Al Jazeera Shutdown in Kuwait

Al Jazeera Shutdown in Kuwait

Al Jazeera has been shutdown in Kuwait today, stated in an article in today's Al Jazeera news (http://english.aljazeera.net//news/middleeast/2010/12/20101213131238826458.html).  Al Jazeera, "showed footage of police beating activists and aired interviews with members of the Kuwaiti opposition following the clashes in which four Kuwaiti members of parliament and a dozen citizens were hurt." (see article link above).  Al Jazeera is not only feared by some countries in its central region-the middle east-but around the globe, especially America.  During the Bush era, several called it the "Voice of Al Qaeda".  That still rings true for many today, and if anyone saw the documentary Control Room in 2004, you would have seen the American fear of this news organization.

Coverage of the Iraqi war by Al Jazeera made the American government angry and, I think, petritied.  But it doesn't end there.  They have covered all our wars and occupations in that region.  They have given a voice to Palestine, which does not make the American government and its Israeli ally very happy.  However, Al Jazeera is not limited to news in the middle east, but also the rest of the world.  

Al Jazeera is a news entity willing to put its neck out for real journalism.  They don't always do the right thing, but can't that be said about the New York Times or The Guardian?  Al Jazeera seems to get more criticism than other news sources, and I can only link it to their position in the middle east and their honesty about the middle east.  Otherwise, what is there to fear?  As far as Kuwait goes, I guess it is not surprising.  However, American resistance to Al Jazeera is not surprising either. 

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