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H. Patricia Hynes: Civil Disobedience in the Time of Climate Crisis

What we—citizens, corporations, courts and government—do about the climate crisis will determine life on earth within the next few decades

Jodie Evans: Rising for a global feminist future with the movement to elect Bernie Sanders

All across this country and globe, women and children have been working toward a shift in collective consciousness

Boaventura de Sousa Santos: The “De-Aging” of the World

The underlying idea is that no matter how unbearable the experience of aging, it is always more bearable when it is shared

Vijay Prashad: Witnessing the Hell That a Migrant Can Face

At Obock, Djibouti, 2,000 migrants gather each day along the waters of the Gulf of Aden; they look for boats to get them to Yemen

Sean Reynolds: A Difficult Peace

The idea that a U.S.-driven regime change, either through sanctions or through war, might somehow democratize Iran is popular in the U.S., but it’s a prospect for which few Iranians would ever want to vote

David Swanson: Nonviolent Action for Peace

A review of George Lakey’s new book, How We Win: A Guide to Nonviolent Direct Action Campaigning

Norman Solomon: What the Coronavirus Emergency Has to Do with Biden vs. Sanders

Sanders was correct when he said last week that “poll after poll, including exit polls, show that a strong majority of the American people support our progressive agenda.”

Lawrence Wittner: Trump’s Budget Proposal Reveals His Values

As the coronavirus pandemic indicates, a government’s priorities and values can be matters of life and death

Kevin Martin: Social distancing? Peace and social justice demand more coming together, not more distancing

Let’s get all U.S. troops out of Iraq and Afghanistan, make peace with Iran, and address the real threats to human security like pandemics and the climate crisis

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H. Patricia Hynes: The Richest and the Rest of Us

Nearly 25 percent of homeless people are working

Marjorie Cohn: Extradition of Assange Would Set a Dangerous Precedent

The Trump administration is seeking extradition of WikiLeaks founder, Julian Assange, to the United States for trial on charges carrying 175 years in prison

Ramzy Baroud: Pipeline or a Pipedream

Israel, Turkey Hydrocarbon Conflict is Brewing in the Mediterranean

Ted Glick: Dealing with Government Repression

To the extent to which we can creatively, intelligently and fearlessly expose the truth of what we are about as we respond to what they are doing to us, to that extent will we strengthen and build our movement

Norman Solomon: The Escalating Class War Against Bernie Sanders

“If there is going to be class warfare in this country,” Bernie Sanders told the Iowa AFL-CIO convention last summer, “it’s time that the working class of this country won that war and not just the corporate elite.”

Kim Scipes: Is it Time for a New Labor Center in the United States?

New Thinking on the Crisis of Labor

Lawrence Wittner: Could the climate crisis be “The Good News of Damnation”?

There really is no other solution to the onrushing climate catastrophe than for people and nations to forget their tribal animosities and start behaving as part of a world society

Noam Chomsky: Sanders Threatens the Establishment by Inspiring Popular Movements

Inspiring a popular movement that violates these norms is a serious attack on democracy, so conceived, an intolerable assault against good order

Medea Benjamin: Can the World’s Second Superpower Rise From the Ashes of Twenty Years of War?

If there is a lesson for peace-loving Americans in the Obama and Trump presidencies, it is that we cannot just walk out of the voting booth and leave it to a champion in the White House to end our wars and bring us peace. In the final analysis, it really is up to us

Andrea Mazzarino: Women and Trauma in the Trump/Putin Era

Photo by Ms Jane Campbell/Shutterstock.com   Last month, as hundreds of thousands of people showed up for the Women’s March in Washington, DC, a few miles from my home, I was at a karate dojo testing for my first belt. My fellow practitioners, ranging in age from five into their seventies, looked on as I Read more…

Boaventura de Sousa Santos: Toward A New Universal Declaration Of Human Rights, I

By 1000 Words/Shutterstock.com   Baruch de Spinoza, the great 17th century philosopher, wrote that the two basic human emotions (or “affections,” as he called them) are fear and hope, and he suggested that a balance needs to be struck between the two, because fear unmingled with hope leads to despair and hope unmingled with fear Read more…

Lawrence Wittner: Trump Betrays His Promise to Protect and Fight for American Workers

Photo by a katz/Shutterstock.com   Campaigning for the presidency in 2016, Donald Trump promised that, if he was elected, “American worker[s] will finally have a president who will protect them and fight for them.” Has he kept this promise? When it comes to protecting workers’ health and safety, his administration has been a disaster. Once Read more…

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Medea Benjamin: Why aren’t Americans rising up like the people of Chile and Lebanon?

The tinder for a revolutionary movement is everywhere

Martha Rosenberg: Why is Animal Research So Seldom in the News?

The animal-research industry is a vast, macabre enterprise richly supporting medical centers and individual researchers with almost no transparency or accountability

Marjorie Cohn: War Crimes Against Iran

Trump has already committed the crime of aggression against Iran

Ramzy Baroud: On the Road to Gaza: The Freedom Flotilla Will Sail Again 

True solidarity should aim at forcing Israel to end the protracted occupation and siege on the Palestinian people

Norman Solomon: War with Iran Is at Stake—and Democrats’ High Jumps Over Low Standards Aren’t Helping

The huge crisis with Iran is more dangerous because so many Democrats have been talking out of both sides of their mouths

Ted Glick: A Winning Strategy for Power, Already Underway

How can we truly turn things around, bring about revolutionary change in our badly wounded, struggling world?

David Baker: Review of The Scourge of Neoliberalism: U.S. Economic Policy From Reagan to Trump

The Scourge is a powerful, important book. We ignore it at our peril

Noam Chomsky: The U.S. is a Rogue State and Suleimani’s Assassination Confirms It

Act of war? Perhaps we can settle on reckless international terrorism

Brian Tokar: What Will it Take to Prevent Climate Collapse?

Perhaps we can even begin to realize the dream of a liberated and truly interdependent global community of communities. The future of life on earth may depend on our ability to do just that

Badri Raina: Poems

Mumbai / India 19 December 2019 Indian muslim girl hold poster protests against anti muslim controversial Citizenship Amendment Bill ( CAB CAA ) at August Kranti Maidan in Mumbai Maharashtra India By Arun Sambhu Mishra/Shutterstock.com     When the Heart is Desecrate When the heart is desecrate, Fervour reigns supreme. No prayerful heart ever requires Read more…

Jack Rasmus: The Scourge of Neoliberalism, Part 2: Trump’s Failing Neoliberal 2.0 Restoration

The new policy mix of the 2020s will be even more aggressive and violent in its implementation and effect than has Trump’s 2.0 failed restoration thus far

Kathy Kelly: Trident is the Crime

The U.S. nuclear weapon arsenal creates anguish, fear and futility worldwide. Yet “holy ground” exists as activists work toward abolition of nuclear weapons

Danica Jorden: Chileans Revolt After Being Told, “Get Up Earlier”

A few words that captured the arrogance of the ruling class have set in motion a popular movement and widespread unrest that started in Santiago, the capital city of Chile

Boaventura de Sousa Santos: Ecuador: From the middle of the world to the end of the world

Demonstration in Quito Ecuador, by Fabiana Lando/Shutterstock.com As its very name suggests, Ecuador is geographically located in the middle of the world. And now, from all appearances, neoliberalism has decided to carry out its end-of-the-world maneuvers in this country. That is perhaps the reason it is coming to the realization that the Ecuadorean people are Read more…

Ramzy Baroud: The War on Truth: How Israel’s Social Media Trolls Conquered Facebook

Israel may have found a way to circumvent the influence of Facebook on the discussions pertaining to Palestinian rights and the Israeli occupation

Ted Glick: How We Win

There are an awful lot of reasons for hope these days

Norman Solomon: The Official Secrets Movie vs. Joe Biden’s Lies About the Iraq War

As he pursues the presidency, Joe Biden is persisting with dismal innovations to falsify his record on the Iraq war. In the process, he’s operating completely at odds with what the Official Secrets film and Katharine Gun are all about

Jeff Cohen: What George Carlin Taught Us about Media Propaganda by Omission

Corporate TV news outlets serve up a series of partial scores. Call it “propaganda by omission”

Steve Early: One Member/One Vote: California Health Care Workers Show How To Endorse, Democratically

Members of the National Union of Healthcare Workers (NUHW) at the 2019 Leadership conference, where they debated which presidential candidate to endorse, by Simone Hogan/Shutterstock.com At the national, state, and even local level, union political endorsements are often made with insufficient membership involvement. Union leaders and legislative/political directors like to get their favorite candidates endorsed, Read more…

Marjorie Cohn: Civil Rights Are on the Chopping Block in New Supreme Court Term

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Noam Chomsky: The Foreign Policy of a Con Man

The Republican “radical insurgency,” as it was called several years ago by Thomas Mann and Norman Ornstein of the American Enterprise Institute, has gone far off the traditional rails under Trump

Medea Benjamin: 10 Ways that the Climate Crisis and Militarism are Intertwined

To free up billions of Pentagon dollars for investing in critical environmental projects and to eliminate the environmental havoc of war, movements for a livable, peaceful planet need to put “ending war” at the top of the “must do” list

Don Fitz: Politicians Agree: “Any White Cop Can Kill a Black Man”

Crises of cops indiscriminately killing black men keep intensifying throughout the area

Jack Rasmus: The Scourge of Neoliberalism, Part 1: Ideology vs. Historical Practice

The analysis of Neoliberalism to date has produced so many interpretations, often contradictory, that readers remain confused as to what exactly it means

Marjorie Cohn: Amazon Fires Will Have Global Consequences. The UN Must Act

We must act internationally to save the precious Amazon rainforest

Ramzy Baroud: Who Killed Oscar and Valeria: The Inconvenient History of the Refugee Crisis

The haunting image of the bodies of Salvadoran father, Oscar Alberto Martinez Ramirez, and his daughter, Valeria, who were washed ashore at a riverbank on the Mexico-U.S. border cannot be understood separately from El Salvador’s painful past

Norman Solomon: The Primary Contradiction: Corporate Power vs. Progressive Populism

For plutocrats, this summer has gotten a bit scary. Two feared candidates are rising. Trusted candidates are underperforming

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