Carmaggedon or Rational Discourse?

Neither ecological disasters, oil wars, nor tens of thousands of annual auto fatalities  have so far dampened our enthusiasm for the car.   Sociologist and author Michael Dawson explores the how this enthusiasm is rooted in a capitalist business model that's "intractably addicted to selling us cars in crazy-huge numbers, forever, no matter the ecological and social consequences," thus "the homicidal perpetuation of cars-first transportation." Speaking with host Stephanie Potter, Dawson discusses the need to take a clear-eyed look at the addiction to the U.S. car's-first transportation policy. Michael Dawson is author of The Consumer Trap, Big Business Marketing in American Life (2004) and publishes the blog: The Consumer Trap, which aims to expose capitalism, marketing and market totalitarianism.  His forthcoming book is called Courting Carmageddon: Capitalism, Transportation, and the Approaching Collapse of the United States, and his blog on this topic is  Death by Car.  (music by Kevin MacLeod)

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