Judge Jorge Solis

– Once upon a time there was bull-baiting … you know?
– Yeah, and there was bear-baiting too.
– Right. Did you know you can set a place apart for that … a beargarden?
– True! But there’s no bullgarden.
– No … you can do the bull-baiting in a beargarden. They did.
– Well, there’s a lot of more baiting than we know. For training purposes, to name one.
– And you have also red-baiting
– I think we are now entering the compound of inhuman human activity.
– Once there was Jew-baiting.
– Oh sure. A mean thing to do.
– It’s no problem anymore … according to some lefty Jew, hm, Finkelstein I think.
– No more than let’s say uh dog fighting – dogs baiting dogs.
– But there are Jews who think Jew-baiting is still a popular sport around the world.
– So they had to invent Hamas-baiting?
– Actually, I do not think that phrase is coined yet.
– How would you call two sentences of 65 years and 3 sentences of 15 years for men who raised money to build schools and hospitals.
– No that’s not baiting at all. That’s prosecuting evil.
– Even if there was a mistrial? Even if the evidence was provided by an invisible hand?
– We know for sure: when we see Hamas, we see evil.
– Aha
– And evil is not something to play games with, isn’t it!
– I see, they did some pre-baiting as well.

Zolfa ELaydi (wife of one of the convicts) with daughter and son

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