “Climate Kids” v. Trump

Trial of the Century Pits Trump Climate Denialism against “Right to a Climate System Capable of Sustaining Human Life”

Ron Daniels: Toward A Third Force in American Politics

An Inside Outside Strategy

César Cuauhtémoc García Hernández: Beyond Rhetoric: “Sanctuary” in Practice

Beyond pronouncements of “sanctuary,” cities and states can protect the immigrant community by guaranteeing legal representation to all—no matter their immigration status

Ni Una Menos Collective: How Was the March 8 International Women’s Strike Woven Together?

We are committed not only to virtual coordination, but also to patiently weaving a new fabric, body-to-body and in the streets

Danica Jorden: The Cold Heart of ICE

“We’re going to deal with DACA with heart”, President Donald Trump at a press conference on February 16, 2017 The future of a North Carolina nursing student rested in the hands of immigration officials on Valentine’s Day. It’s hard to believe anyone could turn away the gentle and sincere 25-year-old, who embraces each of his Read more…

Immanuel Wallerstein: The Absolutely Unpredictable French Presidential Election

As the economic turmoil continues to spread, the idea that one can win as a leftist may again become legitimate

Marjorie Cohn: Toxic Policies of ‘President Agent Orange’

Rapper Busta Rhymes pegged it at the Grammy Awards when he referred to Donald Trump as “President Agent Orange.” While performing with A Tribe Called Quest and Anderson Paak, Rhymes used the opportunity to call out Trump for his Muslim ban and “all of the evil” Trump has perpetrated since assuming the presidency three weeks Read more…

Vincent Emanuele: The Indiana Democratic Party is Dead

We need activists to operate with less emotions and urgency, and with more focus, which requires discipline, education and time

Michael Albert: Anti-Trump: Two Movements, Many Tendencies

we need to find ways to navigate toward solidarity and mutual aid among contending perspectives

Andrea Muehlebach: The Irish water insurgency: no more blood from these stones

After the government tried to privatize and raise the costs of water, the Irish drew a line: “they are not going to draw any more blood from those stones.”

Patrick Bond: In South Africa, entering stage left: Jacob Zuma’s ‘Radical Economic Transformation’ alternative factoids

  South Africa’s two main warring political blocs – the forces of Fiscal Patronage (‘Zuptas!’ in local parlance, referring to the immigrant Gupta family’s curious influence over the president’s family and government) versus the forces of Fiscal Prudence (‘Treasury neoliberals!’ to critics) – are still represented by two men who have begun to stumble on Read more…

Christine Ahn: Korean Women Take On Trump

Korean women are leading a movement to re-define their country’s relationship with Washington

Walden Bello: Trump’s Travel Ban: The View from One Permanently on U.S. Immigration’s Watch List

Trump’s ban isn’t about national security. It’s about race, religion, and cultural exclusion

Jon Queally: From “Buy Pat Toomey’s Vote” to Office Protests: DeVos Stirs National Revolt

Louder than a “fictitious grizzly,” the nation’s parents, teachers, and students are roaring their disapproval of Trump’s nominee for Education Secretary

Marjorie Cohn: Trump’s Unconstitutional Muslim Ban

Countries exempted from the EO include Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Egypt, Turkey, Lebanon and the United Arab Emirates — countries where Trump apparently has business ties

Bill Fletcher: The Phenomenon of Right-Wing Populism

Bill Fletcher Jr has been an activist since his teen years. Upon graduating from college he went to work as a welder in a shipyard, thereby entering the labor movement. Over the years he has been active in workplace and community struggles as well as electoral campaigns. He has worked for several labor unions in Read more…

Pete Dolack: Wall Street bigger and badder than ever

Any form of democratic control of an economy would be impossible without banking and finance being reduced to a public utility, and thus serving to benefit communities rather than existing as a parasite

Vincent Emanuele: ‘There is no precedent for these protests’

The more we can focus our critiques on the institutions of power and not those who temporarily occupy those institutions, the more successful we’ll be in the long-term

Andrew Dolan: It’s time to really take control

The left must match the anti-establishment rhetoric of the right, but with a different politics

Conn Hallinan: Blundering Into A War With China

Nonetheless, such a clash would be catastrophic. It would torpedo global trade, inflict trillions of dollars damage on each side, and the odds are distressingly high that the war could go nuclear

Peter Pedemonti: Big, bold and migrant led: an interview with the New Sanctuary Movement

We learned under Bush that even when things are terrible at the federal level, we can have a real local impact

Kim Scipes: Reflections on “Salt of the Earth” and a 1999 book titled The Suppression of Salt of the Earth by James J. Lorence

Revisiting this film might be one place to start the process of consolidating the resistance,

Juan Cole: All the terrible things Trump plans to do to Women (besides that one)

The administrative and legal changes proposed by Trump or his cabinet nominees will inflict harm on millions of American women

Frances Fox Piven: Throw Sand in the Gears of Everything

When it comes to stopping Trump, petitions aren’t going to do it

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