#10 A date with the future

Caracas, Feb 12 ABN (Hugo Chavez Frias).- My spirit was always conquered by the whipping and flamenco verb of Jesus, the redeemer Christ of the oppressed peoples, since the time I was an altar boy in the humble church of Sabaneta, when the stormy decade of the 60s started last century.

Since then; the Sermon on the Mount and its justice promise for the poor people seemed really exiting to me.

Mom Rosa used to describe “two thousand year and more”, as a future time in which humanity definitely takes the path appointed by Christ – living among equal people and as brothers – or on the contrary, “the world will end up.”

How far was Rosa Inés Chávez of having read once the speech and thesis of the other Rosa, to whom Clara Zetkin named “the living sword of the revolution,” Rosa of Luxembourg.

“But, at the same time, how close was my Mama Vieja from the thought of that revolutionary woman, masterly condensed in its legendary slogan: Socialism or barbarism! Christ expelled the Merchants from the Temple and naked with his holy word the hypocrite Pharisees “who clean the outside of the cup and of the platter; but inside of you, you are full of robbery and wickedness.”

As it occurred one more time with these Venezuelan opposition leaders regarding the recent reprehensible act of profanation to the Synagogue.

Together with a set of media companies, they (opposition) definitely lost their own nature to transform into political-party actors; who one more time irreversibly accused the government and the revolution as the responsible of this criminal act.

One of them brushed the limits of the phylosophal stone and was about to find out the so wished formula for the warm water, when he explained to the country that there was not any doubt about the responsible of the attack because he has found out a concluding evidence: the red color of the graffiti on the wall; the same color of the Bolivarian people! The opposition grapeshot, inside and outside the country, didn’t stopped bombing the revolution.

But, as the slogan says: “God never abandons the innocent.” In addition, the revolutionary government and its investigation corps acted fast and with great efficiency, in the middle of a media war.

And now, when we have captured eleven people and the main responsible of the crime declared themselves guilty; and when we have found several evidences in the scene of the crime and during the raids, and the internal complicity – one of the Synagogue’s watchmen – has been proven; these “leaders” and “defenders of freedom,” “brave protectors of the temple,” start to perform miracles and repeat etceteras, trying to explain theirs allegations. Finally, they are able to say no matter what, but they are unable to retract.

Hypocrite Pharisees! I have here on my desk several reports of the situational room coordinated by Reyes Reyes. When I was checking the details, I realized how the Double Armored Attack has been progressing; in the home stretch towards the February 15.

Through my lines I want to congratulate this tremendous elite troop organized by the patrols and the committees for the Yes; its leaders and coordinators, patrol and mission members. I especially want to mention the very brave Bolivarian women, or like many of them prefer to be called: Mujeres Chavistas! (Chavista women). The formidable youth is playing its vanguard role of sublime nerve motor of the popular mass that must keep on moving with the energy of a hurricane.

Our party, the PSUV, as well as other ally parties, PCV, PPT, MEP, UPV, we all must march united and try twice as hard towards the victory.

By the way, today is February 12th and the battle cry of the great revolutionary José Félix Rivas, the young Jacobin man with the republican cap, still keeps thundering from the valley where that heroic city of La Victoria (Aragua state) emerges: “We cannot choose between winning or dying, it’s necessary to win.”

Boys and girls, let’s celebrate this Day of the Youth as it has to be, deployed in battle, adjusting the machinery, convincing the indecisive people, inviting everybody to the memorable journey.

Just to keep on conquering independence! To keep on building the socialist homeland! To keep on transforming Venezuela in a power country! Today is Thursday 12. There are just two days left.

Let’s go for broke, with happiness, with joy, with a lot of intelligence, with so much homeland passion.

On Sunday 15, early in the morning, you man, you woman, you Venezuelan youth, you, together with me, have a date with the future.

I call you from my Heart, as the song says: Yo te esperaré en aquel lugar (I’ll wait for you in that place).

Don’t fail me that I won’t fail you…

You know that I, your soldier, live for you!

Yes Sr! We will win!

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