A good piece by Adam Johnson: “WaPo’s One-Sided Cheerleading for Coup and Intervention in Venezuela”

This is a very well done piece that Adam Johnson wrote for FAIR: “WaPo’s One-Sided Cheerleading for Coup and Intervention in Venezuela”

I’d only add that while many people will see through the Trump administration, even the Obama admin, when it comes to foreign policy, this isn’t as likely when the basic US/corporate media position is echoed by the EU, Canada and prominent NGOs like Amnesty.

It is amazing to see a US president as widely despised around the world as Trump get this kind of support in attacking Venezuela.

The precedent is of course Haiti,  where the democratically elected government was vilified, subjected to harsh economic sanctions and then, in February of 2004, overthrown by US troops – not even US proxies in that case. A widely despised US president at the time (George W Bush) received crucial backing from Canada and France while the response of big NGOs (HRW, Amnesty, RSF, Christian Aid) ranged from tacitly complicit to openly complicit. Below is a quote from RSF referring cheerfully to the two year period while the Latortue dictatorship was in power and thousands of Aristide’s supporters were murdered.


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