A first attempt at “actively posting material”

Greetings, and welcome to my corner of ZSpace. After getting the "Z Sustainer message" the other day, I though I should have a go at using the tools here. So, please excuse any weird formating [grrr, copy paste brings the formatting with it! FCK editor never was one of my favourites…] or other fumbles as I get used to ZSpace’s way of doing things. And in case any of the site’s developers are watching, I’ll include stuff that strikes me as buggy in [ ]s.

As I’m based here in Japan, and have been for the last 20 years, I suppose I might best fill this space with topics that will hopefully interest readers and, at the same time, relate to things going on over on this side of the Pacific.

[hmm, hitting ‘Return’ causes the window to scroll. Strange.]

So, where was I… Ah, yes. Japan. Well, drunken Finance Ministers aside, it looks like the hopeless sap of a Prime Minister is on his way out. Not that there’s anyone to replace him with from his party or any other come to that. A recent poll asking who’d make the better PM, put his approval rating at a little over 16%, while the leader of the opposition party, Ozawa, garnered just over 21%. The vast majority chose the other option which was ‘Neither’. Aso’s popularity ratings have since dropped to under 7%, especially since former PM Koizumi weighed in calling some of  Aso’s recent statements ‘laughable’.

Crazy. In the 20 years I’ve been here 14 Prime Ministers. Is that a record? Can’t wait to find out which poor bugger is going to get chosen to run the gauntlet next.

Anyway, I’m about to find out if I can control publication by saving this as a draft or not.

[Where do I select the ‘Groups Related’ things from?]

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