Life After Capitalism







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For every book many people contribute words, style, and ideas, not to mention experiences. When a book calls on decades of collective experience and centuries of history, giving comprehensive thanks is impossible. Still ... 

Thanks go firstly to Robin Hahnel with whom my contributions to the participatory economic vision were produced in tandem. 

To Andrea Sargent who edited the entire manuscript and is overwhelmingly responsible for whatever clarity it has. 

To members of South End Press now and in the past for helping create the practice behind many of Parecon’s ideas. 

To students at ZMI for their challenging discussions of the vision. 

To volunteers and co-workers in current projects, Z and ZNet, and in past efforts as well, for continuous feedback. 

To audiences at public talks who have heard and debated the contents herein. To participants in the ZNet forum system, who have pursued the ideas in that venue. 

To those who have created institutions employing Parecon’s insights and relayed their experiences. 

And to a few additional special individuals, as well, whose contributions arrive via all the above routes and are so bountiful that personal mention is mandatory: Justin Podur, Tim Allen, Brian Dominick, Stephen Shalom, Cynthia Peters, Noam Chomsky, and Lydia Sargent. 

And of course to Verso Books, for publishing Parecon, to Tariq Ali for championing it, to Sébastien Budgen for excellent editorial assistance, to Tim Clark for production work, to Gavin Everall for promotion, and to everyone else at Verso for being there, and for caring about economic vision.