A Confession, as the Elections draw near..

I think Nadar represents me better than any candidate ideologically.

That said, the 2-party system has a stranglehold on this country. So realistically, we’ve got two potentials. And although I disagree with Senator Obama’s positions and actions on multiple issues that are quite important to me, I’d infinitely prefer him to being President of these United States as to John McCain, for an even bigger number of reasons. In other circumstances I’d vote independent (If I could vote; I’m in my teens), but the Republican Party has proven itself utterly opposed to me in almost any imaginable respect as to where I want this country to go, and frankly I can’t see 4 years going anywhere to heal the wounds of the last 8 if McCain gets elected. Maybe Obama isn’t my guy, but he’s a fine alternative for this next 4 years compared with the other realistic choice.

So I’m sorry if it seems like I’m betraying my ideals, my readers, but I just don’t want McCain to win. Because then I fear we’d lose even more ground on our journey to becoming the civilized nation we held as our ideal 200-something years ago. Because it’s consistently been a shaky march towards that goal, we’ve too often had to make often immoral compromises to eventually make things better. This is no different an occasion, for me at least. Not that he, Barrack Obama, is necessarily a bad person, or anything of that nature. It has far more to do with my willingness to give up my ideals for the sake of the country, when we’re in dire straits. It’s quite ironic, compared with my usual views…but I feel that this is a sacrifice that must be done.

So I urge all Independents who actually can vote, please vote for Obama in the elections. Unless you live in California or New York, where there’s huge numbers of voters, as I do. Do whatever you want, in that case. Heh, probably should have placed the disclaimer first. Speaking of which, I could in good conscience vote third party theoretically, since I live in California!

Never mind, then! Nadar 08!

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