Berlusconi: the deviant

Note–> I do apologize: you need to understand italian to read most of the links.

I believe in the sociological theory of conflict, which implicates that the behavioral models would result from the predominance of the minority class over the  majority one,  forced to obey,

But this time I would highlight the theory of the consensus (which is based on the concept that rules of society depend on the agreement of the majority of citizens).

Hence, why do I choose to believe in the theory of the consensus rather than in the theories of the conflict?
Because I have evidences.
Because I believe in what I see and what I feel.
Because I believe in Berlusconi.
Or better, I believe in what Berlusconi does and says.
Got it?

So let’s take a step back.

Within the theory of consensus – as well as in the theory of the conflict – there is the necessity of  identifying  the abnormality and the way of understanding it.
This irregularity is identified by several features.

Risking of being accused for inaccuracy, we might say: who is the delinquent in a society?
Both the theories of conflict and consensus try to tell us this: who is the deviant or deviants.
And they try also to tell us why that’s the way they are.
I have to say that  I have actually found the best theory.
THE THEORY OF NEUTRALIZATION (the moral neutralization of irregularity)



This theory tries to show us that criminal acts don’t result from learning wrong rules or values, but this perverse behavior is the result of psychological techniques of rationalization, called also techniques of neutralization. These techniques consist in five main forms:


1)       Denial of responsibility

2)       Minimization of damages

3)       Denial of the victim

4)       Condemnation of the condemners

5)       Appeal to higher loyalties


Through these techniques, the offender feels less guilty for his actions and he considers himself a passive player rather than an active one.

Let's try to validate this theory with recent and older statements.


The deviant?


1)       Denial of responsibility?


"A general climate of mistrust is spreading in Italy, powered even by predictions of the left-wing, which are clamoring for a disaster. "
“The pile of rubble in Aquila is not our fault.”
“Newspapers of the left-wing have made the most of the situation by publishing photographs of wheelbarrows within two or three bricks”
"I feel confident we will gain the province of L'Aquila , even if in recent times they have tried to muddy us and everything we have done”

"Berlusconi said he was very indignant about the recent demonstrations taken by earthquake victims in L'Aquila: in the opinion of President of the Council, demonstrations have been manipulated by the left-wing, which has exploited the fear, hope, and the death. Shame on you, shame of you " he shouted from the stage.

“Naples has finally solved the problem of waste. There are dumping ground which may contain them, there is the incinerator in Acerra that works perfectly. Do you know what's wrong? In Naples the waste management doesn’t work properly and this is under the direct supervision of the local government, let’s say just a name: Rosa Russo Iervolino.” This is a quotation from the reply of the prime minister Silvio Berlusconi at the Senate.

Without mentioning the notorious "hole of the left-wing".

2)       Minimization of damages?

Berlusconi and the references to the Mafia: “I have never hurt anyone”
“I have been accused of an abomination, I have never hurt anyone”
“I have never said they had to be driven out, I have always claimed that they should not keep affecting TV programs in that criminal way, if they want to stay. I said they should behave as well as in private television. In private TV stations, broadcasts with attacks to some party have never appeared, but Mentana and Costanzo are still here, because we are liberal.”
“I have always been insulted and attacked, but I really don't care about it. […] I've never insulted Veltroni or anyone else,  because I have a great deference to others, starting from weakest people. I have never insulted anyone.”
“I have never attacked the judges, quite the opposite.”



3)       Denial of the victim?


“Berlusconi said he was very indignant about the recent demonstrations taken by earthquake victims in L'Aquila: in the opinion of President of the Council, demonstrations have been manipulated by the left-wing, which has exploited the fear, hope, and the death. Shame on you, shame of you” he shouted from the stage.
“I want my program to be extremely practical” and, among other things, it will provide for “zero tolerance for Rom, illegal immigrants and criminals. We’ll also re-introduce immediately the “policeman of the district” in any city with more than 15 thousands inhabitants”
Reduction of non-EU immigrants will result into few organized crime”



4)       Condemnation of the condemners? (Well, this is too easy)


[Referring to the judges] “Ahimè , I'm sure they have ideas related to the past, to the Moscow School and I'm also sure that if they went to Cuba, they would come back just after sex tourism without having learned anything.”
 (From “Republica”, Modena, 4 February 2006)
It strikes precisely, as a clockwork, close to the elections”
“I have never attacked the judges, quite the opposite.


 “The Bench is a disease of our democracy, we must change the judicial system, I will not leave politics  until every citizen could be judged by an impartial judge.”
Matrix, Channel 5, March 10, 2006

“[One of the new party’s principles will be the] liberation from the Bench’s oppression. We don’t want judicial oppression anymore."





5)       Appeal to higher loyalties?

“Dealing with Mangano, he wasn’t the stableman, but he was the butler in Arcore, he lived here with his whole family: mother, wife and two sons, whom he toke to the kindergarten every morning together with my own children, he was a very educated person. Then he had some mishaps in his life and he had taken up with a criminal organization. He heroically – as also Dell'Utri said – had never made anything up against me, despite his illness and he has set free just a day before his death. He was dying in jail and Dell'Utri is in the right considering this behavior as heroic .”

Berlusconi: “We’d go ahead if  politicians with Fini were loyal”
“In the parliament only 30 people work, all others must be loyally there from nine in the morning till nine at night. If there are too many good people, they will mix it up because everyone of them would talk about a subject all together, therefore it is much better to have only one of them and his reserve and that's it.”

(note for english readers: MANGANO WAS A MAFIA MEMBER)

Summing up,
Is Berlusconi a "deviant"?
In my theory, he would be the perfect candidate to be defined "deviant”, excepted for his position and his leadership with an almost absolute power.


Hence I will settle for it.

Berlusconi is not a "deviant".
No, Berlusconi is just a guy who we would call a "criminal" in another country.

In any other country.

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