Allawi Unaware Marines Ravaging Najaf (Tell me another…)

If you believe Iraqi Prime Minister Iyad Allawi, US Marines are operating outside Najaf and haven’t entered the city. If you believe photography, video, countless eyewitnesses and US military commanders and troops, it seems Marines, soldiers and their arty and air support are all very much laying waste to Najaf’s city center.

NewStandard “Iraq in Crisis” section associate editor and reporter Chris Shumway sent me this note tonight, just a few hours after filing this riveting report about the situation in Najaf:

Hey, get a load of this.

It’s from an interview by ABC with Allawi.

ABC NEWS: The deputy president of Iraq has called for U.S. forces and Marines in Najaf to leave Najaf completely. Is that what your government wants now?

ALLAWI: No, I haven’t seen this. But the Marines and others from the multinational force are really outside the city. But I want to ask him about his statement.

hmm. If the marines are “outside the city” who is doing the cemetery destruction, and who were those guys I saw in a photograph wearing US uniforms and firing guns from behind tombs?

The interview is a total suck-up job. The interviewer doesn’t call Allawi on any of his obvious lies. Not that I should expect better. The reporter is probably afraid Allawi will pull a pistol from his belt and shoot him in the head.

Thanks for the laughs, Chris. The tears just don’t stop coming…

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