ACORN versus Benjamin Netanyahu; Democracy versus Imperialism

I dubbed this kicking donkey, Robert Gibbs

It says a lot about the Democratic Party, not to mention our political system, when they are willing to be complicit in the ruination of ACORN, a community organization that has provided an invaluable service to the poor and helped improve (if only a little bit) our political system, and all over a staged incident and doctored video. And this same party will continue supporting the state of Israel as they wage aggression throughout the region and keep gobbling up Palestinian land while bragging that our government can be pushed around and that we won’t do anything about it.

Last year a rightwing website, the same one that recently pulled the stunt against Shelly Sherrod, showed a video tape of what appeared to be a pimp and a prostitute trying to get illegal and unethical assistance from ACORN which the latter purported to provide. This was a setup. Worse, the video was doctored. The people dressed as a pimp and a prostitute was never there, certainly not in costume. The investigators cleared ACORN of any and all wrong doing.

Still ACORN has seen all of its federal funding dropped in a clear political attack that singles them out. At the time when Congress pushed this through it was reported that it would have to apply across the board since it’s unconstitutional to single out anyone or a group yet the federal courts are saying that doing so is constitutional. It’s a testament to our political system when an innocent organization can be smeared and not only is the government continuing to single them out for punishment despite knowing their innocence but the federal courts will defend the political attack! 

Now, consider this comment made by the current Israeli Prime Minister in a 2001 video: 

America is something that can easily be moved; moved to the right … They won’t get in our way.  

Bibi and Obomba

We have an Israeli government official claiming on an un-doctored tape that they manipulate our government and that we won’t do anything about it. I guess he is right. After the video we saw the siege on the Jenin refugee camp, the annexation wall, the Lebanon War, the Gaza War and the most recent Gaza Flotilla Massacre. Throughout all of this our government has supported and aided Israel.

And it’s not as if they control us. We are most certainly the dominant partner. When Israel was going to sell weapons to China, former President Bush intervened and Israel not only genuflected to American power it also "apologized publicly for angering the United States."

Helping the poor participate in our political system is worthy of attacking but punishing a foreign state that brags about how we can be manipulated into accepting their transgressions because they are a useful tool to our Empire is not. This is our democracy.

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