Check Your Tags (with Anitek)

Check Your Tags (add your flavor/remix this tune)
Melody and Lyrics: Lonnie Ray Atkinson

Vocals: Lonnie Ray Atkinson
Music Track: Instrumental (Cradle Militia) by Anitek

This is a song about sweatshop labor, export processing zones, and the economy. If you are interested (or you think you know someone that might be interested) in adding your own music/tracks/beats (or better vocals) to the mix, you can download the raw a capellas here at ccMixter (just click on the word "download" under the word "stream"). When you are done, you can email me any mp3s here.
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verse one:
narration: what does it mean if our shopping sprees rest on the misery of other human beings working in zones with no regulations, no protections, no labor laws
– when it's profit or people / we know which comes first
when talks of unions can get you fired or worse
– forced overtime / but no overtime pay
insult to injury /  no minimum wage
– health and safety standards / now that's a mistake
sexual harassment / come on give me a break
– and speaking of breaks / how many a day do you take
imagine losing bathroom trips for productivity's sake
– we got the luxury to choose / to look away from the abuse
of countries we're allowed to use / on the tags but not the news
– and history will tell you that this ain't no fad
while rich economists tell you ain't so bad
– and i ask what you were doing in your early teens
bet it wasn't stitching jeans / sleeping under your sewing machine
– or even so, would you want your daughters
cramped in one room huts, with no running water
– working up to twenty hour shifts at 17 cents an hour
where overwork death is their only bargaining power
– still they insist, that it's not so hard
then why the razor wire and why the armed guards
– why the beatings and why the locks on the doors
why the tears in their eyes and urine on the floor
check your tags – if you wonder how this stuff's so cheap
check your tags – that's the other half of your receipt
check your tags – add them up and throw it on our debt
check your tags – do you know if you shopping in sweat
verse two:
– and what's worse is when the prices are still jacked
it's like twisting the knife deeper in each worker's back
– who would it hurt to pay an extra quarter or more
satirical narration: good lord, child, do you know just what you're asking for
– sure, a better life the workers may be getting
but what kind of example would we be setting
– it's not the money, it's the unacceptable invasion
of factoring human dignity into the equation
– and besides, they're happy to have this work
without these jobs they might be starving or worse
– so, yo, i guess they should thank y'all for cracking the whip
paying less than a dollar for making a hundred dollar kicks
– like telling a slave that they should rejoice
satirical narration: the master'd love not to beat you, but he ain't got a choice
– straight rationing crumbs while you eat till you sick
then make it sound reasonable, that's the trick
– 'cause only a great man can make his way to the top
steady blaming on the victims while he's calling the shots
– and if you blame it on the system, well, I'm right there
i say we trade in this system for one more fair
check your tags – if you wanna see how workers get beat
check your tags – that's the other half of your receipt
check your tags – add them up and throw it on our debt
check your tags – do you know if you shopping in sweat
verse three:
– there's a sale on aisle nine while the trade deficit throbs
can't give up these low prices, still wonder why you're losing jobs
– guess that's the price you pay in a market economy
keep losing exports, maybe you can sell irony
– i ain't just talking protectionism, but solidarity
we should demand living wages for all humanity
– it's time we work together against a common enemy
it's not us against them, unless them is corporate greed
– we gotta organize, unionize, strategize
or you can roll the dice like you rolling your eyes
– cause eventually them tags will be sporting your town
but there's two different ways they can come back around
– when we demand a fair economy and call their bluff
or when the race to the bottom finally ends with us
– check your tags – if you wonder why the economy's weak
check your tags – that's the other half of your receipt
check your tags – add them up and throw it on our debt
check your tags – do you know if you shopping in sweat
– check your tags – cause this stuff don't come out thin air
check your tags – why you ain't got one thing made here
check your tags – that's the record of their sacrifices
they the ones that pay for our everyday low prices
check your tags

This song is under the Creative Commons License: Attribution-NonCommercial 3.0.
You are free to download this song and share it with as many people as you like (please respect and include attributions).

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