First Post

I get lost in the words.

I listen and watch this fool of a stooge president

And then I look at my friends who live, work
Or have fled from
Central America
Live in Venezuela

Y me duele el corazón.
¿Qué puedo hacer?
Una tristeza me lleva
Como un abrigo en el verano

I have lived in the South too long,
This South Philly woman
I’m used to relating to people upfront
Down here they follow the O’Jays song
From back in the day…Smile in Your face

Ireland is upfront as well.
Half German Half Irish and all activist
Now in front of a computer wanting to help
But no one needs my help
Only money I don’t have a ton of, as a Wisdom Elder.

Fluent in Spanish, but not needed
Two degrees three years ago
Language and Culture, Spanish
Political Science, with a focus on Inequality in the Global South (Americas and African continent)

I know more about Monsanto than I do about my family
I research the Biggies so I can share with others across social media – with many who can only endure two paragraphs at most.
Long reads are tiring for them

Fair play to them
We’ve been gamed out of the 40 hour week
Overtime – well my students don’t even really know what it is anymore
And History is a whole other set of words to write.

On the 21st of this month, Neo-Nazis will descend upon Newnan, Ga.
A small, pretty town, where the square houses all manner of small shops
Most of which will close that Saturday, out of Fear and just not wanting to take a chance
When these thugs and their dirty sheets and swastikas invade
The night before, groups of us will go into the square
And spend money and talk, eat, drink.
Buy vinyl records
Whatever we can do to support the small store owners
Who will lose money from closing.

My neighbors say don’t go.

I do a lot of talking about issues. I know a lot (except higher Math – apologies to Dr. Chomsky – but I know words and have all his books – well, most. I like the ones with Foucault – nah, I like all of them – and his videos that I’ve bought from here.)

That makes me a hypocrite.

I’ll write about it afterward.  If it changes one person and they get involved, cool.

So…my first post is a bit of a vent
A connection piece

Espero que otros puedan utilizar mis talentos.
Hay más que yo
Quizás necesitamos un ´Clearing House´

A place – a hub – where everyday people can come who want to help; and where those who can use help of whatever sort can have a presence a

and state their needs/desires/wantsAnd we can grow a database of people who really want to do/be something.
I can do that.
I have space on my websites
I have the energy – even as a Wisdom Elder

Starting with a few interested folks; and a bit of advice
Is all I need. I have the skills.
Thanks for reading

Qué tengáis un día fantástico.
Todos somos Uno.

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