The USA Economy Today, What’s Next

Dr. Jack Rasmus offers his latest view of the US economy as it enters the 2nd quarter 2014. What’s happening with US GDP, business investment, consumer spending, housing, and jobs in the US today, as the rest of the world’s economies currently drift toward slower growth, deflation, and economic and political volatility?  Dr. Rasmus discusses the 2014 US economic picture as the addendum to previous Alternative Visions shows in recent weeks that reviewed China’s slowing economy and growing financial instability, the Eurozone’s drift toward deflation and stagnation, the UK’s artificial construction bubble-driven recovery, Japan’s now stalling ‘Abenomics’ recovery, and growing currency volatility, capital flight, and economic slowing in Emerging Markets like Brazil, India, So. Africa, Turkey, Indonesia, etc. Having previously identified the US and global economy in early 2014 as the initial stage of a ‘3rd Phase of the Global Economic Crisis’, Rasmus explains where the US economy presently fits in the broader global economic trends and picture today.”


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