Amy Goodman Arrested in St. Paul – No Film At Eleven

Continuing with the Convention Time Police State theme of my last blog post, I paste in here news and links relating to the arrest of progressive left journalist Amy Goodman (producer of "Democracy Now") near the site of the planned quadrennial convention of the significantly proto-fascistic Republican Party.  There is a video of the arrest linked below.

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Date: Monday, September 1, 2008, 7:42 PM

Amy Goodman, the national host of Democracy Now!  and two other reporters with
the program have been detained by the St Paul Police for covering the march and
some of the confrontations between police forces and demonstrators about 5pm
this afternoon.  My understanding is she was detained after trying to stop
police officers from arresting and detaining her staff, and is being held at
425 Grove.

People who are concerned about free speech and journalistic integrity should
contact elected officials in St Paul immediately and ask why journalists
covering public events are being detained, and politely but firmly demand they
be released immediately.

I have worked with Amy for over a decade.  The video of her arrest is here:


Mike Wassenaar
Executive Director 

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This afternoon Amy Goodman tried to prevent the arrest of two of her
staff, without success and was arrested. During the arrest, she was
injured, suffering cuts and bruises.

Ms. Goodman is being detained at the Grove Center at 425 Grove in St.
Paul. If you have any contacts with the Mayor or St. Paul Cit y Council,
please connect with them asap in an effort to obtain the release of the
DN! staff, including Ms. Goodman.

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