Amnesty must reverse its policy of not denoucing US officials (and others) who incite violence against Venezuela


Drones were just used to drop bombs on a large crowd in an attempt to assassinate Venezuelan President Maduro.

In February, I asked Amnesty if it would denounce remarks against Maduro’s government made by Trump, Tillerson and Rubio that could incite violence and Amnesty refused. See below

ME: What is Amnesty’s position on public remarks by Rex Tillerson and Marco Rubio encouraging the Venezuelan military to perpetrate a coup?

“Amnesty International believes that a responsible discussion on the current state of human rights in Venezuela should not be focused on statements made by parties outside the country and context, but on the urgent need to address, without further delay, the serious crisis situation which the country is facing. Grave human rights violations such as the alarming lack of access to food and health have been widely documented by Amnesty International and other national and international human rights organizations and are putting the rights of hundreds of thousands of people in Venezuela at risk, forcing many Venezuelans to migrate to other countries in the region in unprecedented numbers.”

That’s a disgraceful response given the hundreds of thousands of lives lost since the 1950’s to US-backed coups and “counter insurgency” in the Western Hemisphere

Former Mexican President Vicente Fox has also said months ago about Maduro “that dictator will either resign or leave feet first, in a box”.

A week before the assassination attempt on Maduro, Colombian president Santos said that the Maduro government’s end was near and also that it would  “hopefully” be peaceful.

Nobody should play dumb about what these remarks are intended to signal to anyone willing to slaughter people to seize power in Venezuela, certainly not a human rights organization


Joe Emersberger

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    Michael August 13, 2018 6:38 pm 

    The long, long, long history of U.S. intervention in Latin America is well-known and, frankly, evil. It is overt and covert and probably will never stop voluntarily on the part of the U.S. and people like those mentioned by Joe Emersberger are just the latest examples. At the very least we in the U.S. need to better understand how this injustice, violence, and attempts to dominate continues.

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