A song of Andres Calamaro about trust and oppression

This song by Andres Calamaro is titled “Alta suciedad.” There’s a pun between Spanish word for “dirtiness” (“suciedad”) and the Spanish word for “society” (“sociedad”). It claims you can only trust in dirty people, the lowest layers of society.

“High dirt! (high dirt garbage)
  You can not trust anyone else …”
Repeats the chorus.
According to other possible readings, it could be a critic or an appraisal of “High Society,” (“High dirt!”), which would be the only existing option to trust in.
The fact that the singer defines himself as “High dirt” in the song is not conclusive and may endorse any of the three interpretations, because Calamaro poses at the same time both as a marginal and an elitist.

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