Write for Z

There is no great magic or difficult dynamic regarding writing for Z. Rather, you:

  • Email us your submission.
  • You can send it to lydia.sargent@zmag.org for Z Magazine or to sysop@zmag.org for ZNet
  • You include your essay, interview, or whatever it may be.
  • You indicate whether you are submitting to ZNet or to ZMag, or to either or both.

That is it.

If we are going to use it online, on ZNet, it will appear within a week and usually within a day or two. Regrettably, our staff is two, so we cannot reply to everyone personally. You will see your piece online, and that will be the only reply, unless you followup with further email.

If we are going to use the piece in the print Magazine, however, you will hear from us first.


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