a ratinal hope

at my work place there is a TV, while I was taking supper, I watched a typical routine of a 6pm an hour long Japanese news show on Fuji TV(popular channel), showing where to find precious delicious food for about 20 min.
Working so so so hard to keep me as a citizen of voluntarily North Korea.
As appropriate owner of my brain.
How silly it is with those bright pundits going through daily routine and call it a news show.
How silly it was watching Rachel Maddow enthusasticlly talking about Obama’s AfPak troop increase speach like taking some drug or something.

How silly they can be daily, those bright pundits far brighter than me beyond my comprehension.
The fact that they are brighter than me and their silliness gave me hope, that another world is possible.
They are going to convince me day by day.

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