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ZVideo Productions is a components of Z Communications. It encompasses videos we have taken at events and at talks or that we have generated with guests at our premises.

The videos span all kinds of topics, address places, present analyses, and offer vision and strategy. We are not a major producer of Hollywood movies but we strive not only for relevant and insightful content – rather unlike Hollywood – but also for quality production, not quite on Hollywood scale, but very suitable for the materials offered. 

We hope you enjoy the offerings. You can buy any you like in the ZStore, Video Section – where you can also search them by topic, author, etc.

We have roughly 100 individual videos available. Here are a few of them, to indicate the breadth of focus, and to provide an inducement to visit the store where you can see all of them, with covers and descriptions, grouped by topic, or by author – for example, all the ones by Chomsky, or all the ones about Race, and so on:

$12.00 (USD)

Noam Chomsky looks at government and corporate elite policies over the years which violate international and domestic laws, and involve imperialist designs that depend on targeted assassinations and the killing […]

$12.00 (USD)

On the 19th and 20th of December 2001, resistance to the neoliberal policies imposed by the IMF and World Bank exploded into rebellion. Thousands of people took to the streets […]

$12.00 (USD)

In this interview, Jack Rasmus (author, professor, former labor organizer) explains in detail the causes of the great Depression and the subsequent down-up-down crises of the 1930s, drawing parallels to […]

$12.00 (USD)

In this talk to Greek activists at a conference to discuss the historic December 2008 uprising in Athens (the B-Fest conference), Howard Zinn discusses the importance of challenging authority, particularly […]

$12.00 (USD)

In a talk at Z Media Institute 2010, Noam Chomsky begins by comparing the similarity between the U.S. founding mission to be an empire of […]

$12.00 (USD)

A Q&A with Noam Chomsky

In this fascinating, informal discussion, Chomsky answers students’ questions about what went wrong after Obama’s 2008 election message of hope and change. Chomsky maintains that what […]

$22.00 (USD)

Session 1 covers the responsibility of intellectuals, scholars, and journalists. Runtime 55 minutes.

The Chomsky Sessions

In February 2010, Noam Chomsky visited the Z offices in Woods Hole, Massachusetts for a […]

$50.00 (USD)

–  Five DVD Set  –
In February 2010, Noam Chomsky visited the Z offices in Woods Hole, Massachusetts for a five-hour interview with Z staff member Michael Albert on various topics, including: the responsibility of […]

$12.00 (USD)

Understanding Social Movements of the Right in America Today


In this talk from ZMI 2010, Berlet offers an […]

$12.00 (USD)

Ron Daniels examines struggles to create a more equitable U.S. society through political movements amid crises in the African American community and suggests a way forward to a new society. […]

$12.00 (USD)

Noam Chomsky at the 2010 Left Forum

In Noam Chomsky’s much anticipated first appearance at the Left Forum (the U.S.’s premiere gathering of leftists and progressives held each spring in NYC), […]

$12.00 (USD)

Session 2 covers science, rationalism, religion, sectarianism, conspiracy theories, and human nature. Runtime 55 minutes.

The Chomsky Sessions

In February 2010, Noam Chomsky visited the Z offices in Woods Hole, Massachusetts for […]

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