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Justin Podur: Policing Is Irrelevant for Public Safety

Criminological data has told us for decades that police are irrelevant for public safety

Jeff Cohen: Let Us Name the System: “Racial Capitalism”  

It’s fascinating to see pundits on CNN, MSNBC and other networks now discussing “systemic racism” after they’d spent months during the Democratic presidential primaries in panicked overdrive propping up “the system.”

Kevin Zeese: The Uprising Is Only Beginning: Building Power To Win Our Demands

Photo by Untitled Title/Shutterstock.com   The current uprising against police violence and racism is just beginning. It is rapidly shifting public consciousness on issues of policing, violence against Black people and others, and systemic racism. The movement is deepening and becoming broader as well as putting forward solutions and making demands. The confluence of crises Read more…

Lawrence Wittner: Let Them Eat Weapons:  Trump’s Bizarre Arms Race

For a variety of reasons—rewarding giant corporations, getting reelected, and dominating the world―Trump remains fixated on “winning” the arms race

Robert Koehler: Defunding “Justified” Murder

Reinvest in people? Are we really ready for that level of common sense?

Ted Glick: Unlearning and Organizing Against White Supremacy

White organizers who are serious about anti-racism need to have ongoing connections to people of color, by participating in a multicultural organization of some kind, at a minimum

Jeffrey Sterling: Whistleblowing, the Pandemic and a “Law and Order” System of Injustice

I may be idealistic in what I feel needs to and can happen, but what other choice do I have? What other choice do we have? I want not only mine, but all the suffering I have witnessed to end

Richard D. Wolff: How Workers Can Win the Class War Being Waged Upon Them

Revolution becomes the only way finally to secure progressive reforms

H. Patricia Hynes: COVID-19 and the Military

We need to redefine our militarized national security embodied in weapons and global top cop mentality as urgently as cities and states need to rethink community security embodied in militarized police

H. Patricia Hynes: Covid-19: The “Great Equalizer”?

There is a meme circulating in this time of pandemic that we are all in this together, that COVID-19 is, as New York Governor Cuomo stated, the “great equalizer.” From one vantage point, this appears to be true: as I write, news broke that a staff person to Vice President Pence and another to President Read more…

Sonali Kolhatkar: Why Conspiracy Theories Are So Dangerous

Getting past conspiracies is not easy to do, but it is imperative if we want to organize for a better world

Shahidur Rahman: As COVID-19 Ravages the Garment Industry, It’s Time for Consumers to Stand in Solidarity with the People Who Make Our Clothes

If there was any remaining debate about the sincerity of global fashion’s commitment to the people and communities on which it depends, however, it was settled in the wake of the current COVID-19 crisis

Martha Rosenberg: Tyson Opens Slaughterhouse Despite 1,000 Sick Workers

Even though 1,000 workers at Tyson’s slaughterhouse in Waterloo, Iowa, have tested positive for the coronavirus, it has reopened. Tyson has said last week it would begin slaughtering pigs. The company promised that workers would receive daily screenings and access to nurse practitioners, but many who can transmit the coronavirus are asymptomatic. At 2 other Read more…

Bill Fletcher: A response to the right-wing “reopen business” crowd: Be careful what one asks for

While my immediate feelings about what should happen to the right-wing anti-science protesters who paraded around cannot be put in writing, I will suggest that society should not be put at risk by those trapped in delusions

Sandy Smith-Nonini: To Re-Open Safely We Need a “Health Force” of Disease Detectives

At present local health departments and the CDC have only about 2,200 professional “disease detectives,” although other health staff often assist during a contagious outbreak Photo by theskaman306/Shutterstock.com     Conservative governors are now openly at odds with epidemiologists as plans move ahead for more than half the states to loosen social distancing and permit Read more…

Lawrence Wittner: If Farmworkers Are “Essential,” Why Are They Treated So Badly?

Over the course of U.S. history, farmworkers, although essential, have been terribly mistreated

Ted Glick: Trump’s Death Denialism

For the next six months, getting rid of Trump and as many of his overt supporters as possible is job number one, far and away

Andrew Moss: Racial Fault Lines and the Coronavirus

With almost 2.3 million people behind bars, the U.S. continues to have the highest number of prisoners in the world, a legacy of several decades of racially propelled policies of harsh sentencing and rapid prison building

Robert Koehler: Racism and the National Soul

The first institutional change would have to be in our criminal justice system and our underlying theory about the maintenance of social order. Disarm policing. Rethink justice

Norman Solomon: The Sanders Campaign Was About “Us”—Not Bernie—Remember?

Photo by Never Settle Media/Shutterstock.com   During the weeks since Bernie Sanders suspended his campaign, many fervent supporters have entered a “WTF?” space. The realities of disappointment and distress aren’t just about dashed hopes of winning the presidential nomination. Much of the current disquiet is also due to a disconnect between choices made by the Read more…

Noam Chomsky: COVID-19 Has Exposed the U.S. Under Trump as a “Failed State”

Just keeping to the current COVID-19 crisis, it is remarkable to see how little attention has been given to his sadistic assault against poor and suffering people around the world in pursuit of his goal of enhancing his electoral prospects

Medea Benjamin: Trump Must Choose Between a Global Ceasefire and America’s Long Lost Wars

Like his predecessors from Truman to Obama, Trump has been caught in the trap of America’s blind, deluded militarism

Robert Koehler: Policing and the Sanctity of Life

Social order requires complex understanding of the human condition, far, far more than it requires a tough-guy swagger, handcuffs and a gun

Jonathan Cook: Welcome to the Era of the Great Disillusionment

With a media in place that truly holds politicians to account and celebrates scientists for their contributions to collective knowledge, not their usefulness to corporate enrichment—we would not need to worry about the safety of our communications systems or medicines

Don Fitz: Can We Simultaneously Oppose Bayer/Monsanto’s Biotechnology and Support Cuba’s Interferon Alpha 2B?

Making a distinction between the biotechnology of Bayer/Monsanto and Cuba requires understanding the difference between bioimperialism and biosolidarity. Imperialism subdues. Biosolidarity empowers

Kathy Kelly: Vigil for Peace in Yemen: A New Norm

U.S. national security leaders and stakeholders in war, as they shelter in place, have an extraordinary opportunity to set a new norm and link with the vigil for Peace in Yemen

H. Patricia Hynes: Trump Budget Winners and Losers

Thanks to this tax cut—the rich get richer: 72 percent of the tax cuts were directed to the wealthiest 20 percent of households

Brian Terrell: COVID-19 and the Wasting Disease of Normalcy

The wasting disease of normalcy is the far greater existential threat and our survival requires that we meet it with at least the same courage, generosity and ingenuity

Sonali Kolhatkar: Can Democracy Survive the Coronavirus?

The coronavirus is not just a threat to our personal and collective health; it is a threat to our democratic institutions as well. We need to protect lives and democracies

Jonathan Cook: The bigger picture is hiding behind a virus

If only we could redirect our gaze, if we could seize back control of our attention for a moment, we might understand that we are being plagued not just by a virus but by our fear, our hate, our hunger, our selfishness

Norman Solomon: Bernie’s Decision: Retreat Should Not Be Confused with Surrender

Photo by StoopDown/Shutterstock.com   Politics is ultimately about life and death, as the current pandemic horrors make clear. Policies that can seem abstract not only routinely harm quality of life; they also kill. Both Bernie Sanders campaigns for president have brought a principled seriousness to the national discourse that no other candidate has come near Read more…

Jack Rasmus: Market “Solutions” to the Covid-19 Crisis

The Fed has opened a free money spigot to investors, bankers, and to big business of all types, and has simply declared “come on in and take it.” And if the $6 trillion to date isn’t enough, we’ll provide more

Mike Ferner: Love In A Dangerous Time

If we can expand our consciousness and compassion, we can begin to comprehend our government’s behavior in the world and come out of this pandemic demanding to be better members of the human family

Danica Jorden: ICE Eases Threat but “Essential” Immigrant Farmworkers Struggle to Feed Themselves During Coronavirus

Immigrant farm workers have long been essential to the U.S. But they have never been recognized, respected or properly rewarded for their labor

Wim Laven: GOP’s Achievement is Now on Display

Republicans are responsible for condoning his corruption, persistent abuses of power, and ongoing grift

Steve Ellner: Why The Mainstream Media Suggests Lifting Sanctions Against Iran While Not Saying Anything About Venezuela

No other country in the world is being subjected to the type of regime change strategy that the Trump administration is applying to Venezuela

Noam Chomsky: Bosses Are Making Coronavirus Worse, for Their Benefit

We should recognize that unless we get to the roots of this pandemic, it’s going to recur, probably in worse form, simply because of the manipulations of the capitalist system which are trying to create circumstances in which it will be worse, for their benefit

Jeremy Brecher: “Make the Damn Masks!”

There have been at least 45 walkouts for coronavirus protection already and there is growing talk of a nationwide strike to force the government to act

Rebecca Gordon: The Future May Be Female

Photo by Diegyms/Shutterstock.com   Before I found myself “sheltering in place,” this article was to be about women’s actions around the world to mark March 8th, International Women’s Day. From Pakistan to Chile, women in their millions filled the streets, demanding that we be able to control our bodies and our lives. Women came out Read more…

Kevin Zeese: The Era Of Mass Strikes Begins On May 1, First Day Of General Strike Campaign

  On Friday, May 1, an ongoing General Strike campaign begins. This campaign could become the most powerful movement in the United States and reset the national agenda. It comes when the failures of the U.S. political system have been magnified by the COVID-19 pandemic, which triggered an economic collapse in a presidential election year. Read more…

Badri Raina: Leadership During Coronavirus Times

The real test of leadership has, however,  always been how they choose to meet national exigencies that tend to be born of divisive  perceptions and prejudices—times when bringing about national unity is of utmost importance and far harder to obtain

Rivera Sun: 10 Ways to Make the Change You Want

There’s a lot to learn from our fellow human beings’ efforts toward peace and justice. If we pay attention, stay alert, and take notes, we might find our own work for change grows in power, strength, and wisdom

Boaventura de Sousa Santos: Virus: All that is Solid Melts into Air

Since the 1980s—as neoliberalism established itself as the leading version of capitalism, which in its turn became increasingly dependent on the logic of the financial sector—the world has been living in a permanent state of crisis

Vijay Prashad: The Mutilated World Is Moved by the Nurses and Doctors

Even in the most threadbare health systems, cannibalized by austerity, it is the nurses and doctors, the ambulance paramedics and the janitors, who have been heroic in their work

Jack Rasmus: An Economic Recovery Program—Theirs vs. Mine

While focus has been on addressing the biological devastation wrought by the virus, the economic devastation keeps growing

Jeremy Brecher: First U.S. Union-Authorized Climate Strike?

If Local 26 is forced to strike again, one thing is clear: It will do so not only as the representative of its own members, but as the champion of everyone who knows they are threatened by climate change

Badri Raina: Corona in an Up-and-Down Nation

Corona is a sly assassin

Medea Benjamin: Saudi’s Brave Women Pull Back the Curtain on Crown Prince MBS

The bogus trial against Loujain al-Hathloul should compel governments around the world to put more pressure on the Saudis and demand al-Hathloul’s immediate and unconditional release

Kathy Kelly: Stop Tightening the Thumb Screws: A Humanitarian Message

One way to help others survive is to insist that the United States lift sanctions against Iran and instead support acts of practical care

Jessica Corbett: Millions of Women in Mexico Join “Day Without Us” Strike to Protest Gender-Based Violence

“In Mexico it’s like we’re in a state of war; we’re in a humanitarian crisis because of the quantity of women that have disappeared or been killed”

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