Track 04: PARECON Values




CHORUS: Equity / Solidarity / Self management / Diversity

Equity Verse:

we want equity – no unjust disparity / in income and circumstances / proper contribution and fair distribution / of health, wealth, resources, and chances / where what you make’s a fair share, a fair shake / not what you can take or what you can fake / but what you really deserve – how hard you work – no more no less – no mystery no stress – and you ain’t playing the fool when you doing your best / but more than that – it’s where you work at / the circumstances you endure to get your scratch / where ambition – is happiness in your position / and profit ain’t the mission – but safe and healthy conditions / that don’t neglect your body or mind / and a schedule that respects your time / give us equity – so you ain’t punching a clock while they pushing a yacht / and neither of you give it a thought / give us equity – where ain’t no jackers cocking a glock / willing to risk your life to get what they ain’t got / give us equity – where you ain’t making your jack / straight breaking your back in the blazing ass heat / making less than those blessed in they office chairs / playing solitaire blasting the cold AC / we want an economy where we can all boast / that those who work the hardest get the most / and ain’t no capitalist pigs ’cause we don’t feed ‘em / and ain’t no lotteries ’cause we don’t need ‘em

CHORUS: Equity (over and over)

Solidarity Verse:

we want solidarity – a world with civility / a world that revolves around more than just me / a world where I care how you and yours do / and I’m aware how the decisions I make affect you / respect due – a different sense of wrong and right / and it’s for more than just the fortunate few in my line of sight / we want a world where we ain’t always cheating each other / but instead we looking out for one another / a world where if one comes up then we all come up / but if one hits the ground then we can all get down / solidarity – the whole point of unity / like how we tell our kids – the way the world’s supposed to be / we ain’t consumed with becoming number one / leaving the rest of us in slums, steady fighting over crumbs / and ain’t no class war ’cause there’s no classes / and ain’t no mean mugging ’cause we ain’t always watching our asses / and getting ahead ain’t winning a backstabbing contest / and competition’s left to sports, checkers, and chess / ’cause the economy ain’t no game, lives ain’t no game / my family ain’t no game, justice ain’t no game / solidarity – humanity – just basic common sense / where you don’t get yours, get more at someone else’s expense / ’cause in the kind of future we embrace / the rat race gets the gas face / we tired of running from rags, tired of staring up at riches / time we tear them ladders down, then we turn ‘em into bridges

CHORUS: Solidarity (over and over)

Self Management Verse:

self management – a certain level of autonomy / with solidarity supporting others’ liberty / to the degree each decision affects us / protects us from others being careless or reckless / self management goes hand in hand with equity / it’s your prerogative what you demand from the economy / i said the path that you want to take, what fulfills you / not struggling at a job you hate until it kills you / ’cause ain’t no outside forces forcing you / to do the work no one else will do / but if you want to do it, then you should get paid more / why the hell else would you be doing it for / and if you want to change your job or go back to school – well, you can do it / take a day off and act a fool – well, you can do it / take a trip to the beach – go out for some eats / listen to a symphony or check out some fresh beats / you the master of your own paycheck / nobody cracking a whip, nobody breathing down your neck / nobody disrespecting you – yelling at you / telling grown folk how and what they should do / no cussing or dissing when you make a mistake / no holding your piss in ’cause you ain’t allowed a break / no orders being barked, no swimming with sharks / just everybody doing they thing, doing they part / with more direction than just my way or the highway / we want a workplace where everybody got a fair say / no mandatory overtime – work what you want – no more no less / and ain’t no quotas, except for doing your best / and ain’t no owners ’cause we run the show / and ain’t no bosses except the ones being they own

CHORUS: Self Management (over and over)

Diversity Verse:

we want diversity – less chains more choices / more voices – not just the noise from your boys / in the boardrooms and the skyscrapers / telling us to sell ourselves out for more paper / we want a world where everybody got a fair say / nobody sweating you finding your own, making your way / and work ain’t always got you doing the same thing / and life ain’t always got you doing the same thing / give us diversity – eyes and skills to recognize / it’s more than just our piece, it’s more than just one pie / we more than just ants, more than a shuffle and a dance / we got potential to contribute, got dreams to advance / we want diversity in the path we take / the time we spend, the decisions we make / how we work, the tasks we do / choosing a job, not the job choosing you / give us diversity – a world where you know you ain’t stuck / with bad gene pools, bad schools, or bad luck / a world with more than a few sorry eggs and one basket / a world where critical thinking is a habit / when education teaches us more than to endure / being slaves to a wage, taking orders, work that’s boring / diversity – respecting different perspectives / enhancing the practice of democracy – projecting / communities reflecting all kinds of flavors / and solidarity, so ain’t nobody grilling they neighbors

CHORUS: Diversity (over and over)

CHORUS: Equity / Solidarity / Self management / Diversity

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