Beyond Parts Per Million

Here is a great publication that I helped to put together –
"Beyond Parts Per Million: Voices from the frontlines of climate justice"
You can download the PDF version at that page.  Or you can flip through this online copy.

Here's most of the announcement about the publication –

Climate Justice Montreal and members of the provisional committee for the foundation of the Climate Justice Co-op, launched a new publication entitled Beyond Parts Per Million: Voices from the Frontlines.

Featuring accounts from frontline communities around the globe and connecting climate and social justice struggles, this project aims to amplify the voices of those people most impacted by environmental destruction and a changing global climate.

The vast majority of the work on it actually was done in Montreal. Compared with the Montreal activists, I was much less involved. But it still is great to be part of the project.

The Climate Justice Co-op proposal is very promising too. Be sure to look into it –

The article that I wrote for Beyond Parts Per Million (with Zak) is about Chemical Valley in Sarnia, Ontario.  Under this Media Co-op post I've added more details about the Aamjiwnaang lawsuit.

The publication was released during the Everyone's Downstream gathering in Edmonton.  I would have liked to have made it out there.

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