2015 Seattle and Washington state election recommendations

Here’s some stuff about the ballot. Most of it comes from my own and Jim’s knowledge of these people. Fortunately the primary cleared out the worst, but some good folks lost then too. I looked at a couple of other progressive recommendations and read the arts community papers. I put a * by the people I gave $$ to. At the bottom is the link to the Stranger election recommendations and the summary at its bottom.

You can also view the county voter guide online : kingcounty.gov/elections

socialists: http://us5.campaign-archive1.com/?u=1df2f51e18d817919a1845ecf&id=1265f34e3b

State ballot part:
I-1366        NO    (Job security for Tim Eyman; reduce sales tax if no const. amen.)

I-1401        YES      Paul Allen funded because he loves animals. See Stranger

Advisory votes — required by previous Eyman initiative — waste of money

10-13 MAINTAIN all, unless you want to support legislators who voted not to tax cannabis (# 11)

King County
Assessor–John Wilson
Lloyd Hara is a drunken dupe. We saw him when he was on the Port at an environmental fundraiser and his public behavior was terrible. We think this job is his retirement package. Also he wants more money. I think Murray protects him, and Murray is my enemy.

Elections director–Julie Wise
She does a good job. Opponent is a nerd who’s enchanted some progressives.

King County District 4–Jeanne Kohl-Welles (we gave her money and auction items in the past when she could share with other progressives).
The current rep, Larry Phillips is retiring. He is a very progressive, very arts and environmentally supportive politician who argued well for Ron Sims type programs such as DESC, etc. Jeanne Kohl-Welles is a nice lady, was state senator for years, totally into cannabis legalization as a cancer patient. Obsesses about human trafficking, but she’s not as politically capable as Phillips. Doesn’t get social services. We’ve been to her house. There’s not really an alternative, though.

Port of Seattle–
#2 Courtney Gregoire    (holding our nose)
She must have manipulated to get opponent as Goodspaceguy. At least she said she opposed Shell.

# Fred Felleman * True progressive, environmentalist, fisheries guy.

Seattle City Council
We can no longer vote for everyone. We’re in #6, and there are 2 at large positions.

#6 Mike OBrien  *–kayaktivist, good on tent city, ok about art. Supports Compass Nyas house. Works at being a politician and I think he’s good at it. Ally of Mike McGinn, for what it’s worth.

#8 Jon Grant  * former head of Tenants Union. Didn’t respond to the the arts questionnaire, but he’s young. Big scandal last week when the head of Triad contractor who’s responsible for not funding construction of the big hole near city hall (You know what I’m talking about because it’s across the street from DESC Morrison, etc.) offered him the chance to make $200K contribution against him to go away. Murray says he’s going to get rid of Triad. Sure. It’s all in the Seattle Times. The incumbent is Tim Burgess who is king jerk on the council, and we need to get rid of him.

#9 bad choices: Lorena Gonzalez is protege of Murray and gets funding from corporate. Bill Bradburd is opposed by Stranger for being NIMBY, etc. Not happy. May ask Floris what she thinks.

We can’t vote for #3 Kshama Sawant but *

School District
#1 Scott Pinkham–American Indian activist and educator with progressive suppport.
#2 Rick Burke–math educator, progressives support
#3 Jill Geary–was on the picket lines with teachers; opponent Lauren MCGuire has PTA support
#6 Leslie Harris–also on picket lines, endorsed by Green Sally Soriano who used to be on the school board when Mary Bass was there.

King County charter amendment
#1 YES–law enforcement oversight

King County proposition
#1 YES tax for head start, etc. Socialists don’t like it. More privatization of public resources instead of through the general fund and public employes. Agencies like DESC would be funded. Backed by Jeff Bezos, other corporate who should pay.

#1 tax levy for transportation. Yes? I’m torn. Largest levy in Seattle history. I don’t like Murray having control over all that money because it’s not helping anyone but real estate interests. However, Feet First supports it as does Cascade Bicycle Club. Socialists hate it, point out that corps benefit without paying.

I-122  YES      limits campaign spending in Seattle. However, $25 subject to disclosure. Not real public financing. Socialists and progressive Democrat (former state party head) Dwight Pelz oppose.


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