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Z Commentaries are sent every night to all Z Sustainers, and have been for many years. They are a kind of thank you mailing, you might say, for those who are supporting our overall operations. 

Commentators are diverse and many. A few of the more prominent ones are listed in the top menu, to show just their work. In time we will add a left menu, up above this text area, and below the generic menu that now appears, with the same purpose, but for more people. 

Recent Z Commentaries

Jeff Abbott: Guatemala: Popular Protests Challenge Corruption and the Political Establishment

The political crisis has brought calls by many protesters for a new form of local politics that move beyond the traditional hierarchy of the political structure

Milan Rai: What’s wrong with VE Day?

Allied political leaders did not fight against fascism as such, they fought against independent fascism

Yesenia Barragan: The Battle over Black Freedom in Colombia

The Black Lives Matter movement has resonated deeply with black activists and organizers in Colombia

Justin Podur: We are all Farkhunda

What occurred was a sustained mobilization exponentially larger and more powerful than the gang of misogynists who murdered her

Ramzy Baroud: The Arab Boat

It’s an Arab-Palestinian Nakba, and We Are All Refugees

Jérôme Roos: The Greek Endgame: Time to Choose Between Default and Defeat

For five years now, financial markets, European policymakers and the international media have been obsessed with the risk of an impending Greek default

Jack Rasmus: US Economy Collapses Again—4th Time in 4 years

Data released last week by the US government showed the US economy came to a near halt in the first three months of 201

David Swanson: The No More War Movement

What yanked those killers out of a war and into a society under the rule of law? People in Baltimore standing up and acting

Cynthia Peters: Class War in the Spring, And It’s Time to Hold a Meeting?

A meeting may not seem like much, but there’s a lot we can accomplish. We can meet our neighbors, we can listen and be heard

Preeti Kaur: 12 Reasons not to vote Tory

Democracy is heading towards crisis in the UK

Marjorie Cohn: The Chickens Come Home to Roost in Baltimore

Baltimore’s sordid history of racial and class oppression, combined with the war on drugs, made for a deadly combination

Bruno Jäntti: Virulent anti-Arab and anti-Muslim racism

It seems that Hollywood knows no limits when it comes to dehumanizing Middle Eastern peoples and adherents of Islam

Vincent Emanuele: No Alternatives to US Empire: Bernie Sanders and the 2016 Elections

Therein lies the hope: people connecting struggles and working effectively to resist domination and oppression

David Swanson: Invest in Activism, Not Bernie Sanders

The real question is not whether the next President will be a walking disaster, but what sort of popular movement will have been developed to resist it

Paul Street: May Day: Four Interrelated Meanings

An environmentally cancerous super-abundance of consumer goods, far beyond real human and social “use-value” needs, is widely available in the U.S. But free time is a relatively scarce “commodity”

Vincent Emanuele: Race, Hope and Organizing in the Rust Belt

Where I live, people are very angry and I think that anger, if channeled in the correct manner, could be the spark that’s needed to really kick start a serious movement

Jérôme Roos: Dismantle Europe’s Racist and Murderous Migration Regime

If we still believe in our own values, we must open our borders to those who yearn for life. Nothing less will do

Juan Cole: US admits it has no Idea who it is Assassinating by Drone

The killing of Warren Weinstein and Giovanni Lo Porto is not just a tragedy; it reveals the US assassination technique for the world to see

John Pilger: The secret country again wages war on its own people

Australia has again declared war on its Indigenous people, reminiscent of the brutality that brought universal condemnation on apartheid South Africa

Ben Dangl: Why We Need to Ditch Austerity Policies and Take on the Global 1%

There are exciting movements fighting against this upside down world and proposing alternatives, from Greece to Vermont

David Swanson: The Decline and Fall of the United States

The United States bombs nations in the name of democracy, yet has one of the least democratic and least functioning of the states calling themselves democracies

Michael Albert: Enough Already

Would the legendary villain Scrooge do these things?

Suren Moodliar: On Comparing Slavery & Carbon Dependence, Part One

The great historical struggles from which we draw inspiration have no end dates, instead, they open the door to and inspire new struggles

Shamus Cooke: How a $15 Minimum Helps All Workers

By winning $15 for everyone, unions will be less vulnerable to the rhetoric of the “overpaid” union worker, since lower wage workers will see a boost in their pay due to the work of a union-led campaign

Carl Finamore: Getting Better Organized

The Fight for $15 & A Union

Pete Dolack: Trans-Pacific Partnership says if a corporation claims it’s true, it must be true

Allowing the TPP to pass means nothing less than an end to democracy and a world where corporate power and money becomes more dominant than ever, where corporate profits are codified in law to be above all other human concerns

Paul Street: Cuba’s Socialist Spirit Level

The makers of the United Nations’ Human Development Index have found that Cuba is the only country on the planet to combine a quality of life consistent with “high human development” with a globally sustainable carbon footprint

Shepherd Bliss: Water or Wine?

California’s Drought & Water Competition

Noam Chomsky: One Day in the Life of a Reader of the New York Times

The media reflects, uncritically, the approved doctrine: that the U.S. owns the world, and it does so by right

Jack Rasmus: The Myths of US Exceptionalism

The appeal to exceptionalism is just another ideological ploy to get working classes to accept their deteriorating conditions

Linda Gordon: Police Violence and Police Unions

The solution is not that complicated in principle: the US needs to build a system of holding police responsible for violations of the law and human rights

Nadia Prupis: In Dry California, Thirsty Oil and Big-Ag Industries Exempt from Water Regulations

Rather than focusing on urban usage, Brown should go after the industries which contributed the most to the drought

Bill Fletcher: Guns, Settlers & Race

Gun ownership in the U.S. was a defining feature of whiteness

Shamus Cooke: Fight “Right to Work” in Oregon With “$15 and a Union”

Right to Work is not inevitable in Oregon. There is still time to go on the offensive

Ben Dangl: Bolivia’s Contested Process of Change: Views from a Regional Election

Following the election, new checks and balances to MAS party power may continue to open up spaces of dissent, debate and contestation that will deepen Bolivia’s wider process of change

Walden Bello: Washington Frets as Beijing Steps Up Multilateral Initiatives

With the institutions it controls having such dismal records in managing the global economy and promoting development, the US should have expected that at some point, the world would begin looking elsewhere for institutions that could deliver

Marina Sitrin: Pregnancy and Fashion – Don’t “Look Like Me”

Pregnancy has been the one area that remained generally untouched by superficial beauty and fashion judgments

Pete Dolack: Providing low-cost banking by saving the post office

Struggles for reform will be fought again and again, becoming more difficult to sustain, as long as economic systems stress private profit rather than public good

Jack Rasmus: China’s Bank & Waning USA Hegemony

The USA’s dominance of the IMF and World Bank since 1945 has provided Washington with great leverage in influencing both political events and economic directions in emerging market economies

Paul Street: Beyond Manufacturing Consent

US movies (like US television sit-coms and dramas and video games) are loaded with richly “Orwellian” political and ideological content

Andy Piascik: Looking Back at the Vietnam War

Discussions of Vietnam are hardly academic exercises; the US is currently on a global rampage and falsifying history is part and parcel of the effort to whip up support for the next war

Jack Rasmus: TPP Trade Negotiations At Critical Juncture

Concluding a TPP deal in 2015 is right up there—along with across the board corporate tax rate cuts—at the top of Corporate America’s ‘must have’ list for this year

Pete Dolack: Real unemployment is double the ‘official’ unemployment rate

How many people are really out of work?

Nikos Raptis: A Kurdish Woman Said…

The most important event of this annual commemoration has been an angry march of tens of thousands of Greeks from the Polytechnic campus to the US embassy in Athens

Vincent Emanuele: A Tragic Anniversary: Reflections on Iraq, Activism and Commitment

I’m not prescribing martyrdom for the movement. I’m simply wondering what sort of sacrifices, discipline and commitment it will take to stop the most powerful military machine in the world?

Paul Street: Look Home, Obama

People who live in glass, dollar-drenched houses of fake democracy should not throw stones

Joe Emersberger: When Our Monsters Speak, TV Journalists Go Deaf

A morally bankrupt alliance – one that also places westerners at risk – is passed over in silence. For lavishly paid TV journalists, the price is well worth it

Yesenia Barragan: The Dangers of Vintage Racism

The SAE anthem is the ugly veneer of the kind of institutional racism that led to the fact that over the past two years, the black residents of Ferguson accounted for 85% of all traffic stops

David Swanson: The Washington Post Will Kill Us All

When you’re starting wars on the grounds that if you don’t start a war now someone else could theoretically start one later, you have set up a logic of Armageddon

Paul Street: The IS Shock, the ‘New Cold War,’ and the Unmentionable History of US Empire

The United States’ complicity, along with its satellites and allies, in the rise of ISIS, goes back at least to the late Cold War era

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