The Roots of the Greek Revolt

The fatal police-shooting of a 15 year old boy in Greece earlier this month has sent shock waves throughout the country with thousands of mostly young people revolting. The protests began in an Athens district called Exarchia — described by one commentator in Spiegel as "a traditional haunt of artists, anarchists and left-wing intellectuals." The protests then spread to most of the country and continue to this day. Shops have been vandalized, police stations and banks have been fire bombed, officers have been doused with red paint, and unions have initiated mass work stoppages. Police have responded with tear gas and flash grenades against demonstrators. There have been demonstrations in solidarity with the protesters in various European cities including London, Moscow, Paris, and Berlin. While the death of the school boy sparked off the protests, the main underlying issues facing Greeks, particularly youths, include government corruption and the poor state of the economy.

GUEST: Pavlos Stavropoulos, Greek-American activist

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