Abandoning Earth

The trees on my lot have been exchanged for cell phone trees or some other undiagnosed breed while away running from a land speculator who was after my lot in Venice CA. I ran for two years, When I returned after being unsuccessful in shaking his posse I found  the house looted of it's contents and the vegistation/ plant life replaced with GMO's . This plant life left on my lot is not the usual  high end  improved species of the GMO family  it was black with rot, gangly oppressive and overbearing in size. I chop down a large over extended orange tree bursting with oranges which had incompased the entier back yard to find it's trunk made of plywood and epoxy which in fact was the case in every other tree on the lot. The weeds and bushes sitting just bairly in the ground were easy to pull up their growth eliminated the groung cover revialing dirt that could only be man made soil. The soil or earth now a brown transparent dye when mixed with water, no mud run off just a thin brown dye stream. The ground were water applied sank down, compressed itself when dried, with large flaking cracked chunks. As I watered the foundation courners of my hometo see if the sablity of the building would hold in this matterial, it simply washed away and evaporated. I began to look at other plant life outside of my home in Los Angeles it too was so over exasugrated in style, it's grandious plumes, its twisting and turning trunks, its sproting other spicies in it's bark, the sixe of flowers and cacti too much, way too much. I take some bark from an ecaliptus tree and find the texture rubber and spongy it to seems man made. The large palm trees with their cross hatched trunks which only could happen if the palm frones were at sharp opposit angels to each other on every other frone, not realistic. My conclusion is this our trees and plant life in general has been exchanged for some blend of GMO's and plastic life form. If we suffer from global warming it is a pretty good guess that these forms of plant life do not participate in the natural oxigen cycle which we depend on to live.

When I look at the plant life it no longer seems real, it is so over exasagurated in style that it is off putting. If I had not the experance of chopping down one of these cell phone trees on my property I may not have ever noticed but now that I have we have a majior problem. Can we call this vegistation GMO's or is it some other blend undisclosed to the public. Is this one of those classivied pieces of information that all our real natural trees are gone. Where have they gone. This information on the deconstrucion of nature is needed to confront global warming if we intend on surviving on earth. I get the strong feeling that there is a movement to permenttly abandon earth and settle elsewhere, or perhaps make a small portion of earth inhabital and leave the rest barren . You can not and let me repeat grow anything in the soil left on my lot and eat it, it would be eatting chemicals I am sure of this, I repeat , I am sure of this. Is it true then that cell phone trees are not growning orginisms and do not participate in the natural oxegen cycle that real trees do, and might that not really be a problem if our real trees have been traded in for fakes. My home is full of fakes now, all reprodutions bad reproductions made in cottage industries part of the growning chain of fraud sponsered by the employment of the drug cartels south of the boarder. Sure is quiet in the states concerning the massive explosion of cartels just south of LA . Sure is quiet here concerning the explotion of mercenarriees working abroad and when the come home to the states and they are so well behavied after tarcking and killing off whom they wish in the middle east, like lambs they come home no? To fucking bad we do not keep and eye on their acctivities when they come home because they are working with the cartels. That is enough for now.

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