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Danny Postel: An interview with Noel Ignatiev

"In the historical literature on race relations, there is much that safely can be ignored. However, from time to time a study comes along that truly can be called path-breaking, seminal, essential, a must-read. How the Irish Became White is such a study. Noel Ignatiev has produced that rare York of historical scholarship that, while Read more…

Paul von Blum: Extending the Legacy: The Political Art of Ian White

  Many American art historians, critics, and laypersons know of the powerful influence of Charles White, one of the premier African American artists of the 20th century. Thousands of appreciative viewers have been moved by his murals, paintings, and prints. White spent his entire career promoting a critical vision highlighting the struggles and poorly-recognized accomplishments Read more…

Edward Herman: War Criminals (Economics Division): The Dirty Twenty

Identifying any kind of war criminal is tricky. It is common to latch on to the hit men, or the ones issuing the immediate orders, while ignoring the planners and decision-makers, the funders, and those providing intellectual and moral support. And of course war criminals (military division [MD]) are always found only on the losing Read more…

Michael Albert: Conspiracy Theory

NOWADAYS, WHEREVER they go, leftists encounter many questions from newly political folks about this or that political episode–the October Surprise, the BCCI scandal, Irancontra, David Duke–with an emphasis on who did what, when, and with what knowledge and intent. They field far fewer questions about the systemic causes of trends and events. People study the Read more…

Stephen Zunes: Anti-Semitism in U.S. Middle East Policy

Look, the Senator actually agrees with you,” pleaded the exasperated senior aide of a prominent liberal Democrat. He was being confronted by a group of us in the spring of 1992, all peace and human rights activists, about his boss’s strident support of Israel‘s right-wing Likud government and his indifference to the plight of the Read more…

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