Anarcho-Yuppie complains about bad furniture

Won’t it be nice in our future partopia when we’ll be able to find furniture that lasts longer than two years

and isn’t made  in China by the lowest bidder using whatever wood they can get at the lowest price (see below)


no sector better illustrates the vast reach and explosive impacts of China’s manufacturing dominance than logging. At one end are the consumers in the United States, Europe, Japan, and China itself, who are mostly oblivious to the social and environmental destruction left by the Chinese-made furniture, plywood, moldings, and flooring they buy.

At the other end are the wood suppliers, almost all poor countries with weak or corrupt law enforcement and a flourishing trade in illegal lumber. Among China’s leading wood importers, Thailand and the Philippines have already been stripped of their natural forests; Indonesia and Burma are projected to lose theirs within a decade. Papua New Guinea’s will succumb within 16 years, and the vast forests of the Russian Far East will survive no more than two decades. Even so, Forest Trends, a Washington-based nonprofit, estimates that China’s wood imports will probably double over the next decade. [from Mother Jones, link above]

and it isn’t made by the Amish either and sold for the highest possible price?

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