RevolutionZ: Life After Capitalism Podcast

RevolutionZ: Life After Capitalism is a Podcast and YouTube Channel project, hosted by Michael Albert. It addresses timely events, media, and activism, emphasizing vision and strategy for a better future. It is all about what do we want and how do we get it?

The word “Revolution” indicates attention to transforming basic underlying social relations, not solely replacing bad actors or policies. The letter “Z” identifies with the sponsor, Z Communications/ZNet, and also with the up and coming Generation Z.

Starting at one audio episode weekly, RevolutionZ will expand as we meet funding goals, first to two and then to three audio episodes weekly by adding interviews and user generated Questions and Comments addressed by the host and guests, and then to an accompanying YouTube Channel.

Above we have a tool for listening right from this page. But first, if you are new to podcasting, or just not sure of the mechanics, we have some help for what you may find an even better listening experience.


You can help support RevolutionZ at our Patreon Site. Please check it out.



You have three options:

  1. You can listen to a podcast episode through an audio player on a website, like above or at its web host site on Buzzsprout, which also has transcripts.
  2. You can download a podcast episode — saving it on your phone, tablet, or computer — so you can listen to it anytime, even without an internet connection.
  3. Or, best of all, and by far most popular, you can subscribe which causes the podcast to automatically download each new episode to your device every time one becomes available. You can listen when you want, on the move, and you don’t have to go find anything.

To subscribe to RevolutionZ, follow the instructions below. For a transcripts, if you prefer, visit our Buzzsprout page.



Open the preloaded app called “Podcasts,” which has a purple icon. If you’re reading this on your phone, tap ApplePodcast which will take you to the app and our show. (You can also open the Apple Podcast app and click the magnifying glass icon visible in the app to search for “RevolutionZ.”)

Once you’re on the RevolutionZ page, you can tap on a particular episode title to play it, or, better, you can tap on the “subscribe” button to have new episodes sent to your phone free so you can listen even when you are offline.

If you prefer another podcast app, you can find RevolutionZ on Stitcher or Spotify or if you settle on another player, use it to search for “RevolutionZ” or access the RSS Feed.



You can get the Google Podcast AppOnce you have it, search for RevolutionZ from within the app. Just listen, or subscribe for convenience of listening anytime. You can also find RevolutionZ on Stitcher or Spotify or if you prefer another player, use any of them to search for “RevolutionZ” or to access the RSS Feed.




Click the “play” button on the audio player at the top of the page to start the show. You can always find the latest episode and all episodes at our web host site on Buzzsprout which also has transcripts. RevolutionZ also has a YouTube Channel Facebook Page, And Twitter Page.



Please also note that RevolutionZ is going to need support to grow, diversify, and even to persist. And you can help by visiting our Patreon Page to become a supporting Patron and get various privileges, as well.


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    Michael Albert June 16, 2019 11:52 am 

    I agree that reaching a viable audience for RevolutionZ is going to depend on people helping with the task. Users of ZNet, as a start, can invite friends or others by sending them links, if need be explaining podcasts, or even by arranging to both listen and then talk about the contents with one another, etc. of course it is also possible to help materially by becoming a patron. Once one does that, one can also communicate with the show via the site. Perhaps there are other ideas. As far as ZNet hosting podcasts, they require too much bandwidth…even mine is not in our servers, but instead on a system callled Buzzsprout.

  2. avatar
    Matthew Allen June 3, 2019 9:50 pm 

    So excited to listen to this! Great work, Michael!

  3. Brit June 3, 2019 5:40 pm 

    Can you post a link for the downloads on a PC? (” You can always find the latest episode and all episodes at our web host site on Buzzsprout which also has transcripts.” …where is this link to Buzzsprout which also has transcripts? the link above doesn’t work)

  4. Anil Eklavya June 3, 2019 3:59 pm 

    I definitely think there is need for such initiatives. However, my strong view is that we need to get out of our comfort zones and avoid the echo chamber effect. To do this, we need to allow as much diversity as possible. We need explore as many directions as possible, because the world is changing very fast and the old ideas and terms and techniques and narratives and so on. We need to take into account new phenomena such as Total Surveillance, combined with Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence. We need to consider Surveillance Capitalism and all such new developments, which are not only changing the world as we know it, but also the very meaning of individual, society and life itself. Otherwise we concede these spaces to those who are going to lead us to disasters and calamities of more than one kind.

    One of the ways to achieve this is to come out of the Elite-Vanguard ways of discussing these things. We need to give importance to grassroots even at the intellectual level.

    • Michael Albert June 6, 2019 3:29 pm 

      I think the best I can do for that, with a podcast, is to welcome Email, and answer questions and react to comments, which I will be doing.

      Something to realize is that reaching an immense audience sounds good, would be wonderful, etc. but just getting started, there is no way to reach beyond who – well – I can reach. Getting out more widely actually depends on folks promoting the thing in question, in this case a podcast, to their friends, family, workmates or whatever.

      As RevolutionZ is now, it is very much for people who are already seriously interested. It tries not to assume specific background but it does assume rejection of existing society. If it grows, I will likely try another podcast, parallel, but for folks who aren’t yet so receptive. We’ll see, hopefully there will be support.

      • Anil Eklavya June 11, 2019 4:14 pm 

        I understand. It is difficult to get audience in these day for any serious discussion, so much dumbing down has taken place. Still, apart from what you are planning, perhaps others could also produce their own podcasts or (some other forum) under the ZNet umbrella. Since the same things are happening in many countries around the world and since ZNet has members from many countries, perhaps more such podcasts by a diversity of people could be there on ZNet.

        Some kind of ‘scouting for talent’ might be a way to bring in people for such initiatives. A lot of people on the Internet are producing content on regular basis related to the matters that ZNet deals with and the best ones among them could be asked whether they would be interested in doing something like this on ZNet. They might even be young and not very well known. Perhaps even graduate students, or others who are prepared spend time on this. They might talk about more specific topics or might look at problems in different ways.

        In special cases, even some very good YouTube channels could be associated with ZNet if there is a good match. For example, there are many people who produce very good review of films, or their takes on science and technology or literature or other arts. There might be profiles of historical personalities for educational purposes. The point is, if there is more diversity and more accessibility for those who have the potential, but not the background, they might consider joining. Promotion will also become easier then.

        Otherwise, suppose I have been reading ZNet articles for the last ten year, then I already know most of the issues and concerns and possible solutions and challenges etc., so I may not find many articles now which I will spend time on reading, as i am already familiar with all the arguments that recur on ZNet. I may already be using many of them myself. So, not only does new audience not come, but even the old audience is slowly lost.

        It is a collective site, so it has to be collective effort to widen its reach, unlike a personal blog.

        Of course, it is not as easy to do as it is to propose.

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