Alliance of Civilizations

Critical opinions by an important "high-level" body organized under the auspices of the United Nations, on a topic of immeasurable importance in our day, and what kind of coverage of them do we find?

At least sticking to English-language sources:

Alliance of Civilizations (Homepage)
Report of the High-Level Group, Mehmet Aydin, Federico Mayor et al., November 13, 2006.  (Also see "Highlights of the High-Level Group Report," the four "analytic papers," the nine "supporting documents," and the accompanying Press Release.)

Paper on the Israeli – Palestinian Conflict, Hubert Védrine and André Azoulay, Alliance of Civilizations 

"Secretary-General's address upon receiving Alliance of Civilizations Report" (SG/SM/10733), Istanbul, November 13, 2006
"Annan refutes notion of 'clash of civilizations,' points to youth as key to end mistrust," UN News Center, November 13, 2006

"Debunking damaging myth of the 'clash of civilizations'," Ali Alatas, André Azoulay, and Desmond Tutu, Houston Chronicle, November 12, 2006
"Istanbul hosts Alliance of Civilizations," Adnan Nasrawin, Turkish Daily News, November 12, 2006 
"UN initiative calls for Mideast peace to heal Islam-West divide," Nicolas Cheviron, Agence France Presse, November 13, 2006
"Annan says politics, not religion, at heart of Muslim-West divide," Benjamin Harvey, Associated Press, November 13, 2006
"Call to bridge West-Muslim divide," BBC International, November 13, 2006 
"Ideology Widening Muslim – West Divide," Mithre J. Sandrasagra, Inter Press Service, November 13, 2006 
"Turkey regards Alliance of Civilizations as global peace project," Xinhua News Agency, November 13, 2006
"No clash of civilizations, says UN report," Dan Murphy, Christian Science Monitor, November 14, 2006
"UN says politics lies behind rift between west and Muslims," Brian Whitaker, The Guardian, November 14, 2006
"Israel's key ally: U.S. evangelicals," David D. Kirkpatrick, International Herald Tribune, November 14, 2006
"Annan: Arab-Israeli peace is key to easing Muslim-West tensions," Jerusalem Post, November 14, 2006
"Alliance of the Irrelevant," Editorial, National Post, November 14, 2006
"World Leaders Release Plan For Resolving East-West Rift," Sebnem Arsu, New York Times, November 14, 2006
"The root cause," Yusuf Kanli, Turkish Daily News, November 14, 2006 
"Israeli-Palestinian conflict reverberates across globe," Lynda Hurst, Toronto Star, November 15, 2006
"Can the Alliance of Civilizations Project Prevent Conflict?" Orhan Kilercio?lu, Turkish Daily News, November 15, 2006

"What Blair Says Now," Daniel Johnson, New York Sun, November 16, 2006
"A reality check on terrorism," Haroon Siddiqui, Toronto Star, November 16, 2006


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