A Department of Peace??!!

I’m not too sure about this Department of Peace idea that has long been proposed by the moony New Age leftist congressman, Dennis Kucinich. I get the impression that alot of the people (but certainly not all) who advocate for the Peace Department are moony New Age sorts.  I read a comment on facebook by an organizer who tried to interest Peace Department advocates in the effort to impeach Bush for war crimes and he met with little support among those people. One person even told him that seeking Bush’s impeachment was a non-peaceful act and had to be opposed.

The US government always pretends to go the last mile to seek a peaceful solution before it launches military aggression but it never truely seeks peace. I think that a Department of Peace, under the current system of government and society which we live,  would inevitably become a tool of US imperialism . Besides, the US State Department, i.e. our department of diplomacy, is kind of supposed to be our Dempartment of Peace. Why not focus on reforming the State Department (not that such reforms would amount to much) instead of seeking an extra bureaucracy?

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