This is Scott Noble writing.  I am an activist and documentary filmmaker.  

Above is a 20-minute pre-trailer I created for a planned documentary series on anarchism entitled Anarkos ("Without Rulers").  It will be a non-profit exercise, released for free online.  Here is the crowd-funding page at Indiegogo –


Includes original interviews with Noam Chomsky, Howard Zinn (interview conducted a few months before his passing), Sharon Smith (Subterranean Fire), Michael Albert, Carole Pateman (The Sexual Contract), Richard Heinberg, Alfie Kohn (No Contest — The Case Against Competition); Russell Means (Oglala Sioux Activist) and others.  

The film is a little heavy with white males, however we were constricted by the amount of original source material we had to work with.   In common with our media collective (and anarchist movements as a whole) the series itself will contain a multitude of diverse voices.  

Although we had originally planned for a single, feature-length documentary on anarchism, we ultimately decided to create a highly expansive, multi-part study of anti-authoritarian philosophy and practice.   Anarkos will include entries on subjects ranging from child-rearing to ecology to crime and punishment to activism.   You can view our (evolving) outline at the Iniegogo page; it is perhaps a little too detailed at present, but will become more refined over time.  

We plan for each entry to be about 1 hour in length, released about 1 per month over 1 year.   Each entry will be self-contained, ie viewable as single entries.  

With social movements around the world currently experimenting in undoubtedly "anarchist" forms of resistance and organization, and with viral videos becoming a major force in altering the consciousness of millions of people, the time has never been more ripe for a film that can reach relatively mainstream audiences with the anarchist vision.  

We have been informed that the last crowd-funding project for an anarchist documentary only achieved about $1000.  We have already tripled that amount, and are off to a great start, but we have a long way to go if we are to reach our goal.  Please consider visiting our page at Indiegogo and donating a small amount if you are able.   Even the smallest donations are appreciated. 

Thank you.  

Scott Noble

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